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Aug 12, 2009

Fake US unemployment numbers - Max Weiser video

Max Keiser has much to say about fake unemployment numbers from the US government as the propaganda relates to the US/World econo-crisis.

This video is a worthwhile 9mins+, so please see what you think. It does seem that metals are the thing to grasp and hold!

Yes, the USA is in the crapper thanks to neocon cons and their enabling shills...and the secret society robots who shilled before.

Where's some of that goo-o-o-d old "compassionate conservatism" when you need an effective -ism to ruin your family and economic life?

Oh yeah. We tried that.

And now the American War Machine is stuck like glue in the Middle East where our boots on the sand are decidedly unwelcome, no matter what we do or say. But hey, the 5-pointed Pentagon is the US' main employer, and when millions are out of jobs for long enough, they must 'join up' at some point - if they're young enough and are breathing. And thus the ruse passes on to another generation of Americans who can't believe that their government would manipulate a noble sense of patriotism into being used to make patriotic citizens into war fodder and oil protectors.

So will all GOP-ers please hush now?

Keep your wacked-out crazy on the down low, okay? Stop telling lies, period (you too, Democrats.) It's way too late in any game to skid by on half-truths, provarications, and callously thought up talking points on behalf of narrow factions.

Now this is only another Flower Power Generation-er speaking: They did it to us and the world despised us. Now it's your turn and you've fallen for the same tired rhetorical devices promoted by political thespians with prominent thumbs pointing at us.

Please...Awaken and Get Up!