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Jun 25, 2021

December 2021's 5 New South Solar Eclipse: Benefits!

by Jude Cowell

June 25, 2021: Below is a DC Horoscope of the December 4, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse @12Sag22 in the 5 New South Saros Series with its themes of 'benefits, good news, peak experiences, joy' (Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

As you see, chart-ruler Venus @22Cap19 conjuncts the IC (Foundation of the Matter) while applying to a conjunction with powerful Pluto @25Cap07. Some consideration may be due to this particular degree range of Saturn-ruled Capricorn since '23 Capricorn' is a degree of governmental authority (N. DeVore) and '25 Capricorn' is, critically, the cusp of the 24th Lunar Mansion. In addition, mercenary star Terebellum (Omega Sagittarius), although faint, is located within these degrees as well. So Venus to Pluto (see lower left) suggests strategic manipulation in order to gain control. Financial matters, even bankruptcy, are also suggested as well as criminal elements having influence. Of course, we don't need Astrology to tell us America has been seriously infiltrated by such corruption.

And for those who prefer a US horoscope with 11--13 Sagittarius rising, this Solar Eclipse hits directly upon the Ascendant of such a chart which then personalizes the 5 New South Eclipse of December 2021 for America and further enhances the significance of expansive planet Jupiter. However, if you prefer a different version (July 4, 1776, or other--) then the eclipse falls within a house other than the Ascendant (1st or 12th house) and affects the activities of that house and the houses also ruled by the eclipse-and-chart-ruler/s.

Now located with the Eclipse in the 2nd hou$e is Mars @23Sco40 as leader of a BOWL shape of planets so here we have an activist or combatant promoting the 'advocacy of a cause' or 'having a mission'. A further identifier is the fact that this Mars conjuncts the natal IC of Donald Tr*mp which may be what I like to call a cosmic peep-eye especially since he is known or suspected to have been born with testy Mars rising in royal Leo.

One more Tr*mpian note is that his natal Jupiter @17Lib27 (at Station on June 14, 1946) conjuncts this Ascendant while Speaker Nancy Pelosi's natal Jupiter conjuncts the Descendant reminding us of their previous political stand-offs. Yet a comfort is always to consider the Sabian Symbol of his greedy Jupiter at '18Libra': "Two Men Placed Under Arrest".

Then with critical-crisis degrees on the security-minded MC-IC, we find one of the Gemini Twins, Castor at Midheaven ('MC') - positively a creative star, yes, but also with its negative potentials for 'sudden fame or loss, murder, mental illness', and/or 'the crippling of limbs' (A. Louis). Everyone knows our society is at a critical stage of development, this is not news!

So here are my final notes: the Moon rises with royal star Antares (We the People feeling feisty!), Mercury @15Sag13 (conjunct Arachne: the internet?) accompanies the Solar Eclipse and suggests the need for logic and reasoning power which emphasizes the sign and portents of this Eclipse: Sagittarius, so that karmic progress can be made by an honest search for truth and by utilizing moral concepts and ethics. However, misplaced idealism, misguided beliefs, and false optimism must be avoided for best results (R. Lineman).

So agree or disagree, I personally feel such uplifting concepts are much more likely to be utilized now that America is helmed by President Joe Biden.

As always, dear reader, your on-topic comments and observations are welcomed as are any kindly Shares! Jude

Jan 28, 2008

State of the Union address 1.28.08

Here's the horoscope of George Bush's final SOTU address tonight 9:00 pm EST, with US natal Neptune (planet of idealism, illusions, surveillance, deception, and 'nets') rising--and *US n Mars at MC, the WHY? Point/Goal/Aspiration angle of the chart and of the speech itself.

WHAT? = the Ascendant 22Vir28 (US n Neptune 22Vir25--a close conjunction signifying an acting job infused with deception, and the US n Mars/Neptune square being angular suggests that our nation's tendency toward secret actions and confused motivations is about to be touted and exploited. Secret surveillance, bloggers?)

Plus, transiting asteroid Arachne, linked with the internet, webs, and entanglements--and thus spying, esp online--is conj US n Saturn, planet of control and authority. This conj is in first house and will rise as Bush speaks.

So? the extension of the surveillance act which is set to expire Friday, Feb 1, is a major part of Bush's propaganda catapultin' tonight--major in spite of whether or not he emphasizes it--and he certainly won't mention its real purposes.

But we know that terroism and fear will be on the menu, of course, for Saturn is a planet of restriction--and fear.

If you click to enlarge the SOTU chart, you'll notice a few scribbled midpoints--the usual heavy-hitting suspects like Pluto/Chiron, Saturn/Uranus, etc. Ignore these if you wish, but notice the high flying KITE pattern which has Rx Mars as the tail and keeping it afloat at the MC of Goals and Aspirations.

Pluto 00Cap06 is the front of the KITE--where's it's going; NN 27AQ53 (conj US n Moon, the people or the public --Sibly chart) and the SOTU's Moon 26Lib13 is in 2nd house of Money/Values indicating our fluctuating (Moon) financial condition (2nd house.) Moon and NN relate to PR and publicity, too, so he'll be promoting the financial band-aid he's proposing rather stingily.

Bush's natal Uranus/NN conjunction is just past MC at 9:00 pm (a few of his natal placements are marked in green, US' are marked in red.)

Uranus/NN = radical political groups; reformers. Yeah, we see where that's led America--to overextension financially and militarily, bankrupcty, fraud, and homelessness. Thanks, neocons and your globalist compadres.

The self-controlled or depressive Moon/Saturn midpoint is conj US n MC and rising--and will be at SOTU's MC by 9:45 pm tonight, the approximate time Bush's last SOTU mercifully ends.

Moon/Saturn = MC: structuring ambition; making things happen carefully; a sense of duty and prudence (Poppy's word); feeling deserted, abandoned, sad.

When Moon/Saturn rises in the SOTU chart, shortly after he begins talking, we have:

Moon/Saturn = ASC: a reserved self-presentation.

And with tr Moon conj tr asteroid Demeter (spiritual nurturance in avocational work) don't be surprised if Bush uses his theatrically reverent tone and gives some shout-outs (code words) to the evangelical community.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx, so a good an outcome may not be expected for Mercury's communicating abilities with this, Bush's "Last SOTU Standing." Shall he leave no SOTU behind?

Now for chart-ruler Mercury's applying aspects in order of closest orb (to see how tonight's Catapult from the White House will be received):

1. inconjunct ASC/US n Neptune (1A24): reasoning not in keeping with the facts.

Maybe we should listen for a whopper in the first two minutes!Plus, an inconj (150 degrees) between Mercury and Neptune also indicates misunderstandings and disappointments.

2. trine MC/US n Mars and SOTU Mars Rx: lots of mental energy and endurance but restless; dramatic, forceful speech (for sure, but with a content of flufferies and veils); good for reporters and commentators; seeking to mold public opinion (the State of the Union is...strong? Well, what else can he say? economically it may not help to be honest tonight yet foreign markets are already on to him, Paulson, and Bernanke.)

Mercury trine Mars is also good at promoting causes, but with both planets Rx (Mars until Jan 30) the outcome will be delayed even though Bush will be admonishing the Senate not to delay the (inadequate) financial rebate proposal or load up the legislation with additions that would actually help those who need them most.

Yet their Rx conditions indicate critical issues, and perhaps after Mars goes Direct--and Stationing Direct is a very strong position--we shall see some movement in the Senate or otherwise. (Mukasey is set to testify about the erased CIA torture tapes, the Hatch Act, etc, on the 30th as well.)

Back to Mercury's applying aspects:

3. conj Neptune: thinking about what to feel; feeling what to think; special awareness; mysticism; dreaming; deception; illusions; good for creative literary pursuits. How will the media spin this SOTU? Or for that matter, how will the Dems and the GOP spin it? Like Arachne, one imagines--it will need it.

This address is to be "forward-looking" you know--after all, how could he look back at his trainwreck of a presidency? With a straight face and in public, I mean.

And "forward-looking" goes along with idealistic Neptune rising--Bush's natal Neptune 5Lib56 is his first natal planet to rise once he begins pontificating--another indication of Neptunian things already mentioned. Bush's thespian abilities will be heavily relied upon tonight.

Also rising: n Chiron (the wound), Moon, and Jupiter 18Lib09--Jupiter conj US sec progressed Mars--will rise bringing the 9 pm 2nd cusp of Money/Values with them, but don't be listening for a mea culpa on overspending on the war causing hardships back home. Ahh, the war--Cheney's and Bush's cash cow--that US taxpayers pay for obscenely so that warhawks may profit.

4. The last aspect for Mercury is its conjunction with Chiron 15AQ16, which is just past "14AQ"..."A train entering a tunnel"...neg: uninspired conformity to limitation. This makes me think that the Senate, which has been warned by Bush not to "delay or derail" the legislation for paltry rebates--and which ignores the poorer among us--may add more helpful salves to the legislation after all. We'll see in a few days--Senate may do this as early as this Wednesday.

So--if you've enlarged this chart, you've seen mention of Sen Ted Kennedy and of JFK's daughter, Caroline, near Jupiter 9Cap17 and asteroid Nemesis (the unbeatable foe.) Sen Kennedy endorsed Sen Obama this very day, and Caroline has seen how her father affected the American people in his speeches bwo Barack Obama's uplifting message.

The "10Cap" region of the zodiac is Ted Kennedy's natal Ascendant (his physical self, so he's having a Jupiter-to-ASC transit now... = harmony) and is also conj Caroline's n Sun/Moon midpoint--10Cap29.

Jupiter does love to inspire, but with Nemesis there, this could be an indication of the Kennedy endorsements beating the Rs for the White House--or of something more sinister in the other direction. I'll have to keep a squinty eye on the combination in future months while hoping that there will be no need to.

And I do want to add the Sabian Symbol for the IC--the HOW? Point of the chart/ will Bush's proposals become reality in his bubble-filled world?

"22Sag"..."A Chinese laundry."

Yeah, borrowing more laundered millions from China--that's just what I thought.

*our current US Mars Return occurred on Sept 11, 2007, day of the Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Series--responsibilities with paperwork or communications come home to roost; long term worries are brought to the surface about these in "deleted or mysteriously missing White House emails" and taped over back-up tapes for key time periods relating to the Bush-Cheney war. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

>You may read the 2008 SOTU's Sun AQ-Moon Libra blend's Image for Integration at Jude's Threshold if you wish.

Jan 1, 2008


There's been a short article and image published at Jude's Threshold titled, Arachne's Thread if you're inclined.

This asteroid is interesting to me because of her obvious links to the internet and world wide web. And with the post, I've tossed in a collage image for viewing because I so do love the collage. Do you collage?