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Dec 8, 2020

Inauguration 2025 Horoscope: Cowboys and Tyranny

"Anarchists Form a Committee to Overthrow the Tyranny of Committees" (The Harveys).

December 8, 2020: Here you see the DC Horoscope of Inauguration 2025 published with a sprinkling of hope that there may actually be one. Please enlarge the image to read my study notes if you wish; brief chart details are added below:

Horoscope: January 20, 2025 12:00 pm est Capitol Building Washington DC; Hour of Venus (@17Pis38 conjunct Saturn in 11th house of Groups and Associations: discontent?); Final Dispositor Neptune in Pisces conjunct 12th cusp; North Node @29Pis08 conjunct star of misfortune, Scheat, in 12th house of Karma; 12th house Chiron conjunct determined Sisyphus opposes the 6th house Moon @18Lib31 (conjunct Trump's natal Jupiter). Sun in the public 10th house (of course) with powerful manipulator Pluto @1AQ41 suggesting a Pluto-to-Sun transit has occurred which can motivate those in power to make a new start with ego as the primary motivation. Obviously, the US Pluto Return has completed previously (3x in 2022) and some evidence of authoritarianism is a potential with its handmaiden tyranny doing its part when necessary. For now I'll reserve my thoughts on the significance of only the Sun (POTUS) and Pluto (hidden manipulator) alone together in the political 10th house of this chart.

And since an Oath of Office is involved, check out 9th house Mercury @18Cap15, the position of the 'NWO' planets Uranus and Neptune when they met three times in 1993. Potentials are penned on the chart. Also note that Mercury opposes testy Mars Rx (at IC) @24Can23 conjunct the Syzygy Moon, the previous Full Moon (@23Can59, January 13, 2025), plus, Mars by transit conjuncts US natal Mercury in the Siby chart suggesting a fast pace of life and lots of verbal combat. (Hopefully anarchist Mars doesn't represent Mars-rising Trump still hanging around!) And you know the Sabian Symbol for '25 Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power," plus, US natal Pluto sits atop the Midheaven, aka, the Goal Point.

So we have issues of power, surveillance ('AI' - see Mercury), hidden control, and an iffy National Treasury with banker-general-politician-reverend-actor-broadcaster planet Jupiter Rx conjunct 2nd cusp (12:39) along with asteroid Midas @12:39. As you see, Jupiter here rules the corporate 8th house of debt, credit, and Shared Resources, plus 12th house via its Pisces cusp. Evaluating Venus, another money planet, is in shady Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, co-ruled by nebulous Neptune, so speculation, grand schemes, and currency issues are, as usual, involved. Additionally, this inauguration occurs during a Jupiter-Saturn square denoting a period of moral and/or ethical conflicts prominent within the public discourse.

Now the Solar Eclipse themes running in the backround of society are difficult issues of loss, separation, and possible injury (penned on the chart, 6th house, between South Node and the Moon, with the Libra/Aries polarity karmically intercepted across the 6-12).

Update August 4, 2021: I neglected to add to this post that "Cowboys" is a reference to the Splay shape of the planets in the eclipse horoscope, above, and its (rugged) individualism, within which should be included the 'up-by-boot-straps' self-reliance of America's 'cowboy ethic' that Reagan promoted and actor John Wayne demonstrated on film along with the other 'cowboy' movie and tv stars promoting superficial symbols of the concept. # UPDATE June 2, 2022: it has been pointed out that the above Inauguration Horoscope shows not a Splay shape (as my Solar Fire v9 software says) but a more concentrated BUCKET shape with the 6th house Moon as Handle, the point of focus; disturbingly, the Moon @18Libra conjuncts the natal Jupiter of Herr Tr*mp which reflects what could be an anti-democracy event - happy for him, his duped voters, and corporate enablers, tragic for the future of a free America.

Meanwhile, the cosmic weather on January 20, 2025 may be partially described by the double Air (mental) combination of Sun AQ-Moon Libra, a sociable and idealistic blend of energies. Tolerance and dignity are suggested along with social awareness yet to be effective, leadership must get involved with the practical considerations of others - of The People. If effectiveness is what is wanted, that is. Concerns will include issues of individualism and independent thought which are supported by the Splay shape of planets indicating those who promote the rugged 'cowboy ethic'. This blend is shared natally by Burt Reynolds, Edouard Manet, and author Boris Pasternak who helpfully asserted,

"As for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore the truth."

You know - similar to The Pope, one of Pluto's many astrological identities.