Sep 4, 2010

Scott Simon encapsulates Labor Day 2010

No Astrology this morning, just a link to one of the best Simon Says features I've heard NPR Weekend Edition's Scott Simon deliver in a long time. It gives an intimate picture of Labor Day 2010 in America - personal without being too personal - and the sorry unemployment rate that Americans and their families are dealing with.

They'd Trade Labor Day for Days of Labor briefly but succinctly encapsulates the experience of living without gainful employment, and if you missed it this morning, I recommend a listen to Mr. Simon's voice rather than reading his text.

Also from NPR comes explanation on why US unemployment numbers are now the highest of any nation's in the world. Quite a change since the year 2000 - pre-Bush-Cheney.

You know, I half expected a small mention that US corporations might be doing their part to undermine a Democratic president in the White House.

What a crazy idea! Right?

Well, we all have crazy ideas at some time or another. Like deciding to vote in November 2010 to put GOP big spenders in or back in office! How crazy is that?
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