Nov 17, 2009

33 weeks - an unusually long stay in Leo for Mars 2009

Since I just hooked up with astrologer Melody Scott Zindell on Twitter I moseyed over to see what subjects Melody has been writing on of late and found an informative post concerning the current 33-week stay of Mars in Leo.

Mars entered Leo on Oct 16, 2009 and his usual stay in a sign is about 7 weeks - zeeks!

Melody says It's Time to Take Action and of course, you don't have to have Mars (planet of initiative action, energy, and desire) in the sign of Leo the Lion in your natal chart to experience this transit personally since the feisty fellow traverses somewhere in our horoscopes all the time and since he resonates well with Sun-ruled Leo for getting things done.

In fact, as Melody mentions, any Leo planets in our natal charts are now being stimulated by the Leo transit of Mars (also stimulated are other planets and points that are in an aspect relationship to Mars' position - Tau/Sco squares, Gem/Sag sextiles/trines, Aquarius opposes, etc - so check out Melody's insights on Mars' 33 weeks in Leo for it's going to be a long and bumpy ride brought to us by a fiery planet traveling through a fiery sign - and many of us have transfomative Pluto in creative Leo!
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