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Oct 5, 2022

Right-Wing calls for Civil War grow louder

Recently seditious right-wing calls for another Civil War have been re-spotlighted during the current trial of J6 militia leader Stewart Rhodes who calls himself a patriot. In fact, he and his comrades are using his trial for the purpose of promoting the seditious idea.

So perhaps you remember that it was not so long ago we discussed such topics with a display of the 1861 Civil War Horoscope surrounded by transits emphasizing Neptune in Pisces conjunct the 1861 War's Ascendant (the War itself) with the deceptive Mercury-Neptune conjunction rising. Note that Mercury-Neptune with more Neptune = "added dreaminess to thinking and reasoning; contriving ideas and solutions--" (M. Munkasey).

And of course, Herr Trump, cult leader of Mr. Rhodes, would be lost if he couldn't constantly express and use his deceptive, gossip-loving, propagandizing, loose-lipped Mercury-Neptune square which resonates all too well with the 1861 War's Mercury-Neptune = ASC of exploitation.

Pluto in Capricorn: Ready For His Close-Up

So politically speaking, underneath it all the Republican Party's Neptune in Pisces (1854) is being masterfully used for its abilities to deceive, confuse, disguise, cloud, erode, undermine, gaslight, and sabotage what originally is America's Neptune in fact-based Virgo of 1776, and this opposition times a karmic, titanic transit of ideological and generational clashes, along with persecutions of various kinds including those fueled by racism and misogyny. And to make matters more complex and unstable, our Neptunian problems are occurring in tandem with America's first-ever Pluto Return/s ('Mr. Hades' shown above) occurring all through 2022 - and with a worldwide authoritarian political movement recognizing current conditions as a huge opportunity to overwhelm democracy and freedom - long-planned.

Same with the predicted global recession made worse by Fed head Jerome Powell's overdone interest rate increases. Instituting a windfall profits tax in the US would help economic matters but will Republicans agree? Since GOP-ers want societal conditions to worsen to weaken Democrats before the 2022 Midterms, of course not. The US could also freeze oil prices - but one glitch: which politicians hold oil and gas shares in their stock portfolios?

Meanwhile, a wider view shows that such negative societal conditions are being promoted, supported, and funded by the global totalitarianism movement (which tends to rise when the Earth heats up), and unfortunately America's power position in the world has been eroded while we watched.

No wonder America right now is like a kitten tangled in sinister string! My suspicion is that calls for world government will soon grow louder, too, with the nation-state concept thrown under the proverbial bus. Listen for it! And if you can, keep tabs on the transiting positions of Juno, the nation-state asteroid, and Ceres, asteroid of democracy.

Because, sad to say, the world is going to miss America when she's gone.

Three Related Posts: Oct 8, 2022: Pluto Turns Direct @26Capricorn (DC Horoscope shown) conjunct US Inaugural Midheaven, a milestone indicator. And, speaking of a second civil war, riots in the streets, and the long-planned sabotage of America see Who Is Albert Pike? (video included), a plotter of sedition in the 1800s along with his comrade, Guiseppe Mazzini, founder of the Sicilian mafia; plus, Mercury-Neptune and the Presidential Records Act.

Apr 6, 2009

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk May 19, 1881

Update Monday, Apr 6: a video of Pres. Obama honoring Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, April, 2009.

Original post begins here:

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, born May 19, 1881 in Salonika (now Greece), the present-day Thessaloniki, is famous as the Founder of Modern Turkey, and US Pres. Obama is visiting Ataturk's memorial site while visiting Ankara on his weeklong European tour soon ending. Mr. Obama flies to Istanbul Monday evening.

Fond of the Age of Enlightenment (code for an Illuminati adherent? A Rosicrucian perhaps?), Mustafa Kemal, often called Ataturk, is the fellow who transformed Turkey into a modern, secular, and democratic nation-state.

(A nation-state is an idea whose time has seemingly passed, 'they' say. Politicians may talk floweringly of sovereignty but spend most of their time undermining it in one way or another.)

Ataturk became Turkey's first president and served from Oct 29, 1923 to Nov 10, 1938, and for the entire 24-hour period of May 19, 1881, Luna was in Aquarius which gives him Sun Taurus-Moon AQ, an Earth-Air blend of the innovative pragmatist who is gregarious, objective, independent, confident, and sensible.

High ideals can be backed up by this combination through broad vision, hard work, and perseverance while humanitarian values are brought down to earth and productively put to use.

Communications tend to be forthright, clear-headed, and honest which cause people to trust Sun Tau-Moon AQ types; there's a talent for inspiring others.

This is an amiable and pleasant personality who feels itself to be above conflict - 'civilized' resolutions will be found.

Weaknesses include a tendency to become inert with stubbornness when things don't go as expected, and there may be an overconfidence that comes across as conceit.

Image for Integration: A country squire holds the summer fete in his garden; all monies raised are divided equally between the three charities in the village - the Friendly Farmers' Trust, the Local Artists' Guild, and the Quakers' Orphanage.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

The Sun Tau-Moon AQ blend is shared natally by Charlotte Bronte, Michelle Pfeiffer, Burt Bacharach, Nicolo Machiavelli, and America's Democratic Party (May 13, 1792.)

And by two other notables who shall be quoted:

"When you're down and out, something always turns up -- and it's usually the noses of your friends." - Orson Welles

(Wonder if that's how Pres. Obama felt abroad the last several days as he asked Europe for troops for Afghanistan deployment - and maybe for some of their EU brand of loose change...?)

Plus, the following words may have merit in these days of control and our dread of its misuse and abuse:

"May the Force be with you." - George Lucas, Star Wars

Be with whom?


Are you hankering for a silly limerick written in early November 2007 upon the occasion of then-Secretary-of-State Condi Rice's visit to Turkey? Then hanker no longer for the Kittens from Turkey are here.