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Apr 25, 2009

Finding birth data for Astrology charts

Frustratingly, I've just published a request from a reader asking if I have birth data for two people but without the name of the post the request was posted to, I'm not finding it to reply. So I will reply here along with some other blog-reading details for Stars Over Washington and for my other Blogger-hosted blogs.

When an 'actor' appears or gets busy on the world stage - or activates my conscious attention for some reason - my only source for birth data is to Google his/her name.

This usually results in a Wikipedia page concerning the person. If it is an especially famous person, I usually go with a Sun-to-Midheaven chart, but I also look at the Sunrise chart for the date of birth. No, I am not privy to birth records at hospitals since authorization would need to be given in writing in order to get the info - authorization by said person.

Or at least that's the way the law is in my region of the world.

Ex: to discover my own time of birth, I had to have my mother sign for her hospital records to be released to me since my own records - and birth certificate - neglected to list my birth time. Different states probably have different rules to make matters more complicated, but it does keep out the merely curious (supposedly.)

Occasionally a well-known historical figure will have biographical info online which mentions a time or approximate time of birth - 'shortly before sun up' and that sort of thing. And, of course, I often use Lois Rodden's excellent AstroDataBank resource which is now Open Source at Wikipedia but there is a limit on who is famous or important enough in the world to be included.

One other source for historical figures is the back of Marc Edmund Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology (see book in the active Amazon Books ad in sidebar) and it sometimes surprises me who is listed - with a birth time!

But you, dear reader, asked me for data on contemporary individuals, and I suspect you'll find their dates and places of birth with but a click or two!


A 'mechanics of blogging' note: all my Blogger weblogs display better in my browser with IE (now using IE8.) And while I like Firefox, it seems to shove the sidebar content to the bottom of the page when I use it here - even if I publish using it; plus, Firefox overlaps ads, too. Not nice.

So it's up to you, of course, as to which browser you wish to use - and perhaps an upgrade may be in order - or a browser cache clean-out, if you have trouble viewing or reading these pages.

But if it's a matter of not understanding my blabs when I lapse into astrologese, or wondering what I'm up to with this grumpy political blog (crooked, greedy politicians make me very very grumpy), a fresh browser won't be of any help whatsoever, and I really don't know what to do with you.

Signed rather fitfully,

Jude, your reluctant astrologer

Update Apr 26 Sunday: Georgeann, I found your comment on a 2007 post and replied to it but with no more info than you see above. Thanks, Jude

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Dec 17, 2008

IE flawed, switched to Firefox

Guess you've heard the news - there's danger in Internet Explorer, Will Robinson, switch to any other other browser. Just don't throw me in the IE brier patch.

Therefore, I'm using Mozilla Firefox even though Stars Over Washington displays rather crazily with it - all the side column links, feeds, info, ads, features, are schmooshed down below.

Things sure look better with IE, but their 'patches' don't fix IE's weaknesses until further MS the brier patch must win the day and display the blog.