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Mar 2, 2015

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Infrastructure (HBO)

As Above, So Below with Pluto

Yes, the results of destructive transformer Pluto now plodding through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, planet and sign of structure and form, can be clearly identified in the condition of America's crumbling infrastructure. Without improvements, tragedy is on the menu with wealth-hoarder Pluto, planet of Plutocracy, plutocrats, and the power elite, denying the American people the funds needed to upgrade our dams, highways, and bridges.

After all, total surveillance of the innocent, waging war across the globe, and rebuilding foreign countries are extremely expensive projects, you know, and apparently they suck all the pennies out of Washington's pretend budget.

Hopefully this video will not disappear before you find it nestled here on SO'W but if it is removed, please go to YouTube or HBO and watch it if you missed the's well worth the effort!