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Aug 1, 2012

The Competing Mercuries of Obama v Romney 2012

Obama v Romney 2012 = Proud Lion v Wiggly Fish!

by Jude Cowell

As you know, in Astrology the planet of plans, planning ability, thinking processes, communication styles, bargaining techniques, the senses, manual dexterity, and The Mind is quicksilver Mercury. With the presidential candidates of 2012 said to be running neck'n'neck (except in the 'swing states' where Mr. Obama is ahead), and no plans for 2013 and beyond are being offered up by either of them.

So let's act sassily and draw back a curtain on the natural born talents each man possesses as indicated by the signs in which their natal Mercuries are posited. Aspects to and from Mercury and its house (department of life) position will be included, as well as some info on their Secondary Progressed (SP) Mercuries in 2012 which will show under what influences their Mercuries currently function.

Obama's Natal Mercury in Leo: a Strong Will and Fixed Purposes

President Barack Obama 'BHO' (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii) first drew breath when speedy Mercury was traversing dramatic, royal Leo @2:19 in his 6th house of Health-Work-Service; Leo is the sign of The Lion and of the Prodigal Son (or, the Prodigal Father), and here, Mercury is ruled by the Sun (essence; ego.)

BHO's natal Mercury makes two separating (unconscious; talents and tendencies he was born with) aspects: a sextile to the Moon in Gemini (1S02) and an opposition to Jupiter @00AQ52 Rx (degree of US Inaugural Sun each January 20th.) However, Jupiter is 5 degrees 32 mins from n Saturn @25Cap20 Rx, strong in its own sign of Capricorn (government, law, and business) yet Saturn is weakened in a Water house (12th H of Politics with 19Cap01 on its cusp, though some say Saturn 'joys' in the 12th H of Sorrows!), is Rx (weak or absent father--'prodigal'), and as chart-ruler (ASC 18AQ03) must co-rule with his 7th H Uranus in Leo. Perhaps their orb is too wide to count a dissociate Mercury-Saturn opposition here though you may consider it if you wish.

When positively used, a Mercury-Moon sextile denotes one who has learned to be patient and listen to others, and who doesn't allow feelings to affect rational judgment. Engaging in new ways of thinking has brought him onto conflict with those who tend to think in terms of cliches and platitudes and who are too quarrelsome to feel compassion for others. This is an empathetic aspect (made stronger with n Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini) when thinking Mercury is balanced with the feeling Moon, yet a tendency to placate others may be noticed. Retreat from intellectual attack is used as a strategy so that a counterattack may be made from a different perspective. Decision-making based on accomodating others may be seen by opponents as a character weakness and decisions are often overruled by those he wishes to appease. Yet an up-side to this sextile is a pronounced talent for debating which naturally is helpful to President Obama in Politics.

Mercury opposite Jupiter gives much inspiration but practicality must be found elsewhere in the chart. Having Saturn in Capricorn suffices most of the time especially if dependable (and probably older) advisers give pragmatic advice! The road to success is presumed to be 'easy' by this opposition though others may be alienated along the way if a potential know-it-all attitude is allowed too much of an upper hand in the personality. Inconsistent statements and judgments which must later be reconsidered and 'walked back' are possible if details are overlooked, ignored, or not given their proper weight.

Yet inattention to detail is mitigated by having Mercury oriental (planet that rises last before the Sun), a condition which always dots the Is and crosses the Ts, and has a need "to conform to clearly defined expectations and procedures" (Tyl), a basic trait which clued me in back in November 2007 (when Saturn opposed Uranus, remember?) that Senator Obama would be at least as much of a status-quo Saturnian president in many areas rather than a purely radical Uranian. Mercury oriental may be considered inconclusive since it's often the case that Mercury rises before the Sun, yet the president has carried on many programs and practices--and cabinet members' tenures--from the Bush years which gives credence to the Saturnian theory in my view.

With a Mercury-Jupiter opposition, an insatiable appetite for knowledge is pronounced though sometimes fragments of information may be deemed 'enough' as the Mercural mind leaps forward; law, education, government, writing, and public relations are favored by this opposition (thinking v expansion brings astute awareness with Jupiter relating as a future-oriented Aquarian--Saturn is the traditional ruler of AQ) though legal entanglements may occur at key times.

President Obama's successful passage of the Affordable Health Care Act (which should be 'Health Insurance Act') out of the starting gate of his presidency in 2009/2010 may be in part attributable to his Mercury (plans, legislation, agreements) in the 6th H of Health along with the White House's focus on the American diet and the sorriness of it.

Another aid for his Mercury-Jupiter opposition is that both planets are part of a Mystic Rectangle pattern (practical idealism) long with Moon and Midheaven which gives his Mercury-Jupiter-Moon energies an Angular place in the broader world in which to operate (if you count an Angle as part of a planetary pattern, that is; MC = Career and Public Standing.) Charisma is indicated by this sparkly cosmic pattern as well and you may agree that he's favored with a sparkle which informs his showy Leonine style of rhetoric with its dramatically-timed pauses.

In BHO's natal chart, Mercury rules 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children (cusp in Gemini = two children!), and 8th H of Corporations, Big Business, Shared Resources, Transformation, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, and the Occult (cusp 25Vir55, sign of The Critic and closely associated with America's founding mystics.)

Now there is one natal midpoint picture in which n Mercury plays a role...

Mercury-Mars = NN: people with similar interests in expressing or teaching competitive practices; acquaintances with irritating styles of speech (ex: Romney's Tour des Gaffes? Boehner's tears for fears?); communicating with associates initiates their activities. (MM.)

The Current Condition of Obama's Secondary Progressed Mercury

When BHO's natal chart is progressed to August 2012 (approximately one degree per year), we find that SP Mercury has moved into balancing, diplomatic Libra (in SP 7th H of Partnerships--Libra is also a war sign.) After passing through most of Leo and 30 degrees of studious Virgo, SP Mercury is now snugged between SP Mars 25Lib33 and SP Neptune 9Sco39 and is now ruled by the Libran Venus. A midpoint picture slowly perfects as SP Mercury progresses nearer the middle degree of Mars-Neptune...any, all, or none may apply:

Mars-Neptune = Mercury: fast but angry encounters with holy people (or, holier-than-thou people?); showing adaptability when taking the power of dreams or visions to others; energetic aquisition of mystical or magical knowledge (Mystic Rectangle; Mercury rules 8th H. (Mdpt pic: M. Munkasey.)

Romney's Natal Mercury in Pisces: Swim Away, Swim Away!

As noted previously on this blog, Mitt Romney 'MR' (March 12, 1947 9:51 am EST Detroit, MI) was born when Mercury Rx, Mars, and Sun were in Pisces, sign of The Fish--or, more precisely, the Two Fish, so he thinks, acts, and is a Pisces. One of the two fish swims up, the other swims down...which way does Mitt swim in this old world? It's a choice upon which his life and ultimate destiny depend as he tries to avoid being caught in the net of accountability.

First, it's only fair to note that thinking Mercury in oceanic Pisces can be quite confused, vague, and even deceptive and its Rx condition only makes MR's flip-floppy reconsiderations of his reconsiderations more palpable and problematic--if one is trying to be clear. Well, after his recent Gaffe Tour of the UK, Israel, and Poland, he's given some of us cause to wonder if The Fish realizes that his remarks are caught on camera phones and on modern media recording devices--and that his flubs only make him look dumb, anachronistic, and/or deceptive when he says that he didn't say what we heard him say. Ah, Pisces, you are so easily confused! And often ensared within your own net of illusions. More info on this, below...

And yet...Mercury in Pisces has telepathic abilities, a vivid imagination (trouble separating fact from fiction?), and is vulnerable to subliminal suggestion. Is this how he 'studies' for political speeches, events, or interviews? Hmm...wonder who stands over the aquarium? Are they still of this world?

Now Mercury is 7 Degrees 41 minutes from an applying conjunction with feisty Mars which may account somewhat for MR's interest in Politics. Perhaps if they were closer he could express himself with sharper focus though I suppose that in his remarks there is evidence of a 'let the chips fall where they may' style to a certain degree along with a talent for debate. So he "misspeaks"? Let the chips fall where they may, for he's always self-satisfied!

Natal Mercury is involved in a midpoint picture...

Sun-Mars = Mercury: flexibility when meeting competitors; mental training for physical activities (MM.)

A closer applying aspect (5A35) by Mercury is a lovely trine with priestly Chiron denoting powerful healing and occult skills and a pleasurable sense of intuitive knowing--'a wise old soul' is he (Clow.) The Mercury-Chiron cycle relates to commerce as well as to communication and intellect (Nolle) and a trine between them shows MR to be a communicator (Reagan returns?) and role model or teacher for the masses (no thanks--financial murkiness is not a good role model to my way of Mercury-in-Capricorn thinking!) An aspect between Mercury-Chiron points to the importance of Mormonism in Mr. Romney's life and possibly his position as a priest.

In addition--and here lies one of the quirky facets of MR--there is a separating (unconscious; inherited from father and/or mother) square between Mercury and his 1st house Uranus @17Gem51. (Radical rebel Uranus also squares n Sun 21Pis11, see below.) All three Pisces planets are in 11th H of Groups and Associations (the secretive, cultish LDS Church?); his Mercury-Uranus square bestows eccentricity in his thinking and opinions which are usually at odds with the rest of society's prevailing beliefs. Obnoxiousness and belligerence (bullying) are indicated by a Mercury-Uranus square; a rude impatience with established facts--supporting Pisces' murky relationship with the truth--forces Mr. Romney to 'create whatever truths require the least commitment' from him--he 'refuses to accept responsibility for what he says'! (Pelletier.)

Projecting himself prematurely, as he did in the UK, Israel, and Poland, may lead to being discredited and progressives and liberals are having a jolly time of it from Stewart and Colbert to Stephanie Miller and others you can probably name! His inability to compromise--Mercury SQ Uranus--indicates much learning is ahead if Mr. Romney wishes to be thought of as a 'statesman' in spite of what his adviser Dan Senor said today in defense of Mr. Romney's (weirdly out-of-touch) statement on the Palestinian people.

Sun square Uranus adds more eccentricity and sometimes unprincipled behavior to the candidate's personality and supports his tendency to be at odds with society--here is an 'upstart' and a 'troublemaker' says this aspect. "Bush on steroids" may well describe the Uranian Romney, as did Vice President Biden recently.

Romney's natal chart is ruled by mutable Mercury as is his 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children; nebulous Neptune Rx in Libra is posited in 5th H. Whatever house has Gemini on its cusp (ASC = his nibs) is where multiplicity and/or duplicity constellates in the chart; Neptune is the planet of fraud and falsehood, and its sign of Pisces is associated with priestly functions.

The Current Condition of Romney's Secondary Progressed Mercury

Progressing Romney's natal horoscope to August 2012, we find SP Mercury in Taurus 25:36 conjunct SP Sun 25:16--both in SP 11th H and amongst the stars of Taurus the Bull (the mystical Pleiades of the Seven Weeping Sisters.) As you know, Alcyone is the major star of the Pleiades and was occulted and stimulated by the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse. Alcyone's key words are: something to cry about (Brady); in exile; unlucky (A. Louis.)

(Let's not mention here how intolerant, greedy, and stubborn Taurus can be, okay?)

Not Mercurial but of importance in Romney's SP chart because of his candidacy is his SP Moon @8Ari29 which is now reaching SP MC (The Goal; Aspirations) @10Ari48. '11Ari' = "The President of the Country" in Sabian Symbols so we clearly see his aspiration and goal on display, yet SP Moon exactly opposes SP Neptune (8Lib19 Rx) at the Foundation (IC) of the chart! This denotes his dreamy hopes, a mask worn for the public, and the unstable conditions created by his obfuscations and deceptions--his self-delusions and illusions of grandeur.

A Moon-Neptune opposition also brings in the public (Moon) and the media (Neptune) along with the propaganda and fakery the media always treats us to. It's a creative duo, yes, but can show his illusions about himself ('11Ari') which may not be based on solid ground--for watery Neptune may wash them down The Drain (IC.) Moon-Neptune also shows his overseas trip for publicity's sake--and to meet with fraud-perpetrating funders (ex: Libor bankers), plus, the confusion and disbelief surrounding his trip. A tendency to be victimized by parasites may also be a problem for Mr. Romney as long as SP Moon is within orb of veiling Neptune.

Now SP Mercury in Taurus shows that MR has developed a more rigid, fixed style of thinking than Pisces naturally provides him. No aspects are formed with or by SP Mercury so we must rely on the house of Mercury (11th) for info, plus, the houses SP Mercury rules, the 3rd H of Communications (cusp 10Vir45) and the 12th H of Politics (cusp 25Gem46) and Karma where much duplicity lurks behind the curtain and in secret deals...and within the waters of his unconscious mind...and this makes Mercurial gaffes all the easier to provide for our comedic relief!

On the topic of presidential plans and the lack of mentioning them, you may wish to check out Robert Reich's view on

The Terrible Economy and the Election of 2012.

My feeling is that neither candidate puts forth definite ideas about the economy while campaigning for a deeper reason than a wish not to provide a target for an opponent to lambast: because those who call the tune from behind the scenes will decide what's in store for the American people and for the US economy, and whichever mouthpiece inhabits the White House come January 21, 2013 must simply follow the globalist script or else. Very sorry to type it, but there it is. If you don't know this already, you may as well for demons must be faced and identified if they are ever to be vanquished.


Here are a few astro-notes on the colleague-convincing Rep. Paul Ryan whose society-busting Budget Plan has been deemd by Gov. Mitt Romney to be "marvelous." Fresh Air broadcasted an interview with Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker today concerning Mr. Lizza's article, Fussbudget: How Paul Ryan captured the GOP. The good news is that privatizing Social Security is no longer in the Ryan Budget but is cautious yet risk-taking Romney, the self-defensive Pisces, "subtly distancing himself" from Paul Ryan?

Listen, read, or download the podcast of the interview with Ryan Lizza at NPR.

Apr 8, 2012

"The Fountainhead" (full film/video) w astro-notes

Are you stalwart and curious enough to get through this entire self-important film with the screenplay written by the novel's author herself, Ayn Rand, the primary 'objectivist' psychopath followed by modern-day acolytes with the win-at-any-cost attitude such as Rep. Paul Ryan?

Oh dear! Then you're in for it now so cue up the video for Gary Cooper, Patricia Neal, and Raymond Burr star in, The Fountainhead:

Shouting out to Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending a link to this disturbing old film. And you may wish to check out a few astro-details on Paul Ryan and his idol Ayn Rand, born in 1905, a watershed year as historical events go.

Plus, listen to or read NPR's November 2011 feature on Ayn Rand: On Capitol Hill Rand's Atlas Can't Be Shrugged Off.

Then if you make it that far, you should be quite fed up with Rand and her misguided brand of hardhearted callousness.

Jul 25, 2011

A "Super Congress"? Astrology of DC's Debt Talks July 2011

An Astro-Peek @ Debts Talks July 22--July 26, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Ongoing in Washington DC with 'no deal' reached over the weekend, the so-called debt talks and the August 2 default brou-ha-ha (Mercury, planet of negotiations and contracts, retrogrades on August 2--not good!) may in part be a set-up in order to make the creation of a sneaky anti-constitutional Super Congress seem necessary.

NPR has fresh coverage this morning of Washington's financial stand-off along with most other news outlets and blogs as both political parties 'hold stubbornly' to their sacred cows, red herrings, and favorite fear tactics meant to sway the public.

As you know, this play book has been used many times before such as when Barack Obama and pseudo-candidate John McCain, who theatrically 'suspended' his 2008 presidential campaign, rushed back to Capitol Hill to "rescue" the US economy and the global economy with it! Apparently the actual success of their 'rescue' efforts of 2008 remains in doubt circa 2011.

And of course, we know how things turned out--Wall Street was pumped up with billions of dollars to pay international creditors while Main Street USA continues to teeter on the brink.

Economist Paul Krugman's Sunday op-ed makes salient points about those substandard ratings agencies and the debt, while Robert Reich speaks up on behalf of Medicare and Social Security. Professor Reich was once a trustee for the Social Security insurance fund so he knows whereof he writes.

So yes, as you may imagine, the Jupiter-Neptune duo of speculators, spendthrifts, wastrels, inflationary measures, and grand schemes is active by midpoint on August 2, 2011 with Uranus in Aries ('Utopians'--Ebertin) as the catalyst!

Note: you may wish to scroll down this blog's sidebar to 'Natal Chart Astro-Peeks' for brief pictures of some of the players in the economic drama now being performed in Washington DC at the Capitol Hill Theater.

Using the 'Images for Integration' from Charles and Suzi Harvey's Sun Sign-Moon Sign book, let's track the conscious-unconscious implications starting on Friday July 22 @ 12 am edt and going until Tuesday July 26, 2011 @ 11:59:59 pm edt, just to look under the hood of these political 'talks'...a few additional details are included with Sabian Symbols a mixture of Rudhyar and Jones:

Friday July 22: Sun 29Can02 (a critical or crisis degree) '29Can' = "A Muse Weighing Newborn Twins in Golden Scales"--'Keynote: the intuitive weighing of alternatives' and Moon 17Ari39--'18Ari' = "An Empty Hammock Stretched Between Two Trees"--'Keynote: A constructive alternation of activity and rest'...

Sun Can/Moon Ari: "A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause." (Two trees, rwo parties? Pelosi? jc)

Saturday July 23: Sun 00Leo00--"30Can" = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" or "1Leo" = "Blood Rushes to a Man's Head as His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under the Spur of His Ambition"--'Keynote: An irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness' and Moon 29Ari31 (crisis degree) = "30Ari" = "A Duck Pond and Its Brood"--'Keynote: the realization of natural boundaries'...

Sun Leo/Moon Ari: "A knight errant dedicates his next grand adventure to the mistress of his heart, and then rides off into the sunset in a cloud of dust."

(Sadly, that Image refers all too well to the 'New Knights Templar' murderer of children in Oslo Norway on Saturday. All my condolences go to the affected families and friends of the victims.)

Sunday July 24: Sun 00Leo57 (see "1Leo", above) and Moon 11Tau28 = "12Tau" = "A Young Couple Walk Down Main Street, Window-Shopping"--'Keynote: the fascination of the youthful ego with the product of its culture'...

Sun Leo/Moon Tau: "Old King Cole was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he; he called for his pipe and he called for his bowl and he called for his fiddlers three."

(You know an Rs and Ds 'peace pipe' would be most efficacious about now. Another idea if the president ends up having to decide which bills get paid is to discontinue all congressional and staffer paychecks until they get their sorry act together and govern instead of collapsing the economy of our nation!)

Monday July 25: Sun 1Leo54 = "2Leo" = "An Epidemic of Mumps"--'Keynote: the spreading power of individual crises through a collectivity' and Moon 23Tau31 = "24Tau" = "An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging from His Belt"--'Keynote: the aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation'...

Sun Leo/Moon Tau, same Image as for Sunday, above.

As you see, the Sun in early Leo conjoins President Obama's natal Mercury (clever solutions but grandstanding a potential), and he will have a Lunar Return 3Gem21 @ 7:04 pm edt this evening--will satisfaction be achieved? Not so fast, for the Sun also opposes his natal Jupiter, a time when others refuse to recognize one's efforts, pride and jealousy of others get in the way of political progress, and superficiality rules most activities...political theater, dahlink!)

Tuesday @ 11:59:59 pm edt July 26, 2011: Sun 3Leo49 = "4Leo" = "A Formally Dressed Elderly Man Stands Near Trophies He Brought Back from a Hunting Expedition"--'Keynote: the masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals' and Moon 18Gem33 = "19Gem" - "A Large Archaic Volume Reveals a Traditional Wisdom"--'Keynote: contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality'...

To close, here are two Images for Sun Leo/Moon Gem: "On a bright summer's day a butterfly turns into a radiant being...Children singing 'Happy Birthday to you' at a celebrity birthday party."

Will senior or ranking bureaucrats take the lead and raise the debt ceiling--a tradition? Will debt negotiations be successful so that Americans be will be 'partying' by midnight on Tuesday or on Wednesday over a successful agreement between Republicans and Democrats which will stave off (for now) the propagandized economic disaster Washington has worked for decades to mire us in?

Well, let's not forget that all through 2009, the first year of Mr. Obama's presidency, Jupiter and Neptune met in Great Conjunction/s (a 13-year cycle) directly upon US natal Moon (we-the-people) with this midpoint picture the results of which we still struggle with in an attempt to make heads or tails of our nation's true condition...any, all, or none may apply:

Tr Jupiter/Neptune = natal Moon: little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; a desire to dream (go to the latest movie! trust Washington! jc); an emotional swoon; going with the wind; uncertainty; real v unreal. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

And there we have it: real v unreal as governmental denizens of The Beltway gaze once again in rapt attention at their own self-serving bellybuttons while Main Street languishes in the dust of globalist greed and bald-faced power plays to establish a secret society agenda of world domination.

Now if only I were sassy enough, I'd add one thing to the Jupiter/Neptune = Moon picture above: feeling like a big bunch of victimized suckers. Aren't you?


For a more personal astro-view of the week, you may wish to try Julie Demboski's Astrology. Around Stars Over Washington, Julie Demboski's brilliant insights are always recommended!

Jun 24, 2011

House votes No to US military action in Libya 6.24.11

Have congress members found their backbones or are they worried about their fund-raising for the next election? Well, on C-SPAN I watched much of this morning's 'debate' on the House floor over action in Libya so this news nugget is of little surprise.

I hope the US drops this ill-timed, unaffordable, and immoral mission and that you too caught Dennis Kucinich's impassioned speeches this morning - his remarks are definitely worth finding if you can, and I shall search for a video of him for posting here asap:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: House Rejects Measure To Continue U.S Role In Libya

The House has voted down a measure giving President Obama the authority to continue the U.S. military action against Libya. More at NPR.

More on this and other topics is being broadcast as I type by the excellent Thom Hartmann. And the transiting South Node (SN) is nearing US natal Mars (military; god of war) closer and closer as you read these words - and we have a US Mars Return coming soon...

May 4, 2011

Timeline of the bin Laden assassination: Pluto Rising

Here's NPR's timeline of the May 1st raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan (his hidey-hole - considerably ritzier than Saddam Hussein's had been.)

Though I've been studying horoscopes of the event I've held back from posting about it and have since found it better to use the chart provided by Bernadette Brady with Moon 24Ari08 and 8Cap39 rising with saboteur and assassin Pluto 7Cap22 Rx, along with the brittle energy of the sometimes dangerous Saturn/Uranus midpoint; Sun is @ 11Tau01 (SolarFire software gives me 11:02.)

To create an event chart that tallies with Ms. Brady's version, I must use:

May 1, 2011 6:14:54 pm GMT Abbottabad, Pakistan.

It is an Hour of the fluctuating Moon, a symbol of the Middle East when in Crescent phase, and 2 days prior to the New Moon 12Tau30 of May 3rd ('13Tau' = "A Man Handling Baggage." Now I don't intend to be ghoulish but a body bag slipped into the Arabian Sea does come to mind.)

Therefore, at the WHAT? Point of the horoscope (ASC) there are two midpoint pictures formed:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: acts of violence or brutality (now we have a specific world event that is well-described by this ongoing midpoint picture and T-Square pointing to Pluto the Assassin); concealing changes to activities (by keeping the mission mum from Pakistani officials); harm through force majeure; a desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort (US Navy Seals.)

Saturn/Uranus = ASC: being placed in difficult circumstances; the fate of standing alone in the world; suffering hardship caused by others; shared emotional suffering; mourning and bereavement.

The May 1, 2011 assassination falls within the 13 North Solar Eclipse Series which manifested on January 4, 2011 @ 13Cap38/39 and which heralded a potential for a 'central event having wide-range impact' for the US government (Capricorn, sign of government) with 13Cap38 opposing US natal Sun (leadership.)

Since there are many versions of natal horoscopes for Osama bin Laden due to conflicting dates of birth, I've never published a chart for him because Lunar Calendar births are not always easy to rectify into a Solar Calendar such as we use in Western Astrology, even when a correct birth date is known. And I may decide to never publish bin Laden's assassination chart either.

My hope is that President Obama will stand by his decision today not to release photos of the man whose legend can still launch a thousand suicide bombers and I agree heartily with those who say that releasing the photos would only act as a recruiting tool without providing doubters evidence that would sway them if they're determined to remain unswayed (or pretending they doubt or critique for political reasons - the 2012 election cometh. Have you heard it yet? Bush couldn't. Obama not only can, he did.)

One more astro-note: at Barack Obama's natal Midheaven during this event, I noticed an interesting asteroid with an archetype which may indeed apply to our nation's 10-year quixotic search for Osama bin Laden:

Sisyphus, the Determined.


America, Your Ticket Has Arrived: Leave Afghanistan and Iraq Asap!

May 3, 2011

NPR turns 40 today with a Uranus/Chiron opposition

Looking at the natal horoscope of NPR's first-ever broadcast of All Things Considered, it's interesting to note a few of the astro-factors shown.

Broadcaster Jupiter Rx 3Sag58 ('4Sag' = "A Little Child Learning to Walk"!) is in process of its Great Conjunction with Neptune 2Sag13 Rx in 2nd house with Neptune representing media and its masses of listeners. Let's consider - not all things - but a few of the basics in the natal horoscope set for 5:00 pm edt Washington DC on May 3, 1971. We see from the date that NPR launched in the midst of Richard Nixon's two terms and with anti-war protesters marching and being arrested on DC streets for speaking truth to power (my generation!)

The Jupiter/Neptune combo represents speculation, grand plans, and sometimes, sympathy for people at a disadvantage.

You may wish to see NPR's Wiki bio for more of its historic details.

May 3, 1971 at 5:00 pm in Washington DC saw 7Lib19 rising with Uranus 10Lib15 Rx in tow indicating NPR's newness, progressiveness, technological innovations, individualism, originality, and the ability to cope with whatever occurs.

It's an Hour of Jupiter, perfect for Jupiter's broadcasting function, and Jupiter in his natural sign, fiery Sagittarius, shows international interests in foreign lands and peoples, a liberal mindset, and a capacity to inspire people with a vision of how much better everything might be. (Self-righteousness must be guarded against.)

Chart-ruler Venus at critical degree (12Ari18 and snugged between Chiron and Mercury in 7th house of Partnerships) makes no applying aspects so its sign and house positions are important factors in how things proceeded for the then-new radio network-syndicate. Venus = '13Ari' = "A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Now Safely Hidden", a Sabian Symbol which speaks of having a "very deep or hallowed purpose." (M. E. Jones.)

This 'hallowed purpose' tallies with NPR's Midheaven (The Goal; Aspiration) 8Can20 which showcases Fixed Star Alhena, 'to have a mission' and which falls, of course, between US natal Jupiter '6Can' and Sun '14Can'.

Venus also rules the monied 8th H and its inhabitants, Sun and Saturn.

An 11th house Moon 29Leo59 is at a critical 29th degree as well but conjoins Fixed Star Regulus, one of the Royal Stars of Persia, keywords: 'success if revenge if avoided.' All the Royal Stars have cautions showing what flaws will cause the promised success to slip away if the particular caution is not heeded - in this case, revenge.

In 8th house of Shared Resources is natal Sun 12Tau46 which receives this evening's New Moon 12Tau30 (8:49 pm edt) indicating a new cycle of activity of some kind; hardworking Saturn 24Tau11 is in 8th H, too and shows its conservation-preservation duties in Taurus which are expressed with reliability and persistence. For managing Saturn in Taurus, financial security is very important as it tends to develop a well-balanced sense of the value of material resources.

Plus, Saturn is helpfully trined by powerful publisher Pluto 27Vir17 Rx in 12th H of Behind-the-Scenes and I wouldn't care to guess who or what group Pluto represented in 1971 relating to the beginnings of NPR. Would you? But asteroid Lilith Rx conjoins Pluto so I will add that Lilith isn't always or only the glamorous woman for its archetype also has a link to Israel.

And what of action-oriented Mars? Mars 00AQ00, a critical degree, is in 4th H of Endings and Foundations - at "An Old Adobe Mission" so there's another reference to having a mission. This degree appears every January 20th at noon in Washington DC for its our presidential Sun's degree. Mars remained in AQ from May 3 until November 6, 1971 and was stationary part of that time which greatly strengthened its Aquarian instincts and interests which spearheaded a new way of life (NPR driveway moments forthcoming?)

Mars in Aquarius shows a desire for independence to follow an unusual or unorthodox course of action with reformist tendencies; in 4th H, Mars describes some testy interchanges taking place 'at home' with efforts made toward improvements.

We may well ascribe NPR's wish to 'dot all the Is' and 'cross all the Ts' to the fact that Mercury 23Ari10 is oriental, that is, the planet that rises just before the Sun.

There's only one midpoint picture in the chart other than those formed by a multiple-planet T-Square and an Earth Grand Trine: Mars/ASC = Jupiter: harmonious teamwork; the ability to lead others; a good organiser; agreement with others on pursuit of the same objectives (that mission again); enthusiasm; harmonious public outreach.

The T-Square/s all point to MC and Alhena's mission: Chiron/Uranus = MC, Venus/Uranus = MC (getting to like someone quickly; focusing on the modernization of tastes), and Venus/ASC = MC (harmony; art and music appreciation.)

Earth Grand Trine: Mars, Saturn, and Pluto which shows the hard work it took to get up and running, but also seems to relate to the anti-war protests on the streets and the heavy-handed governmental response for brutality is indicated. Mars = protests and activism, Saturn = control and government, and Pluto = power, wealth, subversive actions, and ultimate control. Perhaps these are the forces that now regularly threaten to withdraw government funding of NPR for its 'too liberal' stance.

A 5th H North Node (NN) 19AQ55 shows NPR's path is to serve mankind and its 5th H position makes finding its unique destiny a must.

And last, the Uranus/Chiron opposition on NPR's Identity axis (ASC/DESC) is telling considering Uranus' link to radicalism and politics (yet not forgetting the excellent traits of Uranus Rising mentioned above.)

Uranus opposite Chiron shows 1971 to be a time when people were very stressed out and feeling that things were 'too much' - as in 2011. The aspect's ferociously intense energy tends to burn itself out or push NPR to great transmutative levels of awareness as it dramatizes individualism (and individualistic, freedom-loving Uranus rises.)

I shall leave it to you, dear reader and NPR listener, to decide which result NPR has achieved over the last 40 years. Happy Birthday, NPR!


Midpoint pictures: Tyl, Ebertin, Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply; Chiron info from Barbara Hand Clow and Richard Nolle.

Apr 30, 2011

NATO missile kills Gadhafi's son 4.30.11

It's April 30, 2011 and a news alert has arrived:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Libya Says NATO Missile Strike Kills Gadhafi's Son

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi survived a NATO missile strike Saturday that killed his youngest son, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi, and three grandchildren and wounded friends and relatives, Libya's spokesman said.

Read more at NPR.

Apr 14, 2011

Breaking News: House Passes 2011 Spending-Cut Deal

NPR BREAKING NEWS: House Passes 2011 Spending-Cut Deal

House passes spending measure cutting $38 billion, funding government through September. More at NPR.

Update: the Senate passed it, too so 'the deal' is headed for President Obama's desk for signing.

Don't we wish we could feel thrilled at what a good job our alleged representatives have done?

Apr 11, 2011

NPR: Ivory Coast's Gbagbo captured

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Forces Arrest Ivory Coast's Gbagbo

The French Embassy in the Ivory Coast tells the Associated Press that strongman Laurent Gbagbo has been captured by forces of democratically elected leader Alassane Ouattara.

More at NPR.#

Strongman, yes, but Gbagbo's resistance against the New World Order seems to be ended. If only tottering governments could resist coups by the WTO and the IMF as they continue establishing their global New Economic Order.

Mar 17, 2011

Messenger Orbits Mercury tonight as Mercury opposes Saturn 3.17.11

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011 to you and to NASA whose space probe Messenger is to go into elliptical orbit around speedy Mercury tonight and for one Earth year after.

Here's a Timeline of the 6-year+ project to investigate Mercury.

NASA's Messenger page has lots of info (apt for anything to do with Astrology's mental planet, Mercury!) and says that Orbital Insertion begins tonight at 8:45 pm EDT when in the Tropical Zodiac, Mercury will be @ 14Ari20.

Mercury opposes Saturn Rx 15Lib10 w US natal Saturn 14Lib48, therefore Mercury opposes US n Saturn as well. This is a period of time when ideas, activities, and information are prone to diametric opposition to structures, tradition, and organization as other voices with dissenting opinions critique our authority and experience. Normally under this transit, travel is delayed or curtailed, good news is not forthcoming, other people don't tend to say what we want to hear, and conflicting information is all around us.

(This sounds a lot like the House speakers rising this morning to speak for or against public funding of NPR. No ideas in Congress for jobs creation, just attacks on the only nearly-balanced news outlet the American people have left, and the only one still maintaining an office in Afghanistan. Plus, defunding NPR will mean loss of jobs, so Thanks, Republicans. As usual, you're misdirecting your zealous energies. A majority of Americans are polling a resounding, No! to defunding NPR, so get over it. The procedural vote in the House is expected this afternoon. Even if you think NPR is 'left-wing', in America we desperately need a left to counterbalance the abundance of 'right-wing' info we're being inundated with 24/7, otherwise the US butterfly tilts crazily into Fascism as it hits the ground.)

NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission was launched on August 3, 2004 from Cape Canaveral FL and tonight begins the mission's big pay-off. You may wish to check out a 2008 post published just before a flyby. In the post you'll find I used *Adriano Carelli's degree for Mercury's position then (14Lib) where Saturn Rx soon returns 2011 - and, again, it's America's natal Saturn position. But you may be surprised to read at post's end of another entity's 14 Libra Saturn as stated by Mr. Carelli, so I'll let you click and sleuth it for yourself in your best mercurial fashion!

Tonight at 8:45 pm edt with Sun 27Pis05 and Moon 2Vir26, the muddy Water-Earth Sun-Moon blend's Images for Integration may be revealing concerning NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission, its cutting-edge photography of the planet, and other conditions going on now as well:

"A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself...Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and reason shake hands." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Yes, faith (Jupiter) and reason (Mercury) should shake hands much more often in this polarized, at-odds world and I hope NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission proceeds successfully tonight, and that the partisan GOP attack on NPR is beaten back once again.


*Source: 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli.

Oct 15, 2010

Midas to US n Uranus with gold prices ballooning

This economic news from Thursday with gold on the rise; transiting asteroid Midas continues to affect by conjunction US natal Uranus 8Gem55, America's totem planet; 2010's Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter (money) and quirky Uranus may have something to do with it since their June 2010 conjunction occurred at Aries Point upon US natal Ic in the Sibly chart:

Posted: 14 Oct 2010 08:59 PM PDT

Hints of mutiny within Fed as attempt to crash dollar becomes clear

(Steve Watson) – The US dollar plunged once again today as the currency continues to be battered by increasingly substantial rumours that the Federal Reserve will announce, within the next three weeks, plans to buy $1 trillion of government debt in the form of “monetary easing”.

The dollar hit a fresh 10-month low Thursday morning, falling for a third day running against a basket of six major currencies.

The greenback is trading at a near 15-year low against the yen as the selling pressure picks up momentum.

Continue reading...

And if you missed NPR's Planet Money feature today We Bought Gold read or listen to the audio concerning their new gold-buying project with its details on why the price of gold is ballooning.

Plus, some historical perspective may be gained from the famous Cross of Gold speech delivered at the 1896 Democratic Convention. And in a flurry of historical synchronicity, the Great Conjunction/s of Neptune and Pluto (1891 - 1892), the Robber Baron duo, occurred at 8Gem38, 8Gem19, and 7Gem4...where tr Midas (and tr Pan of panic fame) now languish.

Rich vs Poor = class warfare, y'all!

Oct 7, 2010

Graphing the National Debt

Supply-siders revealed! Voo Doo Economics don't work! Trickle Down is poppycock!

There's more behind America's National Debt situation than most people care to admit - especially the GOP who rail against it only when Democrats are in charge.

The graph begins with Ronald Reagan and morphs into his virtual sidekick, George W. Bush, which in my opinion is a very good place to start.

Which reminds me: in November midterms, a vote for Republicans is a vote for Karl Rove.

Please tick one on behalf of America's future: Turdblossom ___ Not Turdblossom ___

Remember the delightful day of August 31, 2007 when Karl Rove sniffled on his last official day at the White House? Good times! Please do what you can on November 2 to keep Mr. Rove officially out of Washington so we won't rubber stamp his neocon fascist way of doing business and starting misdirected wars.

We may be uncertain of President Obama's policies now, but we know what we got under 8 years of Bush-Cheney-Rove.

And in case you missed it, do check out Teri Gross' interviews on Fresh Air today concerning the Citizens United SCOTUS decision which "opened the floodgates on groups' ad spending"; link takes you to the interview text; its audio will be available around 5:00 pm ET today.

Disclaimer: the above message is 100% unfunded by the US Chamber of Commerce, foreign entities, American Crossroads, or any other shady group of manipulators monkeying in US politics. I'm just one blogging gnat and a Child of the Revolution!

Oct 5, 2010

The fake news of Jon Stewart

Unless I misunder-remember, it was in 1999 that Jon Stewart took over hosting duties on The Daily Show which was already a favorite program at my house. Jon was familiar to us from his stints on M-TV and from his comedy routines so my daughter and I in particular were thrilled that he joined and subsequently turned the show into a fake news report each night. News anchor Stewart helps the American people deal with the madness and corruption of Washington politics, you know?

For in a town where the denizens are psychotically separated from the truth (and even when they know it, won't tell us), Jon's style of fake news is more honest and realistic than the false reality scenarios and propaganda Washington force feeds us.

So in case you missed it, do check out the interview Jon did recently with NPR for insights into our national treasure, the crazy comedian full of political common sense and blessed with good timing.

Treat yourself by reading the text or have yourself a listen!

Sep 15, 2010

Deja-vu: the Lehman Brothers collapse 2008 - 2010

September 15, 2010: it's been two years since the stupid mistake was made to let the venerable Lehman Brothers firm crash into bankruptcy. This morning NPR did a 4 minute interview with Peter Chapman who's written a book on the subject. The interview is worth a listen, if you missed it.

Now here's a post I wrote in September 2008 which details, among other things, the Lehman Brothers crisis of 1984, a study in financial deja-vu that came to pass in 2008. What? Well, you know what I mean.

And here are my blabbings in honor of last year's 1st anniversary of the firm's bankruptcy filing with a little Astrology tossed in to the brew. President Obama remarked upon the situation to mark the 1st anniversary.

Then in March 2010 Lehman Brothers was in the news again.

In hindsight, some objects may be larger than they appear.

Sep 4, 2010

Scott Simon encapsulates Labor Day 2010

No Astrology this morning, just a link to one of the best Simon Says features I've heard NPR Weekend Edition's Scott Simon deliver in a long time. It gives an intimate picture of Labor Day 2010 in America - personal without being too personal - and the sorry unemployment rate that Americans and their families are dealing with.

They'd Trade Labor Day for Days of Labor briefly but succinctly encapsulates the experience of living without gainful employment, and if you missed it this morning, I recommend a listen to Mr. Simon's voice rather than reading his text.

Also from NPR comes explanation on why US unemployment numbers are now the highest of any nation's in the world. Quite a change since the year 2000 - pre-Bush-Cheney.

You know, I half expected a small mention that US corporations might be doing their part to undermine a Democratic president in the White House.

What a crazy idea! Right?

Well, we all have crazy ideas at some time or another. Like deciding to vote in November 2010 to put GOP big spenders in or back in office! How crazy is that?

Jul 16, 2010

BP Oil gusher Plume Cam

In case you've been under the sea somewhere the last 3 months and haven't viewed it, here's a link to NPR's plume cam showing the BP Oil gusher which looks mighty good in not-gushing mode this morning after yesterday's successful capping.

BP's plume cam link has been available on my Jude's Threshold blog all along, or at least since NPR published it in May, but I never got around to adding it here on SO'W until now.

The lack of oil and gas gushing out is only temporary ('this is only a test') so you may wish to check out the lovely view a mile down while things are still lookin' more better.

Sep 27, 2009

NPR BREAKING NEWS: William Safire Dead At 79

The New York Times is reporting that William Safire, political columnist and speechwriter for President Nixon, has died.

Read more at NPR.

Jul 1, 2009

Creeping round the White House

Wednesday Aternoon Update: found this on Helen Thomas, the repected White House reporter, who voiced her opinion on the White House's set-up questions and 'call-aheads' to alert reporters they'll be asking a question at an Obama presser, or in today's case, at a 'townhall meeting.'

You'll remember Bush's fear of Ms. Thomas who was put in the back row during the Bush-Cheney administration's pressers which often seemed to me to be sneakily embedded with softball questions that were set-up, if not called-ahead.

Above link contains a video of Ms. Thomas' comments which made W-H press secretary Robert Gibbs squirm, along with Chip Reid's complaints. Good.

Original post begins here:

Today NPR is reporting that the Obama administration is making the same argument in court that the Bush-Cheney administration made to keep secret the logs on who visits the White House.

The argument didn't go over well for Bush & Co. so it's a head-scratcher that Team Obama can't come up with a new reason with which to frustrate the American people and their expectation of a much more open government including what's really going on at what's supposedly our White, House.

Putting it down to 'campaign promises are hard to keep' doesn't work for me, does it work for you?

Perhaps they could set up a VIP Back Door For Slick Operators (aka, advisers, consultants, and special interest lobbyists) who come and go freely on the sly with their missions unknown but which have results we-the-people so often end up suffering from and, because of such secrecy, have trouble finding out the true source of our problems (which makes them impossible to repair.)

But let's leave all US sovereignty and Constitution underminers to walk in the Front Door with cameras flashing in their treasonous snoots.

There. I've said it.

Well, I'm still disappointed in the way 'open government' has turned out to be only a campaign promise that sounded at the time too good to be true to my suspicious astrologer's nature - and it was. And it is.

Nov 18, 2008

Sirius Star in news and 2nd tanker seized

The oil tanker, Sirius Star, has been hijacked in the Gulf of Aden by Somali pirates, as you know. Here's my post on it with some notes on Fixed Star, Sirius:

Sirius Star hijacking pushes up price of oil; did you know that a second oil tanker has been seized by pirates as reported a few minutes ago by NPR?

Apparently pirating is a very busy and lucrative business, and al Jazeera reports that 63 ships have been captured so far this year!

Lack of a government and of jobs for the people of Somalia is proving to be troublesome for the world and disproves Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati theory that no government is needed, thanks.

And the current financial collapse may belong at Weishaupt's door...his natal Jupiter is at 3AQ+ so the US Inauguration 2009 is basically a Jupiter Return - for Adam Weishaupt and thus, for the Illuminati Society.

Is this significant?

Look at what's going on in the world and how many people at the top are now brazenly using terms like, 'new financial (Jupiter) world order.'

This gives even more import to the date, Jan 20, 2009, and I plan to look at the Inauguration chart again asap.

You'll find an image of the US Inauguration 2009 chart published in my Pages column at Jude's Threshold, if you haven't seen its horoscope, with the oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any chart, along with America's natal Pluto.

Pardon my French, but merde.