Dec 1, 2009

Bush deliberately let bin Laden escape to justify war - video

Just as I always thought, as did many other Americans in Dec 2001 and since: Bush-Cheney deliberately allowed Osama bin Laden to escape in order to justify the neocons' illegal invasion of Iraq and accomplish their long-desired overthrow of Saddam Hussein and his statue in Baghdad.

You know the lack of Bush's respect for US soldiers has been demonstrated through the years by many things: lying to take the US into illegal wars, lack of equipment to keep them safer while in battle, shabby medical care once they return home (if they return at all), re-deploying soldiers who deserve a break, 'privatizing' the war, leaving rank and file to answer for Abu Ghraib abuses, Blackwater gangsters - the list is endless.

Now someone speaks out to say that our soldiers were pulled back from capturing the very reason - bin Laden - the Pentagon invaded Afghanistan in the first place so more of our troops could risk and give their lives for a sham cause that makes the rich richer.

And this treason came from not one but two draft dodgers, Bush and Cheney!

Notice I didn't include the attacks of 9/11 as false flag ops. Which is why I just did.

But Tora Bora was Dec 2001 - now it's December 1, 2009

Then tonight at 8:00 pm est, President Obama will make Bush's misdirected course of action even worse by announcing a ramping up of America's imperialist mistakes, missteps, and bullheaded hubris which adds prayer to my menu for tonight and 'going forward' about you?

See my previous post for the natal chart of Afghanistan with transits for Dec 1, 2009. You'll find tonight's presidential announcement post with the 8:00 pm West Point, NY chart linked therein.

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