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Sep 6, 2010

Autumn Equinox 2010 on Capitol Hill

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox September 22, 2010 Capitol Hill, Washington DC; Hour Saturn; chart-ruler Mercury 12Vir49 in 4th house of Domestic Scene and Real Estate - unaspected; Sun 00Lib00:00 in 4th house conjunct US natal Midheaven (Sibly chart); Moon 27Pis11 in 10th house of Public Recognition, Status, and Career; MC 00Pis01 conjoins America's Pre-Natal Eclipse 00Pis33 in the 12 South Series which we are in now: issues at first seem worse, then suddenly clear with successful outcomes (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology - let's hope so.)

As you see, the 12S Series manifested on July 11, 2010 @ 19Can24 (we're in it now) and falls within the 2nd house of Money, Earning Ability, and Values in the Autumn EQ chart. Fall EQ 2010's Saturn rules 8th house and is positioned at 6Lib46 which inhibits or delays Creative Projects, Gambling, and Risk-Taking. This may be a good thing considering how Capitol Hill has spent and gambled with taxpayers' money the last several years and put us into beggarship. Alternately, Saturn here may indicate loss through gambling or risk-taking, so caution is advised.

The big, honkin' mass of T-Squares all point to manipulative puppet master Pluto 2Cap49 (again opposing US natal Venus in Cancer); Mr. Hades refuses to share his power or reveal his true plans; highlighted in yellow, upper right, is the list of the midpoint pictures formed by the T-SQs; please look them up for some are repeats which I've noted here before.)

One date to mark on our calendars is Nov 9, 2010 when the Moon meets Pluto meeting the transiting North Node of encounters with destiny. The dragon's head (NN) conjoins Pluto, the dragon, while the dragon's tail (SN) swipes US natal Venus, planet of evaluations and relationships. Moon-Pluto-NN 3Cap36 hook up @ 3:13 pm est, Washington DC. (I'm using the Moon as a timer here to get an exact moment; the Pluto/NN conjunction lasts longer than that, of course.)

Soon to come is this Wednesday's New Moon 15Vir41 of September 8, 2010 (Rosh Hashanah) also also falls in 4th house of the EQ chart (noted as 'Syz Moon' = Syzygy Moon, the prior lunation), along with the unaspected chart-ruler Mercury, planet of commerce, trade, young people, reporters, journalists, and bloggers. All types of communications, speeches and speech writers are also under Mercury's purview. That the speedy one is unaspected strengthens the mercurial energies of the chart within its house and sign (with the effects lasting until at least Winter Solstice 2010 - or perhaps until Spring EQ 2011.) Plus, Mercury is strong in one of its own signs.

With Virgo being the sign of the critic, book writer, and health worker, we may expect emphasis placed on these areas to be of great interest in the US. If a new book hits the best seller list, it will most likely be from a home grown author, or its topic will center on US concerns which include real estate.

Mercury in 4th house may also indicate a moving of residence, and its energy may boomerang into the 10th house of Career. Moon in sympathetic Pisces is an interesting placement and with sign Pisces at MC, career decisions may overwhelm the people (Moon); much publicity may continue to center on (un)employment issues.

Plus, Luna nears the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction 28Pis10/33, both Rx, a pairing of energies that describes explorations, scientific, or technological realms. Jupiter rules Pisces with Neptune as co-ruler (as I say around here) and with Neptune 26AQ27 Rx conj Chiron 26:59 Rx - both conjunct US natal Moon - we may expect more news and concerns about oil spills and blowouts, gas leaks, or flooding here or abroad (9th house, but conjunct US n Moon.)

Now I don't usually include the mysterious Dark or Black Moons but I have penned one in because it conjoins the Neptune-Chiron-US natal Moon trio at MC: it's Dark Moon w/mat2 which I note as a depression indicator and as a spot in a horoscope where something is being hidden. Since it's near MC, perhaps revelations about the Deepwater Horizon blowout (and other water disasters) will be aired in the next few weeks or months.

ASC 23Gem00 brings up America's natal Mars, planet of action, energy, motivation, quarrels, and war. Fixed Stars Capella (Alpha Auriga, of constellation Auriga, The Charioteer: the need for independence; taking the reins of control) and Phact (Alpha Columba Noae: exploring unchartered waters; seeking the unknown; the quest for adventure) are rising as well. Note the keyphrases for Phact in relation to America's tendency to expand and invade territories.

Also, Columba Noae = The Dove of Noah's Ark, which is hopefully a reference to President Obama's participation (or refereeing?) of the Middle East peace process - such as there is one. 'Columba' or 'Columbia' also refer to America as does 'Atlantis' (which also relates to ancient Atlantis and to the Atlantic Ocean; keywords: where one feels doomed; abuse of power); you see that
Atlantis is penned into the 4th house and is conjoined with nasty old asteroid, Nemesis (divine retribution; the unbeatable foe.) Foes we got, foes we continue to make as abuse of power occurs on all sides.

One worst case scenario may be that the 4th house Mercury unaspected in criticizing Virgo with difficult asteroids = terrorists in the homeland, yet links to the US military cannot be ruled out (US natal Mars rising) especially with US n Neptune in 4th house - our national Mars/Neptune square may be at work with its confused motivations and/or deceptive actions. US security needs are on the agenda.

And if the 29th-crisis-degreed Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse (here, in 1st house) affects the markets as previously predicted along with the finance-influencing Solar Eclipse of Jan 4, 2011 (opposing US natal Sun and also at a critical degree), troops may be held on stand-by and perhaps for good reason - to control the angry peasants. Hope not, but there it is. Disagree if you like, add your insights if you please.

Well, as usual, there are more factors to consider yet my blogging time grows short on this Monday holiday with company coming for dinner. If you wish to discuss, please leave an on-topic, courteous comment with no spammy links inside for they will be deleted! (You know who ya are.)

Perhaps you'll wish to mention the ongoing Venus/Mars hook-up, now in intense and passionate Scorpio (sign of Big Business and Surveillance) which here hang out in the risky 5th house of Romance...'6Sco' = "A Gold Rush" - which may be a clue to gold 'piercing' (Mars conjunct Eros) a new and higher level of pricing.

Gold is awfully heavy to transport and store though, isn't it?


Here's interesting info concerning the Fixed Stars linked to US inaugurations, both when they were held in early March and the switch to January 20. Bernadette Brady compares the inaugurations of Richard Nixon and Barack Obama and why 'scandals and rumors' accompany all US presidencies since the date was switched to January.

Plus, you may wish to check out a few brief details concerning Autumn Equinox 2010's ethereal Sun Libra-Moon Pisces blend.


navigators said...


Some reflection on what Pluto in Capricorn is doing to the US Venus...... FYI

Jude Cowell said...

Ah! From me, you mean? i've posted on these transits a bunch but as i've said before, that's a minus of blogs, imho - you either have to repeat yourself (which may be tiresome for regular readers) or link to the topic in a previous post (which may be tiresome for the blogger)!

Tr Pluto opposing US n Venus brings difficulties in relationships incl business partnerships; current conditions and circumstances are in conflict w our values, priorities, and material possessions. Jealousy and manipulation is prevalent, and since I take Pluto as 'interference from outside the US' methinks the global banking elites are monkeying w US valuations and markets - applying pressure (and they have been for some time.)

And naturally, powerful Pluto has the upper hand (claw) and will move on to opppose US n Jupiter, then Sun, then eventually, our Mercury Rx.

Difficulties lie in the years ahead, sad to say, brought to us by Pluto in goatish Cap, sign of the olde country w Pluto's transformative function very active toward the US, a Cancerian nation.

Well, thanks for the chance to expound a little on this bummer of a subject! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Well, i neglectfully left out the final coup: tr Pluto opposite US n Pluto, a titanic, no-compromise power struggle - perhaps a global war but don't mention it to anyone! This one moves into orb (5 degrees) in about 9 or 10 years... jc

clymela said...

Thank you dear astrologer for this one although I imagine I could also say "I think?!".
I was amazed by how quickly I experienced an intake of breath when seeing the Chiron/Neptune/MC-what a heartache there. BP/Gulf of Mexico? Or even deeper?

Jude Cowell said...

Oh Clymela, i know what you mean. When i first saw the chart it was disappointing to see the Nep/Chiron conj at the top of the chart though i knew it still sat upon US n Moon.

Not sure how deep, m'dear, but definitely our watery affairs continue.

Stay strong, Jude