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Jan 5, 2011

Did Dec 2010 Lunar Eclipse reveal murder of John Wheeler?

Perhaps you've read my post with chart of the December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse at critical or crisis degree (29Gemini) and you know of how often lunar eclipses uncover secrets and hidden activities. So it's already been stated here that the WikiLeaks leaks have to do with this eclipse in the sign of the messenger, journalist, and communiques, with the crisis-degreed part brought to the doorstep of a perfidious US government with the compliments of Julian Assange.

Even Assange's arrest warrant falls under the Geminian Mercury's purview.

Yet while the December lunation may not 'reveal murder of John Wheeler' as my post titles suggests, it may tell us something about the mysterious goings-on concerning Mr. Wheeler's bio-weapons expertise, his possible trip to Washington DC (12.28.10) to protest the US sending the deadly phosgene agent to Afghanistan, and other oddities including dead birds falling from the sky and millions of dead fish washing ashore (and other animal kills in various places - they've become a global phenomenon now.)

And the lunation's placement in Gemini does tell us that the Air sign's air travel vibe (the phosgene was allegedly flying from Arkansas to Afghanistan and had a slip-up in flight when phosgene 'got out' into the air - but naturally this is subject to further investigation) is in play and part of the critical picture. The epidemic of deaths relates to 29Gem's almost-Cancer status: 00Can00 is a World Point of Manifestation - and the science-related combo of Jupiter and Uranus just met for their 3rd Great Conjunction in Pisces, sign of fish, water, infections, and mystery.

If the release of phosgene is true (whether accidental or not), it could explain the sudden spread into a global epidemic (by air and water) of mysterious animal deaths (birds fly, too) along with Wheeler's purported tell-all, critical stance taken over phosgene when he was in Washington, plus, both disasters may be described by the December 21, 2010 lunation's placement in the 8th house of Death (with the chart set for Washington DC.)

Until we know what caused millions of animals to suddenly die in a violent manner within a few days, I hope anyone collecting or picking up animal carcasses is properly protected if indeed there is any protection from phosgene or some other chemical. And, of course, children playing in their yards must be looked out for in particular.


So if you nab a look at the Dec 2010 Lunar Eclipse horoscope, you'll notice that a crisis/crossroads/special-task YOD pattern - Finger of God - is highlighted and points toward the Geminian 8th cusp of Death. Not comforting, I know. But there it is.

And the Sabian Symbol for '29Gem'? "The First Mocking Bird of Spring"!

Dane Rudhyar explains this degree as referring to, "the capacity which the talented individual has to take collective material and to transform it under the urge of biological productivity..." (my italics.)

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