Jun 16, 2009

David Letterman's natal chart - and Sarah Palin

David Letterman has now apologized for his tasteless joke about Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter - perhaps a day late after some are calling for his resignation from his CBS Late Show. Naturally Letterman's 'joke' has given him a case of Don-Imus-itis for its link to jokes about the sexual activities of young ladies.

Old men, young ladies - unlevel playing field and what amounts to sexual harrassment, so back off, fellas. You show yourselves to have lower standards than the ladies you disparage.

One hopes no one ever makes unkind remarks on national TV about his son, Harry!

Yet political opportunism coming into play is sadly expectable, but one wishes Governor Palin could resist the temptation. Still, as many public figures are fond of saying, any publicity is good publicity.

So with no known birth time for Mr. Letterman, I don't wish to publish his chart here but I did take a look to see if there were transits causing him difficulties (although he brought this on himself - wonder who wrote the joke? The 'any publicity' works for him too, esp with Conan O'Brien now opposite him. Letterman's viewership numbers are trending up, I heard.)

David Letterman April 12, 1947, Indianapolis, IN (CST); Sun definitely in Aries, Moon in Capricorn for the 24-hour day of birth (ranging from 6Cap50 to 18:40.)

Well, the Sun has been recently highlighting his natal Uranus 18Gem41, a transit which emphasizes uniqueness and individuality - one may possibly 'stick out like a sore thumb' in fact, as a separation or singling out of some kind may occur, for good or bad. Showing stubborn pride (Sun = ego) is also a potential...perhaps a reason why he didn't apologize for the small-minded joke immediately.

Natal Mercury 25Pis24 is being affected by transiting Uranus off and on - a time when freedom to express one's thoughts is sought, and original, perhaps quirky, ideas come easily. Mercury is the planet of ideas and communications so with Uranus' electrical energy in the vicinity, there's no telling what might occur in relation to one's thinking processes - and in Letterman's case, one's joke writing and delivery.

Surfing on your behalf, dear reader, I found that Vega Attractions has an image of Mr. Letterman's Solar Chart (sunrise) if you'd care to snag yourself a peek. You'll see Letterman's natal Mars at Aries Point, a World Point of Prominence and Fame, as the whole world sees Dave's intrinsic Mars capacity for grumpiness and contentiousness!

But I still prefer Dave's show to Conan's - plus, it leads in to my favorite late night comedian of all time: Craig Ferguson and his "It's a great day for America, everybody"!
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