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Dec 5, 2010

Ron Paul: "What we need is more WikiLeaks" (of the Fed)

Perhaps you heard that the astute Rep. Ron Paul has weighed in on the value of WikiLeaks especially if its whistleblowing results in leaks of memos and other secret communiques from within the world banking syndicate.

I'd be all for those revelations, wouldn't you? Pass 'em around! Maybe some of Paul Wolfowitz's love letters are nestled in the packet for those of a more romantic nature than I.

Here's the video:

And if you may, please answer the WikiLeaks poll, upper right, thanks!

Jan 17, 2008

What Leo Strauss and Dick Cheney share

A previous post of 2006 on Leo Strauss includes Strauss and Cheney's shared personality blend and a link to an excellent article on Strauss who is considered to be the father of neoconservatism.

Paul Spit-Comber Wolfowitz studied under Strauss (who died in 1973--Wolfie is still with us) and Strauss has been ID'd as the "ghostly mastermind of current US foreign policy" in similar fashion to Rousseau's being blamed for the French Revolution.

I cannot recommend highly enough the above-linked essay by Edward Skidelsky if you've managed to miss it so far.

Simply click and you shall find--for Knowledge Is Power.

May 28, 2007

Full Moon May 31

Since I spent a considerable chunk of time today writing Full Moon May 31: An Ape Riding a Wolf, will you understand if I point you in that direction?

The degree for Friday night's upcoming Full Moon ("11Sag" over the White House at 9:03 pm edt) puts one in mind of Paul Wolfowitz, I agree, but please check out Jude's Threshold for more info relating to current events and the New Millenium's totalitarian leanings...just follow the above link, if you will.

May 15, 2007

Wolfie spits'n'spats

Why does this man seem full of lick-spittle again? Wasn't his performance in Fahrenheit 911 gross enough? The Guardian has the details of his latest spitting of the four-letter variety.

Jerry Falwell 1933--2007

UPDATE May 17: the headlines scream that Wolfowitz may resign this afternoon (another good riddance) so Saturn in Leo ploughs on removing those who must go now go now. Will Gonzo join the throng?

Saturn's current passage through Leo (leadership) has taken another leader, Jerry Falwell, as Saturn brings blockages, restrictions, and loss.

Born Aug 11, 1933, Falwell's n Sun 18Leo32 has again been triggered by tr Saturn 18Leo45 now moving direct.

Having natally an opposition between Sun (vitality; the heart) and Saturn 12AQ36 (protective structures; skeletal system; skin) conj IC (endings), it may describe a clear picture of heart problems unless I miss my guess--and I'm not one to keep up with the man's personal details (since I don't believe that Christians can possibly covet the halls of earthly power and remain true to Scripture.)

Between his n Sun and MC 13Leo05--and with Sun as final dispositor of the chart (AstroDataBank gives his natal chart an A rating) there is a midpoint picture worth noting because tr Saturn visited there in August 2006...Neptune/Pluto relates to religion and supernatural concerns...

Neptune/Pluto = tr Saturn: gradual decline of powers and faculties; pessimism; dark forebodings.

Then tr Saturn moved on to n Sun itself, a period of restriction and loss which isn't as difficult if you're a whippersnapper, but at age 74--and with possible heart problems--is a difficult transit to come out of in one piece with all your faculties intact.

Transit Chiron has recently been conjuncting his n Saturn at IC as well, as did undermining Neptune which tends to disintegrate structures when conjuncting Saturn. With his n Sun/Saturn opposition, this means Neptune also opposed n Sun...another indication of eroded (Nep) vitality (Sun.)

All I've heard before checking his chart is the announcement of his passing, so it will be interesting to see if his heart was involved, and if he'd had any surgeries in the last year or so--also indicated.

With n Mars/Chiron midpoint at n MC, this sacred warrior has gone down for the count and my best wishes go out to his family in this time of loss and sadness.

Here are some Previous Posts concerning Saturn in Leo, loss of leaders, restrictions, and such:

Fidel Castro who hasn't been seen in public in quite a while now;

Tony Blair has now announced he's out the door at the end of June-- good riddance;

Congress' Saturn Return and the last of this Saturn Return, hit #3, occurs July 13, 2007;

US Congress Solar Return 2006 is still in effect;

Bob Ney who's in the slammer for his dirty dealing (Saturn to n Pluto)--Saturn demands accountability when we take his lessons of responsibility lightly;

Cheney's Health plus Fixed Grand Cross the rigid my-way-or-the-highway stalemate we're still seeing in Washington;

midterm elections 2006--this post has Saturnian Scythe info and a link to John Townley's site with more on Saturn's harvesting sickle...

Wonder who'll be next?

McNulty is history, calls for Gonzales are still echoing through the chambers of Washington--how genuinely I know not, but he does have a bunch of Leo planets as does George Bush--so stay tuned for more on Saturn's stomp through Leo which completes in early Sep, 2007.

Makes you wonder if Bush will finish his term.

Apr 30, 2007

Anonymous Whistleblower at your service

The emailing Anonymous Whistleblower has caused Mr. Wolfowitz (defending his actions today with his World Bank colleagues) much trouble, although as we all must admit, troubles are most often self-created.

Wolfie (my affectionate name for the geezer) has decried the charges against him as an attempt to oust him from his cushy post (duh!) and says he "will not resign in the face of a plainly bogus charge of conflict of interest."

Oh great--if the hydra wins, the heads will sprout even more viciously and it makes you wonder how such a contentious appointment can flourish after the rest of the cat-birders show their colors against Wolfie's undoubtedly autocratic, high-handed rule.

Yet..."smear campaign" he whines! Ethics Panel, you say? Puh...we'll see if they boot him in the end. And Wolfie should recognize a smear campaign when he sees one--he's a cohort of Karl Rove!

Bush, of course, came out with the usual reach-around for the incompetent...once again, it takes one to recognize one.

The Superb Perps Line-up: Brownie, Gonzo, Rummy, Condi, and now Wolfie...those are only the ones who come to a bloggled mind just now...except for Bushie himself.

And then there's Shot Gun Dickie who is a royal pri*k among pri*cks doing what he loves--the pillaging and looting without conscience which passes for governmental expertise in the Bush administration.

So I ask you: what Wolfie did for his girlfriend's bank account, portfolio, and prestige: isn't it similar to what Bush did for Condi? It's just the rarified pot giving the autocratic kettle a reach-around...wink!


SO'W blog-note: it has been brought to my attention that SO'W is simply fraught with screaming typos..and after some consideration I may have figured out the deal--two or three hapless readers are getting my first publish before an EDIT appr 5 mins later. Sorry for that, but sometimes typos slip through until I can grab them's a truly bad habit and I will try to do better in future!

And There's More: this blog views best with IE (for me, Firefox is pretty jumbly here and about you?); and no, T.K., my own version of 'Cowell' isn't pronounced like Simon's because around here it's Coh' wull...thanks much for asking! -jc

Apr 13, 2007

Wolfie and the sensual Eclipse

Having followed the romantic saga of Paul Wolfowitz and his lady, Ms. Riza this week it was little of a surprise to snoop around the date of June 1, 2005, when Wolfie demanded his fair lady's exorbitant compensation just for walkin' in the joint bwo an email to his World Bank posse.

"I now direct you to agree to a proposal which includes the following terms and conditions." Woo, power as aphrodesiac--Wolfie drinks liberally from the cup, it would seem!

The Solar Eclipse series in which June 1 falls is 7 North, 19Ari07, which occurred April 8, 2005. (This is also the PE series of Hurricane Katrina btw.)

Bernadette Brady gives this series as being a very sensual family of eclipses with sudden sexual passions can I best say this?....lust. There may be deep passions which have been dormant for years--hence the power of this series to catch the person off-guard with its intensity and suddenness.

Why, Wolfie, you dog, you! You're making me wish I had boocoodles of time to post on your natal chart (Dec 22, 1943, Ithaca, NY) but my typing time is limited this evening.

The initial eclipse in the 7N series was on Oct 3, 1103 (OS) and which has some interesting midpoint pictures:

Venus/Mars (the lovers) = Moon: emotional impulses;

Venus/Mars = Pluto: powerful sex drive; the conquest.

Well we knew Wolfie the Wolf was pretty hot stuff when we first saw Fahrenheit 911 --saw Midas himself preening his hair back with his own spit. Looked good, didn't it, Ladies? Mmm-m-m-m-m.....

Note: there's been a new limerick surreptitiously phoned in today from Mr.A.Cat so I'm headed now to Lim's Limericks to publish it up in the pan for Lim and his colleague who was formerly an agent in service to our nation.

The new limerick is entitled, A Kitten from Riza... if you're game.

Update on Lim's: seems to be having partial publishing issues this evening--the limerick is posted but is unviewable by link. Please try later, if you wish.

However, there's new artwork to be viewed at Cosmic Persona Designs so you have quite a bit to do actually...move along more Wolfie for you tonight...perhaps tomorrow.)