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Aug 9, 2009

FlashForward: Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010

Solar Eclipse Jan 15, 2010 at 25Cap01, 12 North Series, Washington, DC; 2:11:18 am est; Moon Hour; Ecl in 3rd house; YOD = Sun/Uranus = Moon/Uranus = Venus/Uranus = Mc = Hygeia Rx = Health.

Sun/Moon = Venus 25Cap50 = Dark Moon W'Mat2 (something occult, hidden, veiled, and/or depressive.) This Eclipse opposes US natal Mercury Rx '25Cancer'...

"A Will-full Man Is Overshadowed by a Descent of Superior Power"...

'We are dealing here with a man who uses his will and positive imagination in facing life's problems. To him comes a pentecostal descent of power. He receives the "mantle of power," the grace (baraka in Sufi philosophy) or the Providential assistance which can make him a true leader in his culture.

(This is) a spiritual response, a sign of inner strength and uncommon ENDOWMENT.

Keynote: The response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive will-full endeavors.'

You will, of course, note 'baraka' and its close similarity to Barack (Obama); it sounds to me as if the president isn't top dog in the power department - unless the Eclipse' energy is used on a spiritual level! And 'overshadowed' reminds me of Sun, Moon, and Venus being overshadowed by Dark Moon W'mat2, a point that's difficult to find details on. I believe it stands for astronomer Walter Matthews, but I can't locate again the website with this info. Perhaps you can sleuth it out and let me know if you find anything.

As you see, there are more things happening in the Northern Hemisphere of the chart, thus in private, with only Mars and Saturn in the public sector.

ASC 14Sco22:

Chart-ruler Mars 15Leo17 Rx in 9th house; co-ruler Pluto 3Cap49 conjunct Mercury 5Cap34 Rx in 2nd house of Values, Money, Earning Ability. Mercury and Pluto work well as a pair especially if you're fond of propaganda and persuasive speaking and writing - here on money matters and values (2nd house), and the spirit of opposition (politics.) This is the 'deep thoughts' combo, too, which can be cruel in its perceptions and in speech.

Affecting Mercury and Pluto is a transiting midpoint particular to this chart and Eclipse, a midpoint indicating instability and high receptivity: Neptune/ASC.

Nep/ASC = Mercury: deceiving oneself about other people's character; exploiting the weaknesses of others; taking the wrong path; malicious scheming; guided by wrong impressions; special perceptions; open to deception.

Nep/ASC = Pluto: an oppressive environment; difficulty tuning in; harm through deceit, libel, or malice coming from others. (All midpt pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

And we can't forget Mercury's love of transport, trade, and commerce, or Pluto's links to wealth and manipulation - even 'transformative agreements' such as NAFTA may be on the menu with Mercury/Pluto, but Neptune will add confusion, deception, and possible loss from mergers (financial and otherwise) as 'free trade' agreements and secret deals affect the masses (Neptune.)

$$ Also in 2nd house:

Anti-Vertex = Saturn/Uranus 29Sag05...'30Sag' = "The Pope Blessing the Faithful"; VX in 8th house conjunct Hades 28Gem14 Rx...'28Gem' = "Bankruptcy." The VX/Anti-VX axis relates to encounters with fated/karmic conditions (which in my book means reaping what one sows, or with collective fates over which individuals have no control.)

Eclipse's Sabian Symbol (Rudhyar) = '26Cap' = "A Nature Spirit Dancing in the Iridescent Mist of a Waterfall."

' a magical substance, and modern chemists are rediscovering in their study of its unusual behavior in certain situations what old Alchemists in their own way no doubt understood. ~~~ The consciousness here becomes sensitized to the downward flow of OCCULT ENERGY in its bountiful natural aspect.

Keynote: The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena."

And paraphrasing from Brady's Predictive Astrology...

12N brings sudden opportunities to accept greater responsibilities and new commitments as a result of another person's inability to carry on; opportunities are heralded by difficult events but the outcomes are positive for self-esteem and harmony. (Last manifestation: Jan 4, 1992 at 13Cap51 opposite US natal Sun. And Bill Clinton took over the helm in place of his pal, Poppy Bush.)

A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn implicates the sign's connections to law, government, business, and authority. And given the above flavor of the 12N Series blended with the chart's YOD pattern with Mc (Career; Public Status) as the area of manifestation - with asteroid Hygeia Rx there, too - I suspect a public figure may be felled by ill health, or possibly death. 'Rx' indicates to me that it's an ongoing medical condition which may get the best of someone.

Plus, Scorpio rising indicates medical or surgical concerns on the rise. Health Care Reform (or Medical Insurance Reform, whatever) is an obvious potential for the 12N Eclipse season of 2010 - and we may look back to its previous manifestation in 1992 and to the Clintons' attempts at reform!

~I also thought of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as she joins the SCOTUS in place of Justice David Souter, who couldn't or didn't want to 'carry on' - and yet that situation may pre-date the Eclipse by too long a time, even though one of the events brought by this Eclipse may be of a ceremonial nature. (I think Sotomayor's SC investment is set for Oct 8, 2009.)~

Yes, Capricorn is related to court systems, yet perhaps one of our ailing Capitol Hill politicians will give up an exalted position due to ill health (or med problems of a loved one.) Plus, YOD patterns can describe health crises...and there's health-related Hygeia at Mc being 'pointed to' by the YOD's base. The first midpoint to rise is difficult Saturn/Pluto, so we have...

Sat/Plu = ASC: sadness and mourning; placed in cumbersome circumstances.

A person of science and research (Cap's Saturn) may be described here as well; plus, Chiron (the wounded healer) is at Ic, opposing Hygeia. Ic is the Foundation of the chart and of the Eclipse, as you see; Ic is aka The Drain.

Speculators Jupiter and Neptune are in 4th house of Domestic Scene, with moneybags Jupiter at a crisis-ridden 29th degree (AQ.) How to pay for Health Care Reform? A 4th house disruptive rebel Uranus in contagious Pisces has no idea. But he might wish to interrupt someone's career all the same.

Then with Venus and Saturn ruling the Eclipse, a royal personage may become engaged or may marry, or otherwise take part in a public ceremony; Mars Rx is in royal Leo in the 9th house of Foreign Lands. Whatever occurs, the American public will hear much of it with the Eclipse falling in the 3rd house of Communications (in Washington, DC.)

Let's Close on a Somewhat Lighter Note:

The TV industry may be getting into the cosmic act with FlashForward, a new ABC series premiering on Thursday, Sept 24.

FlashForward's script involves a prophetic date as part of the storyline: April 29, 2010. You see, almost everyone on the planet loses consciousness and shares a collective 'glimpse of the future'...April 29, 2010, which makes 12N the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of this imaginary prophetic date.

The production values of the program are said to be fabulous, and execs say they're making a commitment to perhaps 3 years' worth or more of episodes. Plus, having Joseph Fiennes in the cast won't hurt a bit, along with Dominic Monaghan and John Cho.

And though I don't think any of us need more Hollywood-esque 'end time disaster scenarios' to haunt our dreams, it will be interesting to see if the influence of 12N turns up in FlashForward's futuristic plot, weaving its spell as it digitally broadcasts in subliminal high-def.

As they say on TV: stay tuned!


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