Nov 7, 2009

America's Virgo Rising natal chart

Virgo rising chart of the United States of America, July 4, 1776 9:36 am LMT, Philadephia, Pennsylvania.

Master astrologer Marilyn Muir has written an excellent article My USA Chart of Choice which details the various natal charts of America and how she came to conclude that the USA's Virgo rising chart works best when timing events and in progressions, too.

As Marilyn points out, you'd think that with so many of our founders being Freemasons and possibly members of other secret societies, we'd have a definitive birth chart for America. But when you're traitors to the British crown, perhaps, as Marilyn notes, you may wish to keep a lot of things secret concerning your activities until things calm down.

Even our founders' diaries are on the sketchy side and disagree with one another on timing, plus the signing of the Declaration of Independence stretched out into August, unless I am mistaken. And these complexities apply if you prefer the traditional date of July 4 for America's establishment!

Aspects such as our national Mercury/Pluto opposition, the Sun/Pluto quindecile of obsession-compulsion, the Sun/Saturn and Mars/Neptune squares are still intact in the Virgo Asc chart, and I invite you to click the chart image to enlarge for a few basic details; Hour of Venus.

US charts for July 4, 1776 have the Moon (the people) at 18 to about 27 AQ and the Virgo rising chart is no exception. You can see the 'special task or purpose/critical situation' pattern, a YOD (Finger of God) pointing to we-the-people. An apex Moon in a YOD pattern indicates faulty assimilation of impressions that trigger self-defeating reactions and habits.

When well-managed, the apex Moon here describes a destined change or new path in life when past burdens can be laid to rest; basic needs of the populace may then be attended to, the rights and interests of the weaker among us can be defended, and aiding others to establish fundamental securities is pursued. (Tierney.)

Now if the American people can figure out how to defend our own interests against the politicians and other mafia-style operatives who sold America down the river years ago while giving the keys of our kingdom to foreigners with goals set against our own, we'll be sitting more prettily, if not as lucratively as before the world bankers had their greedy, fraudulent way with us.

For more of Marilyn Muir's brilliant insights you may wish to check out her book Presidents of Hope and Change.
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