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Apr 30, 2024

Early America with Ed Kohout!

Saturn-Uranus: Old Order v New Order

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

With ongoing challenges to our established system of government by authoritarian forces determined to topple our nation, the conflict heating to a boil as Election 2024 nears, I'm very pleased today to present gifted astrologer Ed Kohout with his thoughts regarding a question I recently posed to him concerning the Freemasonic founding of America, and whether the venerable Secret Society continues to influence our nation via current events.

Q: Ed, how do you see Freemasonry's involvement (if any) during these recent years of Uranian insurrectionists attacking The Establishment with the goal of toppling the US government, changing its form from a democratic Republic to an authoritarian dictatorship in league with foreign dictators - and is the order's influence being felt or utilized in modern-day Washington DC?

My first reply is to ask, which Freemasonry? The AFAM, the FAAM, or the Scottish Rite? Of these, the AASR (1801) is the brand that is truly only in the USA. The rest are beholden to the English and Scots-Irish realm, or the UK - the British Empire.

It's interesting because I've been meaning to get my old 2019 prediction stuff up on the blog, and I think part of the answer to "revolution" has to do with how the early "revolutionary" freemasons who took on the Crown had tapped into Plutonian energy that they could not have known to exist astrologically. Back then, they were the Uranians (upstarts), trying to do away with the Saturnians (English rule). All these years later, the upstarts are the Saturnians, and the new upstarts are the Uranians, who are basically trying to undermine the Saturnian rule of law.

In 1717, the Grand Lodge formed, and this was right before transiting Jupiter/Saturn conjoined transiting Pluto [JU/SA = PL].

In 1774 and 1775, a new [JU/SA = PL] did a triple-whammy from basically the moment the First Continental Congress warmed their seats until the battle of Bunker Hill and the "shot heard 'round the world" on April 19.

FF to 2020, and another triple-whammy of [JU/SA = PL] takes place, all during the pandemic, prompting both the overthrow (by the people) of Trump, and then the attempted Autogolpe of Trump. Trump is not just Trump, but a consortium of foreign despots and ankle-biters who want to weaken the USA and NATO because that's easier than growing more powerful on their own.

In short, Trump and his minions are pretty far away from the Masonic world, and it was the Masonic world's efforts to protect us from Trump. They were able to do this not just internally, but because the old Masonic network is truly international, and efforts to degrade the Trump regime from multiple angles went into action.

I have doubts that Modern Freemasons run the West anymore, as they have become a ceremonial relic for the most part, succumbing to bigger monied interests that can act without the Masonic networks, but we can still see their staid influence in institutions like NATO, the UN, the OAS, the FED, the CFR, and so on.

The AASR is still a formidable group, but one has to wonder if there is not a majority of its members who are sympathetic to the New Trump Order that wants to undo so many civil rights and Federal norms, them being based in the South.

By Ed Kohout, master of the pan flute.

Ed Kohout, Thank You so much. Your wider view of Freemasonry in America is, dare I say it, enlightening! And I hope readers unfamiliar with your extensive research will visit the deep-diving Occursion blog where you write intriguingly on "Hidden and Cryptic Astrological Histories."

Apr 24, 2022

The Star-Studded Founding of America

Binary star Sirius A and B; artwork; NASA, ESA and G. Bacon (STScI), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

April 24, 2022 Announcement:

For the curious seeker, in-depth information is now published concerning intriguing topics via Occursion Media On the DC Obelisk - Part II. Fixed stars such as Mercurial Procyon (before the dog), royal Aldebaran (The Watcher of the East; a martial star; The Follower), Sirius (the dog star; The Scorcher; the mundane becomes sacred), plus, Freemasonry, the Golden Mean, and various starry alignments of significance are included in the post - no, they are explained in the post.

Readers interested in delving into the origins of America (esoterically, historically, even mathematically) through the utilization of an astrological lens are invited to have a peek and consider cosmic synchronicities and more.

Additionally, we should note that Part III is on the drafting table as well.

Sep 18, 2019

Sept 18, 2019: 226 Years Ago the Capitol Cornerstone Laid

After yesterday's circus theatrics and stonewalling before the House Judiciary Committee one is tempted to wonder if the United States Capitol Building remains standing on Capitol Hill where George Washington put it. Well, though its foundation may be somewhat shaken, it still stands even as the power of Congress over a rebellious Executive Branch is in question. For after all, the temple-like building is all of 226 years old if we count its genesis from the Laying of the Cornerstone by Freemason George Washington and his brothers in Masonic ceremony (bros from Lodges No.22 Virginia and No.9 Maryland). Their solemn procession gathered in Alexandria at 10:00 am LMT, crossed the river, and must have reached Jenkins Heights (aka, Jenkins Hill) around lunch time or thereabouts, give or take.

The symbolic founding horoscope I use for the US Capitol Building is set for 10:53 am LMT September 18, 1793 when expansive, freedom-loving, protective Jupiter @27Scorpio peeked over the horizon; The Sun, Mercury, and North Node were in Virgo which is typically a prominent sign in any horoscope dealing with the founding of Washington DC and is highly important in Freemasonry symbolism with its wheat shaft, the goddess/Virgin, and 'widow's son' implications along with Ceres, an asteroid of nurturing that is sometimes used to represent democracy. Yes, there are goddess archetypes galore across Washington DC, Zodiacs and horoscopes, too.

Actually, in December 2017 I posted on the Laying of the US Capitol Cornerstone with a little Astrology added for good measure (see The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason for more details). Or as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and the others must have called it, Sacred Geometry.

So here's wishing a Happy 226th Anniversary, US Capitol Building! But in future, please figure out a way for your proceedings to do without the infiltrators and saboteurs currently undermining your very foundation.


Your friend,

A Child of the Revolution.

Apr 18, 2018

The Prenatal Solar Eclipse of America's Pluto Return/s

Image: Solar Eclipse @12Sag22 December 4, 2021 surrounding US Natal Horoscope July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This Solar Eclipse falls into the 5 New South Saros Series with themes of benefits and peak experiences and its initial manifestation perfected on June 15, 1787 @24Gem20, near the New Moon degree (25:07) of the Uranian Mr. Trump's 'escalator announcement' of his presidential bid in June 2015. It is also the degree of the 1781 discovery of planet Uranus (24Gem27). Will the senior Mr. Trump still be around in 2021 or 2022? We'll see for it may depend on how many cheeseburgers and greasy chicken thighs he scarfs down between now and then (I'm not wishin' I'm just sayin').

Now the US natal chart here is the one I usually tend to favor because it places Cardinal World Points on the MC and IC angles of the chart along with two applicable Sabian Symbols. '1 Aries' = IC, the Foundation of the Matter) = "A Woman Rises Out of Water, a Seal Is Embracing Her" (Jones) which to me sounds like the New Atlantis as America, a 'her', across the sea from England--and America's Great Seal intended to certify official documents and based on Weishaupt's Illuminati Seal design of May 1, 1776. This, plus the natal horoscope's Ascendant degree/s ('12Sag' and '13 Sag'--see chart, lower left) suggests our nation on various levels--one of which is its Freemasonic birth of an idea/ideal that is the Founders' 'New Atlantis' in which men are capable of enlightened self-government for as Thomas Jefferson asserted,

"I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves." (TJ July 2, 1787.) Do you think that remains the case in 2018 much less by 2021/22? If not, it's primarily due to infiltrators that have infested our country for decades now and their devilish, undermining machinations which are really paying off as they planned long ago. (See my 2005 description of Stars Over Washington under the title, above!)

Some well known historic events that are associated with the Mercury-Pluto duo include: Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Alaskan Earthquake, FDR's first election, East Coast Power Blackout, and Bolsheviks take power (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey).

Note: Now I'm using the 5 New South Eclipse as the PE of America's Pluto Return phase in general, plus, its degree conjoins our nation's July 4, 1776 natal Ascendant in Sagittarius (late afternoon charts). However, two other Solar Eclipses perfect in year 2022 with themes that are notably plutonic and I intend to cover them in a different post as soon as I can get to it. Check back if you're curious, or subscribe if you wish.

And so as creepy Pluto in Capricorn (planet of the Underworld, secret manipulators, hidden wealth, sneaky stealth, death, sex, research and investigation, transformation and regeneration) continues plodding toward his natal degree (27Cap33) and reprises his opposition to US natal Mercury (24Can11: '25Cancer' = "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power") off and on along the way, we can see in the above Eclipse chart some of the general cosmic background influences upon the first-time-ever phase of our exact Pluto Return/s--three in number. Our Pluto Return phase will activate America's surveillance pair of planets ('total awareness' aka, Big Brother) with the duo's (continued!) propensity toward secrets, gathering of information (intelligence activities), top secret communications, security clearances, self-destructive impulses in business operations, political talk of abrupt changes and reforms, breakdowns in road networks, paranoia about secrets or scandals and the leaking or disclosure of them, ruthless behavior, obsessions, eroticism, news about space exploration, orbital weapons, and/or toxins, and the need to control other people (Munkasey) when it's actually The Manipulators who need controlling.

Dec 2, 2017

In Tribute to Master Mason George Washington

Have you ever visited the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia? Its basic design or shape is 'obelisk' and it is intended to evoke the famous Lighthouse at Alexandria Egypt, a factoid that ties right in with the Freemasonry so revered by General Washington, Master of Alexandria Lodge #22. As you know, the Lighthouse at Alexandria is one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Such symbols hint of the possible involvement of other secret societies though those of today may be newly invented or are offshoots of older organizations. As we all have noticed, whatever virtuous character these networks think they possess they may not and most Americans realize this when considering how America's Ship of State has been helmed through the years--in misguided, perverted directions, no longer under the inspiration of America's original founding principles.

And as Thomas Jefferson said of George Washington, "The moderation and virtue of a single character probably prevented this revolution from being closed, as most others have been, by a subversion of the liberty it was intended to establish."

Admirable! And yet the power-grabbing egomaniacs in the White House and frequenting its environs today have no intention of following the George Washington model of leadership, or of heeding his warning for the future. With perverted consciences, they pursue ravenously all they desire while the sabotage of our country goes flagrantly on, our freedoms unjustly looted away. Thinking the American People divided beyond repair, their brazenness increases and yet a reckoning is coming. How long will biological and philosophical descendants of the American Revolution allow the dismantling of our nation before stopping in its tracks the sabotage by the infiltrators?

Here's George Washington in Masonic apron now leading the Masonic ceremony that laid the Capitol Building cornerstone (or, possibly the first foundation stone instead because he's standing in a trench) on September 18, 1793 with transit Saturn conjunct Washington's natal Ascendant (18Tau28 = '19Taurus': "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean") and Washington's natal Uranus @10Sag03 rising ('11Sag': "In the Left Section Of An Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns in A Container Shaped Like a Human Body") a few minutes 'after mid-day':

For more astro-notes on George Washington and his era check out these related posts:

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*Timing of this ceremony from The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason.

Oct 10, 2017

The Statue That Binds White Supremacy, World War III, Trump, and the US Congress

Wikimedia; Albert Pike, old age; See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The ongoing political and personal barbs between Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump concerning Trump's irresponsible remarks and tweets that could "start World War III" and the continuing Confederate statue removal debate that seems determined by higher powers to delete US history from our eyes, reminds me of the one statue above all others that should be removed for it ties together The Confederacy, white supremacy, World War III, and Donald Trump with his racist brothers in Congress.

Yet as a Southerner with ancestors who fought in the 'Civil' War, I agree with 'our' General Robert E. Lee who in his day made it clear that we should not glorify the war that divided us but move forward with the United States of America and that we should not raise our children to hate the US government!

The now-protested statue of which I complain--and the one that to me should be removed from DC's Judiciary Square before all others--is that of Confederate General Albert Pike--in his day the grand poo bah of Masons, a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, and major promoter, some say, of World War III.

But of course, there are those who claim that Pike's 1871 Letter to Mazzini which lays out the Illuminati goals for fomenting three world wars is a hoax. Perhaps you're one of them! Yet if there is skepticism over the letter and its war 'plans' among those-in-the-know it may be a simple question of timing, of not letting the cat out of the war bag before all is in place for global conflagration, victory assured. At war's end these wealthy chaos-creating meddlers expect they will be able to "build anew upon ruins" a totalitarian global government as if it's a good idea and the only course of action. A fret concerning this globalism topic is the upcoming Solar Eclipse of August 2018, nicknamed, The Tower with its theme of collapse and rebuilding.

Well, here's a previous post which includes an informative video Who Is Albert Pike? If you've never taken a few minutes to watch it, please do so now for it directly relates to the current white supremacist in the White House, the man-baby Senator Corker recently said out loud could "start World War III"--something I believe most members of the Republican Party, their enablers in DC (including corporate Dems), and certain bankers want very much to start--many for financial reasons, some for religious or ideological craziness pretexts, and many to establish a 'new world order'--as if God's plan for the world can be rushed by arrogant, greedy idiots!

See An Update Horoscope of the New World Order which is timed by the third Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune (18Cap) where transit Pluto hangs out these days ("the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--" and you know that Albert Pike was many things including an astrologer.)

And yet we know that:

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." George Orwell

So from Jupiterian Trump's recent statements of belligerence, it appears that someone has advised the billionaire-wanna-be of this potential for profit and profit is all he cares about.

Now on the topic of the Civil War here's an excerpt from a previous post with a link to the rest added, below:

To persuade the South to secede from the union, Illuminized Sionist-Rosicrucian Freemasons used the Knights of the Golden Circle (member: John Wilkes Booth) which had been formed in 1854 by George Bickley with the objective of spreading racial tension; its military arm was the Ku Klux Klan. Meanwhile, Jesse James stole gold from banks and buried it to fund the war (nearly $7 billion!)

The states that seceded would be united in the Confederate States of America with each eventually becoming like an independent country. Abraham Lincoln (inaugurated March 4, 1861) told the American people that, "combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary machinery of peacetime government had assumed control of various southern states."

America and the entire world are now in the grip of the 'hidden hands' of wealthy men who plan another World War and who had a major part in putting hothead Mars-Rising Trump in the White House for such a purpose. Read the rest if you dare or if you simply care about the world's direction: Civil War Apr 12, 1861: Midpoint Pictures and Hidden Hands.

A Few Astro-Notes on Senator Bob Corker

Have you checked out Bob Corker's Wikipedia profile? Senator Corker was born August 24, 1952 in Orangeburg, SC. His family moved to Tennessee when he was 11 years old. A quick peek at the 24 hours of his birth date (sans birth hour) shows Sun from 00 to 1Virgo+ and Moon ranging from 10 to 22 Libra. As you see, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 eclipsed Corker's natal Sun which conjoins royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided) and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump. Will Bob Corker run for president? His Libra Moon is among the 2nd house Libra planets of Mr. Trump (Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter from 5 to 18 Libra).

The Earth-Air blend of Sun Virgo-Moon Libra denotes a practical idealist and a courteous intellectual (Corker is said to be the most intelligent man in the US Senate). Humorous, considerate, and rational, Bob Corker will be sorely missed in the Senate when or if he fails to run for re-election, as he has stated he would not. A senator and Republican who is ready to forgive others because he recognizes his own fallibility will not be easy to replace with a similar model--actually, impossible to replace from the looks of things for this personality blend shows that he has respect for the dignity of others, excellent reasoning power, and a "civilized concern for the wellbeing of all." And though the senator may at times seem detached, he appreciates both art and science, and has "the ability to cooperate with others for a common cause."

Senator Corker's daily mantra may be: "the unexamined life is not worth living." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey). Of course as we know, this viewpoint is diametrically opposed to the imbecilic profit-above-all mindset of Donald Trump who thinks he's never made a mistake and has nothing to apologize for.

The Prenatal Eclipse (PE) of Bob Corker @28Leo (conjunct The Great American Eclipse degree!) is in the 8 South Saros Series and manifested four days prior to his birth so that his PE is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) making him something of an 'eclipse baby'. The themes of 8 South, which last occurred in 2006, are: separation, loss, to be finished with something and feel sad; physical injury possible due to over-strain (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Yes, it must be quite a strain having to deal with a red-faced, angry, egotistical Mr. Trump who seems to be attempting to "start World War III" but who can't seem to 'best' Senator Corker whose IQ is probably way above his. I wouldn't want to deal with Trump, would you?

Mar 27, 2017

Donald Trump hearts President Andrew Jackson!

A Natal Chart Comparison: Donald Trump's Idolatry of President Andrew Jackson

by Jude Cowell

President Andrew Jackson? Vicious! say his modern critics. And based only on Jackson's instigation of the tragic Trail of Tears, made possible by the imperial Indian Removal Act, I must concur (and having Native American heritage myself as do many 'native' Georgians via Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas).

Mr. Trump wants his presidency to resemble that of 'populist president' Andrew Jackson and of course with Mr. Trump we've noticed a wide streak of intolerance for 'the other' even though he ran for office as 'the other' and 'the outsider' in an attempt to pretend a great chasm exists between himself and The Establishment that permeates Washington DC. So with Trump we have 'the other' hating 'the others', all the foreigners among us as if most if not all of our ancestors weren't immigrants themselves at some point. Ironic enough for us? Then why not consider the two natal charts and planets of these men of power, one a military general born in 1767, the other a real estate mogul born in 1946--and both initiated Freemasons.

Two Versions of Andrew Jackson's Natal Chart

With no known birth hour for Jackson firmly proven, you may wish to check out the two versions shown at astrodatabank of Jackson's March 15, 1767 morning chart and the rectified version set for March 14, 1767 11:24 pm LMT (rectified by Isaac Starkman). Plus, other birth times are noted such as Grant Lewi's '2:00 am' speculation. Both Jackson's charts show a Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo personality blend so we have that goin' for us.

House cusps are different, of course, for Andrew Jackson: the March 15th 'morning chart' gives 25Ari50 rising with quirky genius Uranus (25Ari50) in tow suggesting one with great coping ability. Uranus-ASC describes one who is alert and responds quickly and individualistically to whatever occurs. And of course, Mars-ruled-Aries is the sign of the pioneer and adventurer which certainly describes Andrew Jackson who, as president, embodied the physical implementation of America's much-vaunted Manifest Destiny, the Jupiterian impulse that native American tribes were in the way of. Uranus in Aries is the zealot and anarchist, the Utopian idealist, according to Reinhold Ebertin, and we've certainly experienced this since transit Uranus entered Aries in 2010 (ex: the Tea Party, an early expression in the Collective of this riotous placement.)

Another feature of Jackson's Aries Rising chart is that it places powerful Pluto (11Cap39) at Midheaven (MC), the Goal Point of the chart. Pluto conjunct MC = power, control, violence, plus, more coping ability (Pluto) in the realm of Career and Public Status. Transit Pluto now conjoins this MC and a three-fer Pluto Return occurred for Jackson all through 2014.

As for Jackson's rectified chart with 00Sag54 rising ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"), MC = 12Vir08 where transit North Node pointed in September 2016; his natal Jupiter @17Vir10 Rx and natal Moon 19Vir46 conjoin this Virgo MC from the 10th house side. In political realms, Moon-Jupiter often indicates ineffective leadership which may not precisely describe Jackson's White House tenure and I doubt it could be said to describe his military leadership (ex: the Battle of New Orleans.)

Planetary Links Between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson

Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946) = '1946'; Jackson = '1767' so let's see if any planetary contacts exist between the two men's natal charts but not including Andrew Jackson's house cusps, Ascendant, etc:

1767 Saturn 13Gem44/45: Saturn is closest to 1946's natal Uranus-NN-Sun political trio but with a 4-degree+ orb, a weak link. 1767 Venus (@11Aries = "The President of the Country"!) is widely opposed by 1946 Neptune (5Lib50 Rx) denoting potentials for strange circumstances to develop along with deception, mistrust, confusion, and a lack of cooperation from others. Neptune opposing Venus makes bankruptcy a distinct possibility (Mr. Trump already has already bankrupted businesses including a gambling casino--how is that possible? no customers?) and naturally false promises and financial schemes are implicated, plus, misunderstandings and disappointments in relationship matters are prominent expressions of this link.

Now with 1946's Mars 26Leo and Ascendant 29Leo (conjunct royal Regulus), we find 1767's Neptune @3Vir15 Rx nearby which creates a midpoint picture of note: Mars-Neptune = ASC which adds an unstable quality to their relationship (and with Trump's tendency to change his mind on a whim or notion, we'll see if his idolatry of Jackson has staying power). Transit North Node @3Virgo now points toward 1767's natal Neptune, a 'lack of community spirit' indicator that may also describe the public's current notice (NN) of Jackson's ideals or ideology (Neptune). Additionally, the potential for misunderstandings is increased by 1767's Mercury @3Ari31 opposed by 1946's Neptune Rx.

Note that 1767's Mercury-Neptune inconjunction of adjustment adds difficult energies to the confused misunderstandings and disappointments of this link while 1946's problematic Mercury-Neptune square contains the probability of distorted perceptions, false promises, overblown fantasies, and falsehoods. Mercury rules rhetoric, while Neptune rules propaganda, the media, and the masses, unwashed though they may be. Add to that the tendency to use others (as illustration, as a behavioral model, etc) and we have Trump using Jackson as propaganda icon for Trump supporters who idolize Andrew Jackson themselves.

Two 'war' and 'violence' links exist between Jackson and Trump: 1767's South Node, a karmic point of separation and neurosis, is conjoined by 1946's Pluto @10Leo02 and of course this occurs in the egocentric sign of the natural leader, royal Leo. The other link is 1767's warrior planet Mars @22Tau23 conjunct the MC (Goal Point) of the 1946 natal chart, not a positive thought at all especially when considering the militaristic Mars Rising personality of Donald Trump with his rising Regulus and the star's caution: 'success if revenge is avoided'.

Jan 20, 2017

Trump Inaugural Address Full of Illuminati Hand Symbols

January 20, 2017 Trump Inaugural Address 12:00 pm est - 12:18 pm est

Those who watched today as President Donald J. Trump took the presidential Oath of Office then began his inaugural address couldn't miss his typical use of hand symbols such as the 'okay' sign which tends toward the positive in America, but holds very negative meanings in other countries. Now like most of my fellow Americans, I hope for best results for our nation and people in the years ahead under the Trump-Pence administration.

However, what secret beliefs and allegiances are held by Mr. Trump I do not know but his constant use of Freemasonry and Illuminati hand symbols when speaking provides this particular Child of the Revolution no comfort at all.

Recommended is a very interesting Related Video Presentation from Max Igan: Illuminati Mind Control, Spells, and Illusions.

Dec 17, 2016

How The Magic Works - Max Igan episode 277

Dec 16, 2016 Max Igan Surviving the Matrix episode 277 American Voice Radio: Natural Law, secret codes and symbols, the control grid, magic, and more:

Visit The Crowhouse.

Support The Crowhouse.

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. - Plato

Nov 22, 2016

A Question about American Utopianism

Of Rosy Glows, Dragons Fought, and Thomas Jefferson

by Jude Cowell

St george

St. George and the red cross are emblems used by many countries, regions, organizations, and entities through the centuries, including medieval times. Today the modern 'Red Cross' organization is a well known example of its use as a symbol or logo and the 'rosy cross' of 'Rosicrucianism' represents a secret organization that favors a mythical beast that is seldom if ever glimpsed by non-members. More details here.

Yes, the Banner of St. George was notable (and one supposes inspiring) at the Battle of Agincourt and yet my current fuss is this: precisely why is a flag or banner with a red cross on a white field prominently displayed in the following painting of a tableaux of Thomas Jefferson's presentation to Congress of the completed Declaration of Independence? You see the red cross floating over Jefferson's head so is this a wordless message revealed via symbol? For one thing, Jefferson's effects after his death (on July 4, 1826) included a Rosicrucian decoder intended to read and write secret messages. And yet it was Great Britain where Rosicrucianism became uppermost, with Templar Freemasonry sprouting and growing wildly in the New World of America (though some say the two brotherhoods united at some point).

Here are details on John Trumbull's famous painting, above, of the moment Thomas Jefferson presented the first draft of the Declaration of Independence to John Hancock, president of the Second Continental Congress, on June 28, 1776. Last I heard, the 12' x 18' masterpiece hangs in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building. Standing with Mr. Jefferson are John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Benjamin Franklin.

Now as you know, Mr. Jefferson was a quiet man who whispered and stuttered when he spoke, and keeping secrets was a natural inclination for such a man particularly when involvement in certain activities could forfeit you your fortune and your life. Perhaps wisely, Jefferson never admitted actual membership in any secret society that I know of but we can surmise his knowledge of principles, plus, Monticello sported paintings of the three men whose intellect he admired most: Bacon, Newton, and Locke.

So I confess that there are times when the idea of an alleged "Book of Secrets" that's said to be for very few eyes suggests to me that whatever American secrets there be are totally different from what we've been propagandized through the centuries to believe about our Platonian, Utopian nation, the only country ever founded upon an ideal. From capstones, hollowed out crevices in cornerstones, and whatever is secreted under DC's Ellipse, to that infamous "Book", We the People surely must have stunning revelations ahead of us if Bacon's Vision is ever fully revealed. We may not like it but there it is.

Now with the recently denied potential of electing the first woman president, I had speculated that if such a thing happened, it could be symbolized by flipping over America's Great Seal in order to bring the more esoteric, unconscious symbols on the reverse more fully into our conscious minds. You know--the 13-step 'pyramid of power' which relates symbolically to the Midheaven degree and sign (on or about 26 Capricorn these days) in America's inaugural horoscopes (January 20th noon Capitol Building) -- the area of the Zodiac where Pluto in Capricorn now creeps. Plus, a late Capricorn MC places US natal Pluto Rx there as well along with America's progressed Pluto at 29 Capricorn, a critical or crisis 29th degree (as is 26 Cap). On Inauguration Day/s, our opposing Mercury Rx at IC echoes, along with sneaky Pluto at MC, the whisper of a nation of secrets, spies, hidden rulers, and a veiled mission.

And since Pluto was discovered in 1930, let's go ahead and say that when Freemason President Franklin Roosevelt had Inauguration Day changed from early March to January 20th (March 1933 to January 1937), he knew exactly what he was doing and what would eventually happen: transit Pluto in Capricorn ('the dictator') would hit the highest, most visible spot in US inaugural horoscopes, the Midheaven, the point of Goals and Aspirations...the pinnacle of worldly power, we might call it...and this would symbolically signify a display (MC) of might and Empire (Pluto in Cap) meant to be seen worldwide across the globe and denote Saturnian control (Capricorn) of the Earth itself.

How quirky that someone has selected a braggart nationalist like Mr. Trump to implement the final stages of Global Government when that's just the kind of thing he campaigned against! Perhaps he's only intended to corral Americans into place while continuing the destruction of the US Constitution that stands in the way of open borders and worldwide corporatism...they've already dispensed with the Constitution in the realms of habeas corpus, preemptive war, and brutal suppression of peaceful protest.

So here is another question: wonder if the Utopian society the Founding Fathers envisioned bares any resemblance at all to the crap government that anarchists have been busy downgrading America to? Because with Trump losing the popular vote on November 8th, consent of the governed is totally missing as is 'a mandate' for president-elect Trump and his austere sidekick, the boo-worthy Mr. Pence of Indiana.

Wikimedia page of the top image {Public domain} of St. George on his steed surrounded by 'rosy crosses'.

May 13, 2016

Friday May 13, 2016: History of Freemasons and The Skull And Bones - video

UPDATE May 31, 2022: The originally embedded video has been removed from this post as, 'no longer available' so with a few mild edits, my original post begins here:

The Jacques de Molay of the Knights Templar legend relates to the founding of America, including Francis Bacon's New Atlantis vision, America's Great Seal symbols, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', Freemason George Washington's ceremonial roles with silver trowel and apron, our scam-filled 'Manifest Destiny', the money lenders' 'Federal Reserve' central bank of 1913 (creating money out of thin air and loaning it to enslave governments), Freemason FDR's placing the freaky Eye-of-Horus pyramid of power on our currency, the 'New World Order' political agenda of World Government which implicates the EU and various 'free' trade deals, our empiric take-overs of sovereign countries in order to plunder treasures, depopulate, and to institute their enslavement to the International Banking Cartel (all relating to a centuries' long dream of setting up a 'King of Jerusalem')...well, the list goes, doesn't it?

Now We the People are mired within the Campaign 2016 season with our typical lesser-of-two-evils choice ahead on November 8th--as if We the People actually elect presidents!

Running as a Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who comes across to me as genuine while complaining against income inequality and the oppression of the elite banker class which officially took control of the US government in 1913, as noted. And though I have yet to hear the Senator mention such terms as 'Templar Knights' or 'Illuminati', we can simply gaze at New York Harbor for a view of the Illuminati symbol of the Eternal Flame held by the Venusian goddess statue sent us by french Freemasons to know who rules this nation. Or, we can check out America's Great Seal which is basically same as the seal of Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati founded May 1, 1776.

No, candidate Bernie Sanders cannot "do it alone" and restructure the government of this nation, even with transformative, destructuring Pluto in governmental Capricorn approaching its natal position in our nation's 1776 horoscope (27Cap33). And if by a miracle he is elected to the presidency, a monumental task awaits if he attempts to best the Banking Cartel on behalf of the American people. Yet decades of divide-and-conquer tactics by the power elite have guaranteed them primacy over us since we would need to Speak as One Voice along with Bernie in order to make any real difference in our national plight.

Yet between social wedge issues like transgender bathroom use, abortion, and racial inequality, what are our chances of banding together en masse against the shadowy figures who are our true oppressors?


From 2015: It's Friday the 13th and Superstition Lingers which includes info on the number '13' and a link to the horoscope of 2013's Illuminati Solar Eclipse, so named due to NWO Uranus-Neptune content; Horoscope: the Founding of the Federal City (DC) 1791; and US Eclipse August 1776: Thor's Hammer, Isis' Key, and a Bucket.

Also recommended is a recent post which includes this:

H.G. Wells described FDR as, "The most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order. He is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark revolutionary crisis."

That was quite a Geminian mask FDR was hiding behind in his day, wasn't it?

Apr 30, 2016

The Horoscope and the Quest of Thomas Paine

Reconsidering the Natal Chart of Thomas Paine

by Jude Cowell

Recently I discovered an interesting site featuring an excerpt from Bertrand Russell's book of essays such as, Why I Am Not a Christian though I did not read far enough to find out his reason. But that's because the excerpt concerned Thomas Paine and his fate. The page contains a few typos one of which is Paine's birth year as '1739' rather than the '1737' we're accustomed to (see his natal horoscope, below).

Also mentioned is Paine's relationship with George Washington which soured once Thomas Paine was imprisoned in France for opposing the King's execution and Jacobin Robespierre's Reign of Terror. So in honor of Thomas Paine and his revolutionary pamphlets that inspired and uplifted our freedom fighters (as at Valley Forge, see eclipse link, below), I hereby pass along Paine's words describing his former friend and compatriot, George Washington, which were meant for the sculptor once Paine discovered that a statue was to be created in honor of Washington who died in 1799:

Take from the mine the coldest, hardest stone,

It needs no fashion; it is Washington.

But if you chisel it, let the stroke be rude,

And on his heart engrave--ingratitude.

As usual with Thomas Paine's writing, his opinion is clear and to the point--and based on the fact that our nation's upstanding cult figure Washington deserted Paine in his time of extreme need. Some fellow Mason George turned out to be.

For more info see: Why Did Thomas Paine Not Like George Washington?

The Horoscope of Thomas Paine with the Curious Transits of 2006

Details of Paine's unresolved birth data may be found at including his January 29, 1737 (OS) 11:30 am Thetford, England horoscope shown here though you may prefer his NS (New Style = Gregorian) chart dated February 9, 1737 (England was still on the Julian calendar in 1737). Around his natal chart are the intriguing transits of May 13, 2006 when the Sun conjoined his natal Chiron (22Taurus) and transit Chiron conjoined his natal Sun (9AQ), an acausal synchronicity suggesting a Chirotic bridge to multidimensional realms as Uranian principles are put into Saturnian form. Sun-Chiron identifies Paine as a unique seeker of The Quest who burned with purpose in his writings.

The reason the double transit manifested in 2006 so far eludes me but if something turns up I will let you know--like an edition of Common Sense released in early 2006 and available on Kindle because it's a must-read for Americans once again, perhaps?

Also note that his January 29th horoscope Ascendant @2Gemini reveals a very appropriate Sabian Symbol for Thomas Paine: The Garden of the Tuileries in Paris, an 'ambassadorial degree' says *DeVore:

Notable is Paine's generational Uranus-Neptune opposition which appears in horoscopes of his era including those of George Washington and John Adams. For as you know, these are the planets imprinted upon the Age of Reason, aka, the Enlightenment. The founding of America, the Utopian dream and 'New Atlantis' of Francis Bacon, Bartholomew Gosnold (Jamestown pioneer), Adam Weishaupt (founder of the Bavarian Illuminati May 1, 1776), and others, was inspired by the ideas and ideals of the Enlightenment and later blossomed on a new continent under Paine and other founders who were born during the culmination-fulfillment stage of the Uranus-Neptune 171-year cycle.

Is America still plodding along that New Atlantis path of destiny? Some would say, yes, while others are not as certain. Yet we see that the New Order established in 1776 seems to be destined for replacement by a New World Order of Global Government and many infiltrators and subversives to that end have infested our nation (see this website's description under the title), its every branch and institution. And they seem to have World War III on their devilish minds and marked on their calendars. However, my suspicion is that collapse of the old order and establishment of a 'new world order' is part of a natural process--no earthly empire lasts forever--but certain puppet masters wish everything to be on their terms of complete control.

The Current Cycle of Uranus-Neptune Tells of Power Misused

In our era, Uranus and Neptune (reason + faith) met in Great Conjunction/s three times in 1993 at or about 18 Capricorn which implemented the degree's enlightening Sabian Symbol, "The Union Jack Flag Flies from a British Warship...Keynote: the protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER" (Rudhyar). "Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of 'law and order'." Ah yes, pretexts are totally relied upon in Politics and I doubt politicians could manage without them for then truths would have to be told and their masks would slip.

Additionally, the symbol for '18Cap' highlights a warning "against using power for selfish advantage" and points toward the ruses and scams perpetrated by Britain (the City of London) and its never-really-severed alliance with the American government. For example, Uranus and Neptune in opposition identifies the era of freedom-lover Thomas Paine as a time of secret alliances, important information withheld from the people, apathy of the masses which allows leaders to undermine the people's natural freedoms, nationalism, unrest, strong economic and military developments, and countries hurled into a major world conflict a few years later (Pelletier).

This generational opposition also gave Thomas Paine and his contemporaries an intrinsic understanding of national and international politics for which he personally felt a responsibility to arouse the people whenever public opinion can reverse a threatening danger which may involve religious, social, and racial issues along with the political.

Such was the life and the mission of seeker Thomas Paine who died a pauper on June 8, 1809 and whose dedicated service to the Cause of Freedom I hereby honor with this post. jc.

*Nicholas DeVore's Encyclopedia of Astrology.

Astro-Note: the Uranus-Neptune pair also have occult associations which are not discussed in this particular post though perhaps they should be.

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What's New at Stars Over Washington which contains brief notes on George Washington and his Egyptian-styled, obelisk-shaped, phallic monument in DC which is reflected in the Heavens by starry Spica, The Spike. Certain other article links are included. Also recommended: The Solar Eclipses of Valley Forge 1777, Is Washington DC a 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle says..., the Sun-Moon Personality Blends of Franklin, Washington, Paine, and Jefferson, the natal chart of George Washington with transits from 2008, A Few Illuminating Quotes on Plutocracy in America, a YouTube audio of a fellow reading Thomas Paine on The Origins of Freemasonry, and for your consideration a video titled, The Secret Agenda of High-Level Freemasonry.

Sep 9, 2015

Sacred Geometry Explained - video (and: DC's Chamber of Secrets)

As many of you know, Washington DC, the place most of the horoscopes published on Stars Over Washington are set for, was built based on universal measurements used by our Creator. Though Sacred Geometry is usually credited in the West to Freemasonry it is actually 'older than the hills' and dates back as far as our imaginations stretch and beyond. The megalithic measuring system was employed by the designers and builders of Washington just as with henges and other ancient buildings, monuments, and standing stones.

Parts 1 and 2 (unless removed for some reason):

For more information on such topics as the Megalithic System of Measurements (based on the 366-degree circle) visit Washington DC's Chamber of Secrets.

Aug 17, 2015

The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell - Guest: Leo Lyon Zagami

From June 8, 2015 here is Canadian broadcaster Rob McConnell interviewing Leo Lyon Zagami concerning Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Vatican, the papacy, and more:

May 23, 2015

Harry Truman's NSA and Pluto's Covert Actions

Today as I consider the natal horoscope of the National Intelligence Agency (NSA) and its draconian collection of Americans' phone call and email data along with the natal chart of President Harry Truman, I think back to a few snippets that were posted here in October 2010, the gist of which actually concerns all three branches of surveillance and covert actions in the USA: the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA:

Posted: 15 Oct 2010 05:33 PM PDT

(GlobalResearch) – By assigning covert action roles to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), it is as if the White House and Congress had legitimized the Ku Klux Klan to operate globally. That’s because the CIA today resembles nothing so much as the “Invisible Empire” of the KKK that once spread terror across the South and Midwest. Fiery crosses aside, this is what the CIA is doing globally.


Allowing it to operate in secret literally gives the CIA the mythical Ring of Gyges. In Plato’s Republic, the owner of the ring had the power to become invisible at will. As Wikipedia puts it, Plato “discusses whether a typical person would be moral if he did not have to fear the consequences of his actions.” The ancient Greeks made the argument, Wikipedia says, that “No man would keep his hands off what was not his own when he could safely take what he liked out of the market, go into houses and lie with any one at his pleasure, kill or release from prison whom he would, and in all respects be like a god among men.” The CIA, like Hitler’s Gestapo and Stalin’s NKVD before it, has provided modern man the answer to this question. Its actions illuminate why all criminal entities, from rapists and bank robbers, to Ponzi scheme swindlers and murderers, cloak themselves in secrecy.

There are innumerable examples of how American presidents have authorized criminal acts without public discussion that the preponderant majority of Americans would find reprehensible. Example: it was President Lyndon Johnson who ordered the CIA to meddle in Chile’s election to help Eduardo Frei become president. If they had known, U.S. taxpayers might have objected to such a use of their hard-earned money to influence the outcome of another country’s elections. But the public is rarely let in on such illegal foreign policy decisions.

A Few Astro-Notes Concerning the NSA and Its Father, Harry Truman

The NSA formed when one of our Freemason Presidents, Harry Truman, signed a memorandum on October 24, 1952 at 10:45 am EST Washington DC; ASC 22Sag35, MC 28Sco55; 8th house Sun 1Sco10, Moon 11Cap37 conjunct 12th cusp of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Secret Enemies. Midpoint: Sun-Saturn = Neptune: inner peculiarities; mental, emotional, physical crises. Pluto 23Leo02 squared Harry Truman's natal Sun (18Tau39) denoting possible coercion and manipulation via threats to his power position and influence. Although, as a high ranking Freemason, our 33rd president may have been happily in cahoots with the formation of such an agency for the sake of the eventual implementation of Global Government. Leo and Taurus are, after all, Fixed signs of rigidity.

Plus, we must note that Truman was born under a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in very early Gemini, ruled by Mercury, planet of the senses such as sight and hearing. This resonates with America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of total surveillance and dealing with, hiding, and wielding secrets. Curiously, considering the current (staged!) debate on the Patriot Act, the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse @00Gem conjoined Truman's Pluto (00:24) and Mercury (1Gem16 Rx, both in natal 8th house of the Occult, Transformation, Corporatism, and Death--Harry did drop the first nuclear bomb though it had already been sanctioned by FDR) in the 14 South Series contains Mercury-Pluto themes of success once obsessive ideas are finally accepted (Brady). Not by me--I don't accept them. Do you? Let it sunset!

The 14S eclipse of 2012 was a major turning point for global society and manifested upon the sensitive degree of a Fixed Star in the constellation Pleiades, Alcyone (keywords: something to cry about and mystical but judgmental). Note: scroll a bit and type 'Eclipses' into the sidebar Search field and you'll find the May 20, 2012 horoscope set for Washington DC on the list.

Now at Truman's NSA signing, another transit relating to ego and goals of Truman's Sun is that transit Jupiter was Rx and in process of conjoining his natal Sun, a time of overconfidence when a culmination of something begun about 12 years before is being reached--in or around 1940 for Truman; this endeavor needed to be either elevated to a higher level or discontinued at that time (1952). A greater attainment of knowledge (ex: spying) is a major part of this Sun-Jupiter picture. Additionally, Jupiter nears Truman's natal Neptune (20Tau41--a Sun-Neptune conjunction for hiding-in-plain-sight-yet-veiled Harry) indicating a time of pretense, illusion, delusion, paranoia, and fanaticism. Sounds exactly like Washington DC in 2015, doesn't it?!

Since the attacks of 9/11/01, we've watched as the agency's anti-constitutional nature has grown and expanded since 1952 and most people agree that the NSA's dependence upon Pluto's cloak of invisibility has been undemocratic from the start.

As for the (June 1, 2015 midnight) sunset provision within the US Patriot Act (section 215), an Act that purports to legalize the massive data collection of US citizens' communications for no logical reason, transit Pluto remains in the neighborhood of the NSA's natal Moon in Capricorn bringing potentials for a deeper transformation through publicity and public scrutiny than the agency is comfortable with, intense turmoil within its own ranks and on Capitol Hill (thanks to Senators Rand Paul's and Ron Wyden's objections to the NSA's massive data collection aimed at innocent Americans as the agency misses finding real needles in real-problem haystacks because of an obsession with knowing it all and using personal info against us later), and their over-zealousness which may cause loss of at least some of their power and control--it is to be hoped for the sake of our right to privacy.

Not that they won't continue surveillance of the innocent under another guise...

Secret-Government related: The American Deep State (contains video)--and all of these topics cast a glaring spotlight upon America's 1776 Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Virgo, the signature of our Founding Fathers' secret/invisible/covert (Neptune) government (Saturn) with our natal out-of-bounds Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn grasping hidden reins of control and manipulation from the beginning of our nation's founding and before.

Feb 15, 2015

"Who Is Albert Pike?" (video) with a view on Pike's natal planets

General Albert Pike December 29, 1809: Jupiterian Plotter

by Jude Cowell

Here's a brief video concerning Albert Pike, Confederate General, major leader of Freemasons, possibly a founder of the Ku Klux Klan and member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, World War plotter and strategist, and the only Confederate General immortalized via statue in Washington DC. Attached to his controversial legacy is a creepy tale that his body lies in a vault at the Scottish Rite Temple a few blocks from the White House yet he's listed among those resting at Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown, DC (scroll to the letter P).

Yet bodies can be dug up and moved under cover of darkness, can't they? Thomas Paine's was! Or perhaps only Pike's skull 'graces' the Temple in DC for you know how secret organizations with visions of global power are attracted to death, skulls, and bones. No matter where his remains are located, Grand Poo Bah Pike died at age 81 and is long gone since April 2, 1891...


For more info try this interesting site with articles concerning the Illuminati, Albert Pike, his fabled 1871 letter to Mazzini in which he details plans for three World Wars in order to take over the world, and many more such controversial topics, if you get into those sorts of curiosities. Pike's letter may have been written later by unknown sources since a few of its terms were not in use until after 1871. Hmmm...if so, a fake letter full of sinister intent sounds to me like plotters plotting against a plotter!

As for Albert Pike's natal horoscope, I am reluctant to post a version of it due to his birth hour being unknown and the fact that on December 29, 1809 the Moon left late degrees of Virgo and entered Libra at 3:27:28 am LMT (using Solar Fire Gold v9 software.)

Since Luna is the lead planet of a Locomotive pattern (an indicator of executive ability and achievement--Jones) it's quite inconvenient not knowing whether natal Moon was in earthy, practical Virgo or airy, sociable Libra--one sign ruled by Mercury (in Capricorn), the other by Venus (in Sagittarius.) Both Mercury (communication, thinking, planning, travel, the teacher, writer, magician) and Venus (values, relationships, diplomacy--but also, the goddess of love and war) are interesting in the chart with Mercury conjunct his Capricorn Sun and Venus sextile Mars (in Aquarius) and possibly his chart-ruler with Libra rising. In fact, the close conjunction of Sun and Mercury supports the legend of his genius (allegedly he spoke several languages, was a teacher in his early days, and a Jupiterian figure for certain--the General, the Guru, the Priest, the Professor, the Banker, etc.) Check his photos to admire his widened girth!

As you know, using the Sabian Symbols to rectify a chart is a fascinating, time consuming task yet the symbol for '29 Virgo' (Moon?) seems to me to be appropriate for Pike's occult activities and interests: "A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading...DISCOVERY." Another curious one is '7 Capricorn' for natal Mercury: "A Veiled Prophet of Power...SUPREMACY." You may disagree as you wish for these degrees are rounded up from the 12:00 am chart until the Moon enters Libra which also moves Mercury ahead to '8 Cap'. Naturally there are many other factors to consider as well and perhaps one of you will take a little time one day and spend it with Albert's natal planets.

With Moon in Virgo, Venus May Be Chart-Ruler

Now since his natal Sun (personality) has no other major aspect to it other than the conjunction with Mercury making our picture here of Mr. Pike's character quite sparse, perhaps a few words about his Venus-Mars sextile are in order since the aspect is retained throughout the 24-hour period of his birth date. This aspect (60 degrees) between the relational Aries-Libra pair denotes a good organizer and a 'talent scout'--one who learns to use people, their talents, and resources in the best ways possible. Making necessary personal sacrifices to reach goals is indicated along with an ability to disguise aggressive tendencies though when needed, forceful assertiveness may be used to the point of bluntness.

For some people born with a Venus-Mars sextile, the 'killer instinct' can be in evidence with a strong need to be in charge. Since Pike was in charge--as a Confederate General, as a global leader of Freemasonry--I surmise that he used the opportunities and abilities contained within this sextile to much advantage. And since a determined imperative for reaching closure is also a trait of a Venus-Mars sextile person, my guess is that leaving things 'pending'---especially a 'new world order' or a Utopian global government--is an envisioned goal passed down through the generations which now inspires our current crop of infiltrators and power-grabbers to complete the job. For we now see the plan outlined in "Pike's letter to Mazzini" occurring across the Middle East and elsewhere with America's "authorization of war powers" that will further the goal of perpetual war and collapse.

But with the current theatrically hesitant 114th Congress, our Commander-in-Chief President 'Nobel Peace Prize' Obama has now asserted that he doesn't need the approval of Congress in order to wage war, war, and more war. After all, even the most apathetic of Americans cannot fail to notice that the Pentagon is waging disastrous war in several 'theaters of operation' already.

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." - George Orwell.

And as truth-teller General Smedley Butler correctly surmised, "War is a Racket."

Add to those common sense truths some freakish thing like Pike's-Bacon's-Weishaupt's Utopian plan and the whole corrupt conglomeration has a distinct odor of depopulation, fraud, and psychosis, don't you think?


Recommended Reading: Understanding Aspects: The Sextile by Alan Epstein; The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, both by Marc Edmund Jones.

Jul 7, 2013

Remembering Henry A. Wallace, our mystic Vice President

New Deal, New Day, New World...and mystic Henry A. Wallace

by Jude Cowell

If you've read or watched Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States then you ran across an important if long forgotten figure in US history, Henry A. Wallace, FDR's Vice President (1941--1945), Agricultural Secretary, and more. Quite a resume but Wallace's familial lineage is politically impressive, too.

Now during his lifetime, Henry A. was known as a mystic which tempted opponents to use the label as a slur in political campaigns. His association with Russian mystic and Holy Grail enthusiast Nicholas Roerich and his wife gave Wallace notoriety when notoriety was still quite taboo. Freemason George Washington was a mystic, too, but we don't often hear much about that in the mainstream press or in a typical biography, do we? Though I should add that Wallace broke off with the very unusual guru Roerich after some amount of time. As in our day, such unusual interests often inspired men to perpetrate under-the-table dealings not suitable for a national spotlight.

(The creative Mr. Roerich was a painter as well so perhaps you're familiar with the Roerich Museum in NYC?)

Well, since Wallace has interested me for years (ex: as a link between FDR and Truman) I checked my copy of The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and found that author Dr. Marc Edmund Jones considered Henry A. Wallace significant enough to include in the birth data list in the back of the book and so I post Henry Agard Wallace's details here. Will his leanings toward mysticism and metaphysical studies show in the natal chart?

Born October 7, 1888 @7:12 pm LMT Adair County, Iowa, a quick peek at his Wikipedia page reveals a closer location: "at a farm near the village of Orient, Iowa in Adair County." Orient, it is then.

Now a SolarFire v8 horoscope set for 7:12 pm LMT calculates chart cusps a few degrees earlier than what Jones lists in his book but I'm using the modern calculation since it gives an Ascendant of 19Tau12, for this is conjoined by the current Solar Eclipse degree 19Tau31 from May 9/10, 2013 in the 15 South Series ('sudden release of tension along with a sense of loss or grief that's more collective than personal'--Brady.)

Natal Moon @19Sco17--a mystical sign of Occult interests--sets on the 7th house side of the Descendant, and a 6th house Sun conjoins progressive Uranus (15Lib11/17Lib28), a political combination, giving Wallace an eccentric manner, arrogance, and a determination to always speak his mind.

As for the mysticism of Henry A. Wallace, we find the mystical duo of the Supernatural rising: Neptune @2Gem01 Rx and Pluto @5Gem47 Rx with both planets opposing his 7th house Jupiter in religious Sagittarius (sign of The Seeker on a Quest, and he was that), plus, there's motivating Mars @18Sag48 in the 8th house of the Occult (the study of hidden things such as Astrology, Freemasonry and Sacred Geometry, a touch of Theosophy, a generous helping of Philosophy, etc.)

In addition, priestly Chiron @11Can28 conjoins his natal midpoint of Saturn-Pluto ('the adept') and is intimately connected to the past and to mentors who are folklore heroes (like FDR) when in Moon-ruled Cancer. Chiron in Cancer also gives a decided populist streak which remains a notable and lasting feature of Henry A. Wallace's personality.

That is, if one paid the least bit of attention to the long forgotten presidential candidate, Henry A. Wallace, our mystic Vice President.

Reasonably unharmed in the preparation of this post, Chiron: the Key to Your Quest, Richard Nolle.

Feb 19, 2013

"The Secret Agenda of High Level Freemasonry" (video)

The following 29-minute video gives information concerning a secret agenda and is provided by a man who joined the Freemason organization in 1976. It is posted for your consideration though naturally as a lone blogger (and concerned American) I cannot endorse or deny his views. But I do assume that he knows what he's talking about:

Not certain you want to watch the video? Well, it's no secret that America's government buildings in DC had their cornerstones laid in Freemason ceremonies from our nation's earliest days, many by Freemason George Washington wearing his apron of mysterious symbols, so I hope you'll check it out.


Recommended: Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Aug 14, 2012

'Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill' (video)

Anything to keep from typing the bromance-y names, "Paul Ryan" and "Mitt Romney" for a while...actually, the following documentary is particularly fascinating for those who are curious about Early America, Freemasonry's and Rosicrucianism's roles in the founding of the 'New Atlantis' (that shining city on a hill, D.C.), mystic and astrologer to *FDR, Nicolas Roerich (Oct 9, 1874 NS '12:00 pm' St. Petersburg, Russia), Sir Francis Bacon (born a Tudor, some say--and Queen Elizabeth's son), Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme, Manly P. Hall, Scottish Jacobites exiled to America and bringing along the 'Stone of Destiny' or 'Holy Grail' in pre-Revolutionary days, Gnostic Templarism, a long-range plan by secret societies for the ultimate establishment--and satanic idea--of a global new world order, and much more!

You may find one of Roerich's natal midpoint pictures quite interesting:

Mercury-Pluto = Uranus: 'an irresistible power of suggestion; fanatic pursuit of plans'. (Ebertin.) Either of these possibilities tallies rather closely with what I've read of this Occult practitioner--and something of a guru was he.

Now here is "Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill":

Check out other intriguing videos and full-length films and documentaries here.

*It was under FDR's watch that the capstone-pyramid-Eye of Horus was first printed upon the US dollar bill; in Jonathan Alter's The Defining Moment, the author mentions that Nicolas Roerich was an associate (astrologer) of Franklin Delano Roosevelt during FDR's presidency, thanks to Henry Wallace (mentioned in the video above) and as you know, FDR was a Freemason as have been many US presidents. Funny how mainstream authors tend to leave out such biographical info about their subjects such as, "initiated into the __ Lodge of Grand Orient Templars" and other such esoteric tidbits as that.

Sir Francis Bacon (Tudor) Feb 1, 1561 NS 7:42 am LMT London, England (source: Rodden Rating: C, astrodatabank/William Lilly.) Note: you may wish to type Roerich's and Bacon's names into this blog's sidebar Search field for previous mentions.

Additional Note: if you scroll down the sidebar far enough I suspect that the link to the topic of Bruton Parish Church (Williamsburg, VA) is still there...this is where the 'Stone' and/or an Occult manuscript detailing the so-called Great Plan for America may have been secreted when it was first purloined to our shores. Or not. Prominent early Americans once attended the church including Thomas Jefferson, wrote Manly P. Hall.