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Jul 24, 2009

Last tiff between Bush and Cheney?

The last tiff between titans Bush and Cheney, just hours before they left office, is said to be the question of a pardon for Cheney's favorite yet discredited operative, Scooter Libby.

Methinks perhaps they were substituting the question of a presidential pardon for Mr. Libby for disagreements over their ill-conceived invasion of Iraq, the elephant they should have been arguing over.

Update July 27, 2009: here's a column citing Bush-Cheney crimes as posted on At-Largely yesterday, July 26.

Jun 6, 2007

Lewis 'Scooter' Libby 8.22.50

This chart may have the correct birth time for Scooter Libby thanks to the Forums at and to a heads-up I received from Alex D'Atria of Modern Astrology.

No blogging time now (gotta motor) but you will notice today's planets scratched around the outside of the chart with contentious Mars conjunct Mr. Libby's Mc, the Career/Public Status Point which is the most visible point of any chart.

Opposite at Ic is tr Saturn/Pluto midpoint (which is also conj Bush's n IC these days -- the Foundation of his chart) so the hardness, cruelty, and loss of the Saturn/Pluto combination is affecting Libby's Career and Public Standing as well.

As you know, Saturn and Pluto were opposite one another on 9/11/01 and the Libby prosecution relates directly to those attacks as the rationale for invading Iraq.

We may consider a midpoint picture, too...

Saturn/Pluto = Mars: assault or violence; the necessity to fight for one's existence; maltreatment; enormous undercurrent of frustration; a gun with a cork in its barrel.


Saturn/Pluto = Mc: hard, hard work to rise again from difficulty; major separation as a last resort; severity; self-sacrifice.

And it's all for Bush and Cheney! Hope Mr. Libby considers his prison problems and loss of reputation well worth it.

Also if you haven't please read Marty Kaplan's Pardon Me at HuffPost for some excellent perspective on the Libby sentencing and his possible pardon from his commander-in-thief.

With the current helpful Grand Trine overhead for his sentencing this week, Libby's pardon may not be a shoe-in, but eventually he should come out all right.

Mar 12, 2007

Libby and the Slam Dunk Pardon

Why Libby’s Pardon Is a Slam Dunk


EVEN by Washington’s standards, few debates have been more fatuous or wasted more energy than the frenzied speculation over whether President Bush will or will not pardon Scooter Libby. Of course he will. #
InformationClearingHouse know it's true.

Mar 7, 2007

Mercury stations direct tonight

At the White House, Mercury will go direct 25AQ25 at 11:38 pm est tonight.

As you know, Mercury, the Messenger and Scribe, (seemed to) turn Rx on Feb 13, 11:38 pm at 10Pis14 according to my Solar Fire software.

"11Pis": "Men seeking illumination"...DEDICATION:

pos: high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality;

neg/shadow side: obvious hypocrisy.

On March 27, 10:56:16 pm EDT, Mercury will leave shadow territory after retracing his steps and press forward. Until then we may be hearing--or should I say, re-hearing--of things from mid-February...not the least of which concerns Dick Cheney's office and the Scooter Libby guilty verdict announced yesterday.

No time today to do Mercury's process justice (she said, justice!) but I do want to give the "25AQ" and "26Aq" degrees' Sabian Symbols for tonight's turnaround:

"25AQ": "A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed"...UNIQUENESS:

pos: a genius for turning deficiency into a real asset (my italics):

neg/shadow side: unhappy and rebellious conceit.

"26AQ": "A hydrometer"...EFFICIENCY:

pos: exceptional ability in manipulating the fundamental complexities of living;

neg: self-defeating worry over trifles.

And after studying charts for the Libby verdict, plus Cheney's natal chart, etc, it looks to me like yesterday's helpful Grand Trine--a closed circuit energy pattern if there ever was one--between Jupiter (Rs), Saturn (Ds), and Venus (Patrick Fitzgerald, seems to me...Venus' Scales of Justice)--may relate to Fitzgerald's immediate announcement that he expected to seek No Other Indictments in this leaky matter...which some might say is a reach-around if there ever was one. Squeezy!

Or was Fitzgerald cannily seeking to put certain big fish at their ease ("expected")?

Well, it is all about protecting Bush after all, isn't it?

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Mar 6, 2007


Scooter Libby found guilty of all but one charge--perjury--lying to the FBI (and what politician hasn't done that?)--now facing up to 30 years in prison but federal guidelines recommend less.

His attorneys say they will ask for a new trial and will appeal if it's not granted.

You see here a chart for his to enlarge.

And while my heart goes out to Libby's family, I think perhaps families shouldn't let loved ones enter politics--or become toadies and sacrificial lambs for people like Dick Cheney.