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Jul 6, 2007

Bush: Solar Return 7.6.07

You can be sure I didn't want to spend the morning thinking about the 61-year-old cuss infesting the White House but our crook-in-chief has only one birthday per year, so here goes.

Sol returned to natal degree at 12:56 am edt today with Sun conj IC indicating a pivotal year which will be esp eventful the first few months. (In other charts there are some indications of danger to his nibs in August and September but if he makes it through September, he'll be resonably home free.)

Natal Jupiter 18Lib09 is conj DESC (others; partners) as is US secondary progressed Mars, now Rx. "19Lib" is the "Gang of robbers in hiding" degree (Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)

This angular connection highlights Bush's extravagant and ostentatious natal Sun/Jupiter square, an aspect that wants to accomplish too much too fast and which resorts to egotism as a defense mechanism. "Foolish optimism" is another unfortunate result of having a Sun/Jupiter square.

One thing we always consider in a Solar Return chart is the Sun's applying aspects to see how the year may progress:

1. Sun inconj Chiron: this is the loaded stick of dynamite aspect mentioned in the US Solar Return just below.

2. Sun QD Pluto: this is the ruthless, manipulative, intimidating "focused on success" aspect...perfect for a politician.

3. Sun square SR ASC: not good for popularity (what little he has left. He'll be acting all Arian (Mars) while his protective, nurturing Cancer Sun won't compute with his outer stance.)

4. Sun trine Uranus: help will arrive, obstacles may disappear thanks to others with similar goals, and being in the right place at the right time will bring accomplishments. Uranus = technology and thus is related to Bush's spying tendencies--and Uranus is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house from whence his help cometh.

Chart-ruler Mars, god of war, violence, and quarrels, is in first house of the Return chart...more fighing, disagreements, contentiousness, and activism.

Mars makes no applying aspects to the SR's planets, but he does sextile NN (helpful opportunities for his projects), and trines MC--his aspirations and goals for the year will gain support from Mars. Are so-called insurgents keeping him in office?

SR's Sun/Pluto midpoint is conj Bush's n Neptune so we see:

Sun/Pluto = Neptune: vocation or health are undermined; impressionability, sensitivity; lack of vigor; physical or mental impediments. (This picture is in SR 6th house of work, service, and health--and in natal 3rd house which also has a health connotation.)

There are only two midpoint pics in the SR chart and both point to NN (North Node = the path; destiny; encounters; associations):

Moon/Neptune = NN: projecting passivity or confusion (I'm confused as to why he's still infesting the Oval Office and our airwaves);

Mars/MC = NN: imposing one's will upon others; leadership (if you call it that.)

The Jupiter/Chiron midpoint is opposite Bush's n Sun these days and you will see it in SR 10th house, if you click the chart to enlarge (you'll see a few other notes written in chicken scratch as well.)

This combo is the "maverick with a superiority complex" (Chiron, Clow) so we'll suffer another year of that merde (pardon my French.)

You see that Rx Jupiter 11Sag26 is conj the Pluto/Chiron conjunction of Dec 30, 1999, in SR 8th house of debt, insurance, credit, the occult, legacies, transformation, and death. Jupiter expands the oppressive, plutocratic Pluto/Chiron pairing. He's a foolishly optimistic 'man on a mission' with a messianic complex, a virtual Sisyphus for Globalism.

Well, hopefully you'll click to enlarge the chart if you want more--I've had enough of this ornery old cuss for now--imho, he's not improving with age as he imagines himself to be...but becoming more cuss'ed by the moment.

Uploading fresh, new Art to Cosmic Persona Designs is next on my agenda. How 'bout you?

Chart Correction: mistakenly the 9 New North Solar Eclipse (28Pis07) info was added to the Sun/Moon midpoint in 1st house rather than to its position (PE) in 12th house.
My oops.


Anonymous said...

Can you ask Technorati to correct the visual intrusion from their big long white stripe on your site? It certainly does not encourage respect for or engagement with Technorati when they obscure your blog entries. and please excuse me for contacting you this way, Jude, as I know no other way to reach you. I really wanted to read your whole entry today about Bush's birthday, but much of it is covered.

wishing you many blessings, Kelsey

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Kelsey--you don't know how I appreciate your heads-up!

Actually it does that same here when I switch from IE to Mozilla.
If you should read this and have a mo, can you try using a different browser and let me know if it improves?

And if the culprit is the Techorati box I think it is, I'm going to delete it and see if that helps as well!

Thanks a bunch,