Aug 22, 2010

A 'hidden square' in America's Scorpio Rising chart

If one uses the Scorpio Rising chart for America (2:21 pm - or 2:22 pm - LMT July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA) as a natal chart or as a special interest chart - in this case, for Scorpionic stuff such as surveillance, spying agencies, Big Business, the occult, becoming an initiate or an adept, etc - one discovers a mysteriously named 'hidden square' (256 degrees) which is not necessarily visible or prominent in other versions of our US natal chart.

You'll find that the interpretation for what may be termed a 'hidden square' is quoted for you in the post from Rob Pelletier's excellent book Planets in Aspect, a must for any astrologer's or novice's library. (Well, we're all mere novices of the Great Mathematician, are we not?)

Being in the square (90 degr) family of aspects (angular relationships between planets and/or points) the 'hidden square' also describes the typical internal conflicts of the square aspect, internal blockages on the mental or psychological plane. Squares form due to essential quests.

Of course, others may block us, obstacles may appear along the path, but solutions may be found within. For more than likely, an unconscious 'blind spot' will trip us up more quickly than anything that anyone can do to block us. And we must first deceive ourselves before others may do so.

So if you would, please click to read Mr. Pelletier's analysis of this particular planetary square, and if you determine that it doesn't describe we-the-people more closely than I wish it did, please leave a comment here to let me know about it. Some of its traits or facets seem eerily prevalent in the New Millennium.

My feeling is that we Americans carry our Revolutionary past around on our backs like a snail shell! We even try to get other countries to follow our example and adopt our form of government (thereby missing several points that a common sense approach would avoid entirely particularly since we-the-people are confused about which form we actually have anymore. We had a Republic but haven't kept it, and we're barely qualified to call ourselves a democracy. In fact, other people laugh at us when we do. This is bad.)

Yes, change in America (and in the world) is necessary, all right. But ruling upper-crusters seem to have a very different idea from what the people think is just and good for their own nation and lives. The plutocrats are decidedly obsessive about their plans, too. Obsession is another face of Pluto, of course, the secret hand sniveling and lurking behind the scenes of Power.

Be advised: your silence on the 'hidden square' matter shall be construed as willing acquiescence!

So check out the post above and weigh in, if you may. Perhaps you'll agree that much of America's collective psyche is described to a T - and it contains advice we'd do well to heed if only we would. First, on a personal level which eventually affects the world on the collective level. Well, just think about it.

Note: the post you're reading now counts as my Monday entry for SO'W since I'm taking a bus man's holiday tomorrow...or is a Sabbatical? ;p
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