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Jul 5, 2007

coalition of the billing


The 'coalition of the billing:' Private contractors outnumber U.S. troops in Iraq:

New U.S. data show how heavily the Bush regime has relied on corpora-terrorists to carry out the illegal occupation of Iraq. 04 Jul 2007 The number of U.S.-paid private contractors in Iraq now exceeds that of American combat troops, newly released figures show, raising fresh questions about the privatization of the war effort and the government's capacity to carry out military and rebuilding campaigns. More than 180,000 mercenaries — including Americans, foreigners and Iraqis — are working in Iraq under U.S. contracts, according to State and Defense department figures obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

In outsourced US wars, contractor deaths top 1,000 03 Jul 2007:

The death toll for private contractors in the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has topped 1,000, a stark reminder of the risks run by civilians working with the military in roles previously held by soldiers. A further 13,000 mercenaries have been wounded in the two separate wars led by the United States against enemies who share fundamentalist Islamic beliefs and the hit-and-run tactics that drain conventional armies.

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