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Sep 4, 2010

Scott Simon encapsulates Labor Day 2010

No Astrology this morning, just a link to one of the best Simon Says features I've heard NPR Weekend Edition's Scott Simon deliver in a long time. It gives an intimate picture of Labor Day 2010 in America - personal without being too personal - and the sorry unemployment rate that Americans and their families are dealing with.

They'd Trade Labor Day for Days of Labor briefly but succinctly encapsulates the experience of living without gainful employment, and if you missed it this morning, I recommend a listen to Mr. Simon's voice rather than reading his text.

Also from NPR comes explanation on why US unemployment numbers are now the highest of any nation's in the world. Quite a change since the year 2000 - pre-Bush-Cheney.

You know, I half expected a small mention that US corporations might be doing their part to undermine a Democratic president in the White House.

What a crazy idea! Right?

Well, we all have crazy ideas at some time or another. Like deciding to vote in November 2010 to put GOP big spenders in or back in office! How crazy is that?

Aug 15, 2010

Catfood Commission vs Social Security benefits

Today I am working on an America-infused article for Julie Demboski's Eclipse e-zine so I don't expect to be posting today beyond this heads-up which concerns a post of mine you may have missed.

If you're in the mood for 1930s to 2010 financials mixed with a smidgen of Astrology and embedded within a classic film try:

Money in the Land of Oz.

And check out a previous post on this blog which includes a link to Alan Grayson's petition to Congress to protect Social Security against Alan Simpson's descriptively labeled 'Catfood Commission'. You might wish to watch the video of FDR signing the 1935 SS Act and making a few remarks on the topic as well.

Millions of Americans were starving in the 1920s and 1930s and tiny little SS checks made a big difference for them. If Simpson and his GOP comrades have their way, millions in the US will be starving again while our chaos-creating social tinkerers live high on the public dollar with abundant corporate enabling.

Vote in November, Send a Message: keep your greedy claws off my SS!

And please remember under whose watch the engineered financial collapse we now 'enjoy' fermented and blew up so that global-minded 'austerity cuts' politicians (Ds and Rs) in the US don't have to wait for Judgment Day to receive payoff for their craven actions against their fellow man and woman. For it's women who live longer - so obviously it is they will be the ones to suffer in larger numbers.

Vote in November and beware the closed-door planners of the Catfood Commission!