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Dec 10, 2013

"Republicans are Reactionaries" not Conservatives (Uranus not Saturn)

How refreshing to read a previous tweet by Billy Butterfield shouting out that 'Republicans Are Reactionaries' and not Conservatives, so I retweeted it today.

Check out @bilibutterfield

Using Political Astrology, I'd have to echo Billy's sentiment for in Mundane charts, Republicans--not just the Tea Party faction of the party but the group as a whole--are signified by rebellious Uranus, the revolutionary, now lurching through Mars-ruled Aries (sign of war, opposition, cussedness, and a selfish me-first mindset), what Reinhold Ebertin describes as fanatics acting under "blind zeal" and using "violence"; they have an "urge to strive for reform" and are stubborn, "dreamy enthusiasts and Utopians" and that IDs them as acolytes of the Francis Bacon/Adam Weishaupt crowd of illuminated miscreants and perverts. Their "Great Plan" has progressed through the centuries and now shows itself as it truler is at its core--a devouring, undermining influence against civilization.

(You'll note the Republican focus on women's bodies: they worship the feminine in an unhealthy way. Pope-ishness now rises and helps uplift archetypes such as Isis, Lilith, Innana, and the rest of the haggish icons (hags and shrews, when their energies are perverted by mortal men who think themselves 'gods' on earth...puh! Plus, in transit, Uranus burst into US natal 4th house of Domestic Scene in 2010 at Aries Point (AP = our national IC, The Drain)--get outta my house, Utopians! And take your socio-pathic 'vision' with you.)

So! Since Republicans are not Saturnian 'Conservatives' nor are they 'conservative' what could be their modus operandi? It's Damn the Torpedoes, 'burn down the house' to achieve 'success at all and any cost' for Machiavelli would agree this is the winning hand in Politics (though I've always said that cheating isn't winning, it's stealing). Yet with Saturn now traversing Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) and the intense, forceful, big money, corporate vibes contained therein, they have manager/lawmaker Saturn's status quo influence within them as well for everyone and every group (and event) acts under influences of all the signs at all times.

Then we look to the Democratic Party as having the same 12-sign opportunities to shine or to disrupt and its natal link to the American people is primarily through US natal Moon 27AQ10, We the People. The party acts under motherly vibes as we see with the charge by the GOP that the Democrats are the "nanny party." Well, yes, actually the Astrology of the matter supports this; plus, the Republican Party's natal Sun (ego; life goal, purpose, essence) conjoined in perpetuity to US natal Sun in Cancer (13Can19) is 'daddy' and everyone knows 'his' love must be conditional. Then lo and behold! Fixed Star Sirius (aka, Isis) conjoins both Suns.

As you see, there is deep symbolism here--beware! With Astrology you are able to lift the rock of Politics and peek in amazement at the dark, squirmy creatures and the secrets that scurry underneath!


America's natal Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius blend may be of interest to a few readers if you don't have the info already: this is a Water (intuitional plane; emotions, 'gut feelings', but also business and home loving; Cancer is a tribal sign, and this Caucasian tribe o'mine (with some bohemian gypsy and Cherokee tossed in, I'm told) must be jittery in some quarters, elated in others at the sight of today's video/TV views of the joyous tribal celebrations of the life of Nelson Mandela, their primary icon of heroism and rescue from oppression!

As the psychopaths at least partially described by Fixed Star Denebola (to go against society), the miscreants we discussed above long for nothing if not for conflict and war--global chaos and war. In Politics, Denebola echoes the call of Uranus, America's planet of war, revolution, and disruption. And yet look at the Sistine Chapel's dome for the Sky God, Ouronos, also provides humankind with brilliant ideas, genius, and happy surprises--and my own 10th house Uranus in Gemini prefers that, thanks! Oh, and a sovereign America--without the corrupt Machiavellians who pull the global strings of discord and misery to the masses.

Highly recommended reading: Dipali Desai's article on the current, extended stay of Mars in Libra.

Though the birth data is Conflicted/Unverified (Rodden Rating DD for 'Dirty Data') you may wish to view the natal horoscope and details concerning Nelson Mandela available at AstroDataBank. See what you think about the chart's veracity.

if you click 'Machiavelli natal chart details' in the tags below this post, you should find a previous post on the freak. If Blogger is doing its job, that is. jc

May 29, 2011

Sarah Palin's natal chart and a Mystery Bus Tour 5.29.11

Some are calling it Sarah Palin's mystery tour for the loose ends still dangling as the perennial candidate prepares for what apparently is a bus tour to get the presidential ball, it's a speaking engagement for Rolling Thunder who are camped out in a Pentagon parking lot.

Yet particulars are sparse concerning Palin's tour schedule and what she'll be doing at the various stops she makes. So far, I'm calling this her 'bus tour to somewhere' and will wait for more details which are promised on her website though one must assume that fund raising may be part of the deal. Some think it's her nomination to lose yet with Palin's propensity toward gaffes and blank answers to serious questions, she may outdo Newt on foot-shooting well before the 2012 campaign ends in a Republican nomination for president.

Okay, so I've never visited Palin's website and don't follow her on Twitter either. But if she makes it through this mystery 'campaign' I'll have to re-familiarize myself with her unusual antics and her natal horoscope, too, because posts like this, written while she was still acting as governor of Alaska, will no longer suffice if she enters the 2012 race.

Astrodatabank shows a Palin natal chart with a possible birth hour of 9:43 pm but there's another birth time of 6:00 pm (probably rounded off; Virgo rising) which is said to come from a newspaper birth announcement at the time. (February 11, 1964 Sandpoint, Idaho.)

Presidential Links to the US Aquarian Moon

Yet no matter what time of day or night the demi-candidate entered Earth's time flux, her Sun, Mars, and Saturn are near the US natal Moon - no matter which birth hour for America you use for July 4, 1776. And that makes a Palin presidency a potential even though her closest planet to our Moon (we-the-people) is restrictive yet long-lasting Saturn. But there is one natal planetary aspect which deserves a closer look and it does not depend on knowing her precise birth time.

Religious Jupiter Inconjunct Spiritual Neptune

Sarah Palin's closely orbed, applying inconjunct between Jupiter in mid-Aries and Neptune 17Sco49 indicates relating issues and some distortion between intellect and emotions. Too many responsibilities tend to be taken on with tirades of bitter complaints being the result. Warmth, a positive attitude, and social conscience are evident yet the relating principle (Jupiter) is affected by Neptunian illusions and delusions. She dreams (Neptune) of power, control, and big money (Scorpio) and relates (Jupiter) as a pioneering, action-oriented, me-first leader (Aries) - or broadcaster (Jupiter.)

In his masterful book The Inconjunct, Alan Epstein describes those with Jupiter inconj Neptune as tending to misjudge their own importance, needing reassurance to the point where others begin to doubt their competence, and sending and receiving double messages - along with a tendency to misread other people's intentions. Opportunities are put in jeopardy due to vacillation or ambivalence, and daydreams and fantasies about success may be indulged in a little too often.

An Over-Concern with Image and Facade: Who Knew?

Confusion, escapism desires, problems fulfilling commitments, difficulties related to a lack of perspective, and subsequent bad judgment are indicated as well and all this (from one natal aspect!) reminds me of her stint (and scandals) as Alaska governor and her early bail-out from self-created problems while in office.

Jupiter/Neptune: Speculations and Grand Imaginings

The upside of having a Jupiter/Neptune quincunx is a talent for managing creative projects which is useful in advertising, promotion, and fund raising fields. That these areas are her strong suit has been noted by many pundits and by her many fans. That she is about to speak to the Rolling Thunder clan and (apparently) climb aboard a tour bus tallies well with someone with the talent and a personal motive for keeping the Sarah Palin Brand viable and in the public eye.

To sum up, I believe that Palin's lucrative 'king-maker' ability (Scorpio) and moneymaking public relations talent (Jupiter) are more important to her than following a grueling campaign trail and/or taking on the heavy responsibilities of presidential office where you can't just give up or change your mind like you change your suit...especially when you're rockin' a Jupiter/Neptune inconjunct in your natal chart.

Apr 25, 2009

Finding birth data for Astrology charts

Frustratingly, I've just published a request from a reader asking if I have birth data for two people but without the name of the post the request was posted to, I'm not finding it to reply. So I will reply here along with some other blog-reading details for Stars Over Washington and for my other Blogger-hosted blogs.

When an 'actor' appears or gets busy on the world stage - or activates my conscious attention for some reason - my only source for birth data is to Google his/her name.

This usually results in a Wikipedia page concerning the person. If it is an especially famous person, I usually go with a Sun-to-Midheaven chart, but I also look at the Sunrise chart for the date of birth. No, I am not privy to birth records at hospitals since authorization would need to be given in writing in order to get the info - authorization by said person.

Or at least that's the way the law is in my region of the world.

Ex: to discover my own time of birth, I had to have my mother sign for her hospital records to be released to me since my own records - and birth certificate - neglected to list my birth time. Different states probably have different rules to make matters more complicated, but it does keep out the merely curious (supposedly.)

Occasionally a well-known historical figure will have biographical info online which mentions a time or approximate time of birth - 'shortly before sun up' and that sort of thing. And, of course, I often use Lois Rodden's excellent AstroDataBank resource which is now Open Source at Wikipedia but there is a limit on who is famous or important enough in the world to be included.

One other source for historical figures is the back of Marc Edmund Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology (see book in the active Amazon Books ad in sidebar) and it sometimes surprises me who is listed - with a birth time!

But you, dear reader, asked me for data on contemporary individuals, and I suspect you'll find their dates and places of birth with but a click or two!


A 'mechanics of blogging' note: all my Blogger weblogs display better in my browser with IE (now using IE8.) And while I like Firefox, it seems to shove the sidebar content to the bottom of the page when I use it here - even if I publish using it; plus, Firefox overlaps ads, too. Not nice.

So it's up to you, of course, as to which browser you wish to use - and perhaps an upgrade may be in order - or a browser cache clean-out, if you have trouble viewing or reading these pages.

But if it's a matter of not understanding my blabs when I lapse into astrologese, or wondering what I'm up to with this grumpy political blog (crooked, greedy politicians make me very very grumpy), a fresh browser won't be of any help whatsoever, and I really don't know what to do with you.

Signed rather fitfully,

Jude, your reluctant astrologer

Update Apr 26 Sunday: Georgeann, I found your comment on a 2007 post and replied to it but with no more info than you see above. Thanks, Jude

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