Sep 16, 2015

Abraham Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The 2nd Inaugural Address (2002 video)

Have you 58 minutes to devote to a presentation of Abraham Lincoln's second Inauguration Address delivered on March 4, 1965? The president's future assassin and the co-conspirators were in the throng that day and listening to his lofty words but being bent on revenge, nursing grudges due to Union war atrocities, and holding a deep hatred toward him for signing the Emancipation Proclamation, the men were ill disposed to appreciate the message in Lincoln's sentiments upon that historic day:

#SoreLosers #1865 #CivilWar

In case the above video mysteriously disappears from SO'W at some point, here's its YouTube link.

For further reading why not try Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Horoscope with details.

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