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Oct 8, 2007

New Moon 18 Lib: "Two men placed under arrest"

New Moon 17Lib30, Oct 11, 1:00 am edt, Washington, DC:

As you know, the US secondary progressed (sec) Mars is now station Rx at 18Lib+, or depending on the US natal chart you use, about to be so.

The "Two men placed under arrest" of "18Lib" seems pertinent to what's going on in our newly-evolving police state as well as with Blackwater and other disasters and outrages of the Iraq occupation. Seems the ones who deserve arrest continue their skulking with little interference and under the protection of the DOS.

Rounding up there's the next degree, "19Lib", with its Symbol:

"A gang of robbers in hiding" which also seems tres descriptive of current events yet I confess to feeling a slight tinge of a a robber barons of 1892 flavor with this degree...puts me in mind of them and their descending spawns who now ravage the world's natural resources and enslave populations just as their pappies and grandpappies loved to do. They like the "we create jobs" excuse as well.

As in, we ruin your environment, your health, and your life, but hey! at least you have a low-paying job for which you should thank our exalted selves.

Actually, the Alaskan wilderness is about to be sullied with the open-pit Pebble Mine project--gold and copper abounds, they say. NPR mentioned it just today.

Now my custom is to use Dr. Marc Edmund Jones' version of the Symbols--The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, but recently I have glommed onto Lynda Hill's book, 360 Degrees of Wisdom: Charting Your Destiny With the Sabian Oracles so I thought you'd find Lynda's take on "18" and "19Lib" very informative especially with Thursday's New Moon upon the very spot of the US sec Mars (military; police; firefighters; operatives; men between ages 25--35, etc.)

This New Moon occurs during a Mars Hour and with Mars out-of-bounds...working on his own, and now conjunct US natal Jupiter at the "Gamebirds feathering their nests" degree. Expansion comes with a Mars-to-Jupiter transit and someone will be given more credit than is due (another "superb job"? or more credit woes?)

In its Fall in Cancer, Mars is very self-protective, defensive, and emotional and because of retrogradation, we have a long slog until November with this placement of Mars which can bring us anger, frustration, and discord in domestic relations.

Any planets transiting Cancer always highly affect America with her Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury in the sign of the side-stepping Crab.

Mars to George Bush's chart:

Mars will be conjuncting Bush' natal Sun (and US n Sun) giving a 'surge' of energy and aggression (ugh) and then Bush's natal Saturn before the transit ends, both in his behind-the-scenes, karmic 12th house of the Unconscious.

Mars to Saturn indicates more focus and careful planning yet may have a frustrating or blocking influence as well. And halfway through will be this picture for Bush:

Sun/Saturn = tr Mars: energies feel confined; running hot'n'cold; a sense of futility; seclusion; loneliness; mourning (Tyl; Ebertin.)

There may be a connection to hospitals involved (12th house.)

The Libran New Moon chart has a financial flavor (click-to-enlarge to read a few of my notes.) One monetary factor is that NYSE's natal Moon is conjunct MC, the Goals and Aspirations Point of the chart.

So check out Lynda's excellent article on the New Moon in Libra and simultaneously learn how Dr. Jones 'switched' the Symbols for "18" and "19" Libra when recording them for Elsie Wheeler here.

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