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Apr 30, 2009

Astrology of Obama's 'first 100 days' presser 4.29.09

As an update, I have added more Astrology notes concerning Wednesday night's 'first 100 days' presser of Pres. Obama, if you'd care to have a peek.

You may wish to scroll down just a wee bit for the after-presser update which includes YOD ('Finger of God') and Fist of God patterns which formed overhead as he spoke/answered questions from 8:01 pm until 8:59 pm edt from the East Room of the White House.

The practical Earth-Water Sun Tau-Moon Cancer blend for the press conference is quite apt so here you go...

resourceful, sensitive, caring, creative; tenacious and loyal; determined and obstinate - this blend describes a strongly protective individual, a 'mother of the world' type who can be strict, too.

(The president's natal Saturn - authority - in its own sign of Capricorn, but retrograde which doesn't make it weakened, but internalized and possibly unconscious unless and until he figures it out. That's the kind of thing Astrology is very helpful with.)

Emotional relationships and family are central, and nest-building blossoms when the right partner is found. This is a very supportive combo in partnerships (remember he characterized his attempts to reach out to his Republican friends as "genuine.")

This reliable combo prefers to do and experience things to get the 'feel' of how they work (and if they don't work, try something else?), and it always takes a diplomatic approach. 'Carrying the weight of the world on its shoulders' is a distinct possibility - and I think that's about what he's done here with the presidential cards dealt him and the mess passed on from his Republican 'friends.'

If you heard his remarks and answers, you'll know he mentioned such things as the number of teen pregnancies needing to be decreased, pro-choice/pro-life issues, families in relation to the Swine Flu outbreak, the economy, etc.

Now here are the Images for Integration for Sun Tau-Moon Cancer...

'A baker undertakes to feed an orphanage...Dr. Spock teaching mothers how to bring up their children...Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.' ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign', Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

The Sun Tau-Moon Cancer blend is shared natally by Tchaikovsky (obviously) and by David Icke, Bert Bacharach, Gabriel Faure, Sandra Dee, Robert Oppenheimer, Juan Miro, Lynn Redgrave, and Dr. Benjamin Spock, author of 'The Common Sense Book of Baby and Childcare.'

(Saturn in his own sign is nothing if not full of common sense, and Pres. Obama tends to sound that way to me more often than not. But...Oppenheimer?)

Here are a few words from New Ager David Icke:

"You can't tell people they must consume less when their children are hungry. We, the fortunate people, must consume less so they can consume more."

Sounds like a more perfect world was being 'channeled' tonight - one in which each person realizes that they really are their brother's keeper...infused with, you know, kind of a community-building spirit that recognizes and gives props to the common good wherever it finds it.