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Nov 18, 2007

Freemasons of Washington DC

In Washington sits the southern home of Freemasonry, the House of the Temple of the Scottish Rite where you can walk a curving mahogany corridor and view the likes of their I-didn't-know-he-was-a-Freemason portrait collection of members including:

Arnold Palmer, Sam Ervin, John Glenn, Will Rogers, John Wayne, J. Edgar Hoover, and Harry Truman--are only some of the enlightened bunch.

Well, everyone knows Truman was a Mason, but the identities of some of the others might shock even your Aunt Granny Fanny, if you dare inform her (in her day she had such a huge crush on John Wayne, you know.)

And the hairs may stand up on the back of your neck as you gaze at the beautiful stained glass window with its familiar Eye of Providence staring splendidly back atcha. (My recommendation is to have a barber take care of those wayward hairs before you get to the Temple.)

Here's a related post on Founding Fathers/Freemasonry from 2005 about the naming of this blog: Why 'Stars Over Washington'?

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Gingerman said...

Just for accuracy's sake: The House of the Temple is the headquarters of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, which is a seperate organization made up of Freemasons. All the members must be Freemasons, but the Scottish Rite has no authority over the lodges you see in neighborhoods, unless they too are Scottish Rite.
Two seperate organizations with a common membership.
All members of the American College of Surgeons are surgeons, but not all surgeons are members of the American College of Surgeons.