May 18, 2009

Cheney may not be responsible for Bhutto assassination

Someone wants it to look as if Dick Cheney's reputed death squads are responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto - if he's being framed (I tell ya), they know that it's seductively easy to consider if not half-believe about the former VP, isn't it?

Appropriately Cheney's reputation as a puppy kicker shadows him where 'ere he skulks, and archetypal villain Oilcan Harry couldn't be prouder of Mr. Curses' career of intimidation and who-knows-what other Pluto/Chiron pathologies and oppressions.

Cheney's 'panic room' under the VP residency is being skewered by TV's David Letterman as I type...funny Dave! VP Biden let the cat out with the news that he knows where Cheney was when in his 'undisclosed location'...a bunker under the VP's house. One wishes to assume a coffin wasn't part of Dick's vampirish practices.)

On a not-so-different note, you may wish to check out an article from Pakistan especially the list of names at the end for any future reference needs you may find yourself to have, astrological or political, relating to South Asia.
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