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Dec 23, 2007

Is your North Node in Taurus?

Some of us, this reluctant astrologer included, were born with a Taurean North Node, so if your NN is in Taurus, have I got a blog for you:

North Node Astrology is written by Jungian astrologer, Elizabeth Spring, and has great info on NN in Taurus as well as on others. South Node details are, of course, included so take a peek if you haven't found Elizabeth's blog before this moment!

As previously stated here, I see heredity and ancestry where many others see past lives which means that to me, SN issues come through the generations of my ancestry...which includes family shadows and family myths. It's the unfinished business of our ancestors and we may feel compelled to 'tidy up' in our lifetimes.

Yet I find Elizabeth's writing on the Nodal Axis illuminating and useful all the same and you will, too.

In fact, many astrologers consider the NN to be the most important point in the natal chart, and much about one's life mission may be gleaned from NN, SN, and Sun positions when taken together.

And with the recent move from Pisces into Aquarius of the transiting NN, our collective path has now switched from the victim-savior/pragmatist-mystic axis of Pisces into the Aquarian humanitarian-egoist influence where it will remain through the 2008 campaign, and will reach 9AQ20 by Inauguration Day 2009.

This tells us that America will be experiencing her Nodal Half-Return (NN to SN, SN to NN) in April 2009 (True Node) which is a time of separation in relationships and associations--at least in those that are not strong enough to withstand the separative influence of the Saturnian SN.

If associations do withstand the Half-Return they are strengthened in some way, but since Bush & Co already have the US virtually standing alone in the world, keep your eye peeled for April 2009 and thereafter.

Therefore, 9Leo20 puts tr SN conjunct the natal Mercuries of George Bush and the GOP (which are conj at 9Leo+, along with Al Gonzales' Mercury) on Jan 20, 2009 and is part of the reason why I must wonder if a Republican will be ensconced once again in the White House come Jan 20, 2009 (surely not a Bush again.)

But more more on that another day...we're in for a long siege, dear voters.

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