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Jul 29, 2015

July - August 2015: transit Saturn activates a 2013 Lunar Eclipse

Here is a previously published image of the 2013 Lunar Eclipse horoscope (4 Sagittarius) which will be activated by transit Saturn again once the old man of the Zodiac and lesson bringer of accountability, restriction, authority, change, and sometimes loss seems to move ahead into the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius (The Seeker). The forceful Mars-Pluto vibes of Scorpio will be left behind for approximately the next 28-30 years along with (as you see) the Midheaven of this eclipse horoscope @24Sco, the Career-Public Status-Aspiration-Point of the chart which is set for Washington DC.

Of course, the transit Saturn to Lunar Eclipse energies echo Saturn's recent and current visit to the US Inauguration 2009 Moon @29Scorpio with its descriptive Sabian Symbol: "A Halloween Jester" as the American public continues to deal with (or ignore! now stop that!) repressive, oppressive, restrictive, austere, melancholic events and lessons in the Collective due to the Moon-Saturn pairing--doubled if we expect the difficult 2013 Lunar Eclipse to have any influence within current matters.

And yet there are positive possibilities within a Moon-Saturn pairing as well since organization and practicality may increase which boosts those who resonate with these energies and spur the on to more practical ambitions, realistic structure-building, and better directed and efficient strategies. And if plans, programs, or projects are delayed or ended via a Moon-Saturn contact, the delays or endings may only be temporary. After all, when the responsibilities and the lessons of Saturn are respected, our long-time efforts and work may be rewarded with permanent rewards even though initial delays or cautions may apply.

Please enlarge the image to read my always messy notes. Artists can be quite messy, you know. jc

Additionally, there's another consideration: Saturn simultaneously opposes the Sun @4Gemini, sign of communications, trade, commerce, transport, speeches, negotiations, treaties and deals such as the #IranDeal and trade deals, reporters, you name it--Gemini covers a slew of realms and people--even young people, students, teachers, and astrologers. And of course, all Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons which spotlight relationships, culminations, fulfillment, and total awareness. With transit Saturn opposite the Sun (leaders) we may expect personal goals and someone's pride to suffer in some way. This opposition is another indication of frustrating delays (transportation?), and challenges to authority, integrity (President Obama should be accustomed to that before now), honesty, seniority, and generosity.

Rule-Breakers Be Forewarned!

This Saturnine period which builds now and is exact in early November 2015 (not 2016!) points in other directions as well: toward the tea party faction in Congress and their ongoing challenges to the authority and honesty of Republican leaders as well as the usual GOP accusations against any and all Democrats especially 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton, or anyone else who threatens the Republicans' imaginary monarchic 'right to rule'. One has only to remember the nightmarish 8 years of the Bush-Cheney regime for a hint of the dread to come under any of those varmints of the Vulcan war hawk persuasion. Saturn is a planet of karma and when yours truly uses the word it's a reference to the natural law of reaping what's been sown. No one escapes this universal requirement, says Saturn, though the high-and-mighty power elite class imagine that they do.

So all together, it may be that Saturn activating the 2013 Lunar Eclipse @4Sag brings up hidden aspects of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis (such as over expansive plans: Jupiter-Mercury) along with relationship and alliance issues especially in relation to certain conditions we faced, ignored, or neglected in 2013 and that still hanker for resolution. Whether Washington and other politicians intend to correct their past mistakes and neglect as good Saturn requires is quite another question entirely.

Apr 6, 2015

Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2015

Image: Summer Solstice June 21, 2015 12:38 pm edt White House Washington DC USA; Hour of Jupiter; a Splay planetary pattern emphasizes individualism:

"It was morning, and the new sun sparkled across the ripples of a gentle sea." - Richard D. Bach (a Sun Cancer-Moon Leo native).

Please tap or click the horoscope image for a few basic details which I may or may not write about during the next few weeks.

Yet some factors must be noted: chart-ruler Mercury @8Gem08 in 9th house conjoins America's natal Uranus, our planet of revolution denoting provocative ideas and tech innovations. Mercury applies to only one planet in the chart, a square to Neptune (@9Pis47 Rx in 6th house of Military, Police, and Civil Service, plus, Health and Employment Matters) indicating erroneous or inaccurate information, wrong conclusions that are drawn, and a truckload of illusion, delusion, deceit, and confusion over the course of Summer 2015. See chart, bottom left). Naturally, the media (Mercury and Neptune) are implicated as some of the usual suspects and enablers of various ruses.

Additionally, America's natal Mars-Neptune square from July 4, 1776 is front and center with natal Neptune (obscuring President Obama's natal Mars @22Virgo) rising and our natal Mars, the Warrior, at Midheaven (MC), the Goal and Aspiration Point of the chart. Obviously, the recent "framework" of a nuclear arms agreement with Iran is one of the levels of action for our confused, misguided, foggy Martian military--and US natal Mars (military forces/the Pentagon/aggression and males in general)--are 'out there' for the world to see (MC).

Plus, Summer Solstice 2015 Mars is out of bounds of the earthly plane...on his own and up to who-knows-what; creepy subversive Pluto @14Cap37, ruthless in 4th house, opposes star Sirius and is unaspected by any planet so that his defensive isolation and transformative plans for restructuring society (once the tear-down of the old established order is complete) are not affected, interrupted, or mitigated by other actors (planets).

Let us assume that the festivities of 'world leaders' and other globalists held at Bohemian Grove will take place in early June prior to Summer Solstice and Moloch's owl will speak once again into their willing satanic ears. See IC on the chart for Saturn-Pluto oppo US natal Mars and this MC: secret plans for upheaval; add: wielding power to make significant changes to society--Munkasey.) Saturn and Pluto are again in friendly Mutual Reception because karmic Saturn has returned to Scorpio by retrogradation.

Then there's the Moon (the people) @29Leo49 om 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing. It resonates with Saturn, also at a critical-crisis 29th degree of 29Sco35 Rx, the position of the Moon in Mr. Obama's Inauguration 2009 horoscope. Enlarge chart to view my messy writing of Saturn-to-Moon: 'sobering times; emotional turmoil; strategy; ambition'; '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester" denoting 'contempt for established values and inept self-expression' (Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology). Yes, US natal Neptune has veiled Obama's true motivations and some of his actions all along--even his very beginnings and personal history--but our disappointment (Neptune) with his morphing into a war president (transit Jupiter conjoining his natal Sun @12Leo--ramp up or shut it down--he ramped up) may be the primary issue indicated here though financial matters are spotlighted as well.

Now let's close with a bit of info on the Summer solstice 2015 Sun-Moon blend of conscious mind + the unconscious: Sun Cancer-Moon Leo, a steamy, passionate Water-Fire affair and a blend of a 'passionate crusader'.

The signs: Moon-ruled Cancer is self-protective and shrewd while Sun-ruled Leo is dramatic and full of leadership ability. The combo indicates a season when introvert and extrovert qualities mix into a colorful array of qualities such as affection, sociability, but also a demand for privacy. Great intuition and good business sense will be expressed yet playing the prima donna who rejects all criticism may be shown. In Politics, a tendency to deflect all criticism along with responsibility for one's actions and attitudes has become the norm, hasn't it? and with presidential candidacies being announced and promoted with campaign donations simply piling in--many from abroad, Summer 2015 will be long, hot, and steamy.

With this blend there is here a "voracious need to rule the roost and have others jolly well like it," say the Harveys in their book, Sun Sign-Moon US Politics that primarily describes playing the role of US president, one suspects.

Well, there's a brief and incomplete view of the Summer Solstice 2015 horoscope set for the White House. The horoscope contains many other factors of note not mentioned in this text and so I shall leave them for you, dear reader, to discover.

Dec 18, 2012

NRA chartered Nov 17, 1871 with Sun in Scorpio

NRA founded by Union General and Colonel to Promote and Encourage "Rifle-Shooting on a Scientific Basis"

by Jude Cowell

After the Civil War, Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate were disappointed over the "lack of marksmanship shown by their troops" so they founded the National Rifle Association for the betterment of shooting guns. Guess not enough Confederates had been maimed or killed to suit them.

The state of New York granted a charter to set up the organization on November 17, 1871 with Sun in Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) and Moon in Capricorn (Saturn) until 6:10 am that morning, Albany NY, then the Moon sailed into Aquarius (Saturn-Uranus.) The following remarks detail both Sun-Moon blends of that day but primarily I'm looking at a noon horoscope with Sun @24Sco56 and Moon just risen at 3AQ28 (the degree of Jupiter in the 2009 Inauguration horoscope, near the presidential Sun and Mercury. Hmm.)

Mars Rules Weapons and Those Who Use Them

A major influence on Nov 17, 1871 is a harsh Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn--7:44 and 7:04, respectively) which transit Pluto has now triggered. Pluto, planet of death and transformation, updates the 1871 chart by midpoint picture: natal Mars-Saturn = tr Pluto: the need to take control; forcing an issue; strong anger. (Tyl.)

NRA natal Mercury (planet of charters, but also of young people) is in the 3--4 degree range of Sagittarius, Mercury's Rx Station position on Election Day 2012--which basically timed a Mercury Return for the NRA as the public re-considers its support of the rifle-loving organization, while Congress' says it's re-viewing the assault weapons ban they neglected to re-new a few years ago under Bush-Cheney (who shotgunned his lawyer friend in the face on a hunting trip. Guess Dick didn't like the advice his lawyer gave him. Yet as you know, gun accidents do happen, don't they?)

In the 1871 noon chart, Mercury @3Sag40 returned to its natal degree on Nov 3, Nov 9 (Rx), and Dec 13, 2012, the day prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. As noted, Mercury is the planet of young people and of reporters on the beat.

Yes, coverage is necessary, yet my feeling is that the press is now glorifying the tragedy 24/7 which may encourage other unstable personalities to long for similar publicity and recognition.

Sun Sco-Moon Cap (Water-Earth = pragmatism is a blend of tough and tenacious energies that thrive on public crusading. Impatient with the weaknesses of others, it shows moral and physical courage, a brooding nature, and has two interesting "Images for Integration" (conscious + unconscious) in view of the NRA's political power to sway and control Washington politicians, Hollywood's obvious promotion of our violence-glorifying culture, and the period of national mourning now in effect:

"A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact." (My italics, the Harveys' Images from Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Here are two quotes which may apply from people who share natally the Sun Sco-Moon Cap blend:

"Puritanism...helps us enjoy our misery while we are inflicting it on others." --Marcel Ophuls

"Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash." --Gen George Patton

The Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend (Water-Air = ethereal mist; tears) reveals a sense of integrity, pride, and passion. It has a 'law unto oneself' attitude and radically independent views with a strong need to achieve; plus, survival instincts are strong. Principled yet intolerant, interested, then indifferent, this blend 'blows hot and cold emotionally', and has a deeply possessive streak with a lack of faith in others that won't give them a fair chance.

"Images for Integration: A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...A moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence." (Harveys.) (Does the first Image sound like a sniper poised with a long-range rifle? jc)

Sun Sco-Moon AQ is shared natally by scholary churchman Robert Burton who said, "How much more cruel the pen is than the sword." (Ah, but the gun! jc)

The blend is also shared by Albert Camus who asserted that, "Integrity is in no need of rules," one of those Enlightenment (Uranus-Neptune) sorts of rational statements that leaves out how men without rules easily sink into all kinds of chaos, mischief and sorriness, including violence.

Now isn't it long overdue how Washington politicians are giving lip service to 'doing something' about the horror of violence in the US? How long do you think their attention will last with NRA agents lounging about the Halls of Power? Will mental health issues finally be addressed and funded?

Yes, even Hollywood is having to take notice this time for openings of Tarantino's violent film Django Unchained and Tom Cruises's new Jack Reacher (which opens with a sniper scene--oh goody) are now scaled down, postponed, or canceled out of respect for the families and victims of the Sandy Hook School massacre.

Or did the movie industry make a cynical calculation that audiences would stay away in droves out of their own respect for the victims and a new awareness that violence is not and ought not to be entertainment?


Being mindful that it's December 2012, you'll find over at Learning Curve on the Ecliptic Twilight's excellent article The Raising of Our Roots concerning Saturnalia, that Saturnian celebration of Roman times which a certain church hierarchy morphed into 'Christ's mass', or 'Christmas', as we've learned to call it through the centuries. One point that's always seemed important to this particular Protestant: lambs are born in the Spring. jc

Feb 13, 2012

President's Budget released into wilds of Washington w Moon in Scorpio

Monday February 13, 2012: Dreams and the Sun AQ/Moon Scorpio Blend

by Jude Cowell

In Virginia, around 11:00 am this morning under a Scorpio Moon, President Obama releases his 'budget', that dreamy list of numbers that no one in Washington takes seriously. The US does not have an official budget and no laws are ever signed to make it so--by design, no doubt. This budget will hint at what the president 'would do' if he's re-elected. An app is available for the public consideration so check the White House website if you wish.

As you know, in Mundane Astrology the travels of Earth's Moon through the Zodiacal signs tell us something about our public mood and daily lives with the fluctuating Moon changing signs about every 2 1/2 days.

Blending traits of the Moon's sign with the day's Sun sign, we may glean flavors of daily events and the people involved in them--Sun = the leader, Moon = the people. So let's see if there are hints, budgetary or otherwise, within today's Sun AQ/Moon Scorpio combination of Air-Water signs, a misty and ethereal blend to be sure, perfect for the visionary dreams of a president operating under monetary restraints especially since rigid yet watery Scorpio, with its deep passions and emotions, is the sign of Big Business.

A Sun AQ/Moon Scorpio blend describes keen insight, pride, fierce principles, and self-reliance which exerts a powerful and hypnotic magnetism within the environment. This is a combo of an ambitious reformer (though as you know, the US tax code remains un-reformed and clunky.)

Emotionally, it's a blow hot'n'cold blend which tends to get mired within its own dogmatic opinions and prejudices so we may expect lots of push back from Obama opponents concerning what is really just a wisp of a budget proposal, not real at all. Perhaps the ongoing midpoint picture involving the speculation-wastrel-grand schemes pair, Jupiter and Neptune which last hooked up by conjunction all through 2009, Mr. Obama's first year in office, directly upon US natal Moon in Aquarius which more deeply involved the American people in the government's dreamy grand schemes and some legislative deals of dubious merit.

You've seen it before since 2011: Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: imaginary v real; sudden recognition of a difficult situation; coming down to earth with bump.

Curiously, the Sun AQ/Moon Sco blend is shared natally by a (John) Adams descendant and I shall close this post with his most famous quote which, along with the Sun AQ/Moon Sco combo, begins This Week in Washington with this flavor:

"Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds." --Henry B. Adams

Well said, Henry B.


US Inaugural Moon 2009 returns to 29Sco45 this evening at 7:30 pm est in 3rd house in DC. The Sabian Symbol of this critical-crisis degreed Moon remains in effect for the duration of President Obama's first term in office: "A Halloween Jester" which Dane Rudhyar describes as 'RELIEF FROM TENSION'--and I'd be quite prepared for that eventuality!

May 27, 2011

Patriot Act extended as US Pluto rises 5.26.11

It's quite a horoscope that describes President Obama's extension by auto-pen signing of the main provisions of the US 'Patriot' Act just minutes before expiration at midnight. I'm looking at a chart set for the Capitol Building, Washington DC, at 11:59 pm edt, May 26, 2011. The president was awakened from his slumbers while in France in order to sign the extension of the draconian spying act against innocent US citizens which is now in place for four more years.

Kentucky's Rand Paul spoke out against extension of the Act's provisions that allow the government to 'troll through your FaceBook account," set up roving wire taps for no particular reason, etc....though with no planets out of bounds, all the actors (planets) are cooperating so I'm having difficulty locating Mr. Paul in the horoscope unless his objections were part of a staged 'protest' which all of Captiol Hill knew would go nowhere on our's only political theater, dahlink, suitable for heading off serious complaints and dissension, and thus keeping the natives quieter than they might otherwise be.

Besides, the deed is now done.

At 11:59 pm edt, 27Cap18 was rising in DC as was US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx; Sabian Symbol: "A Large Aviary" and we and our communications and library records are the ensnared birds within the military industrial complex's Big Trap.

President Obama's May 26, 2011 Secondary Progressed (SP) Jupiter arose as well for it has turned Direct by progression and now sits @ 27Cap19. (However, his SP Saturn @ 23Cap15 remains retrograde as both planets are natally, with n Jupiter 00AQ52, a degree which conjoins US Inaugural Sun - the leader - every Inauguration Day at noon est...and on Jan 20, 2009, his Jupiter conjoined Mercury Rx, too. BHO took the Oath of Office twice due to Justice Roberts' flub, as you'll remember. And yes, it's possible that the 'flub' was no accident but an attempt to counter the effects of Mercury's oath-taking function being retrograde on Inauguration Day 2009....or, perhaps the Universe was in cahoots!)

Also rising just before midnight are two midpoints which create the following word pictures, one with secretive Neptune, the other with techo-expert Uranus - the two together are the Illuminati Planets with America's symbol of the capstone Eye Over the Pyramid of power (or, Sun Over the Mountain) of surveillance coming to mind; any, all, or none may apply:

Neptune/NN = ASC: experiencing deceit from others; disappointments; ignoring the reactions of other people.

Neptune/NN = n Pluto: exercising of a bad influence upon associations between people; increased need for isolation from the influences of society; willingness to use destructive forces to protect privacy and isolation if necessary. (Robo-signing draconian legislation from another continent can do that for ya.)

Neptune/NN = BHO's SP Jupiter: the desire to exploit others or being exploited (probably both - jc); placing great hopes upon associations and being let down; aspirations to expand one's goals.

('Neptune/NN' = a leadership unwilling to consider the demands of its people.)

Uranus/MC = ASC: hasty action; sudden adjustment to new circumstances(NWO: wake up, Barack, and sign this before it's too late!?)

Uranus/MC = BHO's SP Jupiter: ability to use electronic means (auto-pen!) to publish ideas; success with innovative work; the joyful realization of plans.

('Uranus/MC' = reform as a national goal; radical changes in methods of enforcing policies; social changes force leadership to new ways of looking at old practices.)

The combination of America's rising Pluto with Mr. Obama's rising SP Jupiter creates an interesting midpoint picture as well...

Jupiter/Pluto = ASC: the ability to read other people and their intentions, especially if they also seek power (!); the desire for power; far-sightedness; organizing talent; prudence; personal advancement.

Naturally, the US natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (surveillance; spying; control and manipulation of thoughts, reports, communications; propaganda) affects the ASC/DESC axis, and Venus 13Tau39 (in 3rd house of Communications) sits upon what every four years is our Inaugural Ascendant (= the Presidential Oath of Office to protect and defend the US Constitution - oops! Venus rules Taurus and the presidential office.)

Venus is interesting, too, because she now conjoins Fixed Star Menkar (victim of the Unconscious) in the constellation of Cetus the Whale. This indicates the obscene amounts of info that is swept into the NSA's large surveillance net (the trolling effect) along with we-the-people as symbolic Jonahs. Jonah was commanded by God to tell the news but he refused until he'd spent three days inside the whale's belly. With the 'Patriot' Act, our efforts aren't necessary - the NSA simply takes our information surreptitiously - and with no accountability for their abuse of power against our right to privacy.

At Midheaven (The Goal; the WHY? Point) 19Sco33 is another descriptive star: Zuben Eschemali (to go against society) which describes what has been done against the American people and to anyone wishing to communicate with any of us. Another keyphrase for Z. Eschemali (Beta Libra) is: social reform for personal gain. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

These New World Order types are playing for keeps as you may have noticed.

And of course, there's the ancient tradition for the 19th degree of Scorpio (ruled by warring Mars and co-ruled by powerful, manipulative Pluto hiding beneath his sneaky Cape of Invisibility) as the "accursed sign of the accursed degree" but that's an outdated portent in our modern day, right?

Now, as you know, asteroid Cupido stands for several things on various levels but here I usually cite it for its meanings such as: The Family, The Syndicate, Corporatism, and in this horoscope it does not disappoint for it is spotlighted by the Sun 5Gem33 in the 4th house of Homeland and What We Need to Feel Secure. (Not free or private, but allegedly secure. Corporations gain mega-millions through our spying agencies, tech companies, and the Pentagon.)

Jupiter/Pluto Turns Up Again

The Sun has just moved past President Obama's natal Moon 3Gem21 during the current G-8 Summit in Deauville, the reason he used an auto-pen to re-shaft us from France on our right to privacy. His natal Jupiter/Pluto midpoint 18Sco55 sits upon the extension's MC = ambition; advantages in one's occupation; promotion and advancement; great luck.

The 'Jupiter/Pluto' combo itself = plutocrats; the desire for power - Ebertin; Munkasey adds these potentials; self-destructive forces that stem from official corruption; criminal elements with great influence; destruction of legal documents.)

That last would be the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Readying for Election 2012? Don't miss this: Tweeters warned against Election Day tweets.

Plus, today Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! will tell us about the Internet 'filter bubble' - what they're not telling us about the Internet - so you may wish to check it out. I'd always figured there was one but didn't know what to call it. Amy Goodman is also reporting right now on the extension of the Patriot Act. John Nichols of The Nation magazine is being interviewed about the Wisconsin court decision that went against Governor Walker's union-busting...checks and balances!

And I wonder what Thom Hartmann will have to say about the president's robo-extension of draconian surveillance power?

Dec 16, 2010

Shrinking the US economy IS the point! (video)

The president's deficit commission and the actions of the Fed, Wall Street, corporate America and others are focused on shrinking the US economy and hurting labor so that power elite fatcats can continue skimming trillions a little while longer even though they know the jig is up.

Today Timothy Geithner sang and danced on Capitol Hill trying to boost the idea that the TARP (black hole) did what it was supposed to do. Perhaps it did but was any of it paid out on behalf of the American people?

Now here we have Professor Michael Hudson (University of Missouri) offering his assessment of what's going on and why as the Fed's 'quantitative easing' sends more US billions abroad to purchase foreign stocks and assets. With so many connections between the White House and Wall Street (Goldman Sachs) it seems a no-brainer to me that the president had to know what he knew when he knew it - about the true financial condition of the US and what his bosses expected from him as he played the role of president 'going forward'.

Puts me in mind of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope that glorious January day full of Hope for Change (suckas! the ruse works every 4 years!) with moneybags Jupiter '3AQ' in 10th house next to the president (Sun '1AQ'.)

Dane Rudhyar gives '3AQ' as DESOCIALIZATION. Don't know about you, but as an American, I'm feeling quite desocialized by my own sorry, traitorous government right about now as our social fabric - what used to be a contract between the generations - is 'under scrutiny' and in line for being ripped apart by Catfood Commissions, party politics, secret deals, and in-cahoots presidents.

Yes, the world's financial party has been sent elsewhere (watch the above 10-minute video) like a rave though most Americans refuse to admit such things if they can see them at all. However, it will be impossible to ignore such new perspectives much longer.

And Inauguration 2009's Midheaven, the goal/aspiration point of the Obama administration? Besides having US natal Pluto upon it, there's a disturbing midpoint picture: Pluto/Chiron = Mc.

Nov 16, 2010

Lisbon summit Nov 19-20, 2010: a Pluto/NN meeting

"Military power can't cure everything"! Now who let that cat of the bag?

Because the people knew it, you and I knew it...but are the power elite are just now figuring it out?

Well, glory-be! NATO's 'new strategy' is to be "unveiled" at the Lisbon summit later this week while powerful, subversive Pluto - the world's secretive string-puller supreme - continues 'meeting' with North Node (their exact conj was on Nov 9) with both now @ '4 Capricorn' = "A Party Entering a Large Canoe" = ORDERING...

positive expression: exceptional capacity for bringing all proper relationships to a point of effectiveness in any given exigency of everyday affairs;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: inability to get along with anybody.

The Illumination Point of this degree (to glean more hidden info - this degree may be quite telling) is '4 Cancer' which is America's natal Venus degree (rounded up from 3Can+) so we find that:

'4Can' = A Cat Arguing with a Mouse" = JUSTIFICATION...

pos: a gift for persuading others to accept the motives of self and to co-operate with its ends; (President Obama in Lisbon? jc);

neg/uncons/shadow side: interminable quarreling with the nature of things.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Transiting SN now conjoining US natal Venus indicates separation in relationships as the Tail of the Dragon (SN) swipes across our lady Venus, a planet which on one level represents America herself as evidenced by our copper-lined Statue of Liberty. As previously noted, correct evaluations are difficult to come by these days but hopefully, Venus moving forward after Nov 18 will bring improvements.

And as mentioned in a previous post, the transiting pair of Pluto and North Node (of the Moon) has a treaties vibe along with other flavors, such as:

Treaties involving the exchange of secretive or clandestine data; breakdowns in security or treaties due to the actions of other persons; people who may not have the country's or business's best interests in mind; violent or criminal persons entering a country secretly at any given opportunity; sewage or waste compacts (nuclear waste? where to put it all - and the US wants to build more - two here in north GA! And Georgia Power wants us to pay an addittional $11 a month now - in this recession - for projects they promise to build in the future! jc)

(Pluto/NN from: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Sounds as if a summit breakdown may be afoot in Lisbon such as with the recent Copenhagen climate summit.

Concerning NATO's Lisbon summit, Der Spiegel has published an interesting interview with German diplomat Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz. Be aware that, as usual, political propaganda may peek through.

As a chilling teaser, here's an excerpt from the Ploetz interview which for best reading may require a 1984 gong banging in the back of our minds; Herr Ploetz speaks:

"After a period of arrogance, humility has surprisingly returned to NATO. Even if the alliance is more militarily powerful than anyone else, we don't want to be the world's policeman. Though military power is indispensable, it can't cure everything. For that reason, we're developing a new security concept and implementing it with suitable partners."

They "don't want to be the world's policeman"! Really? "Humility"? Is this a joke? Perhaps not, but if so, it is very surprising and hardly credible.

Ploetz goes on the speak of Madeleine Albright's role in NATO's security/weapons rigamarole with NATO (Apr 4, 1949) touting a "NATO renaissance" now influenced by a supposedly humble streak suddenly appearing in NATO's DNA so that it's now possible to enjoy a renaissance "in terms of confidence-building measures, disarmament, and arms control."

Now whose arms will be under NATO's control isn't clear to me; whose confidence is in need of building? dunno; from whom will 'disarmament' be expected? Hmmm...from all sides would be this peacenik mom's ideal. Such a dreamer!

Naturally, the War in Afghanistan will be on the Lisbon summit agenda, too, as the US continues to pretend that arming a population in the Middle East with weapons which may end up in the arsenals of anyone possessing the strength to commandeer them. (These people are crazy.)

Plus, it's being reported that Russia-NATO relations are on the mend after being frozen during the war in Georgia, with the US perhaps acting as the foot-stomping pouter in the bunch. The summit will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on Nov 19-20 of this week.

On Sunday Nov 21, 2010, a day after the summit ends (one assumes), a Full Moon perfects upon a 29th crisis-degree at 5:27:18 pm UT +00:00 in Lisbon:

Full Moon 29Tau18 = '30Tau' = "A Peacock Parading on an Ancient Lawn" which always reminds me of India with its symbol of the peacock (see illustration below); with Sun 29Sco18 (the Illumination Point of the the Full Moon's degree), I am reminded of US Inaugural Moon 2009 @ 29Sco45...'30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester."

And of course, the stalled-in-Senate START treaty between the US and Russia is what Mr. Obama wants ratified during the current lame duck session of Congress - but not if Republicans have anything to to do with it.

So with this weekend's Full Moon being the culmination phase of the symbolic seeds planted two weeks prior at the New Moon (New Moon 13Sco40 conjunct Venus Rx on Nov 5 or 6; Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Pisces turn Direct on Thursday Nov 18), we experience and marvel at the synchronous 'As Above, So Below' collusion between events on Earth and the lunations and stars in the sky.

And if humility really has 'returned' to NATO (when did they have it before?), good may accrue for all humanity. Yet given the way these bossy cusses and social tinkerers have handled themselves so far, the question of this potential for moderation will have to remain open-ended around Stars Over Washington for now.

Further details: NATO Timeline leading up to the Lisbon summit Nov 19-20, 2010.

Oct 22, 2010

Impeach Justice Roberts over Citizens United?

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is talking big about the potential of impeaching Chief Justice John Roberts whose only-an-umpire status touted (aka, lied about) at his confirmation hearing has been seriously undercut by 2010's democracy-numbing Citizens United decision which has allowed the flooding of the November 2010 midterms with obscene amounts of money from unnamed, foreign sources and corporations (who fancy themselves to be 'people too'. The American people have SCOTUS to thank for that outrageous, illogical decision as well.)

In an unusual move, it was Justice Robert's idea to consider the case!

So if a Roberts impeachment is attempted (or accomplished, but I'm not holding my breath), it may deepen the level of astrological meaning of January 20, 2009's Inaugural Mercury retrograde! The 2009 Inauguration chart had its Mercury Return on February 10, 2010 so the Citizens United decision handed down in January was in play during the period that transiting Mercury was in process of returning to its Inaugural degree 00AQ41 (Sun 00AQ47)...'1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission", a Vatican reference in the Sabian Symbols which links to esoteric subjects such as America as the New Atlantis for the 'New Age'.

The Obama presidency's Mercury Return chart of 2.10.10 shows Mars Rx 5Leo14 opposing Mercury, an opposition which falls precisely across the Nodal axis in the US natal horoscope. Activist Mars can be brash and spunky in Leo and he was apparently feeling his oats with a judicial activist (and pretend 'umpire') like Roberts leading the fight against the American people's right to choose who wins our elections (always assuming there's such a thing as an accurate voting machine somewhere in this nation.)

And on 2.10.10, Mars was apex (focal) planet in a YOD (special task; crisis; turning point; crossroads - I'm thinking of Karl Rove) pattern with the powerful, overstepping, internationally inclined big bankers-plutocrats-leading-the-masses duo of Jupiter sextile Pluto at its base...

Jupiter/Pluto = Mars: a desire to achieve great things; organizing talent; applying controls to suit one's aims; a controlling and ruthless purpose in life. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.) Et tu, Justice Roberts?

Interestingly, John Roberts (Jan 27, 1955, Buffalo, NY; birth time unknown) entered Earth's time flux with Chiron @ 00AQ00 and his Mercury/NN midpoint 00AQ17. Chiron can represent the blind spot, and Mercury/NN = 'well-coordinated joint efforts; the arrangement of social or business contacts'. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Of course, you'll remember that it was Justice John Roberts who mucked up the Presidential Oath of Office (Mercury) which was re-taken (Rx) later just to be certain no one could say that Barack Obama was not duly sworn in.

Now wouldn't a John Roberts impeachment be ironic? And yet it could indicate yet another signpost on the road to completely undermining the US Justice System.

Nov 1, 2009

Horoscope of the Neptune Station Direct Nov 4, 2009

On Nov 4, 2009, Neptune Rx changes direction following its Rx Station near the end of May, 2009 @ 26AQ28. Here you see the horoscope of the precise degree/minute/second that the gaseous giant turns *Direct @ 23AQ41; Hour of Mercury 12Sco06 conjunct Sun 12Sco28...'13Sco' = "An Inventor Inventing."

Sun and Mercury are at apex of a Fixed T-Square (highlighted in blue on the chart)...

Mars/ASC = Sun: quarrels; having to adjust things forcefully; operating in an inhospitable milieu; intense teamwork; excitability.

Mars/ASC = Mercury: disputes; a sharp tongue; angry letters; telling someone off; a desire for discussion; intolerance.

Wealthy string-puller and sometime-assassin and spy Pluto is nestled within midpoints pictures himself, indicating big proposals, persuasions, and extreme good fortune of the kind he takes for granted.

As you see, the revolutionary, force-wielding, reforming, and impatient Uranus/Pluto midpoint is rising...

Uran/Pluto = ASC: force active in one's environment, or application of force; placed in an unusual or restless environment. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Does this describe Afghanistan?

Well, as you know, whenever a planet changes direction its energy is emphasized and strengthened as it 'slows down' in preparation for its reversal - seeming to 'stop' on the degree and minute, so we may notice that in the first week of November 2009 Neptunian qualities in the collective such as spirituality, compassion, and inspiration are spotlighted (Feed America food banks, etc?) - yet insidiously, a stronger Neptune may simultaneously fuel confusions, delusions, and mysteries in global and national arenas.

Unanswered questions and puzzles may not be answered or solved just yet as much as they are uncovered with Neptune's veils being lifted to reveal...more mysteries! And with critical degrees on the Money axis 2/8 cusps - and Neptune's co-rulership of Pisces (2nd house of Earning Ability), loss of employment continues with governmental numbers being fudged for best political effect.

Is this the 'inventor inventing'? (Sun = 'the leader' in a national chart so we'll want to attend to what the president says about financial matters during Neptune's Station (see below for date its exactitude ends.)

One may wonder if this change of direction for the 'unwashed masses'/'mass media' planet associated with oil, gas, and other liquids will at some point reveal or at least partially answer questions about 2008's election (and/or Inauguration 2009) since this Station Direct occurs on Nov 4, one day after the one-year anniversary of the election/selection of Barack Obama. At his victory announcement on TV (NYC), rising was Mr. Obama's natal Sun which you see setting here.

In the 2009 Inaugural chart, Neptune was @ 23AQ05 as noted on the outside of the chart (click image to enlarge) and was - is, since an Inaugural chart remains in effect for the duration of the president's term it describes - involved in a midpoint picture - Uranus/MC = Neptune: creativity; expecting recognition, withdrawal if frustrated; powerlessness; a paralyzed will; suppressed anger.

And interestingly, Neptune on Nov 4 is focal planet in a midpoint picture which has been ongoing for a couple of weeks or so: the 'political reformist group' midpoint of Uranus/North Node...

Uran/NN = Neptune: one who is easily influenced or impressed; being suddenly deceived by others; undermining of an association; retirement of a partner from a joint enterprise; meeting with people off the beaten path.

If you soon hear of such a sudden 'retirement' you gleaned it from underneath secretive Neptune's veil!

The only out-of-bounds body, the Moon, indicates insecurity; the Hour of Mercury may bring announcements, agreements, messages and other mercurial things such as trade or commerce, though the 'inventor inventing' can indicate deceptions as well as creativity - possibly scientific inventions may be announced - or sold.

Osiris, associated with ancient cults and mysteries conjs Sun/Mercury; President Obama's natal Sun is conj this DESC 12Leo51; SIGMA conjs BHO's Sun natally indicating writing, but especially denoting upright moral standards; SIGMA is at MC in the Nov 4 Neptune Station Direct chart and is notated here in my usual scribbly fashion.

Hard times for the US continue and perhaps worsen for a while as the transiting loss-infused, depressive Saturn/Neptune midpoint 12Sag10 conjs US natal ASC in the 'Sibly' see it marked in 10th house...

Sat/Nep = n ASC: oppressive family circumstances; limitation of freedom; emotional depression; emotional suffering caused by others; sense of being 'out of the group'; a loner.

This has a financial ring but also relates to the loss and hardships of serving in war; plus, Saturn/Neptune has its 'invisible' or 'secret government' flavor as well so secret renditions and surveillance are hiding yet may be part of what a forward moving Neptune uncovers along with more financial fraud. Neptune 23AQ 41 is inconjunct US natal Neptune 22Vir25 showing that adjustments must be or are being made. Inconjuncts (aka, quincunxes, 150 degr) are linked with health problems as well, so health care debates and legislations continue to baffle (Neptune) us.

Here we see tr Midas Rx 8Gem29 with the Moon 7Gem48 in 4th house of the Foundation of the Matter; tr Pan is nearby, so the Moon - the people - are hemmed in by trickster Pan, associated with Capricorn's government-business-law provinces, and gold-hoarding Midas. Basically the trio is in 'nuclear degrees' too, and wherever the Moon is posited indicates fluctuations - here in 4th house of Domestic Scene.

So with goat-like Pan on one side and world-banking Midas on the other, there is a 'victimization' flavor here: the Moon rises with Menkar, a star with keywords: a victim of the unconscious, which Bernadette Brady described to me as: someone being mowed down in a senseless act of violence (and she said this pre-9/11.)

(You may wish to look at President Obama's just-past Geminian Lunar Return but I won't cover it here. Moon in Gemini is also a writer's significator along with Sigma conj his natal Sun in dramatic Leo, so often describing a lawyer or actor.)

Asteroid Icarus 00Sag10, associated with risk-taking and with assassinations, is at MC and opposes asteroid Terpsichore (the orchestrator) 2Gem12 Rx at IC. The riot-inciting, explosive, gun-toting Mars/Uranus midpoint 00Gem54 also opposes Icarus, and no, I don't like the looks of the situation.

Plus, if you want a difficult, grief-inspiring Fixed Star you can't do much better than Alcyone 00Gem00 (keywords: something to cry about), one of the Seven Weeping Sisters indicating exile, suffering, and misfortune. 'Insight' is the only positive expression for Alcyone I know of, but perhaps you know of others.

Also at MC is Yed Prior 2Sag18: success in 9th house matters; shrewd, conniving, sarcastic. (Horary Astrology Plain and Simple, Anthony Louis.)

And of course, the unconscious karmic condition of this MC's 1Sag40 is "1Sag" = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" which corals to the fore the wars we're mired in as lumbering Neptune changes direction.


*Neptune actually reaches 23AQ41 on Nov 2 @ 6:03:09 pm in DC according to my SolarFire software, and remains @ 23:41 until Nov 6, 2009 @ 8:30:10 am est in DC with a T-Square pattern formed at that time...

Moon/Pluto = Saturn 00Lib50: grave inhibitions; pressure to regroup forces and plan anew; tr Saturn = US natal MC ('Sibly' chart) which gives: Moon/Pluto = MC: acting alone and never in accord with others; one-sidedness.

My opinion? The hawkish, neocon, zionist elements of America's Neptunian, unrealistic, and quixotic notions of global domination with its natural resource plunderings - and blunderings - are ruining and destroying our nation.

As Golda Meir said so well: "A leader who does not hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader."

Et tu, Bush, Cheney. Et tu, Barack Obama (who has grace enough to pause.)

Et tu, all of you manning drones of death from a furtive location in Houston, Texas.

Here's a quote for your superiors who order you in your tasks:

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." - Rabindranath Tagore.

And one more quote that describes Stars Over Washington's American author:

"I dissent because I care." - Jude Cowell 11.1.09 6:45 pm est

Aug 16, 2009

Stars Over US Presidencies

At leisure I have now re-read the Visual Astrology Newsletter's issue concerning Fixed Star parans to US presidents' natal charts and the portents of US Inaugurations from the perspective of their dates and locations being changed at key times in US history.

First it was George Washington on Wall Street, then Philadelphia, then on to Washington...scenarios of crimes and crescendos of political power. And of the people's power, such as we, at any given time, realize it and its usefulness.

Why fuss about stars? Because our inaugural reschedulings and locational adjustments have brought new star parans into play for our nation while morphing the character of the Office of the Presidency and its idealisms into different kettles of fish being forced onto America's menu.

And We-the-People have been choking on hidden fishbones ever since!

So because the US presidency and its Oath of Office symbolize, on one level, our system of government (a republic masquerading as a democracy), the evidence of this transformation is clearly displayed in star lore of mythic proportions, so check out - or review - this issue of Brady's and Gunzberg's excellent Visual Astrology Newsletter as it lays out for you a broader picture of history's underpinnings.

Plus, with a mere 'click,' you'll discover that some US Inauguration charts are displayed including the one for Jan 20, 2009, noon est, Washington, DC, held for former Senator Barack Obama, whose Presidential Oath was so nice, he's taken it twice.

Hopefully, this mooted the opportunity for Horatio's Oath to be taken as well.

But I wouldn't bank on it.

And speaking of US Inaugurations, here's my most basic pet peeve about how we do them: the Bible says not to swear oaths on it. Personally, I'm inclined to take its advice on this matter very seriously. But then I'm not a politician swaggering around imagining myself to be above the laws of God. Or of men.

Jun 7, 2009

Summer Solstice 2009 + Solstice New Moon 1Can30

Summer Solstice June 21, 2009, 1:45:19 am edt, Washington, DC, is the upper chart; June 22's New Moon 1Can30 opposite Pluto 2Cap00 Rx is the lower chart, with America's natal Nodal axis at Mc/Ic.

Sun, Moon, and Pluto are highlighted in pink; click image to enlarge. Still under-girding things is the speculator pair, Jupiter/Neptune, conjoined at 26AQ+ with Chiron still in tow at 25AQ57; all three are Rx and in effect through 2009.

I'll say it once again: Jup/Nep = US natal Moon: becoming involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness; going with the wind.

The pile-up of powerful midpoints at 29Cap+ - Pluto/Chiron, Neptune/Pluto, and Jupiter/Pluto - will soon meet exactly with the tr NN 00AQ29, indicating meetings and associations with plutocrats and corporatists, resource-plundering Robber Baron/Gilded Age types (actually their current spawn and successors), and world bankers...with the president (00AQ+) - in Solstice chart, see 10th house.

Sun reaches 00Can00 at a Venus Hour with Venus 14Tau56 (conjunct US Inaugural Ascendant = the office of the president; oath of office), closing in on conjunction with Mars 15Tau02 in 1st house - both planets are on the US Inaugural Asc.

Also conj Inaugural Asc is the Solstice's Sun/Uranus midpoint...

Sun/Uranus = Asc: sudden experiences or events; new associations; excitability; appearing at one's best.

Venus/Mars = Asc: unconditional love shown easily; a lively expression of feelings; affection.

As marked, you see the Sun/NN midpoint rising with the Solstice Ascendant 14Ari43...

Sun/NN = Asc: seeking or making contacts.

Now you will find many interpretations online of the Summer Solstice 2009 chart, so I shall focus on a few factors (with emphasis on political implications) such as the dissociate T-Square between the Sun/Pluto opposition pointing toward apex Uranus 26Pisc35 (conj two asteroids, Icarus: risk-taking; flight; assassination, and Juno: the wife; legal restrictions or definitions; the abused or the abuser ); this T-Square forms a midpoint picture...

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden adjustment to new circumstances (arrest); new individual perspectives; sudden change; reform; rebellion.

In the New Moon chart, Moon joins Sun so the T-Square's midpoint picture expands on June 22 to include more sudden upsets (in a mundane chart, Sun = the leader, Moon = the people/populace/the public)...

Moon/Pluto = Uranus: intensity that can get out of hand; possible nervous crisis through excesses; tremendous self-projection possible; sudden upsets; fanaticism; the desire to fight; identification with the world.

And of course 'Moon/Pluto' implies public relations matters, too, with Uranus linked with electricity, technology, and the worldwide web.

Apex (focal) Uranus is dissociate in the T-Square pattern because it is not in a Cardinal sign as are Sun and Pluto (but it will be when Uranus reaches Aries Point in 2010, a Cardinal Point where world events occur.)

The dissociate quality indicates that reformist-minded Uranus has an easier time of it on an inner, psychological level, yet the pattern's dynamic energies function as usual on the situational level. As with all dissociate patterns, the expression isn't weakened in the T-Square, but indicates that attitude adjustments may be needed for best results to manifest.

Apex Uranus is a social catalyst or activist, a crusader for a group cause or a mass movement. But quirky Uranus' usual tendency toward abruptness tends to alienate or intimidate others as aggressive reforms are imposed; 'he' is excitable and straightforward yet can make sudden moves that seem inconsistent or contrary to plans already set in motion. (This sort of reminds me of: "Try something - if it doesn't work, try something else," says BHO. Like FDR did.)

If mismanaged or wrongly directed, this apex Uranus indicates lawlessness, social defiance, and the unsettling of group endeavors, so I'm reading this on one level as a reckless individual or group intent on causing disruptions from behind the scenes (12th house.) Life is complex and multi-leveled - so must be the Astrology describing it.

As you know, the Cardinal mode thrives on change and movement in the outer world and radical Uranus is driven towards reform. So this apex Uranus may represent the social innovator, freedom fighter (supposedly America herself), and/or a busy experimentalist evoking social changes within existing structures.

Providing shocks or jolts to established conventions is Uranus' cup of tea as 'he' spearheads an ideal vision of progress. This does sound like America and our president, doesn't it?

Here are the rest of the midpoint pictures beginning with the Summer Solstice 2009 chart - with Sun ruling 5th house of speculation, gambling, and risk-taking and the Jupiter/Neptune = US natal Moon opposite in 11th house, the ongoing financial shenanigans continue. If you have a question about something not included here, please leave a comment...

Saturn/ASC = Sun: taking responsibility squarely into one's life plan; strategizing personal freedom; making things happen through hard work; overtaxing the body-health system (how about health care reform? Hygeia is at Ic in the Solstice chart with Panacea at Mc in the New Moon chart! -jc); keen awareness of lack of freedom of movement; difficult circumstances of living; suffering from environmental conditions; becoming ill; an act of separation; wanting to go one's own way.

Sun/Venus = Moon: feeling good about life; an attractive personality.

Sun/Mars = Moon: awareness of relationship dynamics in balance with individual needs; the husband.

Asc/Mc = Jupiter: the optimist; joy and success; pleased with things; justification.

Asc/Mc = Neptune: idealization; spirituality; quiet; feeling ill at ese within one's circle; simulating, pretending, or hiding one's true nature; being surrounded by deceitful or bad people; disappointments.

In both charts...Jupiter/Pluto = NN: political activities; working together with others for success; joint aspirations; relationship to the masses; far-reaching associations; joint or shared success ('Jup/Plu' = plutocrats; organizers handling large projects; world bankers.)

And since the current position of the transiting North Node (NN = destined encounters; meetings; associations) conjuncts US Inaugural Sun and Mercury Rx (2009) we see...

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: the creation of magical effects; successful use of extraordinary physical or mental powers; strong personality powers; doing well with all resources; keeping things within one's own grip.

Jup/Plu = Mercury: a propaganda campaign; promotion of a cause; persuasion; influence; the gift of oration; the desire to influence the masses.

Additional pictures in the New Moon chart of June 22, 2009...

Jupiter/Mc = Venus: success; reward; marriage; birth; a richness of feeling.

Jup/Mc = Mars: creating one's own good fortune; clarity of objective or purpose; successful cooperation; abundant creative powers.

Neptune/Mc = Venus: pretending particular feelings; an apparent show of attachment; acting; idealized love out in the open.

Nep/Mc = Mars: acting without clear understanding or purpose; the desire to bring the wrong ideas into realization; the desire to harm other people; metaphysical studies; charisma for professional gain; playing a role; sensual image.

As always with midpoint pictures, they may act in an any, all, or none manner.

So what else is there to say?

Oh, yes: the Summer Solstice Sun applies only to opposition with string-puller Pluto, the dragon that guards his riches against all challengers - thus financial power struggles continue as Pluto moves again into opposition to US natal Venus, Jupiter, and eventually to n Sun 13Can+.

Solstice chart-ruler Mars applies only to a sesqui-square with powerful Pluto. When waxing, this aspect of 135 degrees (a weak square, difficult and afflicting) indicates an awareness of dynamic interactivity - with an urge toward self-expression and the promotion of one's ideas.

And I have the distinct feeling we'll be hearing of those ideas and causes all the hot summer long through the auspices of propagandistic Washington yelling across Jupiter/Neptune's and Uranus' new-and-improved Digital TV Divide.


Sources: midpoint pics - Noel Tyl; Reinhold Ebertin; dissociate T-Square info: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; sesqui-square details: The Astrology of Relationship, Michael R. Meyer.

Feb 27, 2009

Finding Your March 2009 Forecast

Astrologer Julie Demboski has written her March 2009 Forecast which covers Venus retrograde in Aries, the Jupiter (expansion) inconjunct (150 degr = adjustment) Saturn (restriction) which perfects Mar 21-25, plus, the Full Moon 20Vir40 of March 10, March 26's New Moon 6Ari08, and the Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction at the end of the month, March 30.

Sounds like a bunch of stuff, doesn't it?

But never fret - with Julie's clear writing style, you'll be up to snuff and primed for the Mystic Rectangle pattern ('practical mysticism') of planetary energies that are involved with the March 26 New Moon. Let Julie fill you in as Spring Equinox 2009 sashays closer by the minute.

The Sun-Mercury Superior Conj will be highlighting issues that originated during the recent Mercury Rx period which included Inauguration 2009 when Mercury 00AQ41 was conjunct Pres. Obama's natal Jupiter as well as the Inaugural Sun of Jan 20.

So because I've been 'under the weather' for several days and not publishing as much as usual, I scouted out for you this excellent analysis for the month of March 2009, authored by Julie Demboski...because March waits for no blogger!

Jan 20, 2009

Obama's Inaugural Address 2009

Here's a link to the text of President Obama's Inaugural Address today which lasted from 12:07:50 pm to 12:26:10 pm est - "18 minutes, 10 seconds," as reported by TV's Brian Williams.

'Seconds' given are from my own observance.


All the president's address was delivered during an Hour of Saturn; Mercury Rx and Sun, both at 00AQ+, crossed Midheaven while he intoned...12:07:50 pm's Mc 28Cap08 (conj US natal Pluto whose degree had crossed into 9th house as well) and ended 2AQ29, with Jupiter 3AQ32 conj Mc.

Sun and Mercury had, of course, Barack Obama's natal Jupiter in tow...his Jupiter Return 00AQ52 was on Jan 9, 2009. I'm using Aug 4, 1961, 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, HI; Asc 18AQ01; natal Mc 28Sco54, with Inaugural Moon 29Sco49 at 12:07 pm...conjunct and exalted at BHO's natal Midheaven.

So! Moon (the people; the public) conj Mc, the Goal/Aspiration Point...shades of: "This is not about me...this is about the American people."

To our American political thespians and their minions:

And now, at this moment, I put on notice any politician or operative who interferes with Obama's policies that help, or may facilitate, the common good in are being watched.

The people's distrust is rampant after eight long years of neocon shills, Bush and Cheney, so you will be the first to be suspected of working against the American people if you block Barack Obama in his initiatives.

Block him, block us. Or at least that will be the first assumption since

Pres. Obama, unlike stubborn George Bush, is capable of trying something else if the first or second things don't work. That trait does not give his detractors license to call him names or play PR games that are politically expedient for a certain globalist, special interest agenda.

If your political power agenda is in sync with the common good, you will not perpetrate this undermining work against the president and the American people.

You are on notice, as far this blogger is concerned.

You will be watched.


Astrology Q: did the 29 ~crisis~ degree of the Moon, which relates to the physical body and health, describe Senators Bird and Kennedy and their health crises? Both had to be taken out of the congressional luncheon.

Sen. Kennedy now said to be doing well (3:40 pm est) after suffering a seizure, Sen. Byrd, who was upset about Teddy, was wheeled out - and Scorpio is the sign of health issues such as surgery, etc. Sen. Byrd's *natal Sun was conjuncted today by the Inaugural Moon!

But speaking of chairs with wheels:

Earlier in the day, Dick Cheney looked like a big faker in his wheelchair, if I say so myself. Like HE'D ever be caught lifting moving boxes with his weak ticker. Puh! Sell me another one!


Robert Byrd
Nov 20, 1917,
North Wilkesboro, NC
sunrise: 7:10:42 am est

Sun 27Sco37/Moon 9AQ00
Moon being conjoined
by tr North Node today
= contact with the public.

Inauguration 2009 Horoscope

Just a brief heads-up to say that Inauguration 2009's horoscope has been updated this morning to reflect what TV's talking heads say will be an Oath of Office taken at 11:56 am est.

Click link to view Inauguration 2009's chart.

Bush's term mercifully ends precisely at noon, and reader Dan Smolen tells me that at the moment Obama says, "so help me God," the eyes of the Secret Service agents move from George Bush to Barack Obama because that's the moment Obama becomes president in their book. Me, too.

So thanks, Dan!

Actually, my eyes have crossed with consternation and regret every time I've looked at His Smirkiness' monkeyish, dissembling, propaganda-catapultin' face these long years...quelle relief!

Jan 19, 2009

Inaugural Synastry: Obama + Oath of Office

As you see, the synastry grid between Barack Obama's natal planets, angles, and Nodal axis (in blue - across) and the planetary positions at noon, Jan 20, 2009 (in red - down)Washington, DC, have many aspects or contacts, between them.

Applying = A

Applying aspects have not yet become exact and thus indicate a meeting or other catalytic ingredient which may yet occur.

Separating = S

Aspects exact from the past yet still close enough in orb for SolarFire software to include them, have an 'S'...separating aspects are waning but may be still influencing the planet/point they contact. ('2S02' is 2 degrees, 2 minutes apart and widening.)

Transits are external forces, actors, events coming along, and here we see a great amount of happiness (Moon sextile natal Jupiter; Jupiter trine natal Moon, Sun trine natal Moon and conj natal Jupiter by 5 minutes!)

We-the-people and they-the-Obamas are as happy as puppies with multiple tails! Yes, it is a very happy and jolly occasion, agreed.

But let's look deeper with the deepest of planets, god of the underworld, invisible helmet and all.

Let's consider the YOD (Finger of God pattern: crisis or critical situation which must be dealt with; special task or purpose; turning point or crossroads) which Obama's natal sextile between Moon (Gemini) and Mercury (Leo) forms the base of, along with the focal or apex planet which completes the YOD - Pluto, clocking in at 1Cap57.

Midpoint picture ('any, all, or none' may apply):

Moon-Mercury = Pluto: a reorientation of one's thinking due to special circumstances or events coupled with destiny; tragic realizations; new perspectives; persuasion or being persuaded; the force of thought. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

But what about transformative Pluto as apex in a YOD configuration?

Cuing the lights and checking with Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, we find a karmic and dramatic situation in store, for Pluto is particularly linked to karmic reap-what's-sown situations having such a long orbit round the Sun as Mr. Pluto has.

Inaugural Pluto Represents Obama on One Level

The president-elect (for about 15 hours more) is a catalystic figure for being the first African-American to rise to the highest office in the land which automatically makes him a Plutonian.

(A Constitutional lawyer-professor is all right by me, as previously stated, it's the secret hand ~Pluto~ calling the shots that makes me fret for the continuity of my country and for the common good's sake.)

So that's another level of existence which Astrology may describe archetypally bwo spying Pluto...catalyst; secret controller/s; criminal underworld; Mafia and other fraternal organizations; the seamy underbelly of Washington or any other place with a seamy underbelly; political movers and shakers - 'mob bosses'; mining industry titans; energy titans; and the obscenely rich of the world who guard their wealth and spoils like fire-breathing dragons with serious halitosis.

Therefore, as I talk of apex Pluto, I speak of Obama and of others who are not Obama, whoever they may be. Police forces are connected with Pluto's control and coping abilities, natch.

The extremely high level of surveillance at tomorrow's Inaugural events is also a function of Pluto in restrictive Capricorn. Agencies will obviously be focused as well on Mrs. Obama (BHO's natal Moon) and the Obama children (BHO's natal Mercury.)

As you know, life at any moment occurs on many levels simultaneously - Astrology can do no less than describe them as accurately as possible.

So apex Pluto in a YOD pattern signifies an entity with penetrating perceptions, a keen observer, but who is perhaps withdrawn and out-of-tune with the superficial levels of life. Others may not understand, seclusion is sought...perhaps to an underground lair.

All inconjuncts require adjustment/s and with transit Pluto inconjuncting (150 degr) BHO's natal Moon and Mercury, adjustment really is the keyword - and yes, health and safety can be issues with inconjuncts (aka, quincunxes.)

So apex Pluto here indicates that deep attitude adjustments will be necessary in order to make full use of this critical energy pattern...and I believe a hidden choir is singing, m'peops.

But what does provocative Pluto want? Can he do more than hum the tune he's out-of-sync with? When the dragon's breath scorches you or his tail swipes your world away, it's clear he whistles a tune completely of his own design, not ours, and it's based on his extreme perspectives.

YODs contain the image of a turning point, and apex Pluto faces pressure to adopt a new direction. Yet something from Pluto's past must regenerate or die before the transition can be advantageously undertaken. (A secret ritualistic inauguration aids US presidents in achieving this exalted state. And sacrificing one's conscience may be necessary at some point - if it hasn't been already.)

After this turning point, things are not meant to return to their original intentions, for Pluto's transformations are permanent. There is here a new level of POWER and old vulnerabilities are purged; a high level of authority has been attained which may usher in a new order of things to come (my ughiest fear!)

If poorly managed, an apex Pluto in a YOD pattern indicates self-destructive urges (something more than secret cigarette breaks in the Lincoln Bedroom - or not), futile manipulations of others, and/or open defiance to undermine existing authority at any cost.

Will Pluto allow Barack Obama's policies and methods to prosper on behalf of we-the-people - or (as usual) for themselves at the people's expense?

There is another YOD formed with BHO's natal Venus as apex planet, but I'm a pooped-out puppy and will save that for another time.

This posting of the synastry grid between America's Presidential Inauguration 2009 and Barack Obama is now closed, but the grid is hereby available for future reference, if you or I should need it.

One Final Note

Stars Over Washington , a grumpy, dissenting blog devoted to America and to my favorite of cities, wishes to Welcome the Obama family to Washington, DC and to the White House.

And I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys tomorrow's historic events in the safest and kindliest of fashions!

Jan 4, 2009

Bill Richardson bows out Obama regrets

BBC News reported at 4:30 pm est that Bill Richardson has pulled out of the Obama adminstration's team.

He's out of the cabinet and blowin' in the political wind but says he will remain governor of New Mexico. Whoo! This is quite a game of musical chairs a la 2009, isn't it?

Here you may view Richardson's natal chart which was published here so promisingly just one month ago (insert slight tone of sarcasm.)

Dec 29, 2008

New Years Eve '08 and Venus casting shadows

Space Weather News for Dec 29, 2008

NEW YEAR'S EVE: What a way to end the year. On Dec 31, Venus and the slender Crescent Moon will gather together high in the southwestern sky for a beautiful conjunction visible for hours after sunset. The two brightest objects in the night sky can be seen through city lights and even fireworks--so everyone can enjoy the show.

Meanwhile, closer to the horizon, Mercury and Jupiter are converging for their own Dec 31 conjunction. This one is not so easy to see, but rewarding for those who make the effort to find the two planets shining through the rosy glow of sunset.

Visit for sky maps and photos of the converging planets.

BONUS: Is Venus really bright enough to cast shadows? The answer is yes, and the proof may be found on today's edition of

A French photographer has captured rare images of Venus casting a shadow and he has even made a movie of the shadow in motion.

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Dec 31, 2008 astrologically: Moon and Venus conjoin near the end of Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon creating happy feelings - in fact, America's Lunar Return is at 1:53 pm est, Washington, Dec 31, 2008) while Mercury and Jupiter will hook up in the last two degrees of Capricorn, tropically speaking, with quick Mercury hurrying on its way to 00AQ47 Rx in time for Inauguration 2009 and its meeting with the Sun.

Some Mercury Notes for Jan-Feb 2009:

Mercury will perform a Retrograde Station 7AQ45 on Jan 11, and a Direct Station 21Cap45 on Feb 1, leaving its shadow - the planet's previously traveled degrees during this go-round or yearly orbit - on Feb 21, 2009. Plans may move forward more slickly after Feb 21 or so.

The archetypal Mercury in myth is male or female...the eternal youth - boy or girl...hence the 'its' for Mr. Quicksilver.

Dec 1, 2008

Inauguration 2009: YODs form with US natal Venus

Using the animated chart feature of Solar Fire software to 'look ahead' in the ceremony, an interesting pattern forms around 12:30 pm on Jan 20, 2009, Capitol Building, just as the Moon leaves its crisis 29th degree of Scorpio and enters the happier sign of Sagittarius, ruled by jolly Jupiter.

As you know, US Inaugurations are scheduled for noon on Jan 20, and the ceremonies tend to begin at noon, or a minute or so thereafter.

YOD, a Finger of God: a special purpose, task, or a crisis in need of attention NOW

A YOD pattern consists of two (or more) planets in sextile (60 degrees) at its base, pointing to an apex planet/s. 12:30 pm is when the 29Sco45 Moon reaches 00Sag00 (Sabian Symbol: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire") and begins an afternoon of sextiling and 'YODing' with Inaugural Mercury Rx, Sun, Jupiter, and Mc. (Jupiter 3AQ32 is conjunct Midheaven then.) All the planets sextiling one another are quincunx (inconjunct - 150 degr) US natal Venus, planet of money, relationships, and values, thus the YOD.

Checking Bil Tierney's book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis for apex Venus in a YOD pattern, we find that a negative expression of apex Venus results in anti-social behavior and alienation. This refers to America's loss of standing and reputation in the world these last 8 years, imo.

Barack Obama's natal Jupiter 00AQ is also involved in the YOD pattern as well as his natal Venus 1Can47 - which is in closer orb with the YOD than US natal Venus 3Can06!

If activated in positive fashion, apex Venus in a YOD configuration represents a fated turning point - a new direction of fulfilled purpose and advanced development of refined talents or attributes which have a marked influence upon the value structures of others.

This influence affects the sensibilities of people in ways that enable them to improve their own welfare. Constant efforts at inner adjustments and reorganization bring lasting security; the new direction stimulated by the YOD/s pointing to apex Venus results in individual participation in social enterprises, legal affairs, or counseling fields. ~

With Barack Obama's natal Venus so near US natal Venus in Cancer, we may say that the Inaugural YOD pattern points to America and to Obama as leader.

Well, yay. Sounds way better than the Bush model, doesn't it?

Nov 15, 2008

Inauguration 2009 midpoint pictures

US Inauguration 2009, Washington, DC, 12:00 pm est.

These midpoint pictures are all transits and represent general atmosphere, tone, or background flavors for the inauguration of our new president. If you can manage to read my scratches, you'll see that they are mainly positive.

You will, however, notice my least favorite planetary pairing, Pluto-Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism and other -isms; primal violence; oppression) at Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart - aka the WHY? Point.

The Pluto-Chiron = Mc picture is perhaps softened by happy, successful Mars/Jupiter there as well - for the day if not for the 4-year term.

Of course, on another level it may indicate that behind-the-curtain plutocrats (our secret government) are successful through and happy with the election of Senator Obama...which is admittedly my suspicion because he couldn't have been elected/selected without their approval.

Even so, I'll be hoping and praying for America, my only nag in the race! And for Barack Obama as leader - for even with all his talents, he'll be needing all the prayers he can get.


You may view the full image of Inauguration 2009's horoscope here if you desire.

Nov 7, 2008

GM, Chrysler, Bailouts and Uncle Tom

Why the GM - Cerberus - Chrysler Bailout is Bad for Taxpayers

By Robert Farago

Cerberus Capital, a highly secretive NYC-based vulture investment fund, wants the US government and taxpayers to bailout its failed investment in Chrysler and its failing investment in GMAC.

Its partner in this raid on the US Treasury is General Motors, a woefully insolvent automobile manufacturer whose CEO is paid $40k each day. Here's why a bailout for GM and/or Chrysler is a bad idea.


Can Obama Stop the Bush Administration's Final Economic Heist?

By Naomi Klein

Terrible looting of public capital has a habit of taking place during periods of dramatic political transition, and Bush has one underway.

(Stop it? It's a done deal and he voted for it, and has surrounded himself with old NAFTA-esque Clintonites - perhaps it's part of the deal for Hillary's crying uncle.)


The Election: It Had to Be this Way

By Timothy V. Gatto

Barack Obama will be the catalyst for a new movement, away from false hope and false promises, not because he will deliver to the people of this country anything worthwhile, but because he won't.

This will be the final nail in the coffin of our corporatist society.


(Will it? An Astrology note: Obama's Inauguration chart (Jan 20, 2009, noon est Capitol Building) has the midpoint of the plutocratic corporatism pair, Pluto-Chiron, at Midheaven which is the Aspiration/Goal Point of the chart and thus of his Inauguration and new presidency. Wish it weren't but there it is...and it's closer to MC than ever before. Guess it's been no surprise after Obama selected - or had selected for him - Zionist Joe Biden as VP. Now he's chosen a chief-of-staff with similar dubious credits to his name.)


Ralph Nader Calls Obama "Uncle Tom"?

By Fox News - Video And Transcript

Fox News distorts Nader's comments to paint him as a racist.


A racist? Are they kiddin' me?

Guess some people will fall for anything especially if they really really want to. As they say, deception always begins with self-deception!