Oct 4, 2007

Inauguration Jan 20, 2009

Such as it is, here is the chart for Inauguration 2009 using Noon EST, Jan 20, Washington DC.

Sometimes the public ceremony begins a minute or two after twelve but it makes no discernible difference. My theory about the secret ceremony they hold is that it probably happens when Sun is conjunct US's Capricornian n Pluto (power.)

We have Jupiter 3AQ32 in 10th house along with the Sun (as always--it's noon) and in 2009 we have Mercury 00AQ41 Rx and cazimi the Sun (an ancient term for a very close conjunction thought to strengthen the Sun...cazimi, Arabic for "heart of the Sun") this at the least emphasizes the Sun's degree.

This Jupiter will soon conjunct US's natal South Node which makes me wonder if we'll be suffering a president from our past (SN)--in a word, George Bush--esp since Jupiter signifies Republicans--or perhaps one who carries on Bush's globalist policies (which include Bush Sr's and others' NWO policies as well.) My own opinion is that the globalist agenda has gone to far to be given up now--they will do what they must to "win" the US presidency again even though cheating isn't "winning," it's stealing what you don't deserve.

And with Jupiter nearer MC than the (Democratic) Saturn, a GOP prez is a distinct possibility (barfy as that is to say...and not that I think a Dem prez would make any difference with the NWO ball rolling along as it is. It's Pluto/Chiron's class warfare, baby.)

Now you may prefer using "1AQ" for the Sun and Mercury 00AQ+ degree when it comes to Sabian Symbols but I prefer "30Cap" because it seems to apply to the top CEO of America...

"30Cap": "A secret business conference"...OPPORTUNITY...

pos: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

With the 2009 Mercury Rx at the same degree, I think it's correct to say that this is the operative word picture for our learless feader because the Sun represents the leader of a country in a national chart.

And the Moon represents The People (and Publicity)--this one at a 29th critical degree. You do know that critical degrees may not be negative necessarily, but a matter which must be dealt with pronto.

"29Sco": "An Indian squaw pleading for the lives of her children"...


pos: personal accomplishment through an exceptional gift for holding first things first;

neg: naive willingness to truckle to others.

(Truckling to politicians must cease--taking back America is overdue and more critical than anyone can express! This Moon's Symbol indicates to me our military's overextension and the resultant problems for our families as we play the world's police force.)

If you click-to-enlarge the chart you'll see a 9th-house Mars at the New World Order's Uranus/Neptune degree of "18Cap" which is the smug or strong-armed paternalism mess the world is mired in...see NWO here.

Uranus/Neptune = Mars: misdirected energy; lack of stamina; instability; impatience; nervousness; feeling of foreboding (midpoints pics: Tyl; Ebertin.)

The Prenatal Eclipse Series which the 2009 Inauguration falls into is the 10 South Series--you see it in 4th house conjuncting South Node 9Leo20--and 4th house is the Basis of the matter.

This PE at 9Leo 32 is conj Republican Party's n Mercury, George Bush's n Mercury, and the n Mercury of Al Gonzales.) See Adriano Carelli's info on the 8, 9, and 10 Leo area of the zodiac.

Brady's Predictive Astrology gives this Series as:

breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen; there's an apparent lack of options but then a worry will suddenly clear; the solution must be taken up without too much delay.

The PE occurs Aug 1, 2008. Wonder what they have up their tricky sleeves between August 2008 and the Nov election? 10South's last occurrence: July 22, 1990; "30Can": "A Daughter of the American Revolution" (opposite "30Cap" mentioned above)...


pos: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit;

neg: the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.

Inaugural Pluto is unaspected and is liable to run away with the chart and thus the 4-year term (this chart is good for the entire 4 years.) Pluto's position is not so good near the 9th cusp yet in the 8th house, plus there is quite a pile-up with Pluto 1Cap57--asteroids: Toro, Morya, and Eros (I will refer to these later on and link back to this chart when I do), plus three midpoints of note:

Sun/Moon = Pluto: biased attitude or changed circumstances lead to critical phases in life; separation from others to start anew; a soul torn by inner conflicts; potential new relationship perspectives.

Moon/Mercury = Pluto: persuasion or being persuaded; the force of thought; the necessity to adjust one's thinking to new conditions or circumstances; a reorientation of thinking caused by special events or experiences coupled with destiny (Pluto is a very karmic planet.)

Moon/Jupiter = Pluto: an extraordinary and unusual striving for possessions and wealth; desire to start great enterprises; the big picture and the power to make it appear.

America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 is conjunct Inaugural MC (Goals; Aspirations; WHY Point) which has been the case since the Inauguration was switched from March to January in the 30s...so we get:

Sun/MC = n Pluto: very strong drive to fulfill objectives; a violent attainment of one's aims; attaining leadership by use of force; realizing extraordinary plans; a tragic destiny (The Sun/MC midpoint = the Goal; Ambition.)

Mercury/MC = n Pluto: pursuit of fanatical aims; excessive ambition (well you'd have to have this to be prez, wouldn't you?); a turn in one's career.

Now here are the other midpoint pictures which will form for Inauguration 2009:

Jupiter/MC = Sun: striving happily for attainment of aims; optimism; a person who makes the best of life's opportunities; illumination of one's life purpose; recognition and success.

Jupiter/MC = Mercury: successful plans; lots of ideas; voluble communications; publishing; far-sightedness; large-scale projects or ventures.

Saturn/NN = Moon: qualifying for responsibility; appealing to senior persons; standing alone in life; widows or orphans.

Mars/Jupiter = MC: making favorable arrangements; love of enterprise; the excitement of being "on top"; opportunity for success.

MC also has the oppressive plutocracy midpoint conjunct it--Pluto/Chiron. That curdles my bippy and puts US plutocracy "out there' for the world to see as America's objective...and US citzens may be seeing it without the rosy glasses we've so loved donning in previous years.

Actually the rest of the world has deja-vu'd it long ago...it seems to have taken Bush Jr.'s miserable tenure to make it excruciatingly obvious here in the US.

Jupiter/Pluto = Mars: organizing talent; applying controls to suit one's particular purposes; desire to achieve great things.

Uranus/MC = Neptune: suppressed anger, paralyzed will; powerlessness; expecting recognition, withdrawal if frustrated. (Neptune here may be representing spies, jihadists, propagandists, spiritualists or religionists, idealists--anyone Neptunian, including governmental types.)

ASC/MC = Uranus: excitable and adventurous people; upsets; a spoiling of one's plans.

There are two midpoints focusing upon the NN (the path)...

Venus/Pluto = NN: meeting people presents a gamble instead of security; a fascinating personality.

Neptune/MC = NN: peculiarities; difficult relationships; sharing bad intentions with others; unpleasant associations.

There are no patterns formed--no T-Squares, Grand Trines, etc. It's an hour of Saturn, planet of control, responsibility, and fate. And Moon is in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect (165 degress) with the ASC--the Inauguration itself:

Moon QD ASC: unpredictable, moody; need for emotions to be recognized; emotional dependency or emotional convictions prominent.

There are more factors to consider but I will continue this grump later on for I have a theory that few people read long posts anyway--so if you made it this far, it's kudos for you from me!

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