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Nov 17, 2009

33 weeks - an unusually long stay in Leo for Mars 2009

Since I just hooked up with astrologer Melody Scott Zindell on Twitter I moseyed over to see what subjects Melody has been writing on of late and found an informative post concerning the current 33-week stay of Mars in Leo.

Mars entered Leo on Oct 16, 2009 and his usual stay in a sign is about 7 weeks - zeeks!

Melody says It's Time to Take Action and of course, you don't have to have Mars (planet of initiative action, energy, and desire) in the sign of Leo the Lion in your natal chart to experience this transit personally since the feisty fellow traverses somewhere in our horoscopes all the time and since he resonates well with Sun-ruled Leo for getting things done.

In fact, as Melody mentions, any Leo planets in our natal charts are now being stimulated by the Leo transit of Mars (also stimulated are other planets and points that are in an aspect relationship to Mars' position - Tau/Sco squares, Gem/Sag sextiles/trines, Aquarius opposes, etc - so check out Melody's insights on Mars' 33 weeks in Leo for it's going to be a long and bumpy ride brought to us by a fiery planet traveling through a fiery sign - and many of us have transfomative Pluto in creative Leo!


Singing Sparrow said...

I was thinking of this transit the past week or so: someone in my life for 40 years,a Leo born 8/6/1945-yes the day!! went off her rocker recently and attacked me. She dug up every skeleton,etc amd threw them. WOW!! not until I realized that she had been possessed through returning to alcohol was I able to do the necessary prayer work,Light work,meditation so that peace returned. What a sharp reminder of Mars in Leo for a long,very long time. I may end up with a completely new foundation before this is finished.

Jude Cowell said...

Glad to hear that harmony returned and you're both safe! Excessive amounts of demon alchohol during an upsetting (Mars) transit in a sign that prefers to have fun (Leo) is an untenuous mix for your friend. And you know that some folks naturally respond to disruptive side of Mars more than others. Yup, many people will find themselves or others speaking first, thinking later during such a long transit...arghh. And they'll be sober!

Mars enters Virgo on about June 8, 2010 and of course there's that pesky, critical 29th degree to be gotten through first. With Regulus a degree earlier, there's a Royal Star of Persia involved in the picture but how many human beings do you know who take to heart (Leo) the admonition: 'success If revenge is avoided' ?

Well, a 'new foundation' for you might be what the universe orders and i wonder if you have some triggering of Cancer planets or houses going on in your natal chart?

Here's my 'chant' for these perilous times:

Change is an opportunity to learn how to adapt.

Either you or soemone you trust can tell a bunch by where your Sec Prog'd Moon is now and its condition. Mine's now in n 9th house...

jude ;p