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Apr 30, 2023

April-May 2023: Jeffrey Epstein returns to the news cycle

On April 21, 2023, transit Mercury turned retrograde in Taurus and as the Cosmos would have it, a variety of previous news makers, topics, and issues are returning to the news cycle. One such is the client list of Jeffrey Epstein whose natal horoscope is not accurately timed yet a 'noon' version can still yield information for our purposes. Follow the link for a view, natal aspects and all.

Yet one chart factor that doesn't depend on accurate timing - only a date is needed - are Eclipses and the Saros Series in which they manifest. On the biwheel image, below, there are two Solar Eclipses highlighted in orange: Epstein's natal 8 South Eclipse @27Leo31 (loss; separation), and notably an 8 South Eclipse repeats on October 2, 2024 @10Libra when perhaps more details will emerge or be leaked concerning these sorry circumstances and degraded people. For more eclipse details see Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad.

The second notated Solar Eclipse is the 3 North @10Can37 (obsessions) during which Jeffrey Epstein's hanging ocurred, whether by suicide or with help. A Solar Eclipse in Moon-ruled Cancer suggests involvement with family ties and other karmic links including those with children. In Leo, a Solar Eclipse used poorly denotes pride, egocentricity, pomposity, and any other negative Leonine traits that a selfish individual decides to express, no matter the effects of his behavior upon others. And of course, Leo is a romantic, dramatic sign, and is associated with children.

So with Epstein's client list making the news once again, I've finally gotten around to publishing the following bi-wheel:

Jeffrey Epstein natal horoscope 'noon' January 20, 1953 NY, NY (inner); outer 'Epstein found dead' August 10, 2019 reported as 6:30 am edt NY, NY; Angular are his natal Jupiter @14Taurus ('neck') at Midheaven ('MC') at 6:30 am edt, and natal Pluto @22Leo33 Rx rising at 6:30 am edt - in his assassin role, or at least as the planet of death and the Underworld; meanwhile, transit Pluto @21Capricorn (with karmic Saturn stalking close behind, aligning for their Great Conjunction January 12, 2020) crushes Mercury, the planet of voice and communications:

Now as you know, with Forensic Astrology, Angular planets are a prominent consideration and with "found dead" charts I've always noted the position of Mercury, planet of sight and other senses. As you see, Mercury on August 10, 2019 at 6:30 am edt was @28Can32 conjunct Epstein's 'noon' IC, the Angle of Endings. This is not conclusive by any means since we have no accurate birth time for the criminal whose links to the wealthy and well-connected of the world must have made keeping Jeffrey's mouth shut a dire necessity. A vast array of characters had mulitple reasons to keep him from talking, and hanging tends to be a favored way of accomplishing such a deed. Of course, it's possible that one can be threatened into committing suicide but I refer you to Epstein's confession about cowardice, linked, below.

Notably, the 6:30 am edt Mars-Saturn midpoint, the 'death axis' according to Reinhold Ebertin, @5Scorpio, sign of spies, spy agencies, and Big Business, opposes transit Uranus, planet of sudden attacks and disruption, so we find a picture of potentials for 'application of brute force; a case of death' (R.E.).

And yes, there are many other planetary factors squooshed upon the charts (sorry!) for those who care to read them. And admittedly there are a few contacts to the natal planets of Herr Trump sprinkled around the bi-wheel for the curious including his natal Moon-SN conjunction (opposite his Sun-NN, of course, but August 10, 2019 was a Lunar Return day for him - and it's basically a Mars Return for Trump, too); then there's the 6:30 am edt Sun-Moon midpoint @18Lib57 which landed upon Agent Orange's natal Jupiter stationed @18Lib27 in his 2nd house of Earning Ability, Possessions, and Valuables. "Joint success" (R. Ebertin) is suggested by the midpoint picture this cosmic synchronicity formed.

Now here's Jeffrey Epstein in his own words from a couple of years ago when The Guardian reported that he had told a psychologist that he was "too much of a coward" to kill himself. Two weeks later he was found dead in his prison cell after being unexplicably left unguarded for 8 hours prior to being found at 6:30 am edt on August 10, 2019. And as we know, cowards are always bullies - and young people tend to be weak enough to bully easily. Check out the two midpoint pictures operative at 10:30 pm edt August 9, 2019 that are listed in the lower right corner.

Previously, on SO'W: Horoscopes: Donald Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested; and The Death Eclipse of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine's father.

Jul 15, 2022

Ivana Trump natal w/ "found" chart

July 15, 2022

May Ivana Trump R.I. P.

Update: later reports give 12:40 pm edt as the time Ivana was found "dead," not unconscious as had been previously suggested. More work must be done.

Original post begins here:

Confessedly, I wish I could be a practitioner of Forensic Astrology but I'm not. It's late afternoon on Friday so my blogging time is brief, therefore, very few astro-notes will be typed at this hour. However, for anyone who cares to look, below is a bi-wheel set up backwards with the natal horoscope of Ivana Trump surrounding what I'm using as the "found" horoscope set for "just after 12:00 pm local time" (via news report) on her day of death (July 14, 2022, at her Manhattan home: fallen down the stairs, a possible cardiac arrest, last I heard). Interesting that Ivana's natal Neptune Rx in Libra rises, followed by her natal South Node, a point of separation. See lower right and left for Saturn and Pluto effects upon her natal Ascendant and North Node. Jupiter is angular as so often happens with cases involving death.

So as you see, the "found" chart (inner) shows ASC 7Lib45; chart ruler Venus makes no applying aspects but is conjunct her natal Uranus, an extravagant financial combination of planets; "found" MC @8Can58) is set for 12:05 pm edt, Manhattan, New York which places the natal Mercury of ex-husband Trump at Midheaven, the WHY? Point.

Because after all, Mercury is the planet of communications and depositions - which were scheduled to be conducted with the Trumps in New York today, but were understandably canceled due to the sad death of Ivana Trump, mother of Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric.

Now if it seems that Ivana's death looks suspicious to me, you may be correct. After all, Ivana was born into a 4 South Saros Series and you may remember that the Electoral College Vote Eclipse of December 14, 2020 was also a 4 South eclipse of 'strong emotions over relationships and/or money; a sudden desire to end unions; a fated quality to events' (paraphrasing B. Brady). Surely more information will come out soon (via autopsy? investigation?), so murder is only a potential, a convenient-for-Trump potential, but a mere potential all the same. However, if Ivana's death was manipulated, we may never know.

So! See what you can make of the hastily marked and printed bi-wheel, below. A few examples which may apply include: 'death axis' Mars-Saturn at Aries Point; "found" Ascendant = her natal Moon-Pluto: 'a violent reaction to environmental conditions; temperamental or tremendous upsets'; "death Pluto" conjunct US 1776 Pluto opposing her natal Saturn-Uranus - heart block: 'harm through major force; an act of violence; rebellion' (note that cardiac arrests can be manipulated, too). Then there's Ivana's natal MC = Neptune-Pluto duo of Underworld Crime and criminal elements - or, a potential health breakdown:

In closing, my feeling is that the lady knew too much. And we may wish to remember what 'they' always say: That everything Donald Tr*mp touches, dies. And his natal midpoint picture of rage and cruelty has much to do with such brutal tendencies because, Mars-Saturn = Pluto: 'murder; intervention of a higher power; death of many people' (R. Ebertin). Plus, as we know, the man is literally fighting for survival - his own survival - which may or may not include the survival of anyone else.

Jul 2, 2021

How Dark Money Defeated America (w/ Prof. Richard Wolff) - Thom Hartmann (plus, US Solar Return 2021)

An Under-Seige America but We Squeaked By Another Year!

Friday July 2, 2021: This week as I work on a Forensic Astrology topic and its horoscopes for my patreon subscribers, not a lot of Political Astrology is happening. With the July 4th holiday upcoming I wish all Americans a Happy Independence Day 2021! and point readers toward a previous post US Solar Return 2021 showing two YOD patterns of karmic opportunity and We The People's natal Moon in independence-loving Aquarius rising!


Image: Why not Celebrate! our country squeaking by?; pencil on paper.

And as always, you're invited to drop by my portfolio of drawings @Jude Cowell Art.

Mar 5, 2021

Will Universal Basic Income Save You From Eviction? - Thom Hartmann

March 5, 2021: As the US Senate wrestles with President Biden's Covid Relief Bill and I work with some Forensic Astrology horoscopes from 1993, here's a recent segment of interest from Thom Hartmann in case you missed it:

Aug 17, 2016

Remembering Chandra Levy - video (plus, Astrology)

As you've heard from various sources, on July 28, 2016 murder charges were dropped in the Chandra Levy case as reported in the news. This post is a sad remembrance of her disappearance on May 1, 2001 along with events that followed, plus, here's a brief video on the topic

It is said that Miss Levy had a "strong interest" in the Timothy McVeigh case and the Oklahoma City Bombing (chart, below), may possibly have been recruited by Mossad and the CIA, and that she was seated in the V.I.P. section for the George W. Bush inauguration. Sounds like Chandra Levy may have known a lot of other people's secrets.

Now if you wish, please enlarge the chart but if it won't, view it here.

One prominent feature in the Oklahoma City Bombing horoscope is the Hard Rectangle pattern which triggers the opposition to act with more drive than it otherwise would – the added tension shows antagonism and a lack of compromise on all sides.

Born on April 14, 1977, Chandra's natal chart with her Sun Aries-Moon Pisces personality blend may be viewed at where her birth data is rated AA for accuracy.

Standing out is a Mercury-Uranus opposition suggesting that she could "incur the wrath of others" by demonstrating a know-it-all attitude, tactlessness, and/or a disregard for compromise. Naturally, a full assessment of her natal chart is needed to corroborate or discount the strength of her Mercury-Uranus opposition which conjoins her MC-IC axis (Taurus-Scorpio). Chandra's romantic, moody, worrying, and restless Sun-Moon combination of Aries-Pisces is shared natally by three notables in my files though you may know of more: Dr. Richard Dawkins, Hugh Hefner, and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

R.I.P Chandra Levy

updated aug 26, 2016 11:28 pm edt, and Feb 10, 2024; jc

Jul 30, 2015

A 40th anniversary: Jimmy Hoffa in the news--new evidence?

Jimmy Hoffa in the News Again After 40 Years

by Jude Cowell

Wow! It is reported that New Evidence Emerges on Jimmy Hoffa's Fate so the prominent and currently in force Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 is really doing its 'secrets may be revealed' job on many issues including this 40-year mystery! And manifesting less than one degree from the Aries Point (00Ari00:00) as the eclipse did, the Hoffa disappearance in 1975 was a major scandal broadly publicized at the time and it is now resurfacing.

And the Hoffa case resurfaces under the sway of a Solar Eclipse at a critical-crisis 29th degree--and in Pisces, one of the more secretive, shady signs of the Zodiac.

Now three or four computers ago, I had Jimmy Hoffa's natal and 'disappearance' horoscopes in my astrology files but lost them (and a lot else) in a pc crash last year. And since I'm in process of preparing for a radio interview (evening of August 6th--more on that later!) I won't take time to set up the charts again or consider this 40-year (Venus Cycle!) matter in detail though I would like to when my schedule permits. Yes, my interest in Forensic Astrology is re-piqued by the Hoffa case but Political Astrology and the 2016 Election must take precedence for now.

So for those who may wish a peek, here is the astrodatabank page on Jimmy Hoffa with a few bio details, plus his natal chart if you click or tap to view it. Hoffa disappeared on July 30, 1975 so today is actually the 40th anniversary of his disappearance (aka, murder, aka, assassination.)

And since his birth data (see below) is rated AA (BC/BR in hand: collector: Steinbrecher) we see he was born under and imprinted by a Sun Aquarius-Moon Taurus blend (Air-Earth) of the eccentric entrepreneur who is ambitious, capable, tenacious, friendly, and as sensual as Ferdinand the Bull. Temperamentally, Hoffa was a reformer and could be smug, arrogant, and reluctant to listen to the views of others. Let's close with a rather curious Image for Integration for Hoffa's Sun AQ-Moon Taurus personality blend as given by Charles and Suzi Harvey in Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"The resident caretaker of a 'New Age' community sips his Beaujolais as he systematically does the year's accounts."

In Hoffa's case, "accounts' must refer to his hidden accounts as well!

Jul 26, 2012

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (audio-video) w Astrology and the Death of the DC Madam

An Audio-Video on 9/11 Witnesses w a Few Astro-Notes on the DC Madam's Suicide?

by Jude Cowell

No, I never forget: the attacks of 9/11/01 occurred under the watch of oilmen Bush and Cheney...

Astrology and the Death of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the 'DC Madam'

Included in the above presentation is an excerpt of an interview that Alex Jones conducted with 'DC Madam' Deborah Jeane Palfrey whose client list of johns is said to have contained top players related to 9/11. Palfrey was found by her mother on May 1, 2008 (May Day is a significant date for pagans) at or near 10:30 am edt in Tarpon Springs, Florida. To paraphrase Ms. Palfrey in the interview: she had no intention of committing suicide--but she did intend to spill the beans on certain individuals.

Looking at a horoscope for May 1, 2008, at 9:57 am edt in that location, the Moon (a woman) was angular at a critical-crisis degree--conjunct MC, 17Pis49, and approaching the planet of sudden events, shocking Uranus 21Pis26. Assassin Pluto was angular as well--conjunct Descendant 29Sag47 ('30Sag' = "The Pope Blessing the Faithful") with Pluto strong at a Cardinal World Point 00Cap56 and Rx.

As you know, death charts tend to show planets in angular positions and often very close to an angle (ASC-DESC/MC-IC) and so may be used as timers when an exact time of death isn't known--or, at the least, they can be used to set up a symbolic horoscope for the death in question. For angularity, the usual suspects are Moon, Jupiter, and sometimes Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and/or Pluto though other planets may be involved and descriptive. (Ex: toxic Neptune was among a line-up of planets on Desc when President Warren G. Harding died--his decline began about a week earlier with food poisoning from eating crab in Alaska on the famous train trip from DC. He died--or was ineptly treated, or was murdered--in a hotel in San Francisco, CA, but that's a post for another day.)

So of course with hanging as a method of death, we look to the sign of Taurus (neck) and sure enough, for Deborah Jeane Palfrey on the moring of May 1, 2008, we find Venus 1Tau15, Sun 11Tau34 (unaspected), and a behind-the-scenes 12th house Mercury 27:48 with testifying, bean-spilling Mercury conjoining two of the nastiest and raging of Fixed Stars, Capulus and Algol (particularly associated with the Middle East as was 9/11/01, a Neptune Return for Islam.)

Plus, Venus (the glamorous lady), Pluto (the assassin-orderer), and loss-bringing, restrictive (of throats) Saturn @ 1Vir41 Rx in 3rd house of Communications, are in a closed-circuit of energies: a pragmatic Earth Grand Trine.

According to Barbara Watters in her book, The Astrologer Looks at Murder, Grand Trines often appear in the natal charts of murderers. This factor may not be significant since the horoscope I'm looking at is of (or near) the event itself, but there it is, fyi. A Grand Trine may denote gaining ultimate control over the environment and ruthlessly forcing others to submit (Tierney, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis) which you may agree sounds very much like a forced hanging.

Now there are five chart factors I'll mention and then I'll hush about the information-filled 'DC Madam' who said she had info relating to 9/11 participants:

1. ASC 29Gem47, a critical-crisis degree (which is one reason I timed the chart for 9:57 am along with an angular Moon and Pluto)--her mother found her at 10:30 am and the police arrived at 10:52 am so obviously the deed was done a few minutes prior since her mother had seen her earlier that morning;

2. MC 15Pis11 conjoins Fixed Star Achernar (risk of rapid endings; crisis at the end of the river) with MC being 'The Goal' or WHY? Point of the chart;

3. Jupiter 22Cap16, though not angular, is in a sensitive spot--conjunct 8th cusp 22:40 of Death, Transformation, and the Occult; I've seen this placement of Jupiter in other death charts as well;

4. Mysterious Neptune 24AQ05 (chloraform or other drug administered? was an autopsy performed?) conjoins North Node (NN) of encounters and meetings in 9th house of Philosophy and Foreigners, along with wounding Chiron @20AQ51. Perhaps Ms. Palfrey met with a Neptunian someone that morning as her mother took a nap but received a shocking and unexpected outcome (Moon-Uranus); Neptune relates to spies and to the media;

And last but never least...

5. Mars 25Can38 (positioned between US natal Mercury Rx and US SP Jupiter Rx... Mercury-Jupiter = tr Mars: execution of plans) with actor Mars in 2nd house of Money Earning which may indicate that the rope-wielding actor in the mystery drama may have done the deed primarily for payment. Along with sub-ruler Pluto, Mars rules 6th house of Health with a secretive, betraying Scorpio cusp (25:51), and Mars rules 11th house of Groups and Associations with its cusp @19Ari11 (the Exaltation of the Sun degree--publicity that concerns desire?) where glamorous Venus in Taurus and the unaspected (going nowhere?) Sun are posited. I don't have to tell you that any house with Aries on its cusp is where activity tends to begin.

And yet--Deborah Jeane Palfrey's Wiki bio tells a decidedly suicidal tale...

Now if you got to the end of this post, thanks a bunch for reading!

Deborah Jeane Palfrey born March 18, 1956 in North Charleroi, PA (hour unknown) with a crisis-ridden YOD (Neptune-Pluto = Sun: succumbing to strange influences--Ebertin.) Her Sun is in late Pisces, Moon in mid-Gemini (at noon EST), a misty, ethereal Water-Air blend; Sun Pis-Moon Gem = sociability v shyness with fickleness in relationships--her madam-ing was done by phone or email.

Sun Pis-Moon Gem's 'Images for Integration' (conscious + unconscious): "A schoolboy daydreams of heroic deeds during a class on the romantic poets...A child grips his magic balloon as it lifts him into the sky and over the sea onto an island of eternal beauty."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Jun 28, 2011

Bachmann Gacy Gaffe Goes Viral

Missing her aim at The Duke by over a hundred miles, newly minted Republican slash Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann rushed from the starting gate only to compare her campaign 'spirit' to that of rapist and serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.

Yes, the GOP-esque crew of Gingrich, Cain, and Bachmann already seem to be having trouble keeping their political pushcarts on track for a win! But their antics and off-the-cuff remarks do make great distractions for the press, don't they pardner?

Well, here's a brief peek at Bachmann's natal chart placements if you're interested in a fathom.

Then perhaps a comparison with Gacy's natal chart? The murky, obsessed fellow was born on March 17, 1942 in Chicago Illinois with a Sun Pisces-Moon Pisces personality blend and definitely demonstrated to the world the downright lowest of the lower side of the sign of the Two Fishes.

You may even wish to snag a view of John Wayne's May 26, 1907 natal horoscope, as you wish, with his Air-Water Sun Gemini-Moon Scorpio blend.

And funny thing, on Monday, as Michele Bachmann fit her foot squarely in her mouth over the wrong 'spirit', transiting Mars conjoined movie icon John Wayne's natal Sun 4Gem19 which brought The Duke more public attention than he's received in quite a while!

Ain't Astrology grand?

Above image from my Dreamyfish Art collection of very fishy botanical drawings: Pisces.

Feb 2, 2011

John Wheeler murder case: $25,000 reward offered for info

Family of slain ex-Pentagon official wants info is quite a mild headline considering that search warrants and other information have been sealed by Attorney General Beau Biden's office and Newark police in the investigation into the mysterious death of John P. Wheeler, whose body was found in a Wilmington Delaware landfill on December 31, 2010.

The excessive sealing of information reflects the sensitive nature of the case, yes, but also may signify governmental wrongdoing and cover-up.

Mr. Wheeler, a bio-weapons expert, MITRE Corporation consultant, the driving force behind the Vietnam War Memorial, and former aide to Reagan and both Bush presidencies, is alleged to have traveled from NYC where he met family for the holidays (Dec 24) to Washington DC (Dec 28) in order to complain about the (alleged) transport and potential use by US forces of Phosgene which was found in Saddam's Iraq and stored in Arkansas.

Some believe Phosgene escaped during transport from an Arkansas military base thereby causing Arkansas's massive amount of dead birds falling from the sky at the end of December 2010.

In his work for the Pentagon, Mr. Wheeler had recommended that the US not use such deadly agents (good man!), a caution with which this blogging gnat must agree. Agent Phosgene is as deadly as they come.

Some have speculated that what was going on with Phosgene in Arkansas had alerted Mr. Wheeler to bio-weapon shenanigans by the Pentagon and that Phosgene indirectly may be said to have led to Mr. Wheeler's untimely death. Or, more specifically, his "raising hell" about it in Washington DC made him a target for assassination.

In America, it's been done before.

Mr. Wheeler's family has been refused clear answers on the case and were first told by authorities that their family member died from a "heart attack" caused by an assault. It has now surfaced that it was blunt force trauma as previously mentioned on this blog.

The Wheeler family announced on Sunday that a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to arrest in this case.

Was the culprit only a street thug or gang? Or a hired assassin? Sadly, the intimate involvement of the US government in this case may indicate that no one will never know what really happened to John P. Wheeler III...and why.

My thought is that (if Delaware authorities truly want to solve this heinous crime) a seasoned practitioner of Forensic Astrology would provide investigators with very useful clues.


Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder.

Mega-thanks go to astute reader Kieron for her comment which includes a link to the above AJC article. JC

Today is Ground Hog Day and a New Moon to boot. You may be interested in my post concerning today's New Moon in Aquarius (chart shown) and the subsequent Leo Full Moon of February 18, 2011.

Jan 6, 2011

More on John Wheeler murder, dead birds, and Phosgene

What Does It Mean? has information on the recent murder of John Wheeler with details on the Air Force base in Arkansas from which deadly Phosgene was being transported and used in devilish experiments in Arkansas where the first reports came about mysteriously dead red wing blackbirds.

Area residents have experienced hundreds of minor earthquakes possibly due to the US military's actions with Phosgene, and of course, many people think the dead birds falling from the sky (there and elsewhere, plus fish and crab kills, etc) are related to the US government's current use of this chemical agent which was found in Iraq under Bush-Cheney. Guess they had to put it somewhere and they chose beautiful Arkansas.

Now many people are noticing that the mainstream media in the US has very little to say about the assassination of John Wheeler and the implications against the Pentagon and the White House. Therefore, I will be keeping it in SO'W's posting queue as best as I can as details come out in alternative media, if nowhere else.

In fact, this morning I have come in contact with a fuller timeline of Wheeler's last days than I had yesterday and will be setting up new horoscopes of Mr. Wheeler's activities in order to use Solar Fire's animated chart feature to watch planets rise, set, culminate, and form aspects in case something of interest pops out. If they do, you will be updated.

But for now, you're invited to see my preliminary details on the Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder. It's mysterious, it's heinous, it has grave repercussions for the Pentagon, White House, and Congress, and it falls under the category of Forensic Astrology which I'd work with 90% of the time if I could.

Google Map of Mass Animal Deaths.

Jan 5, 2011

A dead-birds/John Wheeler murder connection? (video)

Is the chemical weapon phosgene the culprit in the 'dead birds falling from the sky' mystery? Well, it seems that the murder of Reagan-Bush-Bush aide John Wheeler, the chemical weapons expert whose body was found in a Delaware landfill on New Year's Eve afternoon, may have had a lot to do with the mysterious avian deaths (which are happening in places other than Arkansas, it turns out.)

Did Wheeler make it to Washington DC on December 28, 2010 in order to complain loudly about phosgene being sent to Afghanistan? If he did, he became "marked" and was dead a couple of days later...kind of like Dr. David Kelly's assassination for he was a weapons expert, too.

For more info, you may wish to read today's previous post on the Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder. For if the mainstream media doesn't squelch it entirely, this may turn into a very large scandal for the US government and Pentagon.

Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder

Update 1.5.11 5:25 pm est: click the comments tab under this post for an astute reader's addition of a video link: seems that Mr. Wheeler's status as a bio-weapons expert may have been the cause of his murder: the redwing blackbirds falling dead from the sky in Arkansas on New Year's Eve may have been a bio experiment - and he was on his way to Washington DC. (See midpoint pics below with its 'criticism-sharp-analylist implications. Plus, Thom Hartmann mentioned today that dead birds have turned up in Maryland and in other countries, too.

And here's a link to an interesting post on the dead bird connection to this murder which may have occurred after a trip Mr. Wheeler took to Wilmington on Dec 28, 2010 after supposedly going to DC to 'raise hell' about a chemical weapon phosgene which was about to be sent to the battlefields of Afghanistan - from storage at a military base in Arkansas.

If this is true, wonder how long the Pentagon thought they could hide that?

Original post begins here:

John Wheeler murder: Last sighting of White House aide has the details released so far by Wilmington Delaware police concerning this sad story.

Now I seldom care to spend much time studying horoscopes when a definite time for the person or event is unknown but there are a few factors of note which do not depend upon knowing the exact hour of Mr. Wheeler's demise. The exact time of the discovery of his body is known, however (see below.)

On December 29, 2010, a lady attendant at the car park of the New Castle County courthouse in Wilmington Delaware observed him as "disoriented" and he replied to her query that he was not, in fact, "OK." On the morning of December 30, members of the public had what is apparently the last sighting of Mr. Wheeler walking down a Wilmington street.

On both days, the Sun @ 8Cap+ conjoined Fixed Star Facies, one of the nastiest stars in the sky, with its keywords: ruthlessness or the victim; illness, accidents, violent death, blindness, leadership ability, cold, detached, not close to anyone. (A. Louis; B. Brady.)

Plus, a powerful midpoint picture was in force all through both Dec 29 and Dec 30, 2010 which relates to meetings and fated encounters (North Node):

Sun/NN = Pluto: the urge to use compulsion with others; exercising influence over the masses; power acquired from associating with the right people; concealing ties to dominant and important groups or associations; secret meetings where power and influence are allocated or divided; ordering and controlling others; being persuasive; exerting one's influence. (Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Pluto, as you know, is famous in Astrology for certain things such as sabotage, spying, murder, rape, and assassination; Sun/NN = new contacts, the public, shared experiences, and, among other things, political associations that eventually do more harm than good.

(Wheeler served as advisor to presidents Reagan, Bush Sr, and George W. Bush, and worked on biological and chemical weapons issues at the Pentagon, once upon a time. It is reported that he recommended that the US not use them.)

Of note as well, December 30, 2010 was the day of Mercury's Direct Station @19Sag+ and though I could type out for you any of the various Sabian Symbols for 19 or 20 Sagittarius, I won't, because if you're reading this blog, you probably have that info at your fingertips.

So instead, I shall add Adriano Carelli's symbol for '19Sag' since it may relate on some level to Mr. Wheeler's ongoing tussle with his neighbor, Frank Marini, and to Wheeler's mysterious death; police have revealed that a smoke bomb was placed under Mr. Marini's house the week before Wheeler's death:

"A house on a holm whose bushy banks are wrapped in flames."

(The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Carelli; my italics because admittedly I'm prejudiced against all things Bush Crime Family.)

Carelli explains this symbol as possibly relating to a subtle but crooked intelligence, having to go through fire, war conflagrations, searing moral pains, and something having to be thrown overboard in order for someone to escape.

Now there is a definite time mentioned in the article linked above: 3:30 pm on New Years' Day, January 1, 2011, when a garbage truck emptied a dumpster containing his body at the Cherry Island landfill in Wilmington and "the grim discovery was made."

Rising was 24Gem35 (the Discovery degree of Uranus, 1781) with 1Pis03 at Mc; Pluto had moved on to become apex in a different midpoint picture which relates to strong opinions:

Mercury/Mars = Pluto: a sharp analyst; a fanatical critic; criticism with a passion; an over-zealous orator; the misfortune of suffering heavy attacks or assaults from others; compulsion about any suspicions about activities; angry communications from others about one's writings, business, or educational capabilities; involved in big arguments; knowing just what's wrong with the world (my italics.)

Okay, that's all I have for the moment concerning the mysterious death of John P. Wheeler III, a man once at the pentacle of Politics, now cruelly murdered and dumped in a Delaware landfill, a fate I can't imagine that he deserved. If you know more on this topic, lone reader, please elucidate by leaving a comment.

And if this case turns out not to be politically motivated, I shall remove Mr. Wheeler's name from the 'Political Murders' list in the sidebar of this blog.

Oct 14, 2010

Chandra Levy trial goes forward in spite of 'pen pal' tricks

Update Oct 17, 2010: The Hill reports that former Rep Gary Condit expects to be called to testify during the Levy murder trial which begins tomorrow, October 18, 2010.

And here's today's latest from Huffington Post.

Original post begins here:

This week it has come to light that the prosecution in the Chandra Levy murder trial had sent false pen pal letters from a fictitious 'Maria Lopez' to the suspect while he was in prison for unrelated crimes. But Mr. Lopez did not respond to his fake 'pen pal' so his hoped-for 'confession' concerning the murder of Chandra Levy in 2001 did not result as investigators had hoped.

If the trick resulted in admissible evidence, I might have been for it too, I guess. My fret is that police investigators so often seem to look only at suspect number one without considering elsewhere. Cases of DNA exoneration have made that disturbingly obvious and I believe all states should allow such testing and be more open to the fact that police investigators make mistakes wherever and whenever it may apply - especially in capital murder cases.

Well, last week I published a post on the Levy murder trial which is scheduled to open Monday October 18, 2010, last I heard, and which contains an Astrology link to Christopher Warnock's interesting and insightful analysis of the case.

So if you like to keep up with mysterious crimes that have political angles to them and are intricately linked to the District of Columbia and Washington politicians, this could be one for you.

Personally I simply hope with all my heart that the Levy family finally receives closure for themselves and for their lovely daughter Chandra after all these years. Of course, justice would have to be served for that to occur - prosecutorial trickery notwithstanding.

Oct 9, 2010

Chandra Levy case: murder trial begins Oct 18, 2010

In February 2009, the astrological details of Chandra Levy's natal chart (birth time is known) along with the data of when she was last seen alive, plus the date/time of her last email were listed on this blog. (Click for charts' data.)

But don't take my word for it: the post also contains a link to the excellent Christopher Warnock's extensive analysis of the charts.

Now it's nine years later and October 18, 2010 is the scheduled date for the Levy murder trial to begin which means that this sad case will be back in the news and again upon the hearts of every parent. The murder's political link bwo Gary Condit and the crime scene in DC's Rock Creek Park (near where I once lived on Mt Pleasant Street) is well known so the trial may have implications for Washington politics.

Certainly Chandra is not the only mysteriously murdered victim in the District's history but she is among the saddest. Quite naturally, the name of Clinton associate Vince Foster comes easily to mind. Murder trumps resignation every time.

That the current Venus Station Rx @ 13Sco13 which perfected Friday Oct 8, 2010 describes the re-evaluation (re-trograde of Venus' evaluating function) of the murder case of Mr. Condit's former paramour (Venus, the lovely Chandra) is less well known but is subject to interpretation 'going forward', as politicians are so fond of saying.

You know sometimes I wish I were officially involved with and aiding the collective bwo Forensic Astrology! Especially after reading that DC area police now admit that initially their investigation of the Chandra Levy murder was botched which may qualify as something of a vast understatement.

Jul 10, 2010

Close friend: Dr David Kelly's death cannot be suicide

Previously unreleased evidence seems now to be under consideration by the British government relating to the 2003 'suicide' death of UN weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly during the run up to the Iraq invasion and the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

Working as Dr. Kelly's translator in Iraq, US Air Force linguist Mai Pederson had her testimony disregarded in the past but new attention to the case has opened up her dossier of evidence to a level of public scrutiny.

Pederson asserts that Dr. Kelly predicted his own death in conversation with her - not that it would occur in Iraq, but in the woods near his Oxfordshire home. He unfortunately turned out to be correct.

You know, I spent many an hour in 2003 and 2004 studying the horoscopes of Dr. Kelly's death, his body being found (July 18, 2003 9:20 am BST according to news reports at the time), and his solar natal chart (birth time unknown; born May 17, 1944 in Rhondda, Wales; sunrise 5:24:56 am BST) and it's really too much to reconstitute all of my research now in only one post. Impossible actually for there are too many factors involved.

But here are some general highlights still in my files with 'death' North Node (NN - fated encounters) @ 27Tau45 conjoined with nasty, violent Fixed Star Algol intense feminine rage) which is traditionally associated with the Middle East along with its neighbor, Capulus (to lose one's head.)

The July 17, 2003 chart is set for a few minutes after his reported leaving of his house for a walk and because tr Jupiter 21Leo15 conjoins Mc 21L15 @ 2:59:36 pm BST, Oxford, UK...angular Jupiter or Moon are most often present at times of death: so Jupiter comes closest to fulfilling this angular condition, hence my precise timing.

July 17, 2003's NN also conjoined Dr. Kelly's natal Sun indicating an important meeting, encounter, or contact on that day.

Kelly's natal Saturn/Pluto midpoint was being transited by 'death' Venus: delays in destruction of things of value or beauty; troubled by the loss of love; a love of seclusion; renunciation of an association; estrangement and alienation.

You may wish to see this article on the looting of the Baghdad Museum in the early days of the US invasion. I can't get over the feeling that there may have been more going on with Dr. Kelly's last encounter than possible love matters or obvious war intelligence. There is an indication that the top UN nuclear weapons expert may have known secrets about the execution of the attacks of 9/11/01 as well with his natal Jupiter conjunct Venus' position on 9/11/01 which in turn conjoined the 'King of Terror Eclipse' degree (August 11, 1999.)

At his last encounter, Sun/Jupiter = Mercury: conclusion of a contract or agreement; reflecting on one's health (his was not so good - jc); a fast mind able to react to rapidly changing situations (his or someone else's - jc); traveling; a healthy outlook (which undercuts the case for 'suicide' - jc); publishing (did he plan to publish what he knew? Would he not be dissuaded? - jc.)

In Kelly's solar/sunrise natal chart, the Moon/Pluto midpoint is @ 27Tau44 which is conjoined on the day of his death by the karmic NN...

n Moon/Pluto = tr NN: upsets in associations due to lack of adaptability; being drawn to women of power or wealth. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey midpoint pictures, as always.)

Well, Dr. Kelly had a Lunar Return on July 18, 2003, about 12 hours after his death. Natal solar Moon 18Pis52 was in 10th house of Public Recognition as the story spread across the globe. Plus, there is an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect (165 degr) between testifying, negotiating, message-delivering Mercury with the Lunar Return's Mc...

Mercury QD Mc: driven to share ideas, info, or intell with others without any thought of the consequences; focus is on 'how do I get ahead?' (Reeves, The Quindecile.)

One must wonder if the focus also might have been on 'how do I avoid violent assassins while also saving my reputation and career?' But his walk in the woods turned out to be a fool's errand on all levels.

Also, just prior to his death, Kelly's 12-year reward cycle of Jupiter, his Jupiter Return (18Leo46), occurred on July 5, 2003 with n Jupiter applying to only one aspect - a semisquare to controlling Saturn (0A16.) Semisquares may have health consequences (though assassins trump them every time.)

And perhaps it's interesting in a synchronistic way that today's position of Jupiter conjoins Dr. Kelly's 2003 Jupiter Return Midheaven, the Goal Point for I have questioned in the past (long before reading the above-linked article about Mai Pederson who is stated to have had 'high-level links to US intelligence agencies' and who had rendevous'd with Dr. Kelly in various locations including in the US) whether a lady was involved with, or at least present at (or just prior to) his death since the horoscopes indicate the possibility.

His Jupiter Return Mc? '4Aries' = "Two Lovers Strolling Through a Secluded Walk." Perhaps knowledgeable, generous Jupiter is trying to share intell with us!

Okay, so the Jupiter Return chart is only based on a solar natal chart for Dr. Kelly, yet the Mc's Sabian Symbol seems too applicable to the events of July 17, 2003 to be ignored by this reluctant astrologer.

And my druthers would be that my more able Astrology colleagues are on the Forensic Astrology case, for time won't allow me to spend very many hours re-studying the strange death of Dr. David Kelly, much as I'd like to. So if you, dear reader, have any info or opinion on the situation, do leave a comment and/or a link here and we'll discuss.

And perhaps further news of the hopefully re-opened investigation will come forth sans the whitewash of the Hutton Inquiry.

May 23, 2009

Astrology of Assassination: Berlin, June 2, 1967

Update June 11, 2009: Der Spiegel has revealed more on the Benno Ohnesorg assassination case.

Original post begins here:

Somehow today I've gotten onto the track of an assassination in Berlin during student protests of the shah of Iran's brutal regime (June 2, 1967) and have posted some astrological details of the fatal evening's event on my new blog Two Hours You'll Never Get Back...but it won't take you anywhere near two hours to check it out, I promise!

Forensic Astrology is a fascinating branch of the venerable art, and I only wish I had more time (and dependable sources) to perpetrate more of it for elucidating purposes.

Feb 21, 2009

Possible arrest due in Chandra Levy murder case

If you've heard the news that police are on the verge of making an arrest in the Chandra Levy murder case, you may wish to check out Christopher Warnock's site because he did much excellent work on the case at the time and correctly predicted that Levy was dead before it known for certain, the location of her remains, and that strangulation was a possible cause of death.

Or if you'd like to take a look at the charts yourself, here are details:

Chandra Levy
Apr 14, 1977
1:46 pm est
Cleveland, OH

Last seen:
Apr 30, 2001
7:30 pm edt
Washington, DC

Last email sent:
May 1, 2001
10:45 am edt
Washington, DC

You may remember that Ms. Levy was an intern in Washington and involved with married congressman, Gary Condit, who was inundated with negative publicity, and subsequently lost his bid for re-election. Condit sued and won an out-of-court settlement from three tabloid newspapers for an undisclosed amount.

This sad case made a huge impression on me in 2001 and I also did much work with these charts which were 'lost' when my then-pc crashed and burned in 2003. So today I've placed them back in my files and will be most interested to see who, if anyone, police arrest for committing this heinous crime.

My best and warmest wishes go out to Ms. Levy's parents who deserve answers and closure concerning their daughter's too-soon demise.


Update Oct 9, 2010: the Chandra Levy murder trial is scheduled at last to begin on October 18, 2010. Here's one opinion concerning the suspect's guilt or innocence. Will governmental cover-ups be revealed?