Apr 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut 1922--2007

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut's fall two weeks ago in his Manhattan apartment resulted in brain injuries and he gave up the fight Wednesday, April 11.

In honor of a master I'm posting his natal chart the birth time of which is in question. But some transits aren't affected by birth time as long as the date is correct so I've marked Saturn outside the chart as The Old Man been visiting Vonnegut's natal Neptune of late. This is a difficult transit when you're 84 years old with its visions of The Grim Reaper and all.

Jupiter tends to be active at times of death and so we see Jupiter in first house along with Pluto. In a spree of blatant neglect, I did not write in the supposed planetary hour of his birth--a Jupiter hour, if born at 8:00 am CST (this looks like a rounded off time--once very commonly done.)

Custodians of Chaos is an excerpt from his memoir, Man Without A Country and is well worth a read if you haven't. It puts Bush and Cheney in their sorry places.

The Image for his natal Sun Sco/Moon Leo blend:

A Samaritan mirrors sunshine into the depth of a dark pit bringing hope to those who live there.
Puts me in mind of the slaughterhouse in Dresden and his use of his war experiences in writing Slaughterhouse Five.

This Sun/Moon blend is shared by poet Ezra Pound who said, "The difference between a gun and a tree...is a difference of tempo. The tree explodes every spring."

Your work, Mr. Vonnegut, is well done. RIP where guns can hurt no more.

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