Jan 6, 2011

More on John Wheeler murder, dead birds, and Phosgene

What Does It Mean? has information on the recent murder of John Wheeler with details on the Air Force base in Arkansas from which deadly Phosgene was being transported and used in devilish experiments in Arkansas where the first reports came about mysteriously dead red wing blackbirds.

Area residents have experienced hundreds of minor earthquakes possibly due to the US military's actions with Phosgene, and of course, many people think the dead birds falling from the sky (there and elsewhere, plus fish and crab kills, etc) are related to the US government's current use of this chemical agent which was found in Iraq under Bush-Cheney. Guess they had to put it somewhere and they chose beautiful Arkansas.

Now many people are noticing that the mainstream media in the US has very little to say about the assassination of John Wheeler and the implications against the Pentagon and the White House. Therefore, I will be keeping it in SO'W's posting queue as best as I can as details come out in alternative media, if nowhere else.

In fact, this morning I have come in contact with a fuller timeline of Wheeler's last days than I had yesterday and will be setting up new horoscopes of Mr. Wheeler's activities in order to use Solar Fire's animated chart feature to watch planets rise, set, culminate, and form aspects in case something of interest pops out. If they do, you will be updated.

But for now, you're invited to see my preliminary details on the Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder. It's mysterious, it's heinous, it has grave repercussions for the Pentagon, White House, and Congress, and it falls under the category of Forensic Astrology which I'd work with 90% of the time if I could.

Google Map of Mass Animal Deaths.
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