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Dec 30, 2007

Spotlight on Mercury: Mike Huckabee

Today I continue the series on candidates' Mercuries (their thinking and communication abilities and styles) with Republican Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, who has stated in the campaign that he will "represent the people on Main Street, not Wall Street."

Setting aside my intuition that none of the candidates will truly be able to perform this amazing feat from the Oval Office--and they won't occupy it long if they do--I submit to you my notes on Huckabee's natal chart with emphasis on natal Mercury 17Vir31 (sunrise--birth time unknown--Aug 24, 1955; 5:46:19 am CST.)

Mercury rules two signs of the zodiac--Gemini and Virgo. A Geminian Mercury is interested in ideas for their own sakes, while Mercury in Virgo prefers that ideas have practical applications toward financial success and status.

Depending on aspects, house placements, and other factors, a Virgoan Mercury indicates an analytical mind with practical reasoning ability. Precision and accuracy are important to this Mercury placement which works best in orderly surroundings where efficient procedures are prominent (The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian.)

Education and development of skills, including proper grammar, bring financial and professional success to the Virgoan Mercury. Language abilities make them good orators, an ability which has aided Huckabee in his early preaching career and, of couse, in verbiose politics.

Mercury in Virgo is oriented toward dedicated work, so when Huckabee mentions his previous hard work as governor, I believe him. Detailed work is attractive to the Virgoan Mercury which may show a shyness and a retiring air which doesn't like to waste time in idle conversation. Getting on with the job is more common unless other factors interfere.

Since I have no birth time for him, Mercury's house placement is unknown to me (though it wouldn't surprise me if Huckabee has Sag rising considering his previous poundage, plus: Jupiter = the preacher; the optimist), but we can be certain that natal Mercury is in a separating sextile (60 degrees) with n Saturn in Scorpio.

The fact that it is a separating (waning) aspect indicates that the aspect's gifts are inherited, probably from the paternal side--unless his mother wore the pants in the family--and with Moon in Scorpio, perhaps she did. And it's possible he received these abilities from both sides of the family, for we are all the 'flowering of our generations,' aren't we?

Mercury sextile Saturn: disciplined mind; organizational skills esp in career matters; prudence and forethought in the decision-making process; lecturing and teaching talents; math ability; never leaves anything to chance--there is purpose behind every thought and action.

That last trait is perfect for politics in which nothing happens by accident--if it happens, we can be sure it was designed to happen (FDR.) (btw: I consider this to apply to mysterious 'suicides' and plane crashes as well.)

As final dispositor of his natal chart, Huckabee's Mercury in Virgo underpins all his natal planets' energies, is strong in its own sign, and indicates a stable mind able to organize his talents toward long-term goals and objectives.

However, you may want to read my concerns about Huckabee as US president for a fuller view of aw-shucks-I'm-harmless Mike Huckabee.

note: please pardon the typo in the title of this post if you're seeing it--it has been corrected on blog!

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