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Sep 16, 2019

Beyond Brett Kavanaugh's Crimes & Cover Ups - Thom Hartmann

Published September 16, 2019: here Thom Hartmann ventures beyond the usual topics that concern beer lover Brett Kavanaugh including the Republican cover-up of Kavanaugh's days working within the warmongering administration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney:

Wonder if Kavanaugh, in league with Bush and Cheney, had anything to do with the attacks of 9/11/01--used as a pretext for war and invasion of the Middle East? At the very least, we know on whose watch the attacks were perpetrated as the Saturn-Pluto opposition fell across America's natal ASC-DESC axis and this stirs up questions about the upcoming Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 and the fact that the conjunction hits the natal Vertex (22:51) of Donald J. Trump. The harsh Saturn-Pluto duo meets his Vertex at the crossroads, we might say.

So will Trump meet fated encounters? Changing work conditions? Both? Or something entirely different?

Aug 6, 2012

The Carlyle Connection (video)

Back to a previous topic today: perhaps you remember that Bush Sr and the Carlyle Group met on Tuesday morning September 11, 2001? I wondered at the time if their meeting was meant to be a target of the assassins...

Oct 24, 2011

US Progressions Oct 2011: Pluto inconjunct ASC

Spotlighting Our US Progressed Pluto/ASC Inconjunct

by Jude Cowell

Just some notes on the formed-by-secondary-progression inconjunct (150 degrees, aka, 'quincunx', an aspect of adjustment having potential health consequences) now formed in America's Secondary Progressions (SP.)

US Pluto 29Cap10 quincunxed US Sec ASC 28Leo10 for the first time (within a one-degree orb according to my Solar Fire software and using the 'Sibly' natal chart for the US: 5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA; some variety in dates/times may be noted if using a different natal horoscope) on August 23, 2009 at 1:53 am edt, Philadelphia (natal location.)

Mars 28Gem25 was rising in DC at that moment (8.23.09) along with US natal Venus 3Can+. 'Twas an Hour of Venus @ 25Can56 conjoining US n Mercury Rx. A Sun/Mars sextile points to an 8th house NN in a YOD configuration which reveals our Pluto/ASC topic as a crisis-timer and supports the Node's critical 29th degree importance. 8th H involvement points to Big Business, Corporate Resources, Debt, Credit, and Transformations.

Also transiting at that time and place, we see that tr NN at 29Cap54 (in 8th H) is in process of conjoining US Sec Pluto and has recently met our natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx. Pluto/NN links are associated with 'meeting the powerful', 'karmic or fated encounters', and/or 'the common destiny of a large mass of people' (Ebertin.)

Now on one level, our nation's Sec Pluto/ASC inconjunct is notable for its critical-crisis 29th degree which is also the position of US Sec 6th cusp 29Cap+. This (Sec 6th H) implicates police, firefighting, and military services, plus, other martian occupations (transport, etc) and the health matters connected to them. US soldiers returning home come first to mind along with their medical conditions which may overwhelm the US health care system.

Oct 24, 2011: Today US Sec ASC is @ 29Leo55 (the orb will be out of range of the inconj with Pluto soon) which allows a Royal Fixed Star of Persia--Regulus--to rise by progression. Regulus' Keywords: success if revenge is avoided (Brady.) If revenge is not avoided, all the success gained may be taken away or negated in some manner. It's safe to say that, no matter who or what you believe is a root cause of the attacks of 9/11/01, America did not 'avoid revenge' and now has lost more than the American people are being honestly told, with more to lose.

And of course, Pluto often wears his Cape of Invisibility when lurking about the Halls of Power (I speak primarily of Washington DC halls) and favors pulling strings of control from his lair full of the world's riches that he's been laying aside for a brimstoned day. The criminal global syndicate is Pluto's favorite Underground playing field, unlevel and dangerous as the 99% of us find it to be.

Washington DC, Capitol Hill, and a Supernal Super-ness

Sec Pluto's Sabian Symbol if we round up to '30Cap' = "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference" and I suppose you've heard by now that on October 19, 2011, the Gang of Six met in secret conference with the Gang of Twelve, aka, the 'Super' Congress, or 'Super Committee' whose report on draconian deficit reductions is due by November 23, 2011 just in time for the Solar Eclipse of November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37--a 'wild card' of the Universe as are all eclipses--and obviously affected by the Sag lunation which will bring an influx of energy (it's an eclipse near the North Node, the Jupiterian, joining end of The Cosmic Dragon.)

Guess they had to coordinate plans. Or something.

Speaking of the Cosmic Dragon (the Moon's Nodal Axis), our nation's Sec Pluto is near Sec South Node (Saturnian, separative) end of the Axis, with the NN @ 26Can47 Rx--conjunct US natal Mercury Rx. This emphasizes our nation's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition of surveillance, propaganda, persuasive oration, and nuclear dealings.

US natal Mercury '25Cancer' = "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power"--why, yes, I believe 'he' was in 1776. And still is.

But what of Pluto inconj ASC? Thought you'd never ask!

With ASC the WHAT? Point of any chart, let's consider US Sec ASC to be what as a nation the US has evolved into. The inconjunct from Pluto in Capricorn is the only planet aspecting our Sec ASC right now, just so ya know.

Pluto inconj ASC indicates conditions where others (plutonians, bankers, popes, priests, monarchists, shareholders, and mad men?) have some sort of hold over the US (ASC) and with the ASC in Leo ruled by the Sun, our leadership potential and 'shiny' traditional role in the world is being seriously circumvented, as you've noticed by recent events.

Employment conditions are an integral part of this picture and I have typed aloud previously that Republican-leaning corporate and other CEOs are purposefully not hiring in the US in order to help the GOP undermine the presidency of Barack Obama. This tallies with recent mentions in the news of such behavior along with the implications being floated (in the 2012 campaign already) that putting Republicans back in the White House will open the floodgates to jobs galore for US workers.

Bosh! So what explains US employment conditions during the power-elite-powered Bush-Cheney regime--why not then?

Anyway, whether you believe that fairytale or not, Pluto inconj ASC speaks of continuing threats to pensions and retirement funds, and of ideas which may be sound but lose legitimacy and attractiveness due to being forced upon others. And when our weaknesses are exposed, we smolder in bitterness (Pluto)--and perhaps allow more plutonian-style revenge to be perpetrated in our name (ASC.)

The US government's lock-out of WikiLeaks from donation processing (PayPal, Visa, MC, etc) springs to mind. Julian Assange said in London today that the organization must now focus on raising money or shut down by the end of 2011--they're looking for donations, if you're interested in supporting this independent if controversial news source.

Now here's a facet of our national Pluto/ASC inconj that I must personally admit to as a dissenting American--Pluto inconj ASC gives a tendency to hold strong opinions, and to unkind or stark expressions against those in authority who are unqualified--possibly through a lack of moral character--and who must have acquired their power in a dishonest way.

Hmm. This condition reminds me of the cagey GOP's 2011-2012 drive to disenfranchise US voters who may tend to vote Democratic--to the point of criminalizing voter registration in the United States of America--the bullies!


See caging (voter suppression), and Rolling Stone's The GOP War on Voting. Republicans, who'd rather crash Obama than improve the US economy--can only 'win' elections when most of the American people stay home from their voting booths.

Please don't stay home. Vote with your feet by showing up--even if all we're presented with is seems the lesser of two evils.

Events of August 23, 2009 and 2011

See Wikipedia's August 23 page and scroll down to 2011 where you'll see that it was a day of the Mineral, VA earthquake (from fracking?), and the day that Libyan dictator, Muomar Qaddafi, was overthrown, the ending drama of which we've recently seen with his death.

As for August 23, 2009, you may wish to try CNN's popular stories for that date when wildfires surrounded Athens, Greece--a city still in the news for its seemingly inevitable debt default. Two years later the question seems to be: will Greece's default be orderly or chaotic? And will its consequences spread like wildfire around the globe?


Astro-Note: for this reluctant astrologer, both 'SP' and 'Sec' = Secondary Progressions using the year-for-a-day method. Since I use Minor and Tertiary Progressions, too, I often use 'Sec' to distinguish between the three methods: Minors = mental-causal plane, Terts = intuitional-spiritual-emotional plane, and Secs = physical-evolutionary plane. Their interplay relates to the mind-body connection and the 1:13:27 ratio of consciousness. Strength and importance are lent to progressed configurations when a corresponding transit or transits are also involved in timely fashion such as with tr NN conj US Sec Pluto, as mentioned above. jc

Aug 11, 2011

The Anti-Democratic "Super Congress" and "The Family"

Good news about the bad-news "Super Congress" which Washington politicians are attempting to pass off as a "Super Committee" to 'deal' with US debt problems by locating trillions of dollars in budget 'cuts'...

My friend Alex D'Atria has sent along an article concerning the topic which I highly recommend to you. Plus, her piece begins with an image of President Barack Obama's natal horoscope if you wish to snag yourself a peek at its Leonine glory.

This weekend I plan to publish an article on the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse (2Sag37) and you see by its date that it will closely relate to the deadline of *November 23, 2011 when the "Super Congress" is to make its recommendations which, if I understand the endeavor correctly, will go directly into the signing pipeline with no debate--aka, oversight--by a US Congress which has handed off its constitutional duties to 12 partisans, most of whom may be members or associates of Doug Coe's shadowy, quasi-religious, worldly-power-grabbing organization, The Family, aka, The Fellowship.

Their motto? "Jesus plus nothing"!!

Read or listen to Fresh Air's feature on this super-secret group of 'Jesus' freaks here. ('Jesus' freaks is my own description. Jesus in my Bible totally refused the worldly power that Satan offered Him while He was incarnated as a man on earth and I know that some people call 'God' an entity which is actually 'Satan' or 'Lucifer'.)

The Coming of November 2011

With the automatic 'trigger' set to fire against the dissolving American middle and working classes, this is an enterprise set up to fail, m'peops, but the failure will be primarily on the side of the American people, the sovereignty of our nation, and the health of our environment--and who knows what else the "Super Congress" will gut. A constitutional crisis is in the making as well.

Yes, secretive operatives have inherited a "Great Plan" for America which has been a long time in the making though I suspect its original intent has been somewhat diverted or hijacked by modern totalitarians of the last few decades who are motivated by a sinister lust for power and control--I say this even though our nation was founded as a corporation, yet after all, not all corporations are evil.

As for November, we must first navigate the US Saturn Return (#3 of 3 this time around) on August 28, 2011, plus, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks. And all leading us by the nose ring into Year 2012 when the collapse has been timed by idealistic Utopians (rebel Uranus now in Aries--Ebertin) and the fabled rebuilding upon ruins begins in earnest...


*It is generally agreed by way of empirical observation through the centuries that Solar Eclipse influences may begin earlier or later than the actual date upon which they manifest--some say up to two weeks in either direction, I would say possibly up to a month. This may also apply to Lunar Eclipses though they usually will relate on a more unconscious or inner level. South Node Solar Eclipses may as well through the SN's unconscious/the past/lunar connection and a Saturnian (SN) or restrictive vibe may be present. And of course, Saturn is a karmic planet indicating a
reaping of what was sown in the past which America must now surely do.

Plus, degrees of Total eclipses may stay sensitive for years or (who can say?)--forever such as with Nostradamus's predictive Mother of All Eclipses (August 11, 1999) with its rigid Fixed Grand Cross of planets which heralded the New Millennium of terror and alarm that politicians can't shut up about for selfish purposes of their own.

May 7, 2011

A fake bin Laden story? (video); the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981

Update 5:15 pm edt: the Pentagon has released 5 video snippets of what is supposedly
Osama bin Laden rehearsing with a blackened beard (which looks fake to me!) Audio has not been included.

Original post begins here:

Now I'm definitely not the only one entertaining doubts about the US government's shifting story of the Osama bin Laden raid and assassination in Pakistan.

Did a raid take place? I believe so with purloining of computers and documents the possible target and goal (either to garner intell - or to destroy it.) But was Osama bin Laden himself on-site? Maybe, maybe not. This could explain how the White House situation room crew, including the President, could have watched the raid on a live feed, yet are said not to have witnessed the actual killing of bin Laden.

Well, economist and journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Treasury official in the Reagan administration and 'father of Reaganomics' (see Reaganomics Eclipse's horoscope link, below), has his own doubts which he shares here.

And as I've mentioned before, my opinion is that when the mainstream media gets its fat self piled onto a huge bandwagon to promote a particular story or event 24/7 (9/11, Financial Collapse 2008, etc), be wary of their coordinated corporate propaganda for we are most probably being scammed or, at the least, the whole truth is not being revealed in order to protect the guilty while promoting the US imperialist agenda.

My latest thought is that rather than using bin Laden's demise as justification for ending America's war on the Middle East, it will be used to further the one-world-government cabal's Endless War agenda. Whether this is correct, we'll soon know, won't we? For war expansions and extensions will turn up in the MSM as the so-called War on Terror marches on and our freedoms in the US continue to be deleted as elsewhere across the globe.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


As Dr. Roberts notes, such tactics continue to be used by the US government because they work. "Remember the USS Maine", "Remember Pearl Harbor", and so on, as we're lead in a wrong direction by a frothed-up, emotion-based patriotism into conflict - and diplomacy be da*ned. A more recent example is the Bush-Cheney administration's well-timed release of a bin Laden video threatening America just before the 2004 presidential election.

And with the US public ever mindful of its safety and security, it worked and war hawk neocons were elected. (They couldn't be 're-elected' in 2004 since it was a corrupt SCOTUS who installed them in 2000.)

Blogging in America

So just after the bin Laden raid in Pakistan on May 1, 2011, I posted here about my misgivings over the story's truthiness and was informed by an Anonymous commenter that I was being waaay too cynical. Now it's 6 days later during which the White House's version of the raid has morphed and re-morphed - and I don't think I've been cynical enough. Thus, this posting of Dr. Roberts' own misgivings today. If you have about 20 minutes to spare, listen to his opinion and see what you believe for yourself!

Personally I don't completely agree with all of what he says, but it's worth a listen if you're concerned about who will be the next US president and the possible propagandistic tactics meant to assure it.

Actually, this situation reminds me of some of the chart factors in the May 17, 2011 Full Moon Horoscope (a New Moon chart for May 3, 2011 is shown, too, both set for Washington DC) particularly a midpoint picture with fraudulent, deceptive Neptune in its own murky sign of Pisces (which is also a sign of the military and Neptune's 'fog of war'.) The revealing picture contains the energies of the World Banker/Pentagon/Wheeler-Dealer duo of expansive Jupiter, (aka, the General) and powerful, subversive, super-wealthy Pluto, planet of assassination and secret control...

Jupiter/Pluto = Neptune: the inclination to deceive others; cheating and seducing; suffering damage from others without being aware of it; a general disappointment; confused plans or goals; adjusting the data; omitting key facts; working a situation into one's own agenda. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

In addition, Michael Munkasey's details on the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint's potentials within Politics and Business seem applicable to the US raid carried out in Pakistan whose government was either involved or not involved and either knew or didn't know that bin Laden was hunkered down in their neighborhood for years - or, was already dead:

Thesis: Pacts or relations with foreigners on the use of force or weapons; the growth of security or spy agencies (doesn't the world have enough? jc); greater power for religious leaders; a society that wields much influence; extreme depletion of resources.

Antithesis: Self-destructive forces which stem from official corruption or moral laxity within a society; extremely potent natural disasters (those we're experiencing - such as along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River as I type - jc); criminal elements with great social influence (yep! and many of them are on Wall Street, in DC, and in world capitals - jc); destruction of legal documents.

Now I don't enjoy fussing about President Obama's intentions or motivations but I should add here two midpoint pictures now formed in his Secondary Progressions, one of which sits upon US natal MC (Midheaven, The Goal, @ 00Lib53, a World Point of Manifestation - Sibly chart)...any, all, or none may apply as usual...

Sec Mars/Pluto = Sun: a strong, unyielding will; achievements attained by superior technique or endurance; violent measures; a shock caused by a Higher Power.

Sec Mars/Pluto = US natal MC: unusual capabilities for advancement in life; facing overwhelming force without power; danger; an operation; learning to gain control and use powerful or extreme measures for increasing your status or standing (in the polls? jc); fulfillment of certain ambitions by attaining influence.

And the picture in Mr. Obama's Progressed chart that has concerned me since Inauguration 2009:

Sec Saturn/NN = Neptune: deceit within friendship given; having to pay a price for help which is higher than expected (sounds like a secret society call-in of favors, doesn't it?); feeling misunderstood; falsehood, fraud, and deception.

Well, there you have my grousings for today. Blogger ate part of this post so I had to reconstruct/recompose it since I tend to type my posts spontaneously. Also, Blogger's spell-check feature is on the blink so you're sure to find typos...please pardon.

And yes, I dissent because I care: about America, her future, and the American people...aka, my fellow Americans.

For if I wish to sleep at night, how can I do any less?


Further reading: The Twin Towers of Debt argument. An interesting reminder: on the morning of 9/11/01 when NYC's Twin Towers were destroyed, the Moon (we-the-people; the public) was at '28 Gemini' = "BANKRUPTCY".

Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.

The Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 (click horoscope to enlarge); text contains a few chart factors and has natal placements of George Bush and Dick Cheney, outer.

Summer Solstice 2011: Sun Cancer-Moon Pisces.

Mar 25, 2011

Triangle Factory Fire: same Solar Eclipse Series as 9/11/01

Having to be out of town most of the day today there was no time to scribble on, scan, save, and publish a horoscope of NYC's awful March 25, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, aka, the Triangle Factory Fire, or, the Haymarket Fire, in which a total of 146 people - women and a few men - perished, many of whom were young immigrants.

If you wish to set up the chart, I suggest using 4:00 pm or thereabouts for that seems to have been the time when they were about to knock off from their grueling work in horrid conditions and go home on a Saturday afternoon. And perhaps some of them must have understood that Saturday is the Sabbath, a Day of Rest from work.

But exits turned to dust in their hearts and it was hard to tell which way to escape due to smoke, heat, and fear.

Oh yes - and the doors were locked.

Did some of the ladies realize in a flash that this was retaliation? Was it? Asteroid Tisiphone (retaliation) was traversing the degree and sign of 4Ari20 and conjoined the Sun 4:06 (conj 8th cusp 2Ari47.)

(Update 6.6.11: tr Uranus now traverses 4-5 Aries of the Tropical Zodiac, off and on. Original post continues here...)

And there's a Finger of God pattern, a YOD. Well, actually two YODs indicating a crossroads, special task or purpose, and/or crisis that has formed at that moment in time. Yet both YODs point toward the Ascendant 8Vir47 and both involve speedy Mercury, planet of young people, communication, writers, reporters, journalists, bloggers, news, orators, speakers & speeches, ideas, plans, pacts, demands especially when paired with Mars (sextile 0S45), trade, commerce (a garment factory), the senses, hands & arms, and other mercurial energies and interests of the human race.

Mercury as Actor also plays a role on the World Stage as the Trickster at the Crossroads who makes his/her entrance during times when small actions can bring big consequences and our unconscious motivations may undermine or trip us up. The so-called Freudian Slip comes under this category as well. More about the horoscope later for I plan to publish it this weekend with 9/11/01 placements round the outside. Eclipses will be included.

Many of those lost in March 1911 had been demonstrators in 1909 and 1910 and had gained publicity for their efforts demanding better working conditions. And you probably know that FDR's to-be Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, was on the sidewalk that day and witnessed the event, so reminiscent of the World Trade Center destruction the morning of September 11, 2001...a perfect autumnal Tuesday morning, if I recall.

People jumped from windows to their deaths in both cases.

NYC 1911 & 2011: Differences and Similarities

A basic difference between the two events is that the Triangle Factory Fire gave greater force to the progressive movements of the early 1900s and educated by example the larger population that harsh working conditions had to be improved: shorter work hours, higher wages, a child labor law, better (less inhumane) working environments, and unions for collective bargaining, among other things, resulted.

A direct line may be drawn to Frances Perkins as Labor Secretary acting as FDR's "moral conscience" and inspirationally touching New Deal programs and legislation such as Social Security Insurance - you know - generational social contract programs that actually help those in need the way we're supposed to do if we posses a moral conscience as a people (we-the-people with our natal Moon in Aquarius, sign of Humanity & humanitarianism; plus, '15 AQ' = the Angel Point. Is this what Abraham Lincoln referred to when he appealed to the 'angels of our better nature'? Moon in Aquarius!

Well, in 2011, it's too bad for our nation for the Democratic Party doesn't 'do' moral conscience any more. But I suppose that became quite impossible when they sold out to abortion promoters (aka, population control? Some say Planned Parenthood is of the same ilk) - and won't even debate the issue due to political correctness and self-interested fears of the almighty ballot box, crookedly counted as it may be.

Recommended: see March 25's Democracy Now! for excellent historical coverage along with news on observances in the US on this, the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Factory Fire. Amy Goodman's interview with author of The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and the Minimum Wage.

A basic similarity between the Triangle Factory Fire of March 25, 1911 and the attacks of 9/11 is a time link: they fall into the same Solar Eclipse Saros Series so we know that a similar general atmosphere was in force.

Actually, that's not precise: the Triangle Fire occurred during a 2 South Series Solar Eclipse which manifested on November 2, 1910 @ '9 Scorpio' and which has a 'joining groups' flavor; such group involvement seems to offer a great deal to new members and relates to humanitarian concerns, healing, or the arts.

This tallies with women and immigrants (often one and the same) joining unions or groups to fight for better working conditions (their participation in protests in 1909 and 1910, as stated above...'healing' and 'humanitarian'; perhaps 'the arts' may be seen as their sewing work though nothing feels creative or artsy under such cruel conditions.)

Now everyone knows that eclipses in any horoscope may act as 'wild cards' a little like the quirky, disruptive planet, Uranus. And like Uranus, eclipses may affect a chart early, on time, late, or never (usually two weeks before or after.) But if we use this tidbit of possibility to stretch our imaginations, we can say that it was also the next Solar Eclipse on April 28, 1911 which brought the situation to a head...the 3 North Series shared by the events of 9/11/01.

My guess is that no one who's ever seen a Tarot deck of cards has been able to miss the correlation between card #16 (The Tower: old, false values are destroyed, an image of people jumping from tower windows) and the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. (Note: I don't mean to forget the attack on the Pentagon or the deaths on the plane that went or was shot down in Pennsylvania when I only mention the WTC on 9/11. But the attacks in NYC fulfill 'The Tower' image only too perfectly and we're speaking of two events occurring in NYC.)

So what about the influence of 3N for 1911 and 2001? 'Over-excessive; main theme is news involving young people or news that transforms a situation and causes worry or obsession; large plans or activities are undertaken which can have positive outcomes if people don't get carried away.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

(Problematic since we got 'carried away' - to Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Libya.)

The bodies of the victims who threw themselves from the windows of the Triangle Factory building on March 25, 1911 (it was the 'Ash Building' I believe - weird) remained on the streets of New York for days so that their bodies could be identified and claimed, further adding to NYC's and the nation's collective trauma and melancholy.

(If there could have been a CNN in 1911, I'm certain they would've shown the horrible scene to the populace over and over times a bazillion. I believe the sharing of the transformational 13N Solar Eclipse Series pegs the two events as time links, as stated. Perhaps I'll publish the two horoscopes together within another post.)

Yet we may console ourselves as have others in decades past that some good came out of the carnage and suffering in 1911 with wage and hour improvements and a general feeling of good will toward others in society and hopes for a better future. That's not counting the era's billionaires, titans, and financiers of the Robber Baron class who were hanging on by their clawnails to the accustomed privilege of exploiting others at whim and by design.

Yes, America had a moral conscience once upon a time.

And 100 years after the Triangle Factory Fire, the longer we listen and follow along like puppies on the heels of the GOP (and their enabling Democrats) while parroting their every talking point in case one dollar of US tax money should feed a hungry child, the sooner the progressive social improvements of 100 years ago will fade like a labor mural on a state house wall when left too long in the revealing sun.


March 25, 2011: today more anti-union/anti-worker tricks and hoo-ha going on in Wisconsin.

And Thom Hartmann spoke of low income or out-of-work Americans now being sent to jail for non-payment of credit card debt: "It's official - Republicans have set our country back more than 100 years - to the 1800's - when the Robber Barons ruled and our politics were corrupted to the core."

Oct 4, 2010

Libran New Moon over DC 10.7.10 (Oct-Nov 2010)

Today I'm looking at the horoscope of Thursday October 7, 2010's New Moon 14Lib24 which perfects over Washington DC at 2:44:25 pm edt (using Solar Fire software as always) and falls in the 9th house of that location.

Rising is one of the degrees of the Great Conjunction/s of the Illumination pair of energies, Uranus and Neptune: 19Cap44. At Midheaven, the Goal Point, is 12Sco49 with Venus 13:14 and Mars 15:33 in 10th house; it's an Hour of Venus so relationship and evaluation issues are indicated.

With Saturn 8Lib35 as chart-ruler and Mercury 7Lib25, both in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Big Business, Transformation, and the Occult, their conjunction of Oct 8, 2010 7:40 pm edt at 8Lib40 bosses around October 7's New Moon along with the lunation's ruler, Venus. The New Moon's 8th cusp 2Vir40 is ruled by Mercury which only applies to its conj with Saturn.

The Mercury/Saturn combo relates to caution or frustration during planning sessions, directness or forthrightness in a leader's reasoning, treaties that contain difficult compromises, impasses, delayed or hindered negotiations, and computer programming methods. Saturn makes no other applying aspects in the chart.

However, the 1993 conj of Uranus and Neptune rises which makes it angular (having an energy outlet in the chart) and something of a determinator as well. We may expect issues from 1993 to be on the menu for the next two weeks, or for four weeks, if you count the Full Moon of October 22, 2010 (@ 29Ari33, a critical degree) as the fulfillment phase for the seeds planted during Oct 7's New Moon in Libra.

Uranus/Neptune = ASC: enhanced concentration toward goals; views of others which are gained through insight or intuition; instability; hypersensitivity; anxieties; impressionability. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Michael Munkasey gives the Uranus/Neptune pair as 'changes in social and political structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future' (a NWO-totalitarian future, as the power elites would have it! jc); 'sudden upsurges in the availability of illegal drugs' (the better to weaken us with? jc); 'groups formed to exploit oil or chemical resources; subversion using a new method of acquiring information' (PROMIS tracking software? jc)

There is another prominent midpoint picture formed by the New Moon of Oct 7: its conjunction to US natal Saturn 14Lib48 (which was conjoined on 9/11/01 by transiting Mercury - the calls for a serious investigation of 9/11 and the unexplained collapse of WTC7 are getting louder...)

Sun/Moon = n Saturn: renunciation; separation; increased restrictions over progress; addressing problems; a weakened system.

America is in process of her Saturn Return so 'all things Saturn' (including accountability) are in the news and on the evolutionary calendar; the 'fall from grace' flavor of having Saturn in 10th house (US natal Sibly chart) seems to be fulfilling itself before our very eyes.

By now, you're reminded of the Middle East peace process and its elusive yet promised creation of a Palestinian state according to the international concensus. And since New Moons mark the start of new cycles of activity, perhaps Justice Elena Kagan's beginning work this week with SCOTUS is indicated as well since US natal Saturn relates to the Scales of Justice (Libra) and the law (Saturn); the Moon may always signify a woman and the people in a mundane astrology chart.

Astrology is all about levels upon which energy expresses, isn't it? And since many levels of Life express simultaneously, Astrology describes the complexity of it all for the astro-sleuths among us.

Looking Ahead

Also of consideration is Venus' Rx station on October 8, 2010 which begins her 40 days of re-evaluation and diplomatic reviews; plus, upcoming soon is November 9's 'mass destiny' pair of Pluto/North Node hooking up at 3Cap36 and joined by the Moon at 3:13 pm est which may describe extreme measures being taken and/or magnified ambitions.

Plus, the November 2 midterm elections fit snugly within the busy celestial calendar of the next few weeks and I hope all Americans who can will get out and vote.

Sep 27, 2010

US being molded into a police state

Well, we're back from our weekend in Atlanta and the excellent Dali exhibition at the High Museum of Art. So what do I find as I return to politics and the blogosphere?

It's official: America is a police state, says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts with whom I heartily agree for I believe that the attacks of 9/11/01 have been a signpost along the way.

Look at the engineered Financial Crisis 2008: bankruptcy rates have greatly increased ever since with more home foreclosures lining up in the wings. And what is the Sabian Symbol for the Moon (the people) on the morning of 9/11/01?

'28 Gemini' = "BANKRUPTCY" with the astrological Moon describing a reigning need.

How much clearer could it be that these events are part of an over-arching process to weaken this nation financially and socially and cause we-the-people to plead for a new world order (aka, one-world-government) to 'rescue' us? Some rescue!

The current move to include 'home grown terrorism' on the US government's target and enforcement lists is part of the process toward totalitarianism and world government. Alas, some of us expected and dreaded it when neocon Zionist warhawks usurped the White House in December 2000 (not that Al Gore isn't one of the social engineers, too - perhaps a member of a different faction than Cheney and his ilk.)

And the government proceeds as if everyone trusts that terrorist acts are committed by culprits identified by the US government! Bosh!

So now in 2010, America's becoming a police state should be no surprise to anyone. Our resources have been, after all, used for decades to fund an international police force for the entire world with hundreds of global US military bases at-the-ready.

Besides, you weren't going to use that Social Security check, were you?

Sep 22, 2009

Autumn Equinox 2009 Washington DC

Autumn Equinox (Sun 00Libra00), September 22, 2009, 5:18:30 pm edt, Washington, DC; Hour Mercury Rx in 7th house conjunct Saturn 25Vir38 Rx; chart-ruler Saturn opposite chart co-ruler Uranus 24Pis25 Rx in 1st house.

Moon 22Sco20 in 9th house conj asteroid, Hebe (keyword: serving; deals with co-dependency and how one enables the egocentricity and emotional immaturity of others - Lang-Westcott.)

Please click chart to enlarge and read more details.

Saturn as chart-ruler makes two applying aspects, three if you count the North Node (encounters; future direction - with Saturn = serious meetings and discussions):

1. Saturn sextile Moon, a serious contact for the Moon (the people; the public), indicating common sense, modest ambitions, patience, and a need to undertand the problems of others. Hebe's conj to Moon seems to contradict this yet on another level, Hebe may signify someone or persons of the Hebrew race as well. Astrology is nothing if not as complex as the life it describes on many levels.

2. Saturn square Pluto (5A04), the sore loser aspect, which represents oncoming obstacles and blockages that relate to their opposition of 9/11/01; it shows those who are defensive about fulfilling their social responsibilities to the point of bitterness; attempts to grasp control are in evidence with this difficult square.

Of more timely interest is Pluto squaring the equinoxial Sun from 11th house to 7th.

Sun SQ Pluto (0A41) is the might makes right aspect of willfulness; a chip is on the shoulder and one fights first, talks later (if at all.) Powerful, secretive Pluto may be blocking the president's will, it seems, since the Sun in a national chart indicates the leader. One assumes his safety is being guarded successfully and will continue to be; Pluto's connection to nuclear issues coupled with the Mc/Ic axis having '6/7 Gem/Sag' upon them isn't especially comforting to this particular worrywart Capricorn.

Making decisions based on evidence rather than on personal feelings or biases is an issue with a Sun/Pluto square, so we'll see if the Pentagon and the president coordinate their wills concerning sending more US troops to the Middle East.

The chart's co-ruler Uranus applies to opposition with Mercury (0A40) showing resentment at being challenged, a lack of interest in compromising, and those who freely make accusations of error against others even when evidence shows they are wrong. (Of course, we can see that sort of political drama and diversion on Capitol Hill any old day, but there it is. And it will be ongoing since Mercury is Rx.)

A lovely contact is Uranus trine Moon (2A06) which gives a broad perspective, a willingness to listen to others, and much coping ability - and that's for the Moon, the people!

At Midheaven (the goal) are two midpoints which form pictures...

Mercury/Jupiter = Mc: a desire to build up; optimism; fondness for talking; a wealth of ideas; a good speaker, scientist, or businessman; professional success; successful planning; looking for the upside to come about.

Jupiter/Saturn = Mc: thinking with grandeur; a philosopher; fluctuating success; changes; losses; inhibitions.

Jupiter and Saturn are the societal planets, they are intimately involved in financial markets, Jupiter = Republicans--Saturn = Democrats, and their Great Conjunction of May 28, 2000 occurred @ '23Taurus'..."A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems." (I suspect it was, but as most people now realize, the jewelry shop has been looted and the heisters ain't sharing.)

So it's nine years later and what have we got for Autumn EQ 2009? Sun to Libra, Moon in Scorpio, as it was on Inauguration Day 2009 though then at critical or crisis degree: 29Sco45.

Sun Lib-Moon Sco is an Air-Water blend with an exacting sense of justice, a clever manner when delivering clear-headed judgments, and a talent for impartiality. There can be a tendency to manipulate others, but who doesn't?

This combo indicates a crusader for social harmony, so with Jupiter/Saturn's blended energies at Mc, and progressive Uranus Rx opposing Saturn (their last exact stand-off was on Sept 15), the atmosphere continues to be drenched with further debate on Health Care/Insurance Reform, and tradition vs progress. Plus, the Nodal axis falls across the 6/12 polarity of health and hospitals; NN = Neptune/Pluto midpoint: 'group study projects; metaphysical research' but apparently they are occurring behind the scenes of the 12th house. This may relate to oil, gas, and coal industry types in secret meetings, too.

Sept 22, 2009 marks the opening of the UN with President Obama addressing the General Assembly today, and unrest at home (Mars still in Cancer) continuing. Will some sore loser shout out rudely? Will el diablo be back in the house?

Well, Venus 2Vir50 looks a little lonely in 7th house, doesn't she? Her only applying aspect is a square to this Mc, although she was recently trining Pluto (2S09.) Vengeful Venus was conj the Solar Eclipse degree of Nostradamus' 'Mother of All Eclipse' of August 11, 1999...Venus triggered the eclipse on the morning of 9/11/01.

(Yes, I firmly believe the Aug 1999 eclipse is foreshown in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation as noted in particular by the Ox, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Angel - mid-degrees of the Fixed signs.)

In the 2009 EQ chart, you see that Jupiter Rx is rising @ 17AQ50 (17AQ = the end of progress degree, and Ronald Reagan's natal Sun degree); yet Jupiter at ASC usually indicates some sort of protection in the proceedings.

But Jupiter/Neptune's froth conjuncts the ASC as well...

Jup/Nep = ASC: speculating; living in an unreal world; sharing great hopes with others; having an emotionally rationalized agenda.

Chiron is at ASC, too, but you'll want to ask Julie Demboski about that - she wrote the book on Chiron.

Pluto 00Cap41 (one minute off his Direct Station degr 00:40 on Sept 11, 2009) conjuncts the US Constitution's natal NN 1Cap09 (Sept 17, 1787, Philadelphia, PA) = powerful contacts and encounters.

Plus, 2009 EQ's conjunction of Mercury Rx and Saturn @ 26Virgo conjoins the US Constitution's natal Sun, so there's a transiting midpoint picture relating to one of our important founding documents...

Mercury/Saturn = Sun: getting down to work; discipline pays off; knowing what's got to be done; changes; separations.

Well, I know what's got to be done - it's almost 2 am and the sandman is calling my name, so if there's something that simply must added to this EQ post (including repair of typos so prevalent when I'm fatigued), it must be added tomorrow afternoon.

Your further analysis or comments will be much appreciated.

Sep 5, 2008

The rhetoric of 9/11

With the 7th aniversary of 9/11 coming up in a few days, you may wish to check out Rhetoric of 9/11, a special feature on American Rhetoric, a great resource for words right out of their mouths...transcripts, audio (including some MP3)'s an excellent resource for walking down memory lane, for your historical research, for reviewing propaganda and slogans, or for keeping politicians honest - as if, right?

Drill Baby Drill!

Aug 21, 2008

Are the NWO and Dec 22, 2012 linked?

What follows is a linky-rich and rambling post typed just for you:

For your consideration here's a video presentation of Bush Sr (or Poppy Bush, as I like to call him) calling for that NWO along with some voodoo-esque math that turns the 11-year cycle of the Solar Maximum Years of 9.11.1990, 9.11.1991, and 9/11/2001 into the march toward the New World Order, with the end date of the Mayan Calendar - Dec 22, 2012 - as its completion time for NWO implementation out of chaos.

~ Here's an in-progress article concerning the Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012 with chart image but you notice, that's Dec 21, not Dec 22.

In the Dec 21, 2012 chart we can see that in a day or so, the transiting Sun will conjunct Pluto, subversive planet of riches and power. Another chart posting is needed for this yearly conjunction, for in 2012, the conj is significant for its occurrence in Capricorn (an anciently mystical sign of politics, business, and law...the mer-goat.)

I quite firmly believe the correlation between Capricorn ('Cap' pitol Hill, the head, the bent knee - in this case, to satan) and Washington DC's freaky Goat of Mendes in DC's city Ed Kohout's site links to Bush's reading of My Pet Goat on 9/11/01 - a private joke if there ever was one...a fine example of sick humor.

A digitally remastered world, brought to you by digitally controlled TV, in a newly-under-control world society - under, as politicians like to say, 'the rule of law.'

Can't we all just live together in peace ...brought to us by "a credible United Nations using its peacekeepers..."???

Sad to say, no new president in the White House (of the current crop) will make any difference to this agenda. Ron Paul seems to want to fight them, but how elusive is his presidency when media control is in the bag, and politicians are primed for their secret security locations for cowering in state-of-the-art bunkers when uprisings target the bums from Capitol Hill?

Kinda makes you wonder still what the mysterious Capitol Building power outage on April 3, 2006 was really for? Well, I'm still wondering...

And you did know about the oh-so-secret meeting held in the Capitol Building for House members to hear of the special contingency plans for protecting their bums? it was on March 13, 2008 - boy, wish I knew the meeting's exact time (sometimes a chart will give a good hint!)

This was only the fourth time in US history that this sort of meeting was held behind closed doors during which (as leaked to independent media by so-called members with consciences) it was spelled out that their lives were expected to be in danger by telling the House and Senate NWO enablers about the uprisings which the collapse of the US economy and food supply system will trigger - attacks against the bums of December, 2008 which seemingly links it to the US Secondary Full Moon of Dec 24, 2008 coming into play - the Culmination of America's outreach and expansion in the world. We've been had, m'peops.

And now that I think about it, the Feb 2008 Eclipse - the one I and others have called, the Unmasking Eclipse, occurred at the End of Progress degree, but I didn't want to type it out loud before...still don't, but I just did.

This 2008 Solar Eclipse at '18AQ' is the one where "a man's secret motives are being revealed," and it explains that no one can keep their true motives hidden forever.

From 1990 to 2012 is 22 years, which in Astrology is termed, the number of Mastery.

Two sunspot cycles 11 years x 2 = 22...

This may relate to world communications being broadcast bwo satellites and to, one might assume, mass mind control.

The Sun is most important to 'them' and we may remember that Bush the Shrub's natal Sun is synchronistically said to be conjunct US n Sun...and this '13th degree of Cancer' arose as the Capitol Building power outage of 2006 was taking place...the Cap Bldg went eerily dark, y'know. Read the linked post above for text and comments of that day...esp My Strange Mind's comments.

more 22:

Then there's Jupiter and Saturn, operating as the flywheel of the universe - last met in a Great Conjunction on May 28, 2000 at 22 Taurus, sign of money and greed.

Jupiter = expansive principle, Saturn = restrictive principle, and the tension between these two societal planets is what keeps the solar system's planetary orbits in their courses. This is one of the astronomical events which helped usher in the New Millennium, another is the big hook-up of Pluto with Chiron on Dec 30, 1999 in Sagittarius - conj US natal Ascendant in the Sibly '11Sag+' = '12Sag'..."A Flag That Turns in to an Eagle That Crows."

Yes, numbers, rituals, symbols, and cycles are very important to the NWO types as you'll see in the YouTube video linked at the start of this rampage.

Oh! and let us not forget that JFK was assassinated in (Masonic) Dealey Plaza, with Poppy Bush of the CIA all aboard for the NWO. The 'eternal flame' marking his gravesite - and that of others - is a bald-faced symbol of the Illuminati Society to keep all control in their own tentacles while showing their power to get things done in a commanding way...mission accomplished. Sound familiar?

The birty dastards of chaos...

Apr 10, 2006

Cheney and 9/11

As I'm reading more and more about theories on Dick Cheney's possible culpability in orchestrating the attacks of 9/11/01, I'm posting on his secondary progressed chart (the physical plane) for the day and the hour.

Using his birth location (Lincoln, NE) to progress his natal chart, there results a major picture at the top of the chart...the MC/Aspiration/WHY Point of the chart--Pluto (power; control; manipulation; coping ability; transformation; death; cataclysms; volcanic explosions) and Chiron (the wounded or the wound; the maverick; blindspot; catalyst; shaman; initiations) pointing to the Mc-->Pluto/Chiron = Mc.

The combo of Pluto/Chiron = plutocracy; a reversion to primitivism; racism; revolutionary zeal; power; self-mastery; class warfare; oppression; primal violence; imperialism; corporatism; fascism; militarism; disenfranchisement. (Plus, other isms.)

And on 9/11/01? Pluto 12Sag38, Chiron 23Sag03, and their midpoint, Plu/Chiron = natal Mars 17Sag46 of VP Cheney! Yep, that's right--tr Pluto and Chiron lined right up with Cheney's planet of initiative, energy, and action--Mars, aka the god of WAR...the Plutocracy Duo pointing directly at Dick's Mars, ya might say...Mars, the instigator, the actor, the fighter and his Sec Pluto/Chiron at Aspiration/Goal Point.

And the HOW? Point of this chart, the IC or Foundation Point is conj his Sec Mars and US natal and Sec Pluto. If he did it, that's how he did it - secret hand, secret power, US military power, you name it, he had control (Pluto) of it. More on his Sec Mars just below.

Robert Bowman, former head of the "Star Wars" project, and who is running for Congress, FL, 5th district, is making waves and calling Cheney the "architect of 9/11"...and as you've heard by now, Cheney was "playing" "air drills" that morning with his finger on the fantasy button - did it slide off onto the reality button? I've often wondered this myself since 2001. Today's post is just a sampling of the situation astrologically.

(UPDATE 9.17.06: most sources now say that Cheney was in DC on 9/11/01 but the chart and these comments apply for his progressions which are calclated based on his natal chart. Some astrologers change to wherever a person is located when progressing a chart, but here I do not.)

Bowman says Cheney's "drills" were a "cover" so that the FAA and NORAD didn't know what was real or false as the planes approached their targets. And while he may be correct, I'm not so quick to give these governmental agencies such easy "dazed and confused" passes on this "cover." Wouldn't put it past the VP, but I wouldn't put it past the agencies either.

Back to his progr'd chart:

At the Foundation/Ic Point, lurks violent instigator, Mars, at "30Cap", the "A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs" degree:

EXECUTIVE POWER...Keynote: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature dicussions with those who share this power.

This degree speaks of an "occult hierarchy", secret committees in the White House, and the decisions of a supreme Council of quasi-divine beings. And, of course, Capricorn is the sign of business, politics, and law. (Note: This Mars is now opposite Pluto in his sec chart 2006 which may lead to more uncovering of his actions on 9/11...his use or misuse of power, bwo zealous Mars/Pluto.)

8th cusp (transformations; death; legacies; insurance; managing others' resources, etc) conj Cheney's sec Jup/Uranus midpoint; Jup/Uranus is the "lucky break; opportunity" combo, and he certainly had that. Florida's 'hanging chads' and the SCOTUS helped a lot.

The 8th cusp also happens to be at the degree of the last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the societal combo. Jupiter is used to represent the R Party and Saturn, the Ds. I have stated here and elsewhere, that their conj of May 28, 2000 describes the official start of our "2-party system" becoming one big happy "party"...or words to that effect. Not that they weren't united in purpose before! But a new cycle of cooperation began as Bush became the "man of the hour" - the choice of globalist puppetmasters everywhere.

(Note: the next exact square between Jupiter and Saturn: legislative stalemates; Reps vs Dems; economic sluggishness--is June 22; last square is Oct 25...squares being the blockage/obstacle/crisis stage of a cycle.)

The 12th cusp--the house of self-undoing; karma; large institutions; behind-the-scenes...has Cheney's Neptune/NN duo upon it...this "World Point" of 00Lib44 is same as the USA's natal Mc degree, btw, from the Sibley Chart>>July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT.

Nep/NN = lack of community spirit (no kiddin'); deceit used with others; anti-social behavior; wrong ideas about others; peculiar conduct in communal life; secret associations with others interested in the paranormal (as in "quasi-divine beings"?)

So we have Neptune's deceit with NN's connection to the Public...and with a fated or karmic flavor. (Remember that "karmic" feeling in the air along with the dust settling and the sad funerals? Many people remarked upon it in the months after 9/11.)

His Sec Mercury (travel, esp air travel; thinking; communications) at 14Pis50, is conjunct Fixed Star, Achernar...Keywords: 'risk of rapid endings; crises'...and in the 5th house of speculation and risk-taking.

Saturn (responsibility; authority; control) at 13Tau22 is conjunct the Inaugural Ascendant (in DC, noon, Jan 20 each time) by less than one degree...which signifies the Office of the Presidency. Cheney, the 'secret president.'

"13Tau"> "A porter carrying heavy baggage"...Keynote: Self-mobilization for social advantage...COMPULSION FOR GAIN.

Moon is in the 8th house, "5Gem": "A revolutionary magazine asking for action"...TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS...Keynote: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions (see Plu/Chiron above--"a reversion to primitivism"?)

Sec Moon is an oft-used timer, as you know. Wonder which magazine this could be? An association's journal perhaps? Who-who-who?

The entrepreneurial Sun Aries/Moon Gem blend:

Greatest Strengths: zest; capacity to take an idea and run with it; eye for opportunity; oomph and chutzpah; tendency to get carried away; immense dynamism; a sharp mind; a single-shot, high-velocity rifle or a hot-metal-spraying shotgun (I don't make this up!)

Greatest Weaknesses: brash impatience; insensitivity to less expressive types; unwillingness to learn from experience (Vietnam comes to mind, Dick.)

Images for Integration: A fencing master carries off the prize...Hayden's Farewell Symphony...A racing driver plays piano to relax. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

And last, but not least, the Sabian Symbol of his progressed Sun for 9/11/01..."11Aries":

"The ruler of a nation"> CENTRALIZATION OF POWER...

Keynote: The power resulting from the formal integration of the collective desire for order.

This deserves a quote from Dane Rudhyar, whose Sabian Symbols are being used here; his punctuation marks:

"At this stage of the cyclic process this symbol refers to the appearance of the (personal) ego as the central manifestation of a type of "order" which transcends and seeks to rule the emotional and instinctual drives of the individual person...
a desire for a larger type of integration has now emerged...(it is) social-collective and institutional.

At this ego level, laws and the restrictive power of a police force are dominant features.

Psychologically speaking, this means that the integrative principle is the limited, more or less narrow "I am" realization. It manifests itself as the personal ego exerting its will to control the reactions of the bio-psychic organism." #

Seems to me that this "I am" means "he is" - and ruthless power, control, and a new economic world order are his, and his colleagues', ultimate objectives.

4.10.06 5:05 pm edt; Last Update: April 11, 2009 7:00 pm edt