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Apr 13, 2007

Wolfie and the sensual Eclipse

Having followed the romantic saga of Paul Wolfowitz and his lady, Ms. Riza this week it was little of a surprise to snoop around the date of June 1, 2005, when Wolfie demanded his fair lady's exorbitant compensation just for walkin' in the joint bwo an email to his World Bank posse.

"I now direct you to agree to a proposal which includes the following terms and conditions." Woo, power as aphrodesiac--Wolfie drinks liberally from the cup, it would seem!

The Solar Eclipse series in which June 1 falls is 7 North, 19Ari07, which occurred April 8, 2005. (This is also the PE series of Hurricane Katrina btw.)

Bernadette Brady gives this series as being a very sensual family of eclipses with sudden sexual passions can I best say this?....lust. There may be deep passions which have been dormant for years--hence the power of this series to catch the person off-guard with its intensity and suddenness.

Why, Wolfie, you dog, you! You're making me wish I had boocoodles of time to post on your natal chart (Dec 22, 1943, Ithaca, NY) but my typing time is limited this evening.

The initial eclipse in the 7N series was on Oct 3, 1103 (OS) and which has some interesting midpoint pictures:

Venus/Mars (the lovers) = Moon: emotional impulses;

Venus/Mars = Pluto: powerful sex drive; the conquest.

Well we knew Wolfie the Wolf was pretty hot stuff when we first saw Fahrenheit 911 --saw Midas himself preening his hair back with his own spit. Looked good, didn't it, Ladies? Mmm-m-m-m-m.....

Note: there's been a new limerick surreptitiously phoned in today from Mr.A.Cat so I'm headed now to Lim's Limericks to publish it up in the pan for Lim and his colleague who was formerly an agent in service to our nation.

The new limerick is entitled, A Kitten from Riza... if you're game.

Update on Lim's: seems to be having partial publishing issues this evening--the limerick is posted but is unviewable by link. Please try later, if you wish.

However, there's new artwork to be viewed at Cosmic Persona Designs so you have quite a bit to do actually...move along more Wolfie for you tonight...perhaps tomorrow.)

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