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Jul 8, 2016

Can We Trust Hillary Clinton’s Shift to the Left? - video (plus, Hillary's Mercury)

Farron Cousins on the question of whether progressives can trust a President Hillary Clinton to stick with a progressive platform such as making college tuition affordable:

We interrupt this post to bring you a little Astrology...

Hillary Clinton's Scorpio Mercury Square Leo Saturn

Based on her natal planets and my long term observations of her and Bill's past and present actions, I would have to say that Hillary Clinton is about taking power and following the global government script which will make pretense necessary on progressive (and other) issues. There are many ruses that are typically used in Washington DC--legislatively, certainly (well, she tried to get the bill passed, etc, as Farron mentions, above) and it seems to this astrologer that her natal conservative and stilted Mercury-Saturn square is prominent when it comes to campaign promises and other rhetoric, platforms, negotiations, deals, and other Mercurial endeavors. Her rhetoric may temporarily shift but underlying views Do Not.

And if we also consider the Fixed (rigid, set in its ways) energy of secretive Scorpio (including her stationary Mercury @21Scorpio and conservative authoritarian Saturn in Leo near her Mars-Pluto conjunction--more intense, focused Scorpio notes!) then changing her views and plans is not only difficult for her but, if pushed, represents a superficial exercise resentfully attempted in order to achieve her goal of controlling others and consolidating her power--in the White House.

But that's only one voter's opinion!