Dec 1, 2009

Afghanistan's natal chart w/ Dec 1, 2009 transits

Natal chart shown: Afghanistan July 17, 1973 12:00 am AFST Kabul, with Dec 1, 2009 transits around outside of chart (highlighted in green.)

Afghanistan as we know it was founded during a Sun Hour with Venus 19Leo59 in 4th house as chart-ruler. The only applying aspect made by Venus is a trine to Chiron 20Ari53 in 12th house, conjunct warrior Mars 16Ari10. There are two separating (waning) aspects to Venus: sextile Uranus 19Lib07 in 6th house (0S52), and a trine to Mars (3S49) so Venus trined Mars then took her considerable influence into a trine with Chiron.

ASC 8Tau45; Mc 24Cap17 (Aspirations and Goals) which will be dearly affected by the Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010 @ 25Cap01 in the 12 North Series: 'opportunities to accept greater responsibilities come suddenly; new commitments as a result of others being unable to carry on; events are difficult but outcomes for self-esteem and harmony are good' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

"Harmony"? In Afghanistan? That would be a first in a long line of contentiousness and squabbling yet would be most welcome by me personally. (Perhaps I should here pre-apologize to the wonderful people of Afghanistan for the war escalation about to occur...see end of this post.)

Tonight, Dec 1, 2009, as President Obama announces to the world the US escalation of war by sending 30,000+ more US troops into the long-contested country, Afghanistan is like the rest of us: under the difficult rays of the current Solar Eclipse of July 21/22, 2009 @ 29Can27, the 11 South Series (11S) which happens to be Afghanistan's own Pre-Natal Eclipse Series. The July Eclipse is conjoined with the country's natal Mercury 29Can42 Rx, all at critical 29th degrees; US n Pluto 27Cap33 Rx opposes.

View the chart-with-details of tonight's presidential announcement with 29 Cancer rising which brings up the July 2009 Eclipse at 8 pm est, West Point, NY, when Pres. Obama will attempt to persuade us that massive troop escalation is a good plan with a chance for 'success' - yet "this is not nation-building," says spokesman Robert Gibbs. No? At the least it's invasion and occupation.

As you see, I've notated the country's PE 8Can32 in n 3rd house with n Nemesis conjunct South Node 7Can40 which indicates that unbeatable foes (Nemesis) from the past (SN) were lurking in the bargain in 1973 when the present form of Afghani government was set up, even though Afghanis gained independence from Britain on Aug 19, 1919.

The horoscope for 1919 resonates with Dec 1, 2009's transits as well, but that's a post of a different length and won't be covered here -- except for a few things: the PE of Aug 19, 1919 (Ecl of May 23, 1919 @ 7Gem06) conjuncts the presidential announcement's Moon and transiting MIDAS - and conjs Afghanistan's n 2nd cusp 8Gem32 which has creator/destroyer Siva upon it @ 7Gem41 - and the 1919 Solar Eclipse is also in Afghanistan's natal 11S Series!

So the fluctuating Moon conjs n Siva conjs n 2nd cusp of Values and Money, and all on the 'nuclear degrees' axis of Gem/Sag - and conj Fixed Star Aldebaran (success through integrity); announcment's Sun 9Sag59 conjs Antares in Afghanistan's n 8th house of Transformations, Shared Resources - and Death. Keyphrase for Antares: obsessed with success.

As you know, the 11S Series indicates 'systems breaking down; new methods, ideas, and reforms are needed; any blocks may be violently and tragically removed' (Brady) so will the US war escalation in Afghanistan qualify as a 'regime change' for the country in order to set up a new order?

Well, there are many more factors to consider in Afghanistan's natal chart even without tonight's presidential announcement and I'd be typing for 3 days trying to mention it all.

You see, for instance, that n Sun (leadership) is conj n Ic, an Ending Point which gives great difficulty in achieving full self-expression, for many material obstacles must be worked through in order to manifest the will in the outer world (Mc.)

Add to that the Grand Cross pattern (highlighted in pink) which provides an outlet of the energies of Sun, Uranus, Mars/Chiron (sacred warrior), at Mc. This gives a sign coloration for the Mc where the outlet is (because it's a point, not a planet) - in this case, Capricorn which is known for being difficult, if not impossible, to mold into someone else's pattern.

Having 4 planets in Cap myself, I can assure you from personal experience that no one 'changes' or molds a Cap into anything it doesn't want to be. So with the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse at n Mc (and considering its flavor as given above), it may take another leader than Karzai to 'live up to' what the West sees as Afghanistan's ultimate character, direction, and detiny in the world.

Yet please click to enlarge the chart, for you'll see listd the details of the aspects from the tension-filled Grand Cross which to me indicates that an open-ended commitment - whether truthfully admitted tonight or not - is the only chaotic tactic that will satisfy the New World Order's requirements for this pivotal country. Meanwhile, the American people's dire needs (decent health care, etc) will continue to be casualties of war escalation in Afghanistan.

(Congress is gearing up within their ongoing political mummeries to disappoint us now on health insurance reform, for Congress willingly spends massive amounts of fiat monies for waging wars, but not for the American people's needs which "cost too much.")

Now please don't take my prediction to the bank or anything, but if the war in Afghanistan drags on for many years, just remember you read it here as typed by this reluctant astrologer who admittedly and maternally can never see any war as beneficial for the common good. If the war doesn't drag on, I'll love to be wrong. Yet the total of US forces won't be in place until late 2010, reports NPR today, so get ready for a long haul, imho.

The aspects from the Grand Cross explain in part why I think it's a waste of our manpower and financial resources to escalate, yet the power elite will make mega-bucks from Afghani gas by protecting pipelines, etc. Therefore they should be the ones to pay for more war. Set up a military draft for the children of warmongering senators and congressmen and that should tamp down their gung-ho jingoism, if not derail it altogether.

And so my conscience adds:

Dear Afghanis, if you can, please forgive the American people for our tragically misguided leadership headed by neocon Zionists who have hijacked our nation, for the whole world suffers under their ruthless and overbearing hubris of imperialism being fed by visions of world domination.

So once again, Afghanistan plays the role of a domino in their "Great Game" of power.
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