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Jul 2, 2023

SCOTUS decisions: Law and Domination

by Jude Cowell

When the Supreme Court decided Marbury v. Madison on February 24, 1803 in favor of William Marbury, the legislative branch of government that we now call 'SCOTUS' (Supreme Court of the United States) flexed its muscles and established itself as being above the US Congress as the final judge of constitutionality with the power to overturn acts of Congress. The decision defined the constitutionality of the Judiciary Act of 1789 and, as the dual horoscopes show, reveal an "urge to impose one's will on others" (Sun = Pluto-NN). Intellectual domination is their thing along with "taking over leadership" (Moon-Mars = Ascendant) via Marbury v Madison.

In addition, there are other interesting planetary factors in the two horoscopes, below. Upper right is the decision's Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') in which the decision took place a mere 3 days later (3 North Saros Series, the PE Series of 9/11/01 and of the CIA), and lower left set for the speculative hour of 10:00 am LMT, a Horoscope of the Marbury v Madison decision with 21Tau14 rising, a degree notable for its appearance later in this post, plus, the Moon-Mars midpoint as mentioned, above:

Saturn: Planet of Law, Government, and Karma

Now back in a very busy 2020, we discussed how the June 13, 2020 Mars-Neptune Conjunction landed directly upon the SCOTUS 1st session's Saturn, planet of law, authority, structures, systems, control, lessons, tasks, management, consolidation, and karma. Shown is the 1st session's horoscope of February 1, 1790 with Saturn @20Pis55. So knowing that transit Saturn is now in Pisces, we see that the SCOTUS 1790 Saturn will experience a Saturn Return in early 2025. More about this in a future post.

We also see that nebulous Neptune by transit, the watery planet of erosion, dissolution, deception, inspiration, mysticism, visions, fraud, and disappointment, has spread itself all over the SCOTUS Saturn in Pisces as recently as late 2021, which indicates several possibilities such as disintegrating traditions and/or structures, authority figures (ex: justices) who are not as honest as they should be, the promotion of high ideals and ethics, or strange or misguided notions.

Now you know that we've seen many of these potentials express via "conservative" justices like Thomas and Alito who, as members of a group of Roman Catholic justices, are having a grand old time legislating from the bench. Of course, this is exactly what the Supreme Court is not meant to do but Marbury v Madison seemingly puffed up the entity's self-image to overblown ego status.

Anyway, if you're like me, when SCOTUS repealed Roe in 2022, my first thought was that the Vatican had finally had its anti-abortion way in the US despite what the majority of Americans prefer (never mind us, we just live here). If you wish, check out the Roe v Wade Overturned Horoscope (June 24, 2022) with the repeal's North Node of destiny @21Taurus--conjunct the North Node in the Vatican City State 1929 Horoscope. Seems mighty clear to me: the repeal of Roe was timed by the Vatican City's Nodal Return. A coincidence? Not to me it isn't, considering the church's long-held stance on abortion.

Plus, there's another cosmic time link in play around these issues: radical Uranus, planet of disruption, chaos, separation, and zealotry, hit the very same 21 Taurus degree on June 30, 2023, the day the most recent SCOTUS decisions were "handed down" from on-high.

So let's close this fussy post with a few potentials of the Uranus/North-Node duo quoting from Munkasey's Hegelian Dialectic form of analysis (any, all, or none may apply especially with erratic Uranus involved):

Thesis: The changes which accompany new efforts to alter the direction of events; alliances which follow revolution or unexpected changes in leadership; help from others who assist with modernization activities.

Antithesis: Revolution for the effecting of popular changes; business changes which evolve with society; treaties for modernizing facilities which benefit another more; a society that does not appreciate modernizing (sounds like regressive Republicans, so-called "conservatives," and radical magas).

Well, we may disagree on this, but in the US "conservative" justices on the SCOTUS bench have 'altered the direction of events', all right, with the hierarchy of the Vatican pulling strings from "on-high." After all, one of the many roles powerful Pluto can play is "the pope."

A related post: The Vatican II Horoscope of 1962. Note that Uranus @25Taurus is a bit beyond a Uranus Return to the 1929 chart but the way the planet lurches about, who can say, really.

Uranus-NN info: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey #ad.

Sep 29, 2022

Trump's "Furious Storm" Solar Eclipse

2019 North Node of Future Direction: 2021 and Beyond

by Jude Cowell

Published on the significant day of January 20, 2021 came NPR's The "Storm" Never Struck as 'QAnon' bizarrely predicted so let's have a peek at what I'm calling "The Storm" Solar Eclipse of January 5, 2019 @15Cap25:02 which by degree eclipsed the 1st house Moon (We The People) in America's Powell Horoscope (@15Cap16).

Now we know that 'QAnon' began spinning and gaslighting the public in 2017, the first year of the Trump regime, but I'm labeling the 2019 manifestation of a 2 South Eclipse as, "The Storm" due to the rounded-up Sabian Symbol of the eclipse's North Node of future direction, or destiny (@27Cancer): "A Furious Storm Rages Through a Residential Canyon" (Jones; Dane Rudhyar gives, not "Furious" but "Violent"). This symbol reveals a negative expression of "fatuous enjoyment of turmoil" (M.E. Jones).

Opposing this degree is its Illumination Point of "27Capricorn" = "A Mountain Pilgrimage" which contains many potentials, including the esoteric, and is the US Inauguration Midheaven degree these days (conjunct US 1776 Pluto Rx). Negative expression of "27Cap": "satisfaction in superficial allegiances and a parade of false virtue" (M.E.J.).

Now if any of this reminds you of people who feign patriotism while being and behaving anti-American, then we're on the same page, dear reader. After all, fascists and nazis can hardly be considered patriotic in an American sense. (To this I must add 'Christian' Nationalists and theocrats who want to negate our traditional separation of Church and State so they can dominate US society and enforce their religious beliefs including what day we worship: see upper right corner of the bi-wheel!)

When Pluto the Dragon Encountered His Own Tail

So by transit, the Saturnian South Node (aka, 'tail of the dragon') swiped across America's 1776 Pluto Rx (natal and progressed) in late 2018 and early 2019 - under Trump's feckless tutelage. The Pluto-SN combination denotes people whose wills are out of sync with current social trends and conditions and this causes resentment, misunderstandings, and the destruction of personal security. Although a measure of self-reliance may be indicated by a Pluto-SN conjunction, dangerous collective events of a perilous nature, even war, are also part of the Plutonian-Saturnian picture.

Plus, as you see, "The Storm Eclipse" of 2019 @15Cap25 is bracketed by karmic planets Saturn and Pluto, the harsh planetary pair that, one year 7 days after this eclipse, met by conjunction on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 - conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters. These are good vs evil days, my friends, and I suspect that Trump knew this cosmic factoid about his Vertex and used it to his advantage as much as he could - with his natal Saturn in Cancer of misrule opposing. For as everyone knows, responsible Saturn's demand for accountability has never been his 'thing'.

Trump Coup Attempt a Mercury-Pluto/Mars-Uranus Endeavor

Meanwhile, a midpoint picture formed on January 6, 2021 around 1:00 pm est of,Mercury-Pluto = MC: 'arrranging matters well' (R. Ebertin). Secret arrangements, as we know, but which are now coming to light via the J6 hearings. My suspicion is that US Secret Service agents are implicated in Herr Trump's Mercury-Pluto plans, along with the potential that the attack on Congress was in part an attempt to steal certain documents from congressional offices. Were they part of the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago? Are they buried on Trump's Bedminster golf course?

So as you see, our 1776 Mercury-Pluto opposition (of surveillance) lies upon the transiting Nodal Axis, a planetary pair that turned up on January 6, 2021 with 'insurrection' Mercury conjunct Pluto snugged around the Midheaven (Goal Point). Also of interest is Inauguration 2017's 9th house Mercury @6Cap45 rising in the US Powell Chart (ASC @6Cap07) with all that speedy Mercury can imply (exs: intel, secrets, rhetoric, oration, travel, commerce, lies, etc.)

As for Trump's seditious coup attempt (ongoing, as we know: "The Storm"?), his disruptive, chaotic Uranus, planet of radical politics, revolt, anarchy, and zealotry - is his guiding planet because it's oriental (last planet to rise before his 10th house Gemini Sun: Mr. Chaos). So the point of this post is that, for readers who want to sleuth into "The Storm" Eclipse Horoscope for further information, here's a view of the chart set for Washington DC with 2 South's theme penned on the image, upper center.

Plus, as usual, my messy study notes are penned on; please enlarge or print the bi-wheel for easier reading, if you wish:

Now naturally there are several other chart factors worth your consideration and I hope your interest is piqued enough to check them out. And do leave your insights in a Comment if you wish! jc

Dec 12, 2015

Is This the Natal Horoscope of Senator Bernie Sanders?

Many thanks to my FB friend Sara Jayara for cluing me in to the fact that there is a possible known birth hour for Senator Bernie Sanders based on a glimpse of a natal chart done for him years ago by a girlfriend.

If fixed Scorpio is indeed rising, his rigidity of purpose concerning Scorpionic issues (corporations, big business, money including hidden funds, taxes, surveillance, etc) through the years makes sense though of course many other factors must be considered. In Astrology, rectification of a chart and time is quite a laborious task and one must know life events of the native and their timing in order to make a success of it. Since my study and blogging schedule was shortened by circumstances in 2012, rectification time is what I do not have so I'm posting my penned-upon version of said chart (September 8, 1941 12:27 pm EDT Brooklyn, NY King's County) for your consideration and for my future reference.

Please enlarge the image to view my chicken-scratch notes which hopefully can be read and perhaps we can get together later for a fuller discussion now that his natal planets can be placed in their proper houses (departments of life)--assuming that 12:27 pm is Senator Sanders' correct time of birth; a few astro-notes follow:

Of Midpoints and Other Considerations

As you know, there are many reasons why the portrait of a personality (aka, a natal horoscope or birth chart) becomes much clearer when a correct birth time is known. Progressions, Return charts, transits, and much more information can be determined accurately (which is why some politicians have sense enough to keep their correct birth data secret--you know, like Hillary does) though Solar Charts (sunrise) and Sun-at-Noon charts are helpful when necessary. One important distinction in a presidential candidate's natal chart is any links to the US natal Moon (18-28 AQ depending on which US natal chart you prefer for July 4, 1776.)

So using the chart above, I can say that besides having no planets in that degree range of Aquarius providing a direct link to the American people, Senator Sanders has no midpoints in that range of Aquarius either--only two at earlier degrees: Moon-ASC @7AQ19 (emotional link) and Mars-ASC 9AQ27 (a fighter). Perhaps this is inconsequential but 6/7AQ is America's natal South Node degree, a Saturnian point of separation, inherited talent, and unconscious behavior (with perhaps some neurosis thrown in.)

In Leo is his Pluto-Chiron conjunction of Plutocracy, oppression, and Socialism (and other -isms in royal Leo which may help explain the Scorpio-related emphasis of his political career. Ideology, philosophy, and higher education are the areas where his Pluto-Chiron energies most easily express (natal 9th house.) Plus, you see his full 10th house of Career and Public Standing expressed on Capitol Hill in the US Senate, not the usual job for very many of us.

Opposite our Moon in the 18-28 Leo range, the senator has quite a few important midpoints beginning at 21Leo and ending with 29Leo (conjunct royal star Regulus, so prominent in the natal chart of Donald Trump).

They are: Venus-Jupiter, Pluto-MC, Sun-Pluto, Saturn-ASC, Sun-Chiron, Uranus-ASC, and Pluto-NN--and all may be applied on various levels to Politics. Yet having links via opposition to the US Moon isn't as powerful an indicator in an election (most US presidents have had such a link--Barack Obama's comes through his Leo placements) as conjunctions in Aquarius would be but for those voters who prefer Bernie Sanders for president, Leo placements may become significant on November 8, 2016 along with such connections as voting North Node @10Virgo, a Jupiterian point of union and public contact, conjunct his natal Midheaven (The Goal and Aspiration Point.) Natal Sun, NN, Neptune, and Mercury @2Lib41 (conjunct US natal MC 00Libra) are wonderful placements for a senator and if his 10th house Neptune doesn't interfere come Election Day 2016, it will be because the planet of compassion supplies a spiritual link that inspires and uplifts the American people and allows the senator wide popularity with the masses.


Of course it isn't as if I believe the 2016 Election vote count will be honest! Personally I go by the "it's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes" philosophy in American Politics. Plus, it will take a massive turn-out of Democratic voters to override the election fraud, gerrymandering antics, and other dirty tricks certain operatives have planned for Election Day for a Democrat to win the White House even though a landslide turn-out of voters may be just what helps crash our antiquated voting machines into oblivion as the old order of 1776 comes to a screeching and anarchist-engineered halt. Hopefully not.

Feb 23, 2015

Saturn-North Node and The Mystery of the 3 Days

Number 3, Saturn, and the North Node of Encounters with Destiny

by Jude Cowell

There are many associations for the number three. Number 3 is known as "the Light" and is considered a holy number according to many sources and in the 3rd verse of Genesis chapter 1, God said, Let there be light and there was. It is the number of perfection, harmony, and Higher Wisdom and, being Jupiterian, is often thought to be 'lucky'. Plus, on the cosmic level, the Holy Spirit is naturally linked to the number 3 in our solar system which is based upon numbers.

Triangles and pyramids have 3 points and in occult symbols, 3 is linked with goddess Isis Urania, Venus Urania, Horus, the Virgin Diana, and The Empress card in Tarot in which she is shown holding the 'orb of the world'. (Kozminsky.)

One superstitious connection to number 3 is from *Kozminsky who cites Medieval Myths (published February 1869): "There is said to be a tradition of Norman-Monkish origin that the number three is stamped upon the Royal Line of England so that there shall not be more than 3 princes in succession without a revolution..." (his italics). He then provides a list of kings, revolutions, and crown-passings in order to elucidate the point.

Add to all this that in ancient Astrology, the 3rd day after a New Moon was considered the first fortunate day of the month.

Saturn-NN in Astrology

In Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences the pairing of Saturn and the Moon's North Node (NN) relates to isolation, inhibition in associations, lack of adaptability, depression, grief, death of kindred, funerals, contact with elderly persons, the organism affected by shock events or an electric shock, disadvantages through others, teamwork that steadily becomes more difficult, and separation from the astral body (my italics).

In addition, Ebertin gives another potential for the Saturn-NN combo which some may label as occult (hidden): the mystery of the three days.

For those of us in particular who study cycles and days via Astrology, there is an interesting page concerning a very special day in history when the Sun set at noon thus creating 'a day within a day' which turned two days into three and fulfilled prophecy.

And whether you're an astrologer or not, dear reader, you may wish more information concerning The Mystery of the 3 Days and 3 Nights.


*Thanks to a helpful reader, this post cites Isodore Kozminsky's work, The Symbols and Meaning of Numbers.

Dec 5, 2014

Opening Dec 18, 2014: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (trailer) plus: Pluto

Star Wars: The Force Awakens International Teaser Trailer
Awesome! Great tone to this trailer! Now I just can't wait for the real thing!
©2014 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

If you had to think of one planet to represent 'The Force' it would be powerful Pluto, right? On December 18th transit Pluto will be @12Cap42 as its been of late--the "A Fire Worshiper" degree for '13Cap' in the Sabian Symbols and given that the first Star Wars film (May 25, 1977--the year of Chiron's discovery) premiered with transit Pluto @11Lib35, we have in 2014 a square between the two positions of Mr. Hades of the Invisible Helmet (or, Mantle of Power).

Curiously, the midpoint of Pluto-North Node seems to be featured in May 1977 and in December 2014 for in 1977, the Pluto-NN midpoint fell upon America's natal Saturn (14Lib48) and the current Star Wars film premiere spotlights a transiting midpoint picture: Pluto-NN = tr Saturn.

As you know, the North Node of the Moon (aka, the Head of the Dragon--and fiery dragons roar with great force) points toward a future direction and for that and a few other reasons (chart factors) which I have no time to add at the moment, The Force Awakens reminds me of how the global society has been and continues to be led in the direction of Global Government, aka, a 'new world order'--if the power elite have their draconian way.

You may remember that the first film opened with the 'galaxy in a civil war' and we see in the trailer above the explosive, fiery destruction--the 'abomination of desolation'--that death-dealing Pluto the saboteur, assasin, and mastermind uses to get his way while directing warriors (Mars) to do his bidding.

Interesting that the Pluto-NN combination has been called the "tiger by the tail" duo and my suspicion is that this is what we are being propagandized to believe--that the plutonic direction of global society is 'inevitable', too powerful and far-advanced, and cannot be swayed toward more humane, less robotic, outcomes. Bosh!

Unsurprisingly you won't find me in the theater seat next to yours for this film but if you choose to be treated to such fatalistic entertainment I wish you the force to withstand its draconian implications while enjoying state-of-the-art special effects and what will hopefully be good acting and direction, and a well-written script.

Potentials for Pluto-NN include: 'the common destiny of a large mass of people; karmic links; a peculiar destiny.' And with Saturn? 'Revolt; fighting against oppression'. (R. Ebertin.) Sounds appropriate, yes?

Dec 23, 2007

Is your North Node in Taurus?

Some of us, this reluctant astrologer included, were born with a Taurean North Node, so if your NN is in Taurus, have I got a blog for you:

North Node Astrology is written by Jungian astrologer, Elizabeth Spring, and has great info on NN in Taurus as well as on others. South Node details are, of course, included so take a peek if you haven't found Elizabeth's blog before this moment!

As previously stated here, I see heredity and ancestry where many others see past lives which means that to me, SN issues come through the generations of my ancestry...which includes family shadows and family myths. It's the unfinished business of our ancestors and we may feel compelled to 'tidy up' in our lifetimes.

Yet I find Elizabeth's writing on the Nodal Axis illuminating and useful all the same and you will, too.

In fact, many astrologers consider the NN to be the most important point in the natal chart, and much about one's life mission may be gleaned from NN, SN, and Sun positions when taken together.

And with the recent move from Pisces into Aquarius of the transiting NN, our collective path has now switched from the victim-savior/pragmatist-mystic axis of Pisces into the Aquarian humanitarian-egoist influence where it will remain through the 2008 campaign, and will reach 9AQ20 by Inauguration Day 2009.

This tells us that America will be experiencing her Nodal Half-Return (NN to SN, SN to NN) in April 2009 (True Node) which is a time of separation in relationships and associations--at least in those that are not strong enough to withstand the separative influence of the Saturnian SN.

If associations do withstand the Half-Return they are strengthened in some way, but since Bush & Co already have the US virtually standing alone in the world, keep your eye peeled for April 2009 and thereafter.

Therefore, 9Leo20 puts tr SN conjunct the natal Mercuries of George Bush and the GOP (which are conj at 9Leo+, along with Al Gonzales' Mercury) on Jan 20, 2009 and is part of the reason why I must wonder if a Republican will be ensconced once again in the White House come Jan 20, 2009 (surely not a Bush again.)

But more more on that another day...we're in for a long siege, dear voters.

Mar 19, 2007

Gemini North Node: George W. Bush

There's a handy book by Jan Spiller, Astrology for the Soul, which is useful for Nodal info--even though I confess to being a Saturnian astrologer which means I see heredity and genealogy where Uranians seem to see "past lives" or reincarnation.

And through Scriptural studies I have a different understanding of the word soul believing it to be what we each are, not a thing that we have: "...and man became a living soul" (Genesis.)

Still, I find Ms. Spiller's book useful for Nodal information--I just translate the info into a more Saturnian view and it works dandily.

One of the many interesting debates within Astrology is whether--for example--having North Node (NN) in Gemini is same as having NN in 3rd house--if your Gem NN is not actually posited in 3rd house. Some astrologers are determined that it is not the same. I agree, yet there do seem to be correspondences afoot.

Let's consider the natal NN of George Bush and see if Spiller's Nodal info rings true for his natal placement of Gemini NN in 11th house (AQ's natural house)--then we'll look at "NN in Aquarius" also esp since Bush's NN is conjunct Uranus, associated with the sign Aquarius (I don't use outer planets as rulers, just higher frequencies--but Uranus/NN = associations with unusual or reformist groups.)

Gemini NN's Attributes to Develop:

asking questions to learn how others think; healthy curiosity; seeing both sides of a situation; tact; logic; using a non-threatening approach when expressing ideas; listening; openess to new ideas and experiences; seeking factual information before making decisions.

Gem NN's Tendencies to Leave Behind:

aloofness; self-righteousness; needing to be right; thinking one knows what others are thinking without actually listening; assuming others know 'where they're at'; espousing "Truth" without taking others' views into consideration; careless spontaneity; taking shortcuts; acting on intuition without checking facts; resisting ideas that are foreign to one's belief system; prejudging present situations based on past experience.

Don't know about you but all the above resembles his nibs from my observations.

Now for AQ NN:

Attributes to Develop:

making decisions for the group's best interests; active participation in groups; awareness of equality; creating win/win situations; desire for friendship; recognizing how others are special; willingness to champion humanitarian causes; objectivity--seeing the "total picture"; sharing unconventional ideas.

Tendencies to Leave Behind:

insistence on getting one's way; attachment to risk-taking; making changes just to exercise authority; need for approval; melodramatic tendencies; willfulness and stubbornness; unawareness of others' importance; prideful responses based on fear; unbridled passion--going to extremes; knowing what "ought" to be.

Well, there's Shrub for ya. Does any of this sound familiar?

At this morning's speech which Bush gave from the Roosevelt Room (guess he thought some FDR cooties might rub off attractively) the Sun and Moon were both in fiery Aries.

Here's the bold Sun Aries/Moon Aries combo for today from Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzy Harvey:

quick-thinking; innovative; passionate; blunt; self-centered; intuitive; adventurous; touchy ego; maverick with a crusading temperament; progressive; bossy; hasty; a one-track mind that can miss important nuances and invite antagonism rather than cooperation.

Image for Integration:

An invincible Hercules, propelled by a primeval power, bursts into the dark castle, unties the fair maiden, and together they ride off into the sunset.

Is the 'dark castle' Iraq--or is Iraq the 'fair maiden'?? Perhaps it describes Bush trying to "get ahead" as they say of the negative headlines of late. Either way, I'll hold his horse's bridle while he mounts up and rides off to anywhere but here.

Shrub as Hercules? He only wishes. has both astrology books mentioned above.