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Jun 7, 2008

SO'W's blog stats hit 66,666--today!

66,666 is something of an illustrious number, I suppose, so you may wish to scroll to the end of this page (location of Bravenet Counter may depend on which browser you use and whether you've updated it within the last decade) to see Stars Over Washington 's current progress toward the ungainly digits...but perhaps the danger is past now that you are here, and you won't have to be forever known as visitor #66,666!

Jan 1, 2008


There's been a short article and image published at Jude's Threshold titled, Arachne's Thread if you're inclined.

This asteroid is interesting to me because of her obvious links to the internet and world wide web. And with the post, I've tossed in a collage image for viewing because I so do love the collage. Do you collage?

Jun 11, 2007

Lunar Planner

Lunar Planner has a great article on Venus Transits or Passages. Hers is an 8-year cycle relating to Venusian Greek she's Aphrodite.

But there's a lot more to the lady...the G-8 Summit occurred at the time of her June 2004 Passage as "the goddess" returned to dance with the Sun bringing her cycles of the heart (to some people--to me she's archetypal anima and rising from the Collective Unconscious. Say Hi to Cetus the Whale while you're at it.)

Do check out Lunar's starrily smashing!