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Feb 22, 2011

John Wheeler death a "targeted hit" says widow

Here's a recent update on the mysterious December 2010 murder of former White House aide and bioweapons expert John P. Wheeler reporting his widow's opinion that her husband's murder was a professional "targeted hit".

And she and the Wheeler family have been treated like "criminals" during the police 'investigation'! Mr. Wheeler's body was apparently thought to be permanently hidden in a dumpster, but peep-eye!

In this entire sorry tale it sounds like the fix is in to me. What do you think?

Feb 2, 2011

John Wheeler murder case: $25,000 reward offered for info

Family of slain ex-Pentagon official wants info is quite a mild headline considering that search warrants and other information have been sealed by Attorney General Beau Biden's office and Newark police in the investigation into the mysterious death of John P. Wheeler, whose body was found in a Wilmington Delaware landfill on December 31, 2010.

The excessive sealing of information reflects the sensitive nature of the case, yes, but also may signify governmental wrongdoing and cover-up.

Mr. Wheeler, a bio-weapons expert, MITRE Corporation consultant, the driving force behind the Vietnam War Memorial, and former aide to Reagan and both Bush presidencies, is alleged to have traveled from NYC where he met family for the holidays (Dec 24) to Washington DC (Dec 28) in order to complain about the (alleged) transport and potential use by US forces of Phosgene which was found in Saddam's Iraq and stored in Arkansas.

Some believe Phosgene escaped during transport from an Arkansas military base thereby causing Arkansas's massive amount of dead birds falling from the sky at the end of December 2010.

In his work for the Pentagon, Mr. Wheeler had recommended that the US not use such deadly agents (good man!), a caution with which this blogging gnat must agree. Agent Phosgene is as deadly as they come.

Some have speculated that what was going on with Phosgene in Arkansas had alerted Mr. Wheeler to bio-weapon shenanigans by the Pentagon and that Phosgene indirectly may be said to have led to Mr. Wheeler's untimely death. Or, more specifically, his "raising hell" about it in Washington DC made him a target for assassination.

In America, it's been done before.

Mr. Wheeler's family has been refused clear answers on the case and were first told by authorities that their family member died from a "heart attack" caused by an assault. It has now surfaced that it was blunt force trauma as previously mentioned on this blog.

The Wheeler family announced on Sunday that a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to arrest in this case.

Was the culprit only a street thug or gang? Or a hired assassin? Sadly, the intimate involvement of the US government in this case may indicate that no one will never know what really happened to John P. Wheeler III...and why.

My thought is that (if Delaware authorities truly want to solve this heinous crime) a seasoned practitioner of Forensic Astrology would provide investigators with very useful clues.


Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder.

Mega-thanks go to astute reader Kieron for her comment which includes a link to the above AJC article. JC

Today is Ground Hog Day and a New Moon to boot. You may be interested in my post concerning today's New Moon in Aquarius (chart shown) and the subsequent Leo Full Moon of February 18, 2011.

Jan 30, 2011

Astro-Details of John Wheeler's 'last seen alive' moment

Bio-weapons expert John Wheeler was last seen alive on surveillance camera walking in downtown Wilmington, Delaware on the evening of December 30, 2010. You'll note that a subtle hint of motive is inserted at the end of the article - that Mr. Wheeler was last seen walking toward "the East Side, a low-income neighborhood known as a hot spot for crime."

Yet knowing the town so well, why in the world would he walk toward a crime hot spot?

Now assault-by-hoodlums could be the cause of his death, of course, yet if political operatives (assassins) murdered him, this is just the sort of insidious suggestion that would be made in a news article especially given how much attention the Wheeler murder has received in the blogosphere - though not in the mainstream media.

Unfortunately for those who wish to cover up government secrets and misdeeds, John Wheeler's train trip to DC to "raise hell" over Phosgene being sent to the battlefields of Afghanistan suggests something entirely different than a zoned out, low income assailant who had no idea who Wheeler was or what complaints he'd just delivered in Washington DC. US policy supposedly doesn't include the use of bio-weaponry, as you know.

And would a local hoodlum bother to laboriously lift a dead body and hide it in a dumpster so it stood a good chance of remaining forever undiscovered? Perhaps. But it's doubtful. Why bother unless the victim's identity was important?

Ideally, the public would wish to hear from those at the Pentagon, Congress, and/or White House with whom Wheeler met (in secret, I suspect) concerning the Phosgene in Arkansas.

Yet so far, such revelations have not been forthcoming from the US government and it's difficult to believe they will be divulged since embarrassing questions would follow. Why then, even the MSM might have to report on the story instead of pushing this heinous crime onto back pages if they mention it at all. One question would be why they didn't say so before, if they're so innocent!

Now where was instigator Mars, god of war, lurking in the closing days of December 2010? At 17Cap+, whose Sabian Symbol ('18Cap') is the degree of 1993's Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune, the New World Order/Illuminati pair of energies.

Uran/Nep = Mars: exiting quickly when disagreements are upsetting; unusual ideas or activities; instability; impatience; lack of stamina; inspirations; a state of lameness or paralysis; misdirected energy; a nervous feeling of foreboding. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

'18Cap' = "The Union Jack" = POLITICAL POWER, and its negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

Because our senses such as sight ('last seen') are ruled by Mercury, we should consider that Mr. Wheeler's murder/assassination occurred during Mercury's Direct Station @ '20Sag': "Men Cutting Through Ice for Summer Use" (will Phosgene turn up in Afghanistan this summer?), a symbol with a military-related Keyword: PROCUREMENT. (Jones.)

Another sad but interesting factor (and Brit reference) in Mr. Wheeler's 'last seen alive' horoscope (8:42 pm est Wilmington DE) is the Dec 30, 2010 Sun Capricorn-Moon Scorpio blend. This muddy Earth-Water combo is shared natally by former British prime minister Clement Atlee who informed us of something which may relate closely to the topic of the murder of John Wheeler and his alleged hell raising in Washington DC over possible military use of Phosgene:

"Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking."

As we know, Mr. Wheeler's dissenting voice has been effectively silenced by unnamed forces...silenced at least for now.

Bio-weapons expert John Wheeler died of "blunt force trauma"

Turns out all those diverting 'he was disoriented' - 'maybe ill' offerings from talking heads about the mysterious death of bio-weapons expert John P. Wheeler, a former presidential aide and Pentagon man, were not factors directly involved in his murder.

But blunt force trauma was. Makes sense really because no matter how much 'toxicology' one may indulge in or how 'disoriented' one may be, it's difficult to stuff oneself while dead into a dumpster without a lot of help from the living.

Dumpsters are used to conceal one's deadly handiwork when the body in question - and the reason for the murder - are intended never to be discovered.

Previous posts include:

Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder, and More on the John Wheeler murder, dead birds, and Phosgene.

As you know, Phosgene is the bio-chem that Wheeler is said to have traveled to Washington DC to express his concerns over because Phosgene, which the US found in Iraq, was loaded in Arkansas onto a military plane to be sent to the battlefields of Afghanistan. Some of the deadly agent may have escaped causing Arkansas's dead birds to fall from the sky.

(It must be just as difficult to fly when dead as it is to stuff oneself into a dumpster under the same lack-of-life condition.)

There is a 3rd post on this blog concerning the mysterious death of Mr. Wheeler but the video it contained (showing his disoriented behavior hours before his death) has been removed from YouTube.

Jan 6, 2011

Surveillance camera video of John Wheeler

John Wheeler shortly before his death.

More on John Wheeler murder, dead birds, and Phosgene

What Does It Mean? has information on the recent murder of John Wheeler with details on the Air Force base in Arkansas from which deadly Phosgene was being transported and used in devilish experiments in Arkansas where the first reports came about mysteriously dead red wing blackbirds.

Area residents have experienced hundreds of minor earthquakes possibly due to the US military's actions with Phosgene, and of course, many people think the dead birds falling from the sky (there and elsewhere, plus fish and crab kills, etc) are related to the US government's current use of this chemical agent which was found in Iraq under Bush-Cheney. Guess they had to put it somewhere and they chose beautiful Arkansas.

Now many people are noticing that the mainstream media in the US has very little to say about the assassination of John Wheeler and the implications against the Pentagon and the White House. Therefore, I will be keeping it in SO'W's posting queue as best as I can as details come out in alternative media, if nowhere else.

In fact, this morning I have come in contact with a fuller timeline of Wheeler's last days than I had yesterday and will be setting up new horoscopes of Mr. Wheeler's activities in order to use Solar Fire's animated chart feature to watch planets rise, set, culminate, and form aspects in case something of interest pops out. If they do, you will be updated.

But for now, you're invited to see my preliminary details on the Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder. It's mysterious, it's heinous, it has grave repercussions for the Pentagon, White House, and Congress, and it falls under the category of Forensic Astrology which I'd work with 90% of the time if I could.

Google Map of Mass Animal Deaths.

Jan 5, 2011

Did Dec 2010 Lunar Eclipse reveal murder of John Wheeler?

Perhaps you've read my post with chart of the December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse at critical or crisis degree (29Gemini) and you know of how often lunar eclipses uncover secrets and hidden activities. So it's already been stated here that the WikiLeaks leaks have to do with this eclipse in the sign of the messenger, journalist, and communiques, with the crisis-degreed part brought to the doorstep of a perfidious US government with the compliments of Julian Assange.

Even Assange's arrest warrant falls under the Geminian Mercury's purview.

Yet while the December lunation may not 'reveal murder of John Wheeler' as my post titles suggests, it may tell us something about the mysterious goings-on concerning Mr. Wheeler's bio-weapons expertise, his possible trip to Washington DC (12.28.10) to protest the US sending the deadly phosgene agent to Afghanistan, and other oddities including dead birds falling from the sky and millions of dead fish washing ashore (and other animal kills in various places - they've become a global phenomenon now.)

And the lunation's placement in Gemini does tell us that the Air sign's air travel vibe (the phosgene was allegedly flying from Arkansas to Afghanistan and had a slip-up in flight when phosgene 'got out' into the air - but naturally this is subject to further investigation) is in play and part of the critical picture. The epidemic of deaths relates to 29Gem's almost-Cancer status: 00Can00 is a World Point of Manifestation - and the science-related combo of Jupiter and Uranus just met for their 3rd Great Conjunction in Pisces, sign of fish, water, infections, and mystery.

If the release of phosgene is true (whether accidental or not), it could explain the sudden spread into a global epidemic (by air and water) of mysterious animal deaths (birds fly, too) along with Wheeler's purported tell-all, critical stance taken over phosgene when he was in Washington, plus, both disasters may be described by the December 21, 2010 lunation's placement in the 8th house of Death (with the chart set for Washington DC.)

Until we know what caused millions of animals to suddenly die in a violent manner within a few days, I hope anyone collecting or picking up animal carcasses is properly protected if indeed there is any protection from phosgene or some other chemical. And, of course, children playing in their yards must be looked out for in particular.


So if you nab a look at the Dec 2010 Lunar Eclipse horoscope, you'll notice that a crisis/crossroads/special-task YOD pattern - Finger of God - is highlighted and points toward the Geminian 8th cusp of Death. Not comforting, I know. But there it is.

And the Sabian Symbol for '29Gem'? "The First Mocking Bird of Spring"!

Dane Rudhyar explains this degree as referring to, "the capacity which the talented individual has to take collective material and to transform it under the urge of biological productivity..." (my italics.)