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Sep 4, 2015

An Inaugural Address to Die For? (w/ video and a little Astrology)

Notes on the 1841 Inaugural Address of William Henry Harrison

by Jude Cowell

An hour and forty-five minutes stood President Harrison during a snowstorm (after choosing to wear no overcoat, hat, or gloves) to deliver his Inaugural Address on March 4, 1841 and it occurs to me that one or two of us should at least do Harrison the Hatless the honor of reading through it!

Is his speech wordy? Yes. Full of the extra grammatical flourishes common to the rhetoric of his day? Why, of course. And so it also occurs to me that if he'd been speaking today he might have taken about 30 minutes to utter the same felicitations, a brevity which could possibly have saved his life.

Here's a page with an excellent overview (video) of the 1840 election and President Harrison's brief term of 31 or 32 days. Harrison, chosen as nominee over Henry Clay, supported the establishment of a US central bank which puts him on my personal no-no list of anti-Constitutional presidents yet my four natal planets in history-oriented Capricorn find his era most interesting:

Now Showing:'s William Henry Harrison.

And here you may view a brief bio and natal horoscope of President Harrison (the Elder) if you wish though his birth data is rated conflicting/unverified. However, after comparing this natal chart to that of his 1841 Inaugural Address there are several interesting connections which cause me to add this version of his natal horoscope to my files: born February 9, 1773 10:38:52 am LMT Charles City, Virginia with Sun @21AQ18, Moon @20Vir09, and 15Tau12 rising with Uranus which is part of a Kite pattern of high-flying success. Plus, his Sun AQ-Moon Tau personality blend imprints him as a neurotic nitpicker who was obsessed with sanity and order. (Harveys, Sun Sign-Moon Sign.) A hypochondriac, perhaps? Well, if so, this president may be a member of the famous I Told You I Was Sick club.