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Sep 16, 2015

Will Republicans Force Another Govt Shutdown? - Ed Schultz (+ Mercury Rx)

With Federal Reserve officials meeting today and announcing their interest rate decision tomorrow (the day of announcing Mercury's Rx Station on US natal Saturn in mid-Libra!), here is Ed Schultz on the threat of another expensive government shutdown in the Republicans' misguided attempt to de-fund (Mercury Rx?) Planned Parenthood over the abortion/fetal tissue issue even though abortion via Planned Parenthood is by law not funded by taxpayer money:

Go Ed!

And for comparison, here from August 2013 is the Heritage Foundation's Jim Demint (former SC senator) discussing the previous Republican government shutdown over defunding Obamacare with the usual flawed logic. If anti-government Senator Ted Cruz manages to lead another shutdown in 2015 or 2016, the Republicans will say it's President Obama shutting down the government which will--again--fool few if any of the American public:

Guess Republicans feel they must use the 'the devil made me do it' strategy against the president! But will Ted Cruz treat us to another overly dramatically reading of a Dr. Seuss book? You remember the ironic thing about his choice of reading material, right? Green Eggs and Ham (he's the ham) is a tale about trying something new (like Obamacare) that you assume you don't like and finding out that you do--not quite the message Cruz's government shutdown was intended to convey.

Here's Amazon's page/s of Dr. Seuss books for Cruz to choose from though of course, he may decide to avoid some of the ridicule and skip reading a children's book this go-round. However, on the list of books is the ever appropriate for US politics One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish with its murky, up or down Piscean flavors!

Now for all you Pisces folks out there, here is my modest illustration of the Two Fish with a few astro-details concerning this Mutable sign published at Dreamyfish Art some time ago.

Pisces: Two Fish a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell (c).

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