Nov 17, 2009

Noam Chomsky's BBC interview of Nov 17

BBC News broadcast an interview on Nov 17 with linguist and government critic Noam Chomsky who is calling the war in Afghanistan immoral.

As a mother I ask you: aren't they all? Even if a war is begun with 'moral justification' (and ours never are anymore, are they? if they ever were), war contains horrors such as we hear from our returning soldiers, if we listen and if they can mention them without losing their minds or committing suicide.

And that's not counting what our techno-bombing victims experience - I refer mainly to the women and children who are so cynically put in harm's way by both sides. Now that's Evil.

So I'm posting a link to Professor Chomsky's interview because there are multiple YouTube videos to cover what he has to say. Now does President Obama listen to him, by any chance?

Some Basic Astrology Describes Our Current Condition

America on the downside, Republican Party on the downside - and both have had recent Secondary Progressed Full Moons when a culmination is reached and one must lower one's sights, not escalate them into war and more war - especially with America's Mars, the god of war and indicator of the military - now retrograde by progression!

This is a duh and double-duh situation being described through the lens of Astrology: our nation has to come to terms with the fact that it is our own nation and citizens that we should be making the most directed efforts for (Mars) while counting our blessings for what little our politicians have yet to ruin, spoil, and steal.

When anyone or any entity is in the Full Moon phase and waning, it marks a Save What's Left phase, not an expansion stage, and the longer it takes us to act maturely about the reality of our true condition, the worse our nation's landing will be.

Sorry, but there it is.

Now I'm off to watch V. Have you noticed the abundance of sci-fi entertainment on TV and in films lately? Why, you'd think they were trying to propagandize us or sumthin'!

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