Oct 5, 2007

are you celebrating Columbus Day?

Perhaps you are, but you can be more celebratory by reading my tiny Ode to Columbus Day which has a drawing from Secret Moon Art included with artist's compliments, entitled: You May Cross the Great Water--a quite Neptunian image.

But on another level, so is the festive bottle of bubbles seen above!

And on a political note, you know America has the Saturn to natal Neptune transit beginning with any, all, or none of the following influences:

giving up under stress; denial; losing focus; misrepresentation of responsibilities; assuming the burdens of others; deception in money matters; harsh reality surfaces; disillusionment.

The positive side includes creative projects benefiting through traditions, structure, and more realism; spiritual growth through established institutions; and charitable efforts are put to more practical, focused uses.

image: Celebrate! (c) 2007 by jude cowell

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