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Dec 11, 2019

Dec 12, 2019 UK Elections: Astrology and Tarot agree!

December 11, 2019: This morning while sitting here in Raleigh, North Carolina (a former British colony), I searched the interwebs for prognostications concerning tomorrow's UK Elections in Britain (Conservative Party's Boris Johnson vs Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn) and found two excellent resources: one based on Astrology, the other via Tarot.

And curiously in both readings, horoscope and cards agree!

For Astrology here is a link to a reading by London astrologer Julian Venables and for Tarot here's Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot adding insight into hidden conditions.

For like the Republican Party in the US, Britain's Conservative Party has been in process of consuming itself in recent years, plus, the populace doesn't trust Boris, real change is needed, and the youth vote matters. So if neither party wins bigly in the UK then a coalition government may very well need to be formed by the victor no matter which party he represents (or purports to represent, typed the suspicious American!)

And so today I send out Best Wishes to the good people of Britain and my sincere hope for beneficial improvements in government on behalf of their families! jc