Apr 29, 2006

May's South Node action noted & re-noted

Forgot to mention in my Limbaugh post a while ago--the transiting SN will be conjuncting Limbaugh's natal Saturn (2Lib22) as it simultaneously brings about the previously-mentioned Nodal Half Returns in May for Cheney and the Dem Party, same degree axis.

Check out post from April 5:
  • Stars Over Washington: Nodal Half-Returns upcoming

  • For Rove, as well as Limbaugh, it'll be SN to Saturn, too--and hence Rove has already "given up" some responsibility so far--and an indictment will merit more separation from Saturn's duties.

    Will Limbaugh be separated from his radio duties soon? Is a hiatus again in the works? Perhaps his drug therapy program will make that necessary--at least for awhile. Or maybe there's even more separation to come...

    4.29.06 3:29 pm edt

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  • Apr 25, 2006

    Chernobyl April 26, 1986

    Being an inconsequential gnat possessing the opposite of clout, I hesitate to post everything the Chernobyl chart whispers, esp in comparison with charts of the actors of the time.

    Yet I post these comments for the 1:23 am time given as the "flipped switch, then two explosions" details for the worst nuclear disaster to date--in memory of the ones who paid so heavily for governmental overconfidence at best, ruthlessness and depravity at worst--and I post for the millions of innocents who continue to suffer still.

    Sun (opposite Pluto, planet of power, manipulation, and nuclear abominations) was, at this exact time/date conjunct Gorbachev's secondary progressed Sun--set for this time and date. He and Reagan signed an 'Arms Treaty' on Dec 8, 1987 in Washington, and you can be sure I'll be looking at the chart asap--they signed at 2:02 pm est.

    In the disaster's chart, Pluto is nearing MC and conjunct separative South Node. Plu/SN is a signature of large social events which are beyond one's personal control. In fact, personal will is out of harmony with society to the extent that physical security is endangered (no kiddin'.)

    It indicates there was a past condition where large-scale changes were initiated without consideration of its effect on others--hence the sense of being a victim of circumstances beyond one's control. (Plu/SN can also be active during war, or commonly there will be Mars/SN contacts then. Pluto brings along the atomic/nuclear influence to the destruction.) And just the building of the facility must have depressed the neighbors who probably had no input as to its location--goes without saying.

    With rebellious, intensifying Uranus (Uranium) rising at 22Sag+, this gives a double emphasis on the degree--but "22Sag" and "23Sag" could apply, so let's look at them both using Dane Rudhyar's version of the Sabian Symbols:

    "22Sag"> "A Chinese laundry"> Keynote: Making use of one's special racial-cultural background in order to survive and prosper in an alien environment.

    SELF-CONTAINMENT...an individual finds himself separated from the people in the midst of whom he has to live. (It's 20 years and they're hoping they're successful at containment.)

    "23Sag"> "A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into a new country"> Keynote: Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunites it will present.

    TRANSITION...everything that will follow depends largely on how we cross this threshold, and in the spirit in which we meet unfamiliar and perhaps shocking experiences (Sabian Symbols, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

    And, of course, Uranus is the master of 'shock', being ruler of electricity, lightening, and of technology, esp new technology. Uranus loves to awaken and disrupt, as you know.

    Also there's a compulsive-obsessive quindecile aspect (165 degr) between Mercury, "11Aries": "The ruler of a nation"> CENTRALIZATION OF POWER, and MC, aka the Aspiration/WHY Point of the chart:

    Merc QD Mc = brainstorming; thoughts focused on "how do I get ahead?" without any consideration of the consequences; opportunism.

    (And Chiron in Gemini knows instinctively that how one thinks determines reality.)

    Mars in 1st house (rising after deceptive, veiling, and confused Neptune) is involved in a midpoint picture which seems to apply:

    Mars/Plu = Saturn: leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a particular task; the desire to overcome obstacles at all costs forcibly. (The Mars/Pluto duo = "superhuman force; brutality".)

    The Symbols for Neptune ("5/6Cap") are very instructive, too, but I'll leave them for you to investigate concerning Chernobyl, a "threshold" mankind would have avoided gladly if given a choice. But there were those who knew better, were desperate to get ahead, and were willing that others pay the price.

    WHY? MC: "27Libra"> "An airplane sails high in the clear sky"> Keynote: A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life...

    TRANSCENDENT REALIZATION> Through the use of his mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of other men, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being.

    Guess so, as long as Mr Supernal Realm doesn't have to be at the scene of the crime.

    And so millions will continue to suffer from the Chernobyl abomination. And if mankind could learn one valuable lesson from this it is that nuclear power is impossible to control--which makes catastrophe, suffering, and death only a flipped switch away.

    4.26.06 8:56 pm edt May They RIP


    Apr 23, 2006

    Robespierre + Jan 20 2005

    Robespierre, leader of the "Reign of Terror" regime from the 1790's may be compared to the Bush administration by using astrological charts which show several connections between the man and the "War on Terror" regime of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

    What brought this on? you may ask. My reading of Lawrence Wilkerson's article today in the Baltimore Sun--actually, I first read it on the SmirkingChimp Blog--an excellent blog, I might add...you'll find a link below.

    The most obvious and pertinent connections between Robespierre's natal chart and the Inauguration Chart of George Bush, to wit:

    1. Bush Regime's ('BR') Mars conjunct Max Robespierre's ('MR') Jupiter;
    2. BR's Neptune opposite MR's Neptune;
    3. BR's Chiron conj MR's South Node;
    4. BR's PLUTO conjunct MR's PLUTO;
    5. BR's North Node conj MR's Moon.

    You will remember MR's referring to himself often with a typical Aries Moon attitude: "I AM the people." (Aries = the 'I am' principle; Moon = the people, esp in a leader's chart.)

    But back to the Bush Regime's resonance with the reforming, revolutionary, terror-inducing radical, Robespierre.

    Now, Max, as I call him privately, was encumbered in life with a massively painful Moon/SN conjunction which signifies generations of wounding and pain, and which he eagerly set about paying back to humanity in spades.

    His Chiron/SN conjunction is in the 2005 US Inaugural 10th house at the very top of the chart, with his Chiron actually conjunct the Inaugural Sun = the US leader in the chart.

    Without considering Robespierre's natal chart, I have previously posted elsewhere (Slate's The Fray) on the significance of the 2005 Inaugural Sun conjunct Chiron--a wounding of leadership.

    So, we have similar themes here--wounds brought forward in time by way of heredity, ('karmic', if you will--reaping what was sown) and involving Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business. Robespierre was a lawyer, of course, and Bush calls himself a politician...a self-named propaganda-catapulter...it's his "job", he says.

    Elitist Aquarius (also ruled anciently by the same planet of authority as Capricorn--Saturn) is the current sign of the US Inaugural Sun (the president) on Jan 20, at Noon each year.

    With catalyst and maverick, Chiron placed between the Mc (the Goal/Aspirations/WHY Point of the chart) and the Sun--I knew we were in for mounds of trouble--for the president and for the nation, since both are represented by the Sun in a national chart. So we then have:

    Sun/Mc = Chiron, the wound, and Sun/Mc in any chart = the aim or objective.

    So let me be clear--trouble for the US presidency is what I believe was a large part of the whole point-->Sun/Mc = Chiron!! This stems from my deep and total distrust of the globalist agenda which is in process of undermining our borders, our Constitution, our rights, our freedoms, our judiciary, our Congress/Senate, our piggybanks, and anything else sovereign you care to name. A "North American Union" is their goal...US, Mexico, and Canada.

    Now Neptune and Pluto separately AND together have connections to propaganda, and both men have used propaganda as a tool to win at any cost. The mutual Neptune/Neptune and Pluto/Pluto reciprocations between the charts describe this perfectly.

    You may wish to read my previous post on the Generation of Materialism: plutocracy, 1892 (the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto signifying it, plus, Pluto/Chiron) which officially began the age of robber barons and monopolies that took over this nation more perfectly to plunder the world's resources and line their pockets.

    The Sabian Symbol for the US natal Jupiter ($) is: "Gamebirds feathering their nests" as you know!

    They now continue in their efforts to control the finances and the "hearts" and "minds" of the world, but actually, I think they're mooning us on one of those--they care nothing for our hearts, and have none of their own that I can ascertain, can you? Hubris and smugness care not, m'peops...mind control and fear are everything.

    Now on to Max's "I AM the people" Aries Moon connected to the Bush Regime's North Node--a joining/associative point, a point of destiny--the "path", ya might say...Moon and NN have the same degree, therefore the same Sabian Symbol applies:

    "28Aries"> "A large disappointed audience">DISJUNCTION...

    pos: complete spiritual independence (and therefore above the masses?);

    neg/shadow side: a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of mankind.

    Guillotining would fall under the "defeat of mankind", agreed?

    (And there's Max's natal Sun conj the US Inaugural Ascendant in Taurus--by just one degree...his Sun conj the US presidential term. Taurus can be very determined and greedy, y'know.)

    Seems decapitation is a favorite tactic of ole man terror, and it's come back around. But it's grotesquely unfair, to say the least, that terror has reared his ugly head again only to relieve so many innocent people of theirs...again.

    So what am I saying? That it's the same principle returned through the generational South Node, and that so far we're not dealing with it any better than was done in 1792? Yep. That it's gained a hoof-hold in the US through the American presidency?

    And although the world got enough of his cruelties back then, 'terror' isn't proving himself as willing to back down this time, mainly due to US leaders using him shamelessly to control the world with fear of his raptor's gaze, and because he is embrazened by those who worship death and revenge...AND because he's proving more profitable than ever for the current Robespierres, Napoleons, and Hitlers who have taken the world's power into their own claws with such relish.

    Q: Is there a difference in radical Islamists' use of him vs the Bush Regime's promotion of the fear of him? Is there something too telling about Bush, Kerry, and others' allegiance to a secret society that uses a skull and bones as its logo?

    And what would Robespierre tell us now, if he could but mumble?

    His secondary progressed chart (sec) for tonight has something to say, as does his Pluto Return for Oct 27, 2005:

    Sec Sun "18Cap"> "The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship"...

    POLITICAL POWER> that's right!--it's the "smug and strong-armed paternalism" degree from the New World Order Chart...the Uranus/Neptune conjunction degree we've all learned to hate...or fear.

    And Max was nothing if not 'smug' with his "I AM the people", know-it-all creepiness delivered with a cold smirk. He "knew" what was good for the people--kinda like George Bush thinks he "knows" how best to steer America. And a lot like Cheney's smirk, if you will.

    Max's Pluto Return of last October has an interesting midpoint picture with Pluto at the focal point:

    Jup/Nep = Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; far-reaching speculations; a great loss. (Is Max is inspiring quioxtic George?)

    There's also an obsessive/compulsive, ambition-driven quindecile (165 degrees/QD) between Sun and Mars: aggression used for gain. (Sounds like today's terroists on all sides with innocents in the middle of these psychopaths. The inmates have taken over, as with Robes'n'Co...Jacobins all, as Larry Wilkerson's op-ed states.)

    >Max's current Minor progr'd chart (aka the mental/causal plane) has this illuminating tidbit...esp since the Minor chart can tell us what's trying to come to consciousness--or what thoughts should be kept shoved down and NOT acted upon...in this case, they're being brought to OUR consciousness:

    Sat/Plu = Uranus: sudden acts of violence; ability to make quick decisions in difficult circumstances. I've read that the real power-behind-the-throne types ask US prez candidates if they can make decisions with few if any facts--in other words, can we tell you what to do? A 'No' answer and you're out--a 'Yes' and it may be your turn to puppet as the US president.

    Well, old Robes isn't around any more to act violently or otherwise, but we've no shortage of those who will--actors who are aren't afraid to be inspired by a grand master--and a grand design--of terror down through the centuries.

    And the topper? In Max's Pluto Return of October '05--and in the 2005 US Inaugural chart-->the midpoint between Neptune and Pluto was...guess where? NWO's "18 Capricorn."

    And now--2006? Anything occupying "18Cap" this year? Why sure...it's the vicious Pluto/Chiron duo signifying:

    plutocracy, racism, class warfare, and oppressing the disenfranchised, among other nasty things.

    How's THAT for history repeating?

    4.23.06 10:18 pm edt



    Apr 21, 2006

    Rove's Lessening Control?

    Meant to remind you of this Apr 8 post last week when the story came out about Rove's "giving up oversight of policy development"...
    Karl Rove's natal Saturn

    The separative South Node may be affecting his chart a bit early, but I suspect there're more "separation" themes to come for Mr R.

    4.21.06 6:33 pm edt


    Apr 19, 2006

    China does Washington

    Thursday, the President of China and the President of the US get together to schmooze at the White House about intellectual property rights, who-owes-whom, and other pressing world issues.

    In the sunrise chart for the day,there's something extremely interesting:

    At the Mc/Aspiration/WHY Point of the chart is the degree of the New World Order's Uran/Nep>>degree: "18Cap": "The Union Jack flies from a British warship"> POLITICAL POWER> neg/shadow side: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

    Ok, so that's not so amazing until you consider that sitting upon this Point TODAY is the Pluto/Chiron midpoint--the Plutocracy combo. Cheney has Plu/Chiron conjunct natally, so maybe he plus a NWO rep (perhaps from the UK) will be there, in spirit, if not in form. The other excuses given for this meeting are fluff, imho...also because--

    Transiting Sat/Plu (15Lib36--loss; cruelty; violence; war) is now conjunct the 1993 midpoint between Pluto and Chiron--15Lib18 in the NWO Chart!

    You see that the Sun (leader of a nation) has just entered Taurus, sign of greed, intolerance, and stubborness (sorry, you Taureans--you're the brilliant gardeners and architects of the world--but I'm talking here about DC, so therefore the shadow side of secretive governments--no offense).

    There's only one planetary midpoint here, Merc/Nep = Uranus (technology): inventions and inspirations; nervous convulsions; a suddenly misguided imagination; going "far out"; sudden new ideas.

    Saturn, fixin' to cross Bush's natal Asc again, so therefore representing Bush, the man, is in 4th house--the Foundation of the chart, and not in a strong position with this very lowering transit going on for him with more piper-paying to come.

    The ambitious, cold Capricorn Moon is at Mc, and publicity (Moon) is obviously part of the picture...perhaps an integral part of it, in fact. (I keep wishing Someone would tell George to close his legs in photo-ops...or put a horse between 'em.)

    North Node--a point of meetings--is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house with Mercury in Aries. Mercury is approaching the last Solar Eclipse degree (8Ari35), the Series of hunches and intuitions as mentioned in a previous post.

    Well, there's more, but a thunderstorm/tornado watch is threatening, and I must motor into the city for appts.

    Back later...

    4.19.06 11:55 am edt

    ps: The recent Full Moon (23Lib37) was conjunct Bush's natal Ic, so the changes continue for Mr Bush...as evidenced today by McClellan's "resignation" and Rove's "giving up oversight of policy issues." Yuh.

    Update: view of the chart has been removed due to legal restrictions. Sorry. jc 5.19.06 7:50 pm edt

    Apr 16, 2006

    Update on ATOM SPLIT Chart's YOD

    Here's a link to the post of 1.17.06 concerning the YOD which has formed in the ATOM SPLIT Chart (Dec 2, 1942). Click to read more details about this crisis situation concerning rash, brash Apex Mars...

    ...scroll down to "UPDATE: Easter Sunday April 16 2006" to read the latest...in fact you may want to read all of the post with its "dare to wait" advice:

    Stars Over Washington: More about YODs: ATOM SPLIT Chart

    (UPDATE> 5.19.06: All charts are in process of being removed from SO'W due to legal restrictions. Sorry.)

    Rx Jupiter (24Can34) is conjunct sec ASC--and with Jupiter's position in natal 12th house, there is a feeling of divine protection which I hope Apex Mars doesn't use to justify his actions. And since Jupiter increases and expands, we'll see the prevailing attitude this administration has exhibited so constantly--"if WE do it, it's ok" and this may unfortunately affect Mars' self-willed course of action.

    (The natal ATOM SPLIT Chart has Pluto (7Leo08 Rx) which is conj Bush's natal ASC (7Leo07), btw, showing his finger on The Button.)

    The Symbol for sec Mars "7Cap"> "A veiled prophet of power": SUPREMACY...

    pos: unerring insight into the motives of men and a consequent gift for organizing their efforts along any given line of accomplishment;

    neg/shadow side: inability to distinguish true values from false.

    Here's the Symbol for ATOM SPLIT's natal Mars "21Sco">"A soldier derelict in his duty"> DEVIATION...

    pos: effective responsibility in the inner stirrings of the self and a willingness to face the consequences of true self-assertion;

    neg: complete faithlessness to the common welfare.

    Sounds like Bush, the Pentagon, and the world need Jupiter's protection to avert this catastrophe in the making--and look whose self-willed finger is on the button.

    >Sharing the sec Sun AQ/Moon AQ combo in his natal chart, we have William McKinley who so helpfully and memorably observed:

    Our differences are politics. Our agreements, principles.

    In Balsamic, dark phase (New Moon early 2007) we have Sun AQ/Moon AQ:

    Greatest Weaknesses: tendency to over-identify with causes; a blunt, insensitive, and overly critical approach to comparing people with your ideals; prone to abrupt leave-taking when the going gets too emotional and impinges on your freedom.

    (The last sounds like a touchy Cancerian mixed with 'royal' Leo...like George Bush.)

    Images: The living, breathing entity we call society...The Jolly Green Giant...A friend to all the world looks in the mirror and takes time out to befriend herself.

    Sounds like formerly friendly America under "Bush diplomacy" to me.

    So hold your premature taters, George, and take your hot-headed digit off the preemptive button. Because all of society hangs in the balance, and everyone but you realizes that blowback is hell--even for you.

    4.16.06 4:11 pm edt


    Apr 15, 2006

    Can America Face Her Election Fraud?

    November nears, so the psychology of ignoring our obvious election fraud issues and the criminality of them is still primarily unconscious for most Americans.

    Astrologically we speak of the ongoing Saturn (reality)/Neptune (deceit and illusion) opposition which will be exact:

    >>Aug 31,'06//Feb 28,'07//and June 25,'07.

    This Sat/Nep cycle began with the conjunction of 1989 (11Cap55) with Bush Sr in the Oval Office, interestingly enough.

    There's a very informative article by Diane Perlman from April 2005 here: Commonweal Institute.

    Look for 'Silence of the Scams'...in which she describes perfectly the psychology of our collective denial, and borders on the astrological (which she does not mention, but as you know, Carl Jung, whom she cites, used astrology in his practice.)

    Saturn opposite Neptune is operative on many levels these days--including the dissolution (Nep) of earth/form (Sat) which we're experiencing with natural disasters, floods, hail, levee (Sat) failings (Nep), etc. And you can see from the dates mentioned above that there's more to come.

    Yes, Neptune clouds and confuses Saturnian reality, but we can just make out the truth behind the smokecreen if we keep digging in Saturn's earth. And one of the positive expressions is Saturn's ability to make our dreams real.

    4.15.06 4:41 pm edt

    tags: ,

    George Bush sec progr'd: 4.15.06

    See Stars Over Washington: Bush's sec prog'd chart here.

    It's midnight at the oasis, but I wanted to post on Bush's secondary progressed chart (sec = physical plane) for your consideration.

    Sec Moon--an excellent timing device--is conjunct Ic and moving into 4th house indicating changes and fluctuations concerning the family or domestic scene.
    Emphasizing this is South Node, a separative point, conjunct Moon.

    Moon = domicile; the family--probably, but not limited to, a female personage.

    Sec Moon into 4th house can indicate a female relative moving into the home, or someone moving out--possibly his nibs himself, or perhaps someone else is moving out of the WH. (The whole family would be ok by me.)

    This could refer to Andy Card's leave-taking, I suppose, but I suspect it is yet to happen or is happening now.

    Opposite at the top o' the chart is Bush's n Uranus/North Node (unusual associations, esp political and of the reforming variety) which has progressed to Mc, the Career/Public Status angle of the chart. (Progressions to an angle of the chart are important, hence my yapping about the sec Moon to Ic.)

    Ura/NN = Mc: teamwork paying off; professional recognition; yet Uranus, the rebel, has a disruptive and separative influence--so 'separation' is affecting both ends of the Mc/Ic axis. Plus, Moon = the public; Uranus = alienation, etc, so this could easily signify the continuing drop in Bush's "approval" ratings...astrology works on many levels at once just as life in our dualistic world expresses on many levels at once.

    Well, Mary J Blige has just finished singing on Letterman, and I must go in search of snoozyland now. So while this chart has more to reveal, it'll have to be finished tomorrow.

    4.15.06 12:48 am edt

    >><<>>UPDATE Saturday 12:45 pm--a perfect spring day to be outside:

    This 'reluctant astrologer' is back in the house, and using the Marc Edmund Jones version for the Symbols today, so here's more info from my notes on Bush's sec chart which you see above:

    On the Mc/Ic axis (Career Public Status/Home; Parental), Uranus conjunct asteroid, Proserpina, keywords: transition; job change; personal growth; rites of passage; marriage; adolescent crisis. This theme of 'transition' supports the Mc/Ic info as mentioned above.

    Also conjunct Uranus is asteroid, Urania, keywords: the muse of science (!), and has an association with Astrology. Amusing if it turned out that Bush is an astrologer or has been in consultation all along, wouldn't it? (Glad I'm not that astrologer--'cos he's doing a sucky job! And if there were more blogging time in my world, I'd be doing a less sucky job at this, I hope.)

    Sec Moon at Ic conjunct asteroid, Cupido, keyword: family. Theme supported again.

    The biological correspondences (Ebertin) with the Moon/Uranus duo are blood pressure and prostate disturbances.

    Asteroid, Lion, is rising with its association with Leo, the lion king.

    >Chart-ruler, Mercury, has progressed into the analytical, serious sign of Virgo, as you see, from the risk-taking, dramatic, and royal sign of Leo where he is positioned natally.

    The Sabian Symbol for this Mercury--kinda how Bush's thinking has progressed--is:

    "2Vir": "A large white cross upraised"> GLORIFICATION...

    pos: an utterly selfless enlistment in some dramatic service for the ultimate welfare of humankind;

    neg: witless dogmatism and misdirected efforts for causes of great pretension but little real worth.

    Seems he speechifies the positive--and may actually believe it of himself--but the rest of the world experiences him as expressing and manifesting the negative!

    Or if you prefer "1Vir" for this Mercury--and it is still in effect, or can be used as an unconscious degree since it's just now in process of being left behind--the Symbol is:

    "A man's head": CHARACTER...

    pos: an effective self-assurance and an ever-clear vision of each emerging opportunity in life; (he thinks)...

    neg: inordinate vanity and a consistent overestimation of individual capacities.
    (We know.)

    You see deceptive, self-delusional, confused Neptune now in first house of Self--which can't help when you have so many difficult, populace-affecting decisions to make, could it? That's the thing about Neptune--its spiritual qualities and visions can be the most uplifting and beautiful but with the distinct possibility of being so very very WRONG and misguided.

    And tr Neptune's visit to Bush's natal 7th house of partnerships/open enemies/legal affairs isn't helping him to "see" who his real enemies are. The projection from the public onto Neptune's screen is obviously a source of confusion, illusions, and loss. Wherever Neptune is positioned--or transits--there is some form of loss to be expected...of the eroding kind, as in his eroding popularity.

    Then there is an out-of-bounds Venus at 27Lib17, in the 2nd house of values; money; sense of self-worth. An o-o-bs planet is capable of acting on its own without the rest of the planetary energies being involved.

    "27Lib": "An airplane hovering overhead"> REFLECTION...

    pos: high effectiveness in self-adjustment or real skill in meeting the crises of life;

    neg: complete inability to get down into immediate realities.

    (This word picture reminds me of war planes or of Air Force One, whose security info has been posted online recently--talk about LEAKS.)

    Or, if you prefer, "28 LIb": "A man in the midst of brightening influences"> RESPONSIVENESS...

    pos: a complete spiritual fellowship with humankind; (yeah?)...

    neg: self-stulification through wishful thinking. (He's certainly shown himself to be good at that. The cheeky monkey has 'mooned' the whole world with his "wishful thinking" and its misdirection.)

    Mars/Sat = Sun: sense of loss; eking it out; breakdown under sress and strain; possible threat to health or body.

    And let's look at Saturn and Pluto in 11th house of Groups/Associations.

    The midpoint between Sat/Pluto (threat of loss; potential self-destruction; cruelty; hard hard work) has been sitting upon Bush's natal Ascendant for a while now...

    Sat/Plu = Asc: separation (as in theme above); being in cumbersome and difficult circumstances; mourning; bereavement; loss; war; endurance. (The Saturn/Pluto combo also is connected to organized crime, m'peops.)

    Sec Pluto is conjunct sec Part of Death, but hey!--that pretty much describes what he's about..or it could refer to the Moon/Uranus affecting the Mc/Ic as mentioned above...the transition theme. Poppy and Mummy aren't spring chickens, after all.

    And while George Bush has certainly caused much mourning and bereavement to many people, and is desperately clinging to his power to continue doing so, his sec progr'd chart tells a picture of difficulties for this out-of-bounds president and his misdirected energies.

    There are some pertinent *Minor progr'd midpoints I'll mention quickly, with the Minor being the Mental or Causal Plane:

    Moon/Asc = Saturn: heavy moods of deliberation; depression; feelings of constraint.

    Sat/Uran = Pluto: an act of violence or brutality; desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure; tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets. (That's what worries me--this ruthless man will do ANYTHING to save his own hide--politically and financially. His cloudy business transactions prior to taking over the W-House are apt to be further disclosed any time now...if you get a chance, look for Joe Conason's article in the Feb 2000 issue of Harper's: The George W Bush Success Story.)

    (Biologically, Sat/Ura = heart block; surgery; loss of limbs--Ebertin.)

    Plu/Asc = Neptune: embarrassment to transcend; fight against rumor; vision to fulfill; something paranormal influences situations; experiencing a most awkward and unfortunate situation (his entire presidency comes under this heading, imho.)

    And Minor Mars/Asc = natal Sun (which is also the US n Sun): operating in an inhospitable milieu; arguments and quarrels; having to adjust things forcefully (uh-oh...watch out, world-->Bush is desperate to prevail and so must the US be.)

    As you know, however anything--or anyone--begins is how they will end, so if your presidency begins murkily and controversially, it will end the same.

    So you see, just because you coup the White House, your life is not so perfect...esp when you're a screw-up of the first magnitude...and you think yourself a winner.

    Clap if you believe yourself the president.

    4.14.06 2:58 pm edt and UPDATE: 4.15.06 3:16 pm edt

    *Progressed Minor = mental or causal plane; Tertiary = feeling; emotional; spirtual plane; Secondary = physical plane...the 27:13:1 ratio-->we think, we have feelings about our thoughts, then we act. See Robert Blaschke's book on Progressions.

    ps: all views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.19.06


    Apr 11, 2006

    Calling for that New World Order

    Pope Calls for a New World Order

    Jan 2004: Let's not forget John Paul II's big, brave shout-out for a NWO. If the Vatican is for it, who can be against it?

    And here's the NWO chart: New World Order 10/24/93 1:11 pm edt

    4.12.06 12:03 am edt


    "Federal Confidential"

    Federal Confidential

    Larry Beinhart's post today on HuffPo is excellent if you haven't read it.

    Puts 1942 secrets vs 2001/06 secrets in perspective.

    But shh-h-h-h...mum's the word.

    4.11.06 11:28 pm edt

    email to discuss!

    Here's the HoSec Is Hatched Chart/post from Nov 20:

    HoSec Is Hatched

    More GOP results for seniors

    Low-income seniors to lose food boxes to federal cutbacks

    Send Thank You Notes to your neocon chickenhawk government spending your money in other lands on their abominable misadventures.

    Soup Lines will be next.

    4.11.06 10:44 am edt


    Apr 10, 2006

    Got US Military Secrets?

    Flash memory drives from US military laptops, packs of Viagra, US Social "Security" numbers, and who-knows-what-else--all available at your neighborhood Afghan bazaar...
    there's an article today in the LA Times by Paul Watson, link unavailable.

    Add this to the story a couple of days ago of Air Force One's "security" info being posted online. And we know Pentagon computers have been hacked for years now with no apparent improvement that I've heard about.

    Plus, let's not forget the Big Leaker himself--but perhaps that depends on what the word 'Depends' means...?

    Maybe if our government would quit wasting their time and our money listening in on Bush's political enemies and on citizens who disagree with his power agenda, they could pay more attention to actual security issues.

    Guess that means we're funding our own trampled privacy assaults.

    Those rich elites--you gotta hand it to 'em. No, really--they want it all--fork it over.

    4.10.06 8:30 pm edt


    Cheney and 9/11

    As I'm reading more and more about theories on Dick Cheney's possible culpability in orchestrating the attacks of 9/11/01, I'm posting on his secondary progressed chart (the physical plane) for the day and the hour.

    Using his birth location (Lincoln, NE) to progress his natal chart, there results a major picture at the top of the chart...the MC/Aspiration/WHY Point of the chart--Pluto (power; control; manipulation; coping ability; transformation; death; cataclysms; volcanic explosions) and Chiron (the wounded or the wound; the maverick; blindspot; catalyst; shaman; initiations) pointing to the Mc-->Pluto/Chiron = Mc.

    The combo of Pluto/Chiron = plutocracy; a reversion to primitivism; racism; revolutionary zeal; power; self-mastery; class warfare; oppression; primal violence; imperialism; corporatism; fascism; militarism; disenfranchisement. (Plus, other isms.)

    And on 9/11/01? Pluto 12Sag38, Chiron 23Sag03, and their midpoint, Plu/Chiron = natal Mars 17Sag46 of VP Cheney! Yep, that's right--tr Pluto and Chiron lined right up with Cheney's planet of initiative, energy, and action--Mars, aka the god of WAR...the Plutocracy Duo pointing directly at Dick's Mars, ya might say...Mars, the instigator, the actor, the fighter and his Sec Pluto/Chiron at Aspiration/Goal Point.

    And the HOW? Point of this chart, the IC or Foundation Point is conj his Sec Mars and US natal and Sec Pluto. If he did it, that's how he did it - secret hand, secret power, US military power, you name it, he had control (Pluto) of it. More on his Sec Mars just below.

    Robert Bowman, former head of the "Star Wars" project, and who is running for Congress, FL, 5th district, is making waves and calling Cheney the "architect of 9/11"...and as you've heard by now, Cheney was "playing" "air drills" that morning with his finger on the fantasy button - did it slide off onto the reality button? I've often wondered this myself since 2001. Today's post is just a sampling of the situation astrologically.

    (UPDATE 9.17.06: most sources now say that Cheney was in DC on 9/11/01 but the chart and these comments apply for his progressions which are calclated based on his natal chart. Some astrologers change to wherever a person is located when progressing a chart, but here I do not.)

    Bowman says Cheney's "drills" were a "cover" so that the FAA and NORAD didn't know what was real or false as the planes approached their targets. And while he may be correct, I'm not so quick to give these governmental agencies such easy "dazed and confused" passes on this "cover." Wouldn't put it past the VP, but I wouldn't put it past the agencies either.

    Back to his progr'd chart:

    At the Foundation/Ic Point, lurks violent instigator, Mars, at "30Cap", the "A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs" degree:

    EXECUTIVE POWER...Keynote: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature dicussions with those who share this power.

    This degree speaks of an "occult hierarchy", secret committees in the White House, and the decisions of a supreme Council of quasi-divine beings. And, of course, Capricorn is the sign of business, politics, and law. (Note: This Mars is now opposite Pluto in his sec chart 2006 which may lead to more uncovering of his actions on 9/11...his use or misuse of power, bwo zealous Mars/Pluto.)

    8th cusp (transformations; death; legacies; insurance; managing others' resources, etc) conj Cheney's sec Jup/Uranus midpoint; Jup/Uranus is the "lucky break; opportunity" combo, and he certainly had that. Florida's 'hanging chads' and the SCOTUS helped a lot.

    The 8th cusp also happens to be at the degree of the last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the societal combo. Jupiter is used to represent the R Party and Saturn, the Ds. I have stated here and elsewhere, that their conj of May 28, 2000 describes the official start of our "2-party system" becoming one big happy "party"...or words to that effect. Not that they weren't united in purpose before! But a new cycle of cooperation began as Bush became the "man of the hour" - the choice of globalist puppetmasters everywhere.

    (Note: the next exact square between Jupiter and Saturn: legislative stalemates; Reps vs Dems; economic sluggishness--is June 22; last square is Oct 25...squares being the blockage/obstacle/crisis stage of a cycle.)

    The 12th cusp--the house of self-undoing; karma; large institutions; behind-the-scenes...has Cheney's Neptune/NN duo upon it...this "World Point" of 00Lib44 is same as the USA's natal Mc degree, btw, from the Sibley Chart>>July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT.

    Nep/NN = lack of community spirit (no kiddin'); deceit used with others; anti-social behavior; wrong ideas about others; peculiar conduct in communal life; secret associations with others interested in the paranormal (as in "quasi-divine beings"?)

    So we have Neptune's deceit with NN's connection to the Public...and with a fated or karmic flavor. (Remember that "karmic" feeling in the air along with the dust settling and the sad funerals? Many people remarked upon it in the months after 9/11.)

    His Sec Mercury (travel, esp air travel; thinking; communications) at 14Pis50, is conjunct Fixed Star, Achernar...Keywords: 'risk of rapid endings; crises'...and in the 5th house of speculation and risk-taking.

    Saturn (responsibility; authority; control) at 13Tau22 is conjunct the Inaugural Ascendant (in DC, noon, Jan 20 each time) by less than one degree...which signifies the Office of the Presidency. Cheney, the 'secret president.'

    "13Tau"> "A porter carrying heavy baggage"...Keynote: Self-mobilization for social advantage...COMPULSION FOR GAIN.

    Moon is in the 8th house, "5Gem": "A revolutionary magazine asking for action"...TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS...Keynote: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions (see Plu/Chiron above--"a reversion to primitivism"?)

    Sec Moon is an oft-used timer, as you know. Wonder which magazine this could be? An association's journal perhaps? Who-who-who?

    The entrepreneurial Sun Aries/Moon Gem blend:

    Greatest Strengths: zest; capacity to take an idea and run with it; eye for opportunity; oomph and chutzpah; tendency to get carried away; immense dynamism; a sharp mind; a single-shot, high-velocity rifle or a hot-metal-spraying shotgun (I don't make this up!)

    Greatest Weaknesses: brash impatience; insensitivity to less expressive types; unwillingness to learn from experience (Vietnam comes to mind, Dick.)

    Images for Integration: A fencing master carries off the prize...Hayden's Farewell Symphony...A racing driver plays piano to relax. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

    And last, but not least, the Sabian Symbol of his progressed Sun for 9/11/01..."11Aries":

    "The ruler of a nation"> CENTRALIZATION OF POWER...

    Keynote: The power resulting from the formal integration of the collective desire for order.

    This deserves a quote from Dane Rudhyar, whose Sabian Symbols are being used here; his punctuation marks:

    "At this stage of the cyclic process this symbol refers to the appearance of the (personal) ego as the central manifestation of a type of "order" which transcends and seeks to rule the emotional and instinctual drives of the individual person...
    a desire for a larger type of integration has now emerged...(it is) social-collective and institutional.

    At this ego level, laws and the restrictive power of a police force are dominant features.

    Psychologically speaking, this means that the integrative principle is the limited, more or less narrow "I am" realization. It manifests itself as the personal ego exerting its will to control the reactions of the bio-psychic organism." #

    Seems to me that this "I am" means "he is" - and ruthless power, control, and a new economic world order are his, and his colleagues', ultimate objectives.

    4.10.06 5:05 pm edt; Last Update: April 11, 2009 7:00 pm edt


    Apr 8, 2006

    Karl Rove's natal Saturn

    Add this to my previous post on Nodal Half-Returns of April 5--that the transiting South Node--a separation/release point--will be conjuncting Rove's natal Saturn in May also.

    The South Node of the Moon has, in fact, a Saturnian quality to it, and planet Saturn has karmic implications--a reaping what was sown influence.

    (Saturn, as you well know, represents authority, control, etc, and the SN triggering a planet or point in a chart always indicates an ending of some kind, as stated previously.)

    Saturn/SN hook-ups indicate isolation and a need for learning cooperation. There's an "out of harmony with society" flavor here, too, so it will be interesting to see how this transit may affect Mr Rove and his past methods which he may find need reassessing.

    There may be a separation from authority also--his own, or he from someone else's.

    4.8.06 9:10 pm edt


    Apr 7, 2006

    Bombers in Womens Clothing

    Hearing of the miserable bombing at the close of prayers today in Baghdad, I decided to see if there were any indications of whether the bombers were men in womens' clothing--reported as a possibility--or actual female suicide bombers.

    Rising is asteroid, Niobe, the grieving mother archetype, keywords: pride leading to sorrow. Niobe ridiculed goddess Leto's children, and had inordinate pride in her own children. Her ridicule and pride caused Leto to have all Niobe's children slain, at which Niobe turned to stone.

    As if that weren't descriptive enough, there's the Moon (mother; females) near Saturn (loss; responsibility) in Leo, sign of children. And opposite the Moon is wounded healer, Chiron...emphasizing Niobe's "wounded woman" status. Your feeling nature would have to be turned to 'stone'--post-traumatic stress syndrome--to keep the retaliation going on and on and on as they do and do and do.

    Plus, Venus, another planet of feminine archetypes, is in deluded, veiled, and mysterious Pisces.

    At the top of the chart--the Mc/WHY Point, is Sabian Symbol, "17Tau": "A woman airing a linen bag through a sunny window." (That's 'sunny', not Sunni...or is it?)

    This Symbol refers to PURIFICATION> keynote: The cleansing of the ego consciousness
    (which is what suicide bombers do before carrying out their missions.)

    At the foundation of the chart, the Ic/HOW Point, is Jupiter, planet of gurus and immams and such, in vengeful Scorpio.

    And the Symbol for the Mc/WHY Point is "A woman, fecundated by her own spirit, is 'great with child'"...THE TRANSPERSONAL WAY> keynote: A total reliance upon the dictates of the God within. (Suicide bombers and other jihadists believe they are taking the archetypal, "transpersonal way", and as "victims of the Collective Unconscious"--they are.)

    (Disclosure: my God doesn't hold with such vengefulness, vengeance being HIS and all.
    "Do unto others as they've done unto you" is so totally missing His point, isn't it?)

    The bombing is being labeled "sectarian" (BBC News). No surprise, of course...at least 70+ killed.

    Conclusion: Well, I'd have to say it was perpetrated by women in womens' clothing, and with a grieving mother's sense of vengeance. No one wants to admit that a woman can be capable of such acts, but Fixed Star, Algol, is overseeing this war, with its intense, passionate female energy of ruthless rage and vengeance--going back Centuries--and is behind much of the violence in the Middle East as sons are encouraged to seek revenge by way of brutal murder.

    Robber baron Bush stepped into the middle of this dogpile of woe...and he's proven himself to be just as ruthless as any of them...cold comfort for America. The fact that Mr Blind-to-the-Obvious is now having to blink is only colder comfort still.

    4.7.06 7:29 pm edt

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.19.06


    Bush May Have to Fire Self

    University of Chicago, Sep 30, 2003, 2:10 pm cdt:

    "And if there is a leaker out of my administration, I want to know who it is. And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of."

    "...and I want to know who the leakers are.

    Thank you." (End 2:15 pm)

    --President George W. Bush, promising to "take care of" himself and his partners in crime. Elsewhere he had said leakers would be "fired", so I'm holding him to his word--and I know I can because, as he stated Thursday in Charlotte, NC--

    "When the President says something, he better mean what he says...In order to be effective, in order to maintain credibility, words have to mean something.

    You can't just say things in the job I'm in and not mean what you say."

    Notice he still thinks he can "maintain" credibility, even when being fresh out.

    But on to the chart for his Chicago speech...

    If you've read my post on the New World Order Chart, you know 1Sco06is the NWO Sun's degree-- and it's at the Mc/WHY Point of this speech..."2Sco": "Broken bottle and spilled perfume."

    Stars Over Washington: New World Order 10/24/93 1:11 pm edt

    My guess is that Bush's fronting for the NWO puppetmasters is more and more on display for those who can see.

    "2Sco": PERMEATION> pos: persistence in creative effort and utter fidelity to the inner essence of selfhood;

    neg: witless dissipation of every resource of self and society. (That's been going well for them, hasn't it? And I'd always thought Christians were admonished to be "stewards of the earth.")

    Ascending is "5Cap"> "Indians* rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance":

    MOBILIZATION> pos: a capacity for aggressive leadership and an unusual effectiveness in sidetracking minor issues for the sake of major achievement;

    neg: unnecessary moods and tantrums.

    The leak of Plames' name was all about smearing a critic of George's War, wasn't it?

    The Sun's Symbol,"7Lib"> "A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks"...(oh, that's a good one);

    SHREWDNESS> pos: a high competence in administering the duties of normal experience and a very special skill in protecting the self's real interests (he was trying);

    neg: a complete personal ineptitude in the face of life's everyday and recurrent complexities (the word "inept" keeps coming up, doesn't it?)

    Saturn is just before conjuncting Bush's--and therfore the US's--natal Sun, with Chiron in opposition, 2006, directly upon Bush's n Asc/Desc axis of Self/Others.

    (Saturn has been bedeviling the devil of late--remember the Taskmaster's first conjunction to Bush's n Asc was during his lack of responsible actions concerning Hurricane Katrina...and it's still too little, too late.)

    The Sun Lib/Moon Sag combo has a tendency to be blind to its own deeper motives and often overestimates its capacities.

    The Image: An educationalist creates a Palace of Discovery to feed and stimulate young minds.

    Or perhaps "young minds" = just the very very gullible.

    4.7.06 1:27 am edt

    *All apologies to my native American friends with whom I share heritage.

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restricitons. Sorry. 5.19.06


    Apr 6, 2006

    1019 more days: New Moon 4/27+ Libby Fingers Bush

    People who have been counting down the days of the Bush administration say there are 1,019 more days and some few hours. That seems to be April 26, but the interesting thing astrologically is that there is a New Moon, April 27, 7Tau24.

    This New Moon will plop upon Dick Cheney's natal Jupiter (7Tau17)...in fact it's a double-plop>>Cheney has a Jup/Saturn conjunction with Saturn at 8Tau19, in his n 9th house.

    This New Moon is very near the New Moon (8Tau14) of the "Generation of Materialism" Chart (April 18, 1881--link below). Jupiter and Saturn were conjuncting then, too in early Taurus, sign of greed and possessiveness. You'll remember their hook-up in May, 2000 (which happens every 20 years--this was the last conjunction in Earth signs.)

    Stars Over Washington: Plutocrats: Generation of Materialism

    FLASH!! 1:01 pm: NPR reporting that Lewis Libby says George Bush authorized the leak!!!

    Back to Bush's "thousand days" more...perhaps the New Moon of April 27 will be a new cycle all right--perhaps relief from this bungling bozo is in sight!

    Rudhyar's "7Tau" = "The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well" (but if Bill Frist has a say, she won't be)>>A NEW QUALITY OF BEING> Keynote: The meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future.

    Having a future sounds promising, even with America in rags and tatters as Bush will be leaving her.

    And I suppose Libby's finger could be his third.

    The Bush "legacy"--the grunging of America.

    4.6.06 1:11 pm edt

    Apr 5, 2006

    Nodal Half-Returns upcoming

    Three entities have Nodal Half-Returns soon occurring through the merry month of May.

    With an 18.6 year cycle, the Half-Return occurs around the 9.3-year mark, and is a time of separations, and the endings of associations.

    The Democratic Party (May 13, 1792), the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792--born only 4 days apart, the little monkeys), and VP Richard Cheney (Jan 30, 1941) are the entities of which I speak.

    All have North Node at 2+ Libra, sign of partnerships, so with tr North Node opposite (at 2+ Aries, sign of the decisive leader and trailblazer), the tr South Node conjuncts their North Nodes--a "switch", so therefore a Half-Return.

    The trap of having the SN in Aries as they do is being a loner who is unaware of others' needs and boundaries. The impact of one's decisions on others is seldom considered.

    The SN shows us our skills, abilities, and lessons we have learned in the past--our inherited talents. We tend to "fall back" upon them in times of stress...kind of the "riding the camels back" place in our charts. The house position and sign of the SN adds information about these talents. With SN in Aries, the lessons mastered have to do with identity, leadership, and decision-making.

    A Nodal Half-Return on the Ari/Lib axis concerns identity, relationships, leadership issues, past decisions and how they have impacted others. When the transiting SN meets the NN in a chart--as it will for Cheney, the D-Party, and the NYSE in May,
    there may be separation issues concerning past actions or decisions.

    Keep an eye out beginning in May for these issues which even the charm and tact of Libra may not be able to hide. Something always ends at the Nodal Half-Return.

    4.5.06 9:20 pm edt


    Apr 3, 2006

    Iraq Election + Winter Solstice 2005

    Things are looking different around the White House these days with the staff replacements--apparently more of those to come--and Bush's approval rating being in the crapper...quite different from how they seemed back in December when I posted (Dec 10) on the Iraq Election of Dec 15, and on the Winter Solstice 2005 through which we now slog.

    In case you missed them here are links to both posts with comments...and given current events, they're holding up fairly well--or at least, better than the tucked-out WH staff.

    See what you think:

    Stars Over Washington: Iraq Election 12.15.05 sunrise

    Stars Over Washington: Winter Solstice Over Washington 2005

    (In the Winter Solstice Chart, there's mention of tr Mars conjuncting the Solstice Ic (endings; partings)>>May 19, '06, and then conjuncting the Solstice Saturn>>on or about June 21 upcoming...and hooking up with Sat/Plu for the President>>"fighting battles to keep life going; a gun with a cork in its barrel; enormous undercurrent of frustration," etc. Told ja!)


    4.3.06 7:20 pm edt

    Power Back in Capitol Building

    "Shortly after noon" today, there was supposedly an "automatic shut off"--a tripping! of the power in the Capitol Building which has since been restored.

    The story is that there was a "momentary drop in voltage due to customer operations up the line"...yeah? Sounds squirrelly to me.

    The Building was kept evacuated until the cause of the outage could be determined--or a spin could be figured out.

    At noon, the rising degree was 13Can27-->the n US Sun's degree, and also the n Sun of George Bush. Also rising was the midpoint between the Moon and Saturn...

    Moon/Sat is the 'ambition; strategy' combo...Moon/Sat = Asc:

    Acting alone and never in accord with others; one-sidedness. Moon/Sat = Sun: sobering times; feelings of enforced controls; possible separations in relationships.

    The Sabian Symbol for "14Can": "A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast"...SANCTION>

    pos: a highly effective enlistment of deeper and hidden elements of life for some momentary end;

    neg: lack of purpose and utter chaos in understanding.

    Pointing to the Mc--the WHY/Aspiration Point at noon is this T-square:

    Mars/Plu = Mc: facing overwhelming force without power(!!); major job maneuver (?).

    Wonder what was going on when the lights went out? Congress wasn't in session, and NPR is reporting that hadn't happened in "at least 28 years." (28 years would point a finger at Saturn, now Rx at 4Leo23...hanging out around Bush's n Asc.)

    The Building was DARK, people...a weird sight.

    Well, if a 'signal' was being sent, it's an interesting chart for more analysis, yet I must motor into the city now.

    Will check back on the story and its excuses later and see if there's anything more worth mentioning from the chart!

    4.3.06 1:49 pm edt


    Light Shines into Iraq Money Pit

    WaPo has an article on Parsons Inc of Pasadena, CA, who's having trouble finishing the building of health clinics in Iraq, among other projects.

    Of course $millions$ were diverted for security reasons, but which also don't seem to be doing the good one would expect.

    Hey, America--has your own community got enough health clinics and decent healthcare, btw? Affordable, are they?

    Yep, Jupiter, the General, was Rx at the start of George's War...and the bottomless pit in the money department represented by a Rx Jupiter--as I posted ad nauseum on Slate's The Fray (no one listened or believed) just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    I also posted at the start of George's War that bin Laden & crew intended us to spend troops, money, weapons, troops, fuel, reputation, troops, etc, on into bankruptcy.

    "America's RICH," the Fray 'cons' chided. "That's not even possible," they crowed arrogantly, just like their idol, George was doing as he fell into his enemies' craftily-laid trap...mr macho reacting just as bin L knew he would.

    "Ever heard of a turkey-shoot?" I asked fretfully. "Did you see the opening scenes of Cold Mountain?"

    Well, now our Cold Mountain is fast becoming Broke Mountain (see Cost of War Tickers on a blog near you), and I fervently wish the fake 'cowboy' Back to Texas, where, if it'd been up to me, he would've stayed in the first place.

    Sometimes you don't want to be correct...even in The Fray.

    Here's the article that set me off so late in the night: WaPo: US Plan to Build Iraq Clinics Falters

    4.3.06 12:47 am edt


    Apr 2, 2006

    Baffling Mumps Epidemic: under the Stars

    Health officials are "baffled", and parents are understandably worried about Iowa's 245 confirmed, probable, or suspected cases of mumps.

    Beginning in mid-January, '06, the epidemic is the biggest outbreak since Douglas County, Kansas' 269 cases between Oct, 1988--April, 1989.

    Can astrological sleuthing bring insight? What to look for? Similarities with Neptune, planet of infections? The manipulation and control of the Neptune/Pluto combination? North Node involvement? Yes, yes, and yes. And was the 1989 Mars--whose addition to Neptune is very much a signifier of infections, somehow implicated in 2006?

    Taking the date span above, I 'averaged' them, which gave January, 1989, and using this date with the chart for mid-Jan,'06, an interesting picture emerged...a midpoint picture you may remember from my earlier posts on DC politics:

    Pluto/NN = Neptune: attaining success within a community by way of lies and fraud; disadvantages and losses; the power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; success at any cost.

    Reminds you of Machiavellian tactics, AND the "politics of personal destruction" so prevalent in DC in the last few years, doesn't it?

    >Generally, the Pluto/NN connection involves mass destiny, and the wish to exert influence upon large groups of people...as you know, NN (North Node) is the pubic, or populace, and Pluto is the manipulative planet of power and control, and has a close relationship with politics. They 'sleep' togther, ya might say.

    >Nep/Pluto together are linked to fraud, of course, and also delusive tricks and unseen forces.

    >Nep/NN describes the tendency to cheat or deceive other people, and has a 'lack of community spirit' connotation.

    And 1989 Mars vs 2006 Mars? Mars has been opposite the 1989 Mars off and on during his recent Rx period (Aug and Nov,'05, and Jan,'06)--at the mid-degrees of the Fixed axis (15 Tau-15 Sco)...the axis which was activated by the Nostradamus-named "King of Terror" Eclipse of Aug 11, 1999--an axis where world events tend to manifest.

    So? Is someone behind-the-scenes experimenting with germ warfare?

    With the ongoing Saturn quindecile Neptune under which we currently suffer, it's hard to trust our leaders long enough to say, no way...esp since Sat QD Nep = deception may be present within societal leadership.

    Paranoidically speaking, are terroists at fault, either foreign or homegrown?

    Good question, esp since the current mumps epidemic threatens Nebraska and Minnesota.

    Oddly enough, there is a Sabian Symbol for "2Leo" which is directly applicable to the situation:

    "An epidemic of mumps"...Keynote: The spreading power of individual crises through the collectivity.(DR) Or, if you prefer the Jones version: INFECTION>

    pos: continual self-dramatization as the basis for participation in current affairs;

    neg: retreat to self-deficiencies in a frantic effort to avoid experience.

    Sounds diversionary at best ("avoidance"), criminally manipulative at worst.

    So...do any of our national leaders have connections natally in the 2-3Leo/AQ range? Yah, yah, and more yah:

    "3 Leo">> natal Pluto: both the Pentagon and Don Rumsfeld, who also has n Mercury/Pluto (propaganda; mind control) at "2Leo" (Mercury/Plu = Nep: the pursuit of peculiar plans, cunning, falsehood.)

    And opposite at "2AQ"? There resides Dick Cheney's n Saturn. Transit Saturn has recently trod upon the early degrees of Leo, too...including Bush's n ASC, Mercury, etc...with more reality-triggering to come for optimistic, futuristic George.

    >btw--I had mumps twice as a kid...and it's no fun. And that's all I'm sayin' for now...too much probably!

    4.2.06 7:40 pm edt

    Bill Frist sunrise

    Is there anything to be learned about Sen Bill Frist from his sunrise chart? Glad you asked, Sparkie--I should say so.

    Not having a person's birth time is my cue for looking at the 24-hour period of the person's birthdate, and in looking at Feb 22, 1952, I found that yes, the Moon did move into AQ in the evening, yet the Sun Pis/Moon Cap is so very very Bill, I am using it here as his personality blend...plus Capricorn is the sign of politics, business, and law, and having Moon in Cap indicates one who is determined to achieve in the world (and remember, I can't make this up--don't have to!):

    Images> Sun Pis/Moon Cap: An old freighter chugs toward the port, bringing in the goods...A famous actress leaves her estate to the Actors' Pension Fund.

    Not sure about that 2nd one (see my later notes on his Grand Cardinal Cross), but the 1st is interesting given Frist's gaff--or should I say flip-flop--on the Dubai Ports deal. He was against it before he was for it...once the White House got hold of him.

    Greatest Strengths: sensitivity to and understanding of human needs; genuine kindness; quiet adaptibility; deep sense of duty; pragmatic and resourceful imagination.

    Greatest Weaknesses: lack of confidence; timidity; tendencies toward worry, pessimism, secretiveness, and defensiveness; a somewhat moralistic and judgmental approach.

    Now if you don't mind counting Chiron as part of the Cardinal Grand Cross you see above--and given that Chiron, the Healer, is always to be considered in a physician's chart--we can interpret this Grand Cross as one who must at times make life or death decisions (and not just in Terri Shciavo's case), and one who must learn to deal with organizations--yet must develop his independence.

    A Card Gr-Cross person will have at least one major crisis to manage in his life, and has a deep desire to realize the self in some important way...which may be part of his reasons for thinking he could handle a political life on The Hill...or the Presidency. (Chiron's healing/wounding ability has its connection to doctoring, of course.)

    Frist has a strong sense of fatedness about him which is also typical with a Card Gr-Cross, and he may believe he is fated to be president. (US sec progr'd Sun now conjuncting his n Sun, Mercury, so I can see how he'd get this idea.)

    However, a Card Gr-Cross also gives a sense of isolation and alienation, and Frist's recent missteps are not sitting well within the Party.

    Often I've marvelled at the wooden rigidity of Sen Frist, and we see his n Sun's Symbol degree, "3Pis" = "A petrified forest"> SURVIVAL...

    pos: effective continuity and breadth of resource in all human effort;

    neg: complete immobilization in superficial reality. The static symbolism is a warning against any reliance on stabilities to which no immediate or personal contribution is made. (He made 'em, but the GOP didn't like 'em.)

    His Balsamic phase birth gives Sen Frist a prophetic, futuristic bent in its highest manifestation, while consciously leaving the past behind. He feels himself possessed by a social "destiny", and/or that he is led by a superior power (but not George Bush, I'm guessin'.)

    He is more or less aware of his being a sort of "shrine" (not "shriner, as in Freemasonry...hmm-m-m?) within which something mush greater than his persoanl selfhood is taking place; thus he may readily accept martyrdom or sacrifice for the sake of the future--be it the future of a group or of humanity as a whole.

    He tends to sense a character of finality in all important relationships he is involved in (endings/partings charaterize the Balsamic/dark stage of the Moon)...he sees this as both an end of a process, and as a means to reach some transcendant goal.

    This may lead to fanaticism, or to a great political vision. Frist shares this Lunar phase with Robespierre, Thos Paine, Abe Lincoln (to whom his physical resemblance has been oft remarked upon), and President Wm McKinley.

    Perhaps his sour-puss, dour expression is explained here, if not his motivations, his trials, and his alienation...and his tendency toward self-sacrifice to a Party with a transcendant, yet questionable goal. An "agenda", if you will.

    With Chiron in Capricorn, there is a karmic crisis relating to nurturance vs success, and a leaning toward investing one's quest with a spiritual significance.

    This results in great difficulty seeing or hearing other people--a loss of feedback is common...Sen Frist seems to have suffered from this crisis recently in his tin-earred, politically tone-deaf machinations which are too awckward and inexperienced to be effective.

    And here are two major midpoint pictures worth noting:

    Jup/Sat = Uranus: terribly upset withthe staus quo; complete change of direction; irritability; moodiness.

    And the depressive, loss-of-focus, insecure Sat/Nep combo is opposite Jupiter:

    Sensitivity; easily depressed; narrow-mindedness; egoism; losing the will to fight.
    (That last will never do in politics, will it?)

    Here's a link to Joe Klein's analysis of what's up, doc:

    Joe Klein: Prognosis Looks Grim, Doc

    4.2.06 4:25 pm edt

    ps: views of all charts are in process of being removed from this blog due to legal restrictions. Sorry. 5.19.06