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Jun 19, 2007

Bush's mojo haunts Philadelphia mint

mint releases more "godless" dollars so you know he's had a thumb in the pie.

May 17...just after the New Moon of May 16 = double Taurus (money) flavor.

Art is still prevailing, sorry to all my excellent starry friends. Back to SO'W before you know it but for now I'm hangin' out at Cosmic Persona Designs, Secret Moon Art, and my Lulu Storefront with Downloadable Art Goodness just oozin' from layer to layer...

June 25...Saturn opposes Neptune...exactly (partile) so smoosh your hats down around your ears, m'peops...the reality vs illusion game is really in the air now and all summer--with new art in the wings, propaganda flying thick, and more leaders and authority figures being undermined everywhere you turn.

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